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Let Your Lawyer Run Your Life: Acquittal is Assured

Ron du Preez



  • February 25, 2006
    11:00 AM
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while the holy word but also prayer thank you heavenly father that you are such a wonderful gracious condescending God coming down to reach us to help us to maintain us to transform us and keep us until Jesus comes bless us now as we open your word to catch a fresh glimpse of your love in our lives Jesus precious thing on their I remember some years ago I was insolvent at the University and I had a student with me and we were driving somewhere and I got to a T junction and I came to what some of us called a rolling stop you know what I mean by that then I came to a rolling stop and I noticed another car coming so I decided to dock dock clock on the left side to get around from my rolling stop it just so happened that the car behind the car I was starting out in front of was guess who the guy who happens to have been being on the head you know and sure enough he had seen me doing that said I thought all know my natural instinct was to make a run for it but I missed it thankful that I had a student with me though sometimes they the students keep us honest with you next to the natural man I document no maybe it was there I hope the rest of New England I hope I would listen that the person next to me I put all that Apollo enjoyed people who make long stories reminded of going to court and told my wife about it because the outcome of these real guys I was hoping to get puzzled to get out of it while I got been him who run the judge said we going guilty in Anaheim I have never been in the court before never before and so when he asked the question in this busy army is as legally as what my note was inhabited by saying yes so I said excuse me on what is that in the early hours but you know what I had an alternative and how you said do you mean you think the charge of not stopping us in your eyes slow down music didn't use the nose and then you plead guilty okay I lean guilty about all know how to tell my wife after all now I plead guilty and then I thought you know I clean driving license so I have protested the article I posted this in a removable death so is it just as I came out there and I said yarn is my drivers license it's a clean licensee on I really would like to keep it that way the patient okay okay I put you on six months probation that is the way six months what probation and then he added he said in those six months if I fear if I come across any traffic violation when available in a paper today is fine and for those lines and because it was like I could even think of the court I was today because I was the time of day I shouldn't of been inadequate but he said he wasted the time of the coordinate because you didn't stop in critical but you don't identify you don't pay the fine for violating because I am going to hand you with you on probation when I left there when you can speed up the rubble the statement because I been forgiven what did I do if we are comfortable with the platforming moment in my life it was a pitching moment because when I came out there for them for that day I drove carefully I stopped at every stop him anyhow every traffic light I can go to any of those that were not glean that you know I don't like guys again the speed limit everything else and my wife saw me driving to see what had happened what it happened it's interesting when it happened I don't even think of the analogy too far because you know what can walking Allport is a crucial element for each year it was interesting I forgiven and now I was living under the judges probation what's interesting as I is the best way that driving became mutual interest he found out that I now begin to stop for real slowdown when I saw the light flirting orange amber it had a transforming effect as I lived under the forgiveness of the judge during the probationary period why interesting and only later on that I confess that my wife when I pass a probationary time I don't think I ever told her I think she learned in one of my sermons one day but you know the lesson from that folks do you know you can see wonderful I thank God for the pitching moment compassion Jagdish divides the book of Daniel and spend a few moments here here again I sent the dancing of humans I really mean that day but as we were last night because actually laugh you are realizing there with me sermons I would presume that there was once a metabolic creation evolution you notice that again the Spanish help in the introduction the second was about the ten Commandments of the whole and the third message was about the Sabbath another new here a couple of those last identifies I praise God with you so maybe back I'm actually not apologizing it was not intended to me that long to bring messages in one of those the fourth sermon with you getting from me in one day now praise God that you have let's look at Daniel when we do spend a few moments is a lot I can check with you some suggestions for the study before the reading some books that you can find the library or if you want to have your own copy Daniel chapter seven personal life a few verses I wanted to reflect on and call in the context of this wonderful forgiving God we serve we seven compassionate Josh and now in that circumstance where do we live doing this whom are we living during the probationary period at how then should we abandon a chapter seven was nine as you read it the context here you will see I watched as the Romans were put in place on Republicans and version and the ancient of days was seated his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool his throne was a fiery flame its wheels as burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from the forty thousand thousands ministered in ten thousand times ten thousand 's the deporting the court was seated and the books were opened interesting that you're coming to the court and you know you are guilty when you set in the quarter is that it will bring afraid of the fence is right if you know you're guilty if you know your court and you know you as you know you have a righteous John I will relax it all depends on how you come to the court if you look at this with fear of the world what are they going to discover that there is good news I wanted to go with incumbent congratulate on the driving and seventy one feminism good news before you begin to be afraid for start up to do with the way that most of the book of Revelation John is letter that John wrote first John chapter two limited vendors will come back to it right away first John chapter two on the way John uses these and hearing terms by this time chronologically as far as we know John was probably an aged man from the way the scholars are assuming the books when he probably wrote some of these he probably wrote this is old but so you has an endearing term here my little children I say these things I write to you so that you may not sin I'm sharing these with you so you can learn how to live faithfully for the Lord however and if anyone sends is the good news we have lots and advocate with the father with advocate Jesus Christ the righteous and in case you hadn't noticed you will see that the message debate was gold let your law year run your life let your lawyer run your life yes we have an advocate with the father the advocate is none other than Jesus Christ the righteous so let's go back now to the Daniel chapter seven verse twenty two years the good news Daniel seven was twenty one firstly and it was twenty two Daniel said was twenty one and then verse twenty two allegedly noticed because I sure I told you that we have good news the good news would jump into the end of the story admittedly way ahead right now but I know what it is her first birthday so we want to go right to the end of the story was twenty one I was watching Daniel says and the same horn was making war against the fighting and preventing to get on until the ancient of days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high and the time frame for the saints possessed the kingdom and I know in the Bible to maneuver invasive fifth in favor in italics those two words were intentionally added in by the translator because of the context viewing the context judgment was made for the same meaning in favor of the site so they they put those words in it because the context shows that it isn't fainthearted Linux because you see later on with these things of course are taken to heaven is readable context of what happened eventually the judgment for the judgment is made in favor of the site in other words folks there is nothing to be afraid of I love the way my friend fellow craftsman mission conference with it is that God is after the God is not a God to be a raid of God is a God to be a friend of this is the guy is there okay is judgment is made in favor I want to review briefly as you know nowadays on on on our planet are sometimes judgments are made very poorly I'm thankful that we so that their heavenly father I came across a story about a elegant but it happens too frequently a man was found guilty of terrible assault happening nineteen eighty one is the imprisoned for almost twenty five years at last just in December last year story here DNA absolves the inmates twenty four years in prison unjustly treated I think God that you and I don't have to be afraid of wrong him us we have a fair judge who knows the end from the beginning so let's spend a few moments what I want to do then is to reflect by way of looking back at the old sanctuary music Exodus twenty five when asked to put some pictures on here so you can see a representation of this ancient sanctuary because healing within seventy four were going to go back to Exodus twenty five MySpace is what God was saying to the people nearly can see upon our picture here a large joint environments including the tenants given this exit is twenty five was it and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them the first point I want to remind you of is that God wants to move a little most folks which is interesting to think of the New Testament the idea that essentially you are the temple of the Holy Spirit God wants to live with him you soak here this is a physical place others want to live among you and notice what he says for the rest I would go to the next part according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of its furnishings so just so you shall make its God wanted him to make one according to a pattern now went to the buglers needless chapter eight verse one and two so will look at one a little closer now we go to the sanctuary itself and Hebrews chapter eight tells us where was this pattern that he that Moses got this from God this I will show your pattern and interesting the book of Hebrews actually identifies the very passage that we just read we just read that thing up with Exodus seven five verse nine he was chapter eight verse one now this the main point of your same we have such a high priest who was seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven and you know who that high priest in heaven Jesus is like so you know that he would literally is contrasting the old system with Christ right now in the height of the high priest in the heavens a minister of the sanctuary of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man he led his voluminous life who served the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle what was he reminded when he said seeing that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain of evidence according to Exodus twenty five verse nine clear so Moses made a pattern all the heavenly sanctuary so here we see anything in Bristol in the second line was once get back to happen I was want and we will see here that the point that is made talking about the sanctuary that Moses actually had this evening even the first covenant had ordinances of divine service and the earthly sanctuary of the earthly sanctuary I think we've seen a picture that all that already the earthly sanctuary the entire one made up of the holy place on our right inside and the most of this before that the most holy place as you know there was the envelope showbread on the bread of the presence on the on the right and on the far end from where we are now in front of us you can see the lampstand and then to the left in front of the police is the altar of incense and on the other side of the veil was called the most holy place and that is where you found the Ark of the covenant and here we have a picture of the mercy seat that's been removed and is inside the arc what if while the ten Commandments last evening we talked about the ten Commandments is fascinating to see how God did the more likely the ten Commandments the law of God is under the waffles were CC fascinating justice and mercy work together we are colored by God 's grace we are called upon to grow according to his will beautiful pictures and this is how God was instructed the ancient Israelite he wanted them to have a visual visual audio sensory experience fascinating as you study God with reaching them and trying to bring them to an understanding of his will on the great system of the plan of salvation that we have a very brief this is a problem because you know going back to the previous like the Bailey on the right if I look at Leviticus quickly here we dedicated to the children of some of the things that they did back then in Leviticus here's one example Leviticus that before the book of Leviticus as we mentioned before we buy it goes with the folks who work at the tabernacle a help the Aaronic priests the Levites were at this whole book is dedicated to them so they would know how and what they should be doing the Levites after four and the different offerings cold for here as we look at Leviticus chapter four we will see the first two visits a performance to speak to the children of Israel saying if a person sins are in tension of interesting here's a sacrifice coming put in an unintentional sin that cost him his Senate even if you write something without meaning to you need to go in Faye sorry in today's language activities if a person sins unintentionally against any one of the commandments of the Lord in anything with our company done and does any event if the appointment anointed priest sins and it does bring the guilt on the people who had sought weapons of the fort he agrees shall bring the bull of the dormant tabernacle of the meeting before the Lord laid his hand on the tools and kill the bull before the Lord for what happened the animal dies as a substitute for the Senate because we know that the soul that center the Bible says it shall die here as a subsidy the animal now dies what happens next go down to verse seven is a set of discovery to very briefly and the priest shall put some of the blood on the war of the altar of sweet incense before the Lord which is in the temporal tabernacle of meeting and he shall pour the remaining blood of the pool at the base of the altar of the burnt offering which is outside the door of the tent of the tabernacle of me so here we see that symbolically you the animal dies the blood is shed for the center all obviously points for doing Jesus and Madonna baptizes that the whole move the Lamb of God who does what takes away the sin of the world one was twenty nine so he is insoluble the person has sins are forgiven the blood symbolically is flames look into the holy place and as you study the Bible comprehensively gives the account the entire picture of Scripture we find that physically has the blood was there and symbolically the holy place is now becoming filled with sending out will go to the end was a hearing sacrifice that for the Leviticus sixteen on quickly getting a review of the Zoloft here in fact volumes have been written if you study carefully dig deeply you will find the beauties of this out once a year and the Jews still have the day they still talk about the state your people that they are atonement I think this is would meet the Leviticus sixteen what happened at this point to agreement as quickly resulting then he again felt felt a little of the sin offering with this for the people bring its blood was great inside the veil do with the blood as he did with abominable sprinkle it on the mercy seat and before them was when and where in the mercy seat and what part of most holy one see our egos into the most holy night November sixteenth sixteen sixty and so he shall make atonement for the holy place because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel because of the paragraph versus Balderson and so a shelving for the tabernacle of meeting with me remained among them in the midst of the ugliness of his opponent for the holy place basketball divorce thirty one homers for on that day the priest shall make atonement with the claims you that you may be gleaned from all your sins before the Lord and David Cohen was also a day of cleansing yes it was the day of judgment and with the day of cleansing as you look at the whole picture this was one day that God set aside for his people it was a seriously infected with the blowing of trumpets ten days before the cold the day of trumpets awarding a reminder folks the day of judgment the day of cleansing is coming up you choose which one you really want me want to be judged guilty because you haven't made things right or do you want to be cleansed because you have made things right and you have been forgiven please note these were not priests and interesting people into the Bible every these two days when ever called feasts hot that's a specialty which they were never coffee unfortunately some public places don't give you the conflict with one click these were solemn assemblies seems that there were these the day up at the Passover Pentecost Tabernacle workpiece they were will I will I read the book and rejoicing they went up into his old male who required within Jerusalem on those great beasts these would never call this is a very solid series of pages of course was everything a happen this was also a day of rejoicing because of the cleansing that if they place as you study the Bible you find fascinating and very same word for cleansing that is used in the same way some use identified in the wake is a Bible written in Hebrew yes the Bible was with me most of it and a little bit in Aramaic but it's interesting that when Jesus was on earth this which Bible to use from the evidence we have Jesus actually is the translation the Jesus from the evidence we need is the Greek translation how do we know that because a quick example is inevitably ninety with five that I checked this morning and wanted Jesus to the two shall be one flesh the Hebrew but it is it is in the Septuagint translation fascinating so when we look at that the Bible of Jesus day many of the disciples including Paul and other was the Greek translation of the year that many kinds not all of them sometimes deliberately resilient we know that many translated the Greek the interesting thing is in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible the same word claims here is the same word we find in the book of Daniel Daniel chapter eight verse forty solid as it transitioned it for a few moments again today Daniel chapter eight verse forty identical would use here for in the Creek in the Greek translation of the Scriptures both in Leviticus and in Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen is some major prophecy this whole prophecy you can spend at least hi I was just one of one person and you begin to scratch the surface just on this one verse again and this is a response to question that is asked in verse thirteen but worth looking at a threefold question is at number thirty and was fourteen and he said to me for two thousand three hundred days then the sanctuary shall be questions in the context of the early Saints would be good enough and historical context might be on a sanctuary from the apocalyptic prophecy the earthly safety would've been destroyed this in the context has to be talking about the Henry Saint Jude told Parliament on the back of his if I know I know they have been peopled with critique challenge this belief and sometimes we have to invade our message as biblically as clearly as we should have definitely been guilty but you know what folks there is so much well I'll see what biblical the two others some folks have put together books if you want to measure interest is visited by a seven volume set from the Daniel and Revelation committees he was incredible stuff when I was at the seminary years ago I read and studied it in simple terms just look expanding your mind not blow it things will make it grow and expand your mind feels that incredible therefore it is clear that this is indeed a message from God for the end of tie with you guys that you don't suddenly listen to what people say I told you that I told her the last time remember that I said accept the seventeen with eleven one of my favorite verses listened eagerly and then go like this Maureen and study daily to see whether these things are so you know what even last night I say last night after midnight I checked the online and there was somebody he was closing and Bible and say him in the most holy place by his offensive is right there in the Bible Norton brought back memories when I pass them on the island while I never very good one of my is right in my book I think what Bible are using the right the reality is that different Bible translations I won't mention any specific translation what you must do is you must look broadly at many places because the population don't agree on some issues this is the reality and if of know that already I looked like this morning I found picketing which translation I looked at one translation who said Jesus entered the most holy place is a sense of the other once a note you entered the holy place when I saw the apartment sometimes I say once on the other the other one since he entered into the holy places and in some factors affecting the engine into the sanctuary when they were it was more than one translation for every one of these options so what you have to do you have to we encourage you to look at different Bible translations and on difficult issues we encourage you the human illustration we encourage you to go to people who have some knowledge and can dig deeper I myself have been talking to a couple of medical doctors because I'm good at problem right now I didn't know what it is and so I'm gone to the specialist on the disconnect anyone asked my friend know I know that they are people who spend many years I think what the guy was sitting he spent twelve years he spent twelve years in study after finishing high school twenty four years in school these people are serious I praise God for the medical people out there I think so when I have a serious problem I have one right now to know what it is I think I've been able to the people who know again I'm not going to the mailman I think I may bring them help you see the problem is many of us when it comes to the little details we don't go him on the mailman he was the current Pentagon and then give us inoperative and operation don't do that go to the people and by the way that is biblical minor in the book of Ezra Nehemiah they went and the Levites reached in and explain the weather that when looking at that man on the way to the children can understand the scrubs help him to understand the deeper still God has asked some of us and given us that special going to help him breathe the word the Bible can be understood by everybody know you can understand everything yourself there are a few things that even peters is all that are what hard to understand a book you can find that and we argued as part of what we called someone to tell them give up when you find something that might this formulate you on the off things that sometimes cause problems but as you think in the word as for hidden treasures you will discover the beauties of God 's way so don't give up if you're this guy are you are you confused by something and this is what I would caution you but I do want to have you think less of the Scripture compare Bible translations and talk with others as so much of that shows us we serve a compassionate God a God who cares for us I know it's interesting to summarize this year one of the challenges that come away this is from the second when Jesus went to heaven after the crucifixion around a thirtysomething the Bible says we went into the sanctuary and you know what it is through when you study the Old Testament you look at the old sanctuary cell service before we bring that happened in the old service the first thing was leaking alteration or the dedication of the whole sanctuary and unfortunately sometimes the forgotten that I was it oh Jesus went straight into the holy place him from addressing some of the Bible to what interesting is all quietly listening is more fascinating than ever I read a book some time ago called the sanctuary and forty four and the pioneers when I read this I said wait a minute our pioneers recognized that there were three things happening the first thing the moment with sanctuary in ancient Israel was finished the priestly and dedicated the entire one okay but emotionally but then the priest moved back and began the daily service are to then particularly once a year even the annual service and so when Jesus went to heaven after his crucifixion the evidence is quite clear he went into the entire sanctuary for the alteration for the dedicatory ceremony just as the type so the appetite incredible and guess what our pioneers who didn't study Hebrew and Greek the way we do today they knew it already and but by eighteen seventy four Smith said I saw the eleven Nokia visit for the time that we have been studying this message twenty years earlier he said we have written hundreds of articles and units that one short-lived hundreds of articles and was assassinated hundreds of articles have been written on the subject the FPU is invariably to the Bible where there is abundant evidence for the use beholden the subject hundreds of articles and the only thing they went it was the Bible fascinating and a proven it and I read this book will present while praise God sometimes all of a sudden I find a shortcut who are police don't go the shortcut go back to the word of God there is incredible evidence if you're willing to dig deeply and some people really spend years and Mike wrote his dissertation called typology in the sculpture spent probably Julie is on this one word to paths in Scripture him you say there are some that have been calling of the lipid back to you yes I'm not existing all of us do not know there is a day folks that's coming up the goods are going to will wrap this up you quickly segment and it's fascinating there's a lot of beauty notable to Scripture I just wanted to make sure you don't give up if you come across a son whom I challenge with beautiful truth that we hold so dear to us this unique belief that is clear in Scripture as you studied comprehensively I wanted his mention of birth the second relates up to five verse ten for we must all appear where before the judgment seat of Christ that each one may receive the things done in the body according to what he has done whether good or bad again we rented a few before the judge the secrets of Christ you look at the number that I would happy to be there Roman spells all of us must appear there any fact let's go to the caucus of the judgment revelation fourteen hours ago that went a lot in our last message Revelation seven fourteen and I want to quickly show that this issue of the judge is relevant one for us right here right now I want to challenge some of you might have not had the privilege of digging deeply into this incredibly beautiful truth about the kind of God we serve is a lot of information as we study the Apple the longest apocalyptic prophecy in the Bible two thousand three hundred Bay property that actually is two thousand three hundred meters many exegetes over centuries and saw this all the way up until the nineteenth twentieth century from many denominations fascinating mail volumes that have found this over the prophetic faith of our fathers volume for both been involved in the history for centuries this was a common understanding among many many people this date for you prophecy based upon the Bible in modern times unfortunately many have thrown away that you but it is clearly publicly make a look at the twenty ten in a prophecy becomes very clear that we are living now in that timeframe is there on the mid- forties so let's go now to Revelation chapter fourteen and we note the Congress of the second coming soon after that was reporting talks about the coming of Jesus before sporting we have verse six then I saw a revelation for him as another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those ability of every nation tribe people saying what a lot of blogs interesting where there is enough one day when we think of on the all right the face was able to allow an output on a Sony is making time to make sure everybody here is what is he saying to me this is a fear God and I said I thought what seriously on about respect and did glory doing and why for the hour of his judgment what has come the artisan had come and worship him it is an illusion and with that fourth commandment is the one that I would query the seventh Sabbath commandment interestingly it is at the article and that has these firms in the worship him they were who made heaven and with the springs of water and rest we know there's a time of judgment coming out and again that you don't be afraid because throughout the Bible we see that God is always consistent just like properly established reports that a three step process I went legitimately with you what's the first step in if you'd been in the making the court first step is always investigation right advantage of December spent already looking at the floor while opened the phase one is always an investigation him around when God was the Lord was there looking at going up the thought of because I am going to investigate those this so that we can see is that they are not just that people I think it's a fair system and independently is not that the Nevada caucus he will seek God is always there number one investigation second part was investigated over the relationship between filled with there in the book of Revelation goaded separately it was eleven the number one investigation once the investigation is finished what happens in an article investigation over you have a very okay I will go to phase two revelation twenty two was eleven and hear the verdict he who is unjust let him be unjust still he was filthy let him be filthy still he was righteous the devices filled in with only letting the holy scale so you have the investigation number one the verdict number two and after the verdict on the one sentence but that kind of bargains on the seventh of what sentences ended up the very next verse and I was like it was low and behold Jesus said I am coming how quickly I'm coming quickly and my reward is with me what to everyone according to his work again please Elizabeth and is not salvation by works in the context it's God working in us it is worth looking at forty twelve and thirty he will work and Austin Dean will be due on his good pleasure of his Jesus working through us the works that are seen we submit to his will you will work through it then comes the sentence who is the prosecuting attorney was the Bible say was that they can write revelations of the twelfth he has called the accuser of the brethren but will get back at statement because of the weather in relationship with well with us again we also visit we have an advocate with the father and who is that Jesus Christ and we've already told the end of the story is where at the end we find that the judgment is made in favor of the saints in favor of the saints one more verse I want to show you Revelation twenty one verse twenty seven Revelation twenty one was twenty seven and look at this beautiful first year as a challenge to you is a challenge to me I was twenty one with women but there shall be by no means there shall by no means enter there shall by no means enter it anything that the files will not enter where all this and this is the entering into God 's presence into the new Jerusalem in heaven but there shall by no means enter it anything that the files or causes an abomination or a lie but only those who are written in the lab is what book of life in the Lamb 's book of life folks Jesus is the Lamb he is also right there I advocate with the father he is ready waiting for you and me incredible story I read about several years ago nineteen twenty five three people were there in court the defendant enables item she was a young woman of about twenty five have been in Paris and Rome and Paris is enough France there she said she's the charts with heinous crime she was jealous Charles was the guy she was a visiting but Charles was dating Jack Alene so what did I do she took acid and she hurled into Sakhalin exquisitely beautiful place Declan was rushed to the hot will was afterwards when she was able to come in the court pace because she was the primary witness and there she was then stuck only her eyes were visible and of course there was photograph of her before she told her story crumpled into the chair as after telling the story of what happened because of the grotesqueness on her face and she had a completely covered either then demanded to talk in the court the charts also said he still loved Jacqueline and so the two court guards walk again walked either over the Charles and this is what she said Charles you said you will marry Jacqueline but I know you do not love you only feel sorry for her once you see her face you will pick yourself for your rest with this now what you have to look at every day of your life the moment you said that she is with regards and rushed to grab the bandages don't so that Charles could see who he was going to spend the rest of your life with fortunately the attorney jumped in and stopped either before she could do that of course the judge reprimanded they grab their productivity the judge recommended it he called for twenty minute recess when the court reconvened the defense arose and said Your Honor my client this year I'd choose your charge of the greater offense the crime of mayhem technical term for what the criminal act of disfiguring another person in an generally I submit to the court that she has the right to demand that Mademoiselle shackling covering the will the jewelry and fancy themselves whether the crime of mayhem and has actually been established clever defense lawyer right is going to make sure that that that the bandages come off anyway because I don't want to do most of the Charleston Seahawk only exactly looked so that Charles wouldn't marry her of course the prosecutor was prosecuting item docusate objection my Lord well the judge said sorry until the wounds are revealed all elements of the crime charged have not been proved the really right away Charles Your Honor but without chuckling need not fear that her wounds will rob me of my devotion to her attorney dejectedly said Zachary I love you and I will marry you today he and he will have me let me remove the bandages and let us both stand before the world I'm ashamed and unafraid but Charlotte job you might not want me then you got the go-ahead do as you wish speaking softly and reassuringly tenderly Charles began to unwrap those benches one at a time as he got the last bandage the judge warned the jewelry and old audience please folks we want no sound we expect the Koran here and as he unwound the last strip of cloth smear you can see on -itis face she knew she would be found guilty but she knew she would get her breathing she won Charles Seaholm only tackling this finger she was finally recovering paying off and there was absence as people got duckling really facing her hands and started sobbing and sobbing gently Charles Payne lifted her to her feet and lifted her face up still no one spoke once again the American event of what is stated in place that I have a woman open her presents gave her a mirror handed the weeping girl slowly she opened up the mirror looked cast and cried out no court in the mirror she saw us call that absolute action no blemishes whatsoever the last picture she had seen over itself was they showed it to her right after she came in immunity they subpoenaed the plastic surgeon he was brought in after recess an hour later on he arrived me explain he performed several operations but he was afraid of raising the hopes of tackling and he never told her what he had done she had no idea her last memory was often ghastly pictures she had seen that it would begin when she came in once the plastic surgeon told the story spontaneously suddenly the entire audience in verse into a cloths the whole world have become wonderful and that I will will one day the enemy on your soul than any of our souls will be there is enough before the whole universe because he would say they are of what they look like because of the way he is the face God 's image in us beautiful truth is Jesus going position has performed plastic surgery on our souls and as a unwise that cloth universe waits in suspense until the last bandage has been revealed and then a gasp in awe because now they can see the wonderful work of restoration that God has worked with us because of Jesus Christ we will stand there restored the image of God we several wonderful got the message of the judgment is nothing but good news for everyone who knows that Jesus Christ is your elder brother Jesus Christ is your advocate and Jesus Christ right now in the heavenly sanctuary intercedes for us right there in that special place for us he ever let them make what intercession for us that we several wonderful God I want you to reflect on your own life as we sing together again and number four one six the words are at a Belden and I wanted to make in your heart today read the words I know you might not know that you where I come from in South Africa it is quite well-known I chose it only to be told I don't think anybody know if that was done in those earlier because this is the appeal to your hot my heart and I want to in what has to they reflect the economic at the end of the Abraham has your life I'm going to this heavyset one single at the admin as you get to be or as you see the him affecting your life instantly span in response to this wonderful message of God 's judgment in favor of the saints listen to him as it is being played for the first time yes Lord how shall we stand in that great day shall we be gone before him one thing or without sins all washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ thank you Lord for Jesus who came and died for us not just to forgive us on the sins of the past but who died for us and give us the power to live is allowed daily others see them through us maybe moving in this wonderful probationary tribe time thankful that you are living for less working through us so that others may get to know our great advocate Jesus Christ the righteous in the name of the imminently coming King Jesus Christ our Savior we pray amen


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