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Living it Up for the Lord: It's Crazy to Cling to Cancer

Ron du Preez



  • February 23, 2006
    12:00 PM
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him and welcome back to our time together here we're glad you've had the opportunity to visit with us to listen to these messages from the Lord just a quick review before we start our message just a few days ago was important and so I want to remind you what that was the one phrase we shared with you let Christ in and he'll cleanse you from sin we talked about forgiveness and how he is willing and anxious to cleanse us from sin then the one after that we talked about give God your best he'll take care off what the rescued products and then just yesterday to make a new start give God what your whole heart you remember that like all those three messages which to some degree form the basis for our time together here before we begin if I open the word I like to have a short word of prayer right now holy father I pray that you will speak to me so that the words that I share here are indeed words from your holy Word words from on high in Jesus precious name amen as I mentioned before I was born and raised in the Republic of South Africa and it just so happens that the backcountry a few years ago was called the slip to the skunk alternations why was the coldest compilations well because when I was born and raised in that country thousands of miles away it had a policy of so-called segregation I call that separate but equal it was never equal it was always separate yes and there's a term that comes from the author Conklin is called apartheid and then him or South Africa was not loved not respected because of its policy but you know what in the nineteen ninety four I happen to be back in South Africa I was there for some study I was teaching at that time select Salmon Avenue University County Tennessee I went back at that time in nineteen ninety four and the timing was just right because Nelson Mandela the first democratically elected person to be president of the country was going to be inaugurated it was an exciting time jubilation celebration dancing in the streets I was there I wanted to go to the inauguration because you could've gone by the honest I was taken I had heard and seen enough evidence of bomb blasts of killings and everything that had gone off that during some of the process leading up to the new democracy that I decided to stay home and I did but I watched I was here in South Africa back then and I watch the inauguration on television but it was still an incredible time of rejoicing and joy people who ended up dressed were now free some of you might wonder what would you I was in between I'm of mixed heritage so yes I myself did suffer in South Africa once even physically beaten up on the policeman tried to beat me he got one blow on my back for it to be my legs can be fast enough and I got away but he has it wasn't always easy in the country in which I was raised in something to some degree were pioneers that's what they president of one university college sent to us when we were the first persons of color allowed in this institution but on the other hand were also guinea pigs because five years authority to do so yes I understand the joy and rejoicing the jubilation when things changed incidentally if a new baby is born there's also lots of joy people are excited praising the Lord for a new birth how for however what happens when you let us from the baby doesn't grow the baby stays the same size how you rush that made the hospital to the problem with my baby what happens if the country doesn't radically grow afterwards to something we can get the country stagnates and the new leaders become dictators what happens congratulations turning to commiserations right here at Sears thirty three jeers and gladness is transformed into sadness so as was thinking about this whole issue in our Christian growth we look for at least two days about the fact that God wants to come in and give us a brand-new start a brand-new heart we want to let my skin so you cleanse us from sin that's the beginning of the question like this we use the term justification in simple terms when God forgives us for our past but that's the birth process what should happen next is the question and that's what we want to address like you together this afternoon just to remind you up with text go to Matthew chapter twenty six by introduction and reminder of the things that we've looked at in the past here are two Bible verses just a reminder that the twenty six verse twenty eight is Jesus speaking for this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for the remission of sins for the forgiveness of sins we've been talking about that Jesus was to forgive us he wants to cleanse us from all our past now what it was one more verse to remind us of what we've been talking about that affect congruent in five verse nineteen the second one just three view the past studies second granted separate five verse seventeen this is quite a well-known passage many people have referred to this one in the past let's look at this one second Corinthians chapter five verse seventeen therefore if anyone is in Christ him what great new creation all things are passed away behold all things have become new that's the issue the talk but with unforgiven we have a new start now what now what let's go to one more passage and see how Paul puts that Ephesians Chapter two verse eight nine and ten but there's something important easy to substitute because sometimes there's a danger that be read only versus eighty nine and I want to read all three verses that go together Ephesians chapter two also the writings of Paul by inspiration Ephesians two verse eight for by grace you have been saved Garrett is again we would say likewise how to fight back not auto self it is the gift of God not of works lest anyone should boast very clear correct we save how by grace don't forget first in Uganda go to residence to get the rest of the story to get the rest of the pictures you stop at first eighth and ninth it's like the baby who never grows and it is that's the danger for we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus the new creature for what purpose notice we are created for one purpose for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them very interesting we must make sure as questions we always have the important balance there is the beginning we usually would grow at grace by the way you have the grace to begin with and then you have the growth those two things must never be separated the beginning is by grace yes and then we must go we still grow by grace that's right we'll talk about that at the end of beautiful verses but those two must be put against each other also we think you are saved by grace through faith correct but faith according to the Bible him have worth then you have a fight on the one hand you have the fruit on the other hand very clear effect Bible point said that we are saved as so that we can serve or put one more way we have a right relationship with our Redeemer give the substance so that and then we choose to make a covenant commitment to our community so that we can walk in his ways and live for him those two things must always go together we should never separate the canceled today I want to talk a little but about what does it mean on this aspect of the grill what are the fruits how do we have this covenant commitment to our Creator how do we serve the one who is saved us how do we have fruit from our faith how do we grow old because of the grace of God I would like to capture that in just three major concepts can be very easy for you to remember this something that you can leave here knowing three simple basic steps all basic necessities something that is vital so that when you leave today since I now know for sure according to Scripture how I can definitely grow in disgrace that the Lord has brought me to let's look at a few examples the first one is a question LSU question I know we're in a medical area so I'm sure I will get the right one or I hope so what is the most important thing the most important thing for physical life to exist to be alive what's most important like and what are you using I I was expecting food we always have prevented us that that's what he does enjoin right here in this lunch time together but you know you can go without food for quite a while we'll talk about that into it just as you raise a influence there is a well record of the set by Bobby Sands some of you remember thirty seven years ago Bobby says was one of the Irish Republican Army a the people who was in the prison and he went on a hunger strike ten days twenty days thirty days forty negative is nothing just drank some liquid drank some black tea is not all yet but the days sixty days seventy days Bobby sense of a brand-new world record not intentionally he was on a hunger strike and he died seventy two days later the longest we know if somebody just going without food I gave you a pretty long without food anything else when you think you need more even more important than food and oxygen area we don't even think about it you see that's life we don't think about it because it's so automatic how long can you go without air how long can I go to the funeral of the world record is on that continent of a Robert Frost he hyperventilated and then he went down to the bottom of a pool and they watched him and time-consuming to be no trickery and he studied at the bottom of that pool for twelve minutes not don't does it home okay or Jonathan Grayson said it here first don't go down to try that please we are not encouraging you that but that was a world record set by Bob Robert Frost some years ago that was broken by the way that was broken by a boy in Michigan as you know I live in Michigan it's pretty cold there right now all I says we got the snow back home which is of course normal for Michigan what are you doing this kid was on the edge of a river and he was playing their own play on the ice whatever happened but he fell into the ice and he went underwater and he said a brand-new world record is you know what happens when you are under the ice everything slows down your system slows down and they first came out at the other end another place where they found to be pulled about forty to forty five minutes later they saw the amount listed in to the hospital and at the for baseball and there was no they found no problems again the kid is drawn up totally normally so he set a new record not intentionally okay again don't try that one that is dangerous but we know that you your system slows down but you cannot survive long without a hair you have to brief it is automatic you don't even think about it you'll be given now I would like to compare that the necessity if you don't breathe you die one in the spiritual area can we compare air with sound the same you have shared here in Williamsburg area prayer there and prayer necessity number one thirty eight allows the Ephesians chapter six I wanted to go to chapter six now brothers eighteen just a few pages further at the six verse eighteen so remember folks if you want to stay alive physically you must read if you want to stay alive spiritually you must be in the moment of prayer what is faulty he says that anything that another place to effusion seven six with eighteen Friday walked always without ceasing outside for a always right here Ephesians six is a huge praying always upright without seeking a defendant for Thessalonica so that's the first thing we got it keep praying that he continues in the first with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit so when you pray folks please remember to pray in the schooners share with you a short story I have a friend who's son-in-law love the Lord was serving the Lord full heartedly young man came down with terminal cancer and she prayed and prayed Lord leaves cure my son-in-law please is doing such wonderful work for we got I know you are the right decision you can do to cure him and he prayed for QR plate and pray and pray he passed away and is very difficult for my friend it was almost devastating you know we must pray for healing because once he was always at the way Jesus did in his prayer and what was that your will be done that's right your will be done here is writing in the spirit pray that God will will be done because ultimately he knows what is best so when I think in and prayer in his prayer always but very disparate and he continued being watchful to defend with all perseverance to be watchful perseverance many things in this one verse and supplication for all the things don't disprove yourself pray for others one verse saturated with lots of ideas about supplication but it starts with parade how much always so what's the first thing that is essential both for the people physical and postmerger like one of a and and prayer I wanted to repeat what's important here and pray I don't need to forget the very very vital let's look at the example of Jesus he is the one who came to this world the trust died for us Jesus example should you very quickly the book of Luke Benoit has so many incredible examples showing that Jesus life was permeated with prayer look at Luke chapter six verse twelve reading of the new King James version now it came to pass in those days that he went out to the mountain to pray and continued all night in prayer he continued all night in prayer Luke six was twelve they think why did you do that almost half the context shows it was a very important decision that you can make use right after that he's oh well disciples who become the twelve apostles are times in our lives when we need to spend a lot of time in prayer expended if you need to spend the time as much as you can either unremarkable that the great Protestant reformers said this I have to spend more time in prayer when I know I have a busy day ahead of me when it's counterintuitive he said to go then I nominee the Lord more signing to spend more time in prayer go back to the truck of five to the chapter before so here's praying all night but not just bring all like when it's vital look at Captain Luke chapter five verses sixteen so he Jesus withdrew himself often into the wilderness and praying he withdrew and went into the wilderness and trade this is the life of Jesus go to chapter nine verse twenty eight a few examples are very briefly very quickly you find the book of Luke has some an example of chapter nine verse twenty eight now it came to pass about eight days after the things that he took Peter John and Jane and went up to the mountain to pray he didn't just by allowing he also took his the three of them very close to him and he went up there to pray and it's interesting the rest of all of the disciples and want to learn how to write a look at Luke chapter eleven verse one because they claimed the couple chapters later you see the now it came to pass Luke eleven was watched as he was praying in a certain place when he ceased stop trying that one of his disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples and one for example go to Luke chapter eighteen not only to Jesus prayed teach others to pray he also taught parables and stories about praying prayer is vital folks without prayer you will die spiritually speaking verse one then he spoke a parable to them that men always ought to pray that is always bright and not lose heart for most of the collective dad and in the spring to life is what prayer and an print what is the second most important now than I had some essay water yes water through you cannot go without water for more than generally a week some of the records have been set but there was one gentleman apparently look for close to three weeks without any liquids unusual fluid you can live a longer time I think of the two together the concept of nutrition yes food and water because you find something in the hospital they are not sitting there not drinking but the nutritionists will come again intravenously like they have an IVF using nutrition you need oxygen you need nutrition and I is the stork would feed S E E D you must see yesterday on a scale I physically adhered as they are spiritually what must you duel receive your eyes very easy to remember see in the physical area and read in this virtual area test my class now my Bible class what is the first one for both physical and experts alike what is and I is anything the second one is what CN even read you're done well feed and read let's look at an example of this acceptor seventy with eleven beautiful example of Christian believers who were serious about their commitments very serious about the absurdities would use these and they were listening to Paul before joining the Christian community these are the Jews he was visiting there in the town all the rehab he went to the synagogue accept the seventy first eleven the Koreans were more fair-minded or something more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the already in the message and then what if they do they search the Scriptures how often do you leave them it is focused daily to find out whether these things were thought I would ask you a quick question always demands of those who once per week physical food nobody's going up the reason I asked that question I do find very sad that some people the only time they feed spiritually is just what once a week that's very sad very sad and he could do that you couldn't die you starving yourself a lovely example of the billions they spend daily on the word of God read and feed or feed and read this is important what Jesus taught always want to go back and uses examples that separate for verse four Jesus now compares the physical with the spiritual just as I've been sharing with you here Matthew chapter four verse four Matthew ten performers for anonymous share with you one phrase to remember the whole message for today Matthew Fort Worth for Jesus responding to the temptations of the devil saying that he has is that it is within man shall not live by bread alone not just physical fluid right but how but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God very important you don't survey live on physical food you have to have the ritual food and hears the phrase I'd like you to capture and to conceive you can memorize I did about eight to ten words for you to remember and this is simply grow in the Lord by the lights of his work is a quickly grow in the Lord by the light of his work growing is painful very painful effective use of your thing years ago no pain no what no gain now finally they say be careful that because you can hurt yourself but generally drawing is very great will baby when the baby starts dealing would like to see the time but was sad to hear the sound right the baby finds playing and that we all want to go the easy way and I have something that came on the Internet you one day Adventist caught my attention and I have to share that with you because so many times people want to go for the easy way I have it with me we got it on the screen for you as well genuine college degree it says in what two weeks have you ever thought that the only thing stopping you from a great job and better page was a few letters behind your name well now you can get them be a BSC and may I hope nobody's written down that the phone number there anyway so let's actually doing they are real genuine degrees that include bachelors masters and doctorate degrees I think you are wasting your time at Loma Linda in other words objects a lot they are verifiable and student records military and strength develop available this is a little-known significant fight for years everybody wants to go the shortcut we will all want to do what we want to go the easy way I can call the number I hope you didn't write it down order yours today just call the number below you'll thank me later on we all want to go to be easy what is attractive but growth folks is painful it takes time exchange is not easy and ending distance even no pain no gain but Jesus says you must move on the word of God okay he's very practical by the very very practical let's go to Matthew chapter five now back if I've been very effective versus twenty seven thirtieths because you know the Bible does say the highway that I hid in my heart that America is against you and if we put the word in our hearts we will then be able to withstand the temptations and look here you heard it was said to those of old you shall not you know I think you that whoever looks at a woman to lust after it has already committed adultery with her new thought I would be very practical because I know that everywhere we go we are bombarded with sensual salacious seductive advertising matter where we go music the words the books the advertising commercials everywhere we are bombarded with Jesus they what's the solution right already you said you must feed on the word right field now he gets practical in inverse twenty nine using your right eye causes you descend guess what folks identify the triggers what isn't and you know in your own life I know in my life what are the things that distract me to the point of get dangerous temptation be careful you said if your right eye causes you to sin so identify the triggers plotted out casted from you go to versa thirty same idea if your right hand causes you to sin cut it off cast it from you for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish than that your whole body be cast into hell strong words incredibly strong words you know years ago a few years ago I heard the story I saw a crowd of a young man by the name of Aaron Rolston he was in blue John Canyon out their tenure nearly on his own told nobody very was going as he was climbing down one of those boulders a huge one it includes editing tumbling above his head he tried to push himself away as he pushed his arm got caught as the boulder got wedged and he was on his feet by the way when it got wedged and unfortunately told no one where he was going and what he was a cell phone couldn't work he was so far down in this canyon iDVD had what you can take one with them anyway what to do he thought of all of his options he tried rigging up a harness he was a mechanical engineer he knew what to do if you try this bolder weight eight hundred pounds twenty four hours went by no red four hours no rescue seventy two hours no refuge you had aluminum of the week I believe in the retail and lunar water I think it is not eight ounces and he will likely start spreading the thought he was a survivalist he is actually part of a mountain rescue team and here he was in the bad situation he realized that he has to think up something so you look for his knife and he began to try to cut his arm off it was to blunt the knife was he trying to chip away at the rock nothing more by the time they five came he realized he was going to die he was just at the edge and the reason you that because accidentally he is and was fixing that as he was fiddling with these had the knife punctured his father had exploded and he realized his hand had died already there was no way to rescue any thought if I don't get out of here now I'm a dead man so he broke his arm both bones and then eat them that blunt knife and cut it off then he brings it up and you upheld on a sixty foot glove with these one hand and walked about six miles out that's what sin is like folks dangerous deadly you have to cut it out Jesus is being CLE CF if your right hand called to the office which is not popular during in error and Ralph misplaced position if he didn't do it he would've died at infinity my wife bought the book for me between a rock and a hard place I do maybe she thought she wanted to make sure I love adventure and I have to be more careful you know a loving wife does that for us husbands so this is his story incredible story but if this is the dislike that you must cut it off don't dabble with them don't take chances if you know there's a problem covered off very soon he immediately otherwise we will be dragged into sin that is number two now I have to ask you to question but people think I'm boring this I cannot help with Mike and I knew this because God made me that we can't even as excuses and you know I've been reading I came across the book you can get your online right here in your library that's where I went I could adopt these wages of the payment of your two thousand and two by John Renzi neuropsychiatrist from Harvard University the name of a user 's guide to the brain interesting and in this book he talks about the argument between nature and nurture and people say all I born the other thing no society made you that way isn't environment or is in the genes which one isn't and the government the psychiatrist says it is neither genes predispose you to possible trouble but your lifestyle can be the more important determining factor environment can even make a strong genetic predisposition night is whether this is an advocate Elizabeth Wednesday he says there are two sets of twin studies with one study that showed that the younger things about this position from the genetics but also as a twin study that shows one adult separated at birth basically the one who is schizophrenic the other doesn't interesting have been Doctor John Brady makes this incredible statement on the radio right now the point to remember is that the issue is not nature versus nurture a meeting for that already does most of this paragraph to you it is a balance between nature and nurture genes do not make a man gay or violent or fat or a leader jeans nearly make proteins the chemical effect of these proteins may make the man's brain and body more receptive to certain and fine run mental influences but the extent of those influences will have as much to do with the outcome as the genes themselves furthermore he felt all the electricity for psychiatrist from our reviewer furthermore we humans are not prisoners of all our team or our environment and you have these forward to seeing you after we have free will interesting videos whether teams are overruled every time an angry man restrains his temporary Batman diet and an alcoholic refuses to take a drink interesting this is a book that came out in two thousand and two by a Harvard neuropsychiatrist folks if there's no excuse we can choose if we want to submit our will to God the third and final one I've redone with the air with the feeding is one more thing you need to remain healthy and strong what is it exercise and I can use the word fitness field with the rhymes with what was witnessed that's right foot the short story as it was at physical therapist we decided to do a study at a nursing home there were people that she selected all the octogenarians and these people in their eighties wall chair bound or wheelchair-bound or lying in bed and they couldn't get around and she asked him what he wants to join my group because I'm limited you to exercise eight to twelve weeks and these octogenarians join your group and guess what at the end of that study another experiment every one of those eighty -year-old was up and walking around they were not wheelchair-bound they were not invented simply because of old age they were there because they had exercised interesting okay that's the key fitness and in the spiritual realm we go to witness so let's done against the example of Jesus Mark chapter five verse nineteen Mark chapter five verse nineteen Mark August nineteen Jesus it was as being possessed man that uses a healed cured him I mean you with everything you will go with Jesus however Jesus did not permit him but said to him go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had compassion on you so Jesus is Lord what is going share with your friends tell them what God has done in your life don't just stay and hang around you notice of the legal seminar junkies severe that there are some courses will love going to seminars and legal seminar the seminar to seminar and they keep learning and to keep learning and they never go on sharing and at the time I worked at a seminar junkie but it's wonderful to come to the place to be strengthened but you must go out and share it you must often witnessed if you don't witness you will die spiritually yes you'll spiritual muscle will comply one must hear from Doctor Brady is interesting he goes and talks about the importance the necessity actually off exercise listen to the bottom of the brain member does the book on the user 's brain the human brain amazing plus the plasticity and able to do continually rewire and learn not just to academic studies but through experience thought action and emotion prices as with all muscles we can strengthen our neural pathways with brain exercise or we can let them whether the principle is the same user or what is an organism that is interesting so here again productively agrees basically with this biblical principle you've got to go out and use what God has blessed you with when we share with your short story one of my friends actually my best buddy I've known you for close to forty years now we were involved in sharing the love of Jesus but one day he showed up and had a T-shirt on and on his T-shirt he had basically the sign until we got it out there for you P P P CI and FW M Y and I took a medicine hey what does that stand for and a difficult attention which was his purpose which was his plan and he said all while it says this please be patient God is not finished with me yet that was on I'm first Panasonic cautioned never use this as an excuse to remain where you are a you might have been doing something in the last five years and years that please be patient but actually it's a just a bad habit it's an evil practice it's a selective clinging to when not talking about that okay when talking about you being willing to grow this is desperate today we been saved by grace but we grow into God 's love and his grace this is not about growth and by the way thank God for friends who will help us to grow positively they will encourage us but they will also challenge us they will love us enough to stop us we're going the wrong way those are true friends so here's what please be patient God is not finished with me yet focused growth is painful it is not pleasant many times it hurts to grow but growth is necessary you must go if you want to stay alive three essentials I'm suggesting you today for both physical and spiritual life let's see who can remember that what's most important in both the physical and spiritual most important what is an FIM address secondly that's right feed and read and finally that's right fitness and witnessed so we what essential you want to be a healthy human being in the physical area as well as a healthy human being in the spiritual area about with one more statement here and that is in Matthew we find when challenged to grow Jesus wants us to go out and share with others to let them know about his love to let them know about the fact that Jesus wants others to come to him Matthew chapter twenty eight verse nineteen the challenge to everyone of us go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost that's what we are Thomas did go out and share with others tell others about God 's love but be patient with each other is a little thing I share with people being tough on yourself but tolerant of others trying to be tough on yourself but for one who bothers please be patient God is not finished with me yet how many of you here today when to say Lord I been saved by grace help me now to grow by grace us with your hands as I like to pray with you to grant the Lord you see the hands we've been saved by grace we want to grow in your love of the Lord we pray that every one of us here who is raised and will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to him be glory both now and forever more I may God bless you going to use it hope to see you tomorrow noon and I pick up a copy of some material today I believe that unit will reiterate some of the basic principles I shared with you from the fund may God bless you have a good day


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