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Bible Ethics Question and Answer Session

Ron du Preez



  • March 4, 2006
    2:00 PM
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I'm welcome back to go ahead and get started with their song service today and please come on in and have a seat and her son today is twenty one multiple and immortal invisible God only wise and and and and him and him and him to him and he is him him a him and him and him and him him him and him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him to him and him and him and him him to him and him him a him him him him him him and him and him to a him for the next two eighty nine for a man and him and him and him and him and him and him him him and is a him and him him him him him him him him him him him for you for instead he says to him him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him and him him him him a him and he is in will him and him and him to him and him him him him him him him him him him him him him him and him him him him and him and him and him him and him him him him him him him him him him him one hundred opening son that is I think the number one on three versus burn him to him and him and him now him him him him him him him him and him him and him a him a him and him and him and him to him him him him him he maybe didn't want to welcome you to our last sort of last restoration meeting this was a public plan from the beginning but pleasure to have our speaker here once more as I was playing what's going to happen this afternoon weevil have Dr. Dre he's going to get ice a short presentation on ethics and then were going to be taking questions and I will do the questions is will have the ushers come forward I can come over now on doctors going to pass out cards you can write on whatever questions you may have and I will collect those in short while but my question when asked about the right prices down if you depend on raise your hand will try you want to and want to say that who has real answers all of our questions God does where can we find the real answers in the Bible okay I don't want to slight knocking to pray but he is not the ultimate source of truth and so we want to encourage you study the Scriptures find the answers your questions is going to try to give the answers as balance in his biblical as he knows and I want to say that we may not be able to answer every question how many recommend modern electronic devices will have also if your question does not get answered today I don't know being refused don't be upset or anything I just want to say no we will try to do as we can but we'll see how things go if you have a question during the meeting you can go and write it down or raising hand and she will coming to get your card and ninety people take those parts as well and over and the two front so that will have on the designers or whatever and then we get especially music and then after that the great will so without let's have a worker your father in heaven we thank you that we can find answers in your Scriptures in your holy Word we thank you the Holy Spirit is here to guide us into those answers I pray that you would speak to Doctor Dupree that those answers would come today possible but that you would be guiding you be leading our lives and we would find the answers that are sold really longs for let me get this session to you that your Holy Spirit here I pray that your spirit real one answering the questions in Jesus name my name is Catherine were a I am blessed to be here in SA I wanted to share a little message about the song is called covered recovered by God 's grace and he has to do with everything that we're doing here with restoration which is what Christ did for us and remembering what he did and you guys look for Jude twenty four new Bibles and if a brave volunteer would stand up and read it out loud now give you a little history behind the song I was thinking about Mary Magdalene and I was thinking about what she saw when she looked into Jesus eyes and nine the question that he has the ultimate answers and he showed me June twenty four one look can say so much and I just imagine what must be so deep so beautiful and communicate to us so much and this is what he communicated to her through his liquid that Jude twenty four able to keep you from stumbling and present you faultless before the data is that the songs about her owner of a a a a a will is nice and should shoot grown in the genus is known as seen from these there is an she is a single time at all she then I see him soon I shall evil in this time he is in a sea and I is I to him for a man so he will is demanding the van and find that center then I see you soon he finally known in the evening and then only me and him and him and to him in a him and him to a and a man in a way any as soon as I assume that all I him for a a in a who is a him and him and I have him him him him him and him and him and a him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him a call in a him him a a a him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him him in a way of I think one thing that all will work fine but if they felt about and the game Warhammer and embezzlement time when you work a full eight hour shift and then there is overtime and overtime will ask the blessing sharing together here let me begin right at the start I don't think that you are working that now know that they are appreciated and gone but I believe it is any area of making decisions the event finale throw that's important you know a lot about the weather because they can really mess up and so I try to Canada and make it the simplest possible there's a lot in this area question summer morning and we got a little background for your movements quickly when they start always start at the beginning to live and plan how I grace as they migrate we want to storm the Lord I hope what about the appropriate passages of Scripture to and as he opened up I just want to add a prayer Lord will bless us as a open help us to see and read the text in the right context to invest the Jesus and Islam in his name we pray I have your Bibles and thinking about and acting across the theft the full story here on mother was preparing pancakes for fun seven five and Ryan three the boys began to argue would get the first pancake anybody have been that all you know I'm talking about right their model saw an opportunity for a moral lesson community of view within the moral lesson though please send if you were sitting here he would say I'd rather have the breadth and I began away in the younger brother and said Ryan McGinnis asked and glamour aware all like I hardly looking out for our now I don't think human nature that the Fed don't think the fourteenth verse of the first convention of the form five five or forty the first don't want to get a quick reminder worth of data things are almost always looking across town by a new review the thought you can give me the first okay yeah for the rest of the well-known passage in one thousand and thank you if you guys I could see behind them was John fourteen versus the well-known passage do you love me what keep my commandments of love is the foundation and then loyalty is the natural results but with one more person first Corinthians chapter five verse fourteen first Corinthians five verse must be segment is your thing fourteen versus so I'm going to my memory yet at the second Corinthians chapter five verse fourteen I gay for the love of Christ the games as well constrain it that's what is constrained new King James compels us attract the love of Christ compels us because we judge that that is one die roll of it all registered for the love of Christ compels us it motivates us or as another druthers but since we believe that Christ died forever one okay so here is what he compelled the motivator gets us to do things if we love when we will obey him foundational key the question is what do we do as I want to give a little more background here because the issue is is so contentious and I used this before I did have a good and ready but some of you remember I use this with the beginning don't bother me I'm looking for a verse of Scripture to back up one of my preconceived notions at the danger we all face we want to look for things that support us you know it's interesting Paul if you really are open to the word you going to have to change something reveal his opinion yes I should road again in one of my fingers if I change my view on this I cannot unit connected changed because I got to be open to the Scriptures as of today I want to get a little bit of background to warn you to make you aware because another car to Norah join me as once was the one that says come on come on it's either one or the other damned if you do damned if you don't argument that one again yet the torches the lesser of two evils and so I went to lay the foundation and very clearly the first thing as a question you've got to understand and know is that number one God loves you I play rescued a number two after you rescues you redeems you even has requirements question can you by his grace to his glory the power obey him yes that's like one of the Bible book of Revelation over did you notice that over and over the Bible over commerce we know that we can do that June twenty fourth and was just mentioned first greatest of those with its Afghan my favorite verses given the background so that you are clear before even get into difficult questions that there is an answer to this first one this chapter can go to verse thirteen one on of my favorite verses thirty one thirty one yes you all the morning got my first thirteen this one is packed with important principles that impact virtually every question in life this one dress if you forget every other rest here is one of the most important words which is one reason we needed is a number hundred great is what five faithfulness let's read that respondent that foundational year Brisbane has been restored in the long verse lot of information if you want to take note here about five or so before that come from this one was number one no temptation I'm stopping right there because you wouldn't patient it in arsenals by doing a great it needs the patient includes trial or access as much as the temptation you might have a trial it is a temptation in your testicles from your example all this augmentation is a file this would cover that to no test no trial no temptation has overtaken you accept such as is common to man number one don't ever say on the only one who's got this problem Boulton guess what someone else has had assaulted there is no new thing under what I do thought so don't complain that you are unique you're the only one all okay I'm not usually first think don't think you're the only one now he goes for the acting tells you you're not unique ability says that but for words but God is what she invokes so firstly you're not getting but God is unique in the fence the is you can trust God a respective got has a very clear God is faithful number do you not to know what God is like number two and now let's see what God will do the cycle got God is faithful number three now who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you April members they address the file I've gotten is way beyond what I'm able to log in contradicting nuclear wood sculptor you might say I don't see a way out at this point in time or I don't know all I can handle it all because but I know that you Lord will help you as promised is faithful he will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able for the next of multimedia but with the gun patient will also make the way of escape that you may be able to bear it that one text is key for any question or major problem of decision-making in your life and focus upon God 's faithfulness and his promise of a way out the problem with us myself included we suffer from by twelve we cannot see clearly and sometimes people put that on was told no horns of a dilemma the initial rebuke of story it was a young man in a study for the ministry I got up in front of the seven Baptist Church on Sabbath as a student in training I need a pose this question to the Adventist congregation he said folks I have one quick question for you which would you rather be synthetically now a hateful vegetarian a school vegetarian or a pleasant peaceful loving for either caused by the start register the government dropped out of them training for ministry begin a psychologist this is it set the left the fight but he's come back praise the Lord with you the problem with that is give you two options question what other options can you see now that you realize you was never allow people to begin the one dilemma because as you well know I'm loving for Peter Wyclif a peaceful pork dinner and eventually that there are both what wrong and unacceptable other options that you I submitted a talk together what please let Zakaria noted in the absolutely infected much easier to be up easily because we only know what happens you need has a certain kind of effect the point nicely done fast the menu the fact or you can feel what vengeful for theater the local artists at the fact is that the action you the finger not yet been mentioned yet you can go a long way in and say Lord I'm in a flask the licensee of that away Psalm forty seven working open your Bible to retrieve this is very important there are times when we don't see an answer to a problem don't jump at what appears to be the lesser of two evils notice the lesser of two evils the careful there's a thing called patients patients Psalm twenty seven risk with Jean my Bible says what wait on the Lord the good courage and he shall strengthen your heart wait I say lots on the Lord wait on the Lord patients is important to go to problems quickly we went to go look at what the wise men followed shares with us right here very well-known passage quickly Robert then well I'll give you a little more foundation and we can think of our questions okay I can remember my personnel lean upon and on my own understanding three five and six thank you trust in the Lord trust in the Lord Proverbs three five progress three trust in the Lord with what ninety percent what they all see many warning in every decision in life the question is will you do I trust in the Lord leaving his wife of heritage trust in the Lord see most trust in the Lord with all your heart and what lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths do not be wise in your own I fear the lord and depart from evil object very clear don't depend on your own ideas the key is trusting the Lord had one more passage that is key as we lay the foundation the words of Jesus though not the sermon on the Mount always enough it seems a little modest with precious rhombus is a principal over the is the one that was important in making decisions now this one might scare you might surprise you I shared us one day and one of my elders he was my assistant had elder said weight is no way I'm a computer specialist at the way I always make decisions I shared with them is not biblical and how long you've been asleep right now Matthew chapter Matthew chapters very important passage very important concept comes very clearly why do I say that when he asked how many of you have said one hundred and two if I do this verse twenty five Matthew six twenty five therefore I think you do not worry about life what you knew he what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing over the birds of the act they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not all of more value than they go to verse thirty one therefore do not worry saying what shall we watch always what shall we wear for after all these who do nothing for your heavenly father knows what you need all of you need all these things are thirty three but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on you therefore do not worry about tomorrow the biggest flaw in thinking and trying to figure things out virtually everyone reason if I do this that's going to happen old consequential reasoning number of key statement consequential reasoning absolutely no biblical Jesus says who worries about the future go back to verse thirty two the Gentiles those that don't believe they worry about tomorrow don't worry about tomorrow why God will take care of you every important principle called in moral reasoning up with some misunderstanding I know you want to buy a car is a witch car that I can investing will have a good mileage you have to think about that which car will have the best resale value when I found without much cause the government mortgages you have is if I do the right what's going to happen don't reason that that is not biblical debacle is simply you do what is right though the heavens fall ever that statement the greatest one of the world the greatest need in the world is made up men men who will stand for the right one though the heavens fall human that's the argument of the book over to intimate on that that's very very critical many of you know the story of an entire new genre and Azariah right better known as Shadrach Michigan and then we go critical I would go to those words is because this chapter the holding then we can summon your questions are here to his their life captures the concept of Jesus Daniel chapter three which is was there Daniel three here in other words Jesus is the thing people do it yes and always look again on the revelations unless with the example here advantage of the three men will give you the personal revelation advising with it start looking at these very questions I have right here no more coming in a few minutes okay Daniel chapter three they are now facing the King the King has called them a date they have not bowed then he asked them the question and it took agreed with six being shuttered mission Abednego were up answered in the state visiting old Nebuchadnezzar we have no need to answer you in this matter for us multiphasic we don't have to be there ourselves why not without defense God is our defense now notice verse seventy if that is the case if you have most of the fight for it if that's the case again out of God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the forty five and he will deliver us from your hand okay more effectively Dennis crucial if you want to make my decision out they had a personal relationship with God I know my father you know he's a pastor of my father thought because it regarded and Isaac and Jacob Novello our God personal relationship with key enabling for the movie what we start interpersonal relationship number two of whom we serve in a practical religious experience women if I told you about this morning they went pressure cookers without lids on their they would genuine pressure goes they were practical religious experience then they went further they fit our God whom we serve what is able you know that song we sing usability is able is able I know he able I know my Lord able to carry me who you believe that filled another frequently the power of God they went for the visit he well below where I saw the framework may be believing God 's promises he is the next breath folks this is key you can have a personal relationship practical reason for you believe in the power of God we trust in the promises of God but when the rubber meets the video talk about with eighteen of the groundwork was a think about it not one front this is it but even if Elin and God save us from the pipeline what are we going to do you think okay let's read the rest in God doesn't save us let it be known to you O king that we do not we will not serve your gods nor worship the golden image which you have set up the fourth and final critical point in the practice of living for the Lord in the last days be faithful to the principles of God the last one comes up on that personal relationship a practical religious experience they believe in the power of God they trusted in the promises of God but then they were faithful to the principles of God that's what the revelation and catch that first day here it is this is the foundation effect once with what I die now by the time we've done this you might sit well we don't have any more questions I wish that would show Revelation chapter two yes it's talk about the seven churches I'm only expecting the principle here Revelation chapter two verse ten this is to the church of Smyrna AK do not fear the first part of verse ten do not fear any of those things which you are about to watch suffer in simple terms here's a phrase I would like to the white down five words fear or words fear not the future everyday for and let me clear the cancer at the beginning of that echoed the end of the first benefit of the last wild will do so by me what faithful unto what I did that and I will give you the crown of life what the first part of the phrase I said fear not the future the last part of the price have faith in the blog that stayed with me have faith in the father repeating from the beginning fear not the future have faith in the father key foundation of all moral decision-making very very clear biblically speaking with that background let's look at some of these questions but helpful bigoted foundation and what about tomorrow it is the first of them is a general one and this one is very good it if you really want to start moving this is not something in the area of making decisions this sparked the groundwork I haven't read much Bible where should I start even get into the word I would recommend you just kind of getting going go to the New Testament in the New Testament go to the book of John read through the book of John this gospel G8 Pro brings the floor in a wonderful way clear and clean in a quest way but loving Jesus we serve it was not called John the beloved for no reason here John the beloved shares with a beautiful story Jesus now what you need to do is read beside fifteen minutes per day minimum fifteen minutes of the meeting the work of the fifteen minutes reflect and meditate right spend time with the Lord every day you are hereby like every second day out again and once a week get my point I'm really going to words of what is going to come to church for every day to write either and loan online version of it and so what I think they should give the other work every day and if you feed our Lord every day you will be able to withstand any of those things that you wouldn't have been able to withstand the key one into the book of John once you read them and find reflecting and ask God to put those principles into your life by you can practically apply them this question goes to the heart of the matter is possible to keep the ten Commandments since we are sinful human beings why should I even try okay quick question sinful what is sent the Bible defines a block transmission of the law which means yes it must be that old content the only reason we say sin is the transgression of the law think about disarmament those slaves who came out of Egypt will did God give the bank a minister to perfect human beings think a man was originally just going to expect out of a beloved by his law of love expected when they came out of Egypt he reiterated it is an advantage before the Phantom Menace you can find all of them in the book of Genesis before Exodus arising in other in the Lutheran theologian Walter Kaiser written a book called toward Old Testament epic nineteen eighty three and he says every one of the ten commands you can find in the book of Genesis is right it was just reiterated to remind the group of slaves would come up the Israelite so God gave the ten Commandments to the Israelites open your Bibles I just found this week as I was reading it up this was exciting about reading the word I thought I'd read the Bible through I had yes but I never thought was fastest to date him show out of me and I had to share it with Jason and Janel is staying with them now New Orleans families within this weekend I spent want to bring along on the path but it was bad and now I'm with Jason now for the end this is an out and here I was I discovered that is just about two days ago and I went to chapter six goes like this the kids will come in afterwards twenty the food was twenty when your sinuses Moses his family address never is is about to die right they have been a crossover into across the Jordan River going to the promised land and Moses says that is when your son asks you in time on saying what is the meaning of the testimonies the statutes and the judgments which the Lord our God has commanded you okay at least ten Commandments what does it mean notice Moses doesn't say Calvin God wants you to be obedient and disobedient you can suffer doesn't do that what was my inspiration is a very unusual technical directly what you can come visit Betty tell me about God 's laws what is exact Moses is this is the way parents teach your children verse twenty one brittle then you shall say to your son all assignment we were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt ha ha what is not we were stuck in bondage calloused already going to do it will all hold on the run I had the Lord felt we were slaves in Egypt and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and God the glory start with a story right you never do in the first am the first there is not one of God beauty of computing that came directly out of the edible tallow noted about the life of the God we serve but don't stop there the going Moses and the Lord showed his signs signs and wonders before I what other M.D. of the company right now never called that's like telling about the power of God I tell them about the miracles of the not only all-powerful he is supernatural ways that Almighty God we seven debacle wouldn't before I write the beard against Egypt there is also then I noticed the first problem the might of God Nextel and about available to but don't stop there go now and tell them then he brought us out from there there that he might bring us in to give us the land of which he swore to our fathers did these people deserve the no authority is the mercy of God God brought us here he keeps his promises this is almost little bother now only the fourth time you tell them about the mandates of God when he requires element but might the miracles of the now six oh oh now with McDonald and the Lord God commanded us to observe all these statutes got the synchronous very clear so in other words is it possible to keep the command of the simple human beings what's the answer is yes it definitely October thirtieth forty that though they write away from the conservative thirteen and fourteen let's see what the Bible says again Philippians two thirteen and forty one in Deuteronomy is a beautiful seminary as you can see the sunrise that I just sought of those reading is that you are solving exciting how it's a good settlement for parents know when you talk about family and all those things but instructed to let's look at what Paul reminds us right here Galatians Ephesians Philippians chapter two verses twelve and thirty one of those things that gives me courage therefore my beloved as you have always obeyed is it possible to obey what is both a yes you obey not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence pauses I'm not there with you anymore info by now what is he saying listen carefully worked out your own salvation him at all Paul felt brazen byword snow does not appear there the son continues to stop me in the middle of my said okay listen to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling why or if you smooth it is God who works in you both to will and to do is good pleasure question is it possible to keep the ten Commandments should I even try what is what is God through Paul what the answer is yes because he will work who you could do is goodwill the most important thing we need to do a difficult every day all uses the phrase I die how often daily daily dying percent that's why daily devotion is so vital many of you might not of been there when I share my own testimony I've been reading the Bible it was one year of my life that is the most visible mess I made it was the year I did not read the Scriptures faithfully I guess the ice said I hurt people I don't remember that except remember how horrible it was kind therefore I note every date I must depend upon the delivery so Jesus Christ so the answer is yes you and I can live overcoming life only to his sustaining grace next question is right here whatever oh you are yeah you guys are liking what I'm doing thank you as adopted a old medical doctor I'm assuming what is okay to do on the Sabbath Jesus would open your Bibles and what to nephew would message at the twelve hours twelve in Mark chapter two verse twenty five twenty six twenty seven now want to the notice was looking always in the Bible and you can notice but I'm just getting was the context in the context if there are not just a pot of coffee from this video quickly and you can check on me as if I'm wrong on the latest in class wages and he was doing graduate work is a professor at Southern I think I was teaching there I think you have missed the boat 's even much more kindly than it said will tell us actually shared with the Bible and shared everything as it lasts please ignore what the professor just said five minutes before the accident is biblically correct I feel yes we all come in the same row together I was not we must be here to help each other if I do something big out of August please talk to me okay let's see the great VCs Nova Scotia where was I when was Natalia Matthew twelve problem in Mark chapter two yes the story year within going to the green fields after twelve twelve and what does Jesus say all how much more value than is abandoned as she therefore it is what long for the lot to do good on the Sabbath that's what the market with two twenty seven twenty eight again the context was discussion late they were many things and thirty nine regulations that the Jews in their over enthusiastic I said Jesus spoke to had added onto the fourth commandment and they didn't want to do certain things Jesus said was twenty seven ninety said to them the Sabbath was made for man or a modern language the Sabbath was made for the benefit of man for the blessing of map for the good of mad so we could be refreshed actually yes we also get a physical rest to the Sabbath was made for the benefit of man not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath Jesus shows us we might how we shouldn't enjoy the day of what they remember they held when I visited there in the life of the Bible I had another big day of freedom reason I did that because some people think we must be free from the Sabbath now the Sabbath is a day off we don't with free from secular work with me to serve the Lord we free from worry free to worship it's a wonderful date of Reagan not free from the date of the day is a day of freedom now the question what should a doctor to the Bible says clearly is ready on which to put it is not a day on which to while you hear the difference is not a day on which the work watch the different this is very important very sadly sometimes sometimes even Adventists for years including myself this approach I know what United University for campus safety I was so happy that I had a Friday night 's shift because what I was working for an evidence of the vision and Friday night here I was putting in six eight hours five evening nosing and justifying outlet that's okay is that hard at this thing up at night looking out at the campus and eyes that had more time doing with this study then my friends we stumbled along because all the money I earn I put in my pocket opened it towards my tuition was actually doing on some I was watching an important and the reasons and when I talk with an Old Testament was wanted and I sit tell me what does the fourth amendment citing the evil in it thou shall not do any work in of the fastest that they exercised the twenty eighth eleven where is the work of a living if you do anything on the Sabbath that goes into your pocket to earn a living for yourself in simple terms all money is earned on the Sabbath no need to influence what you have to clock in right if you have shipped all monies are should be put into the treasury of the Lord is the any money the content is out of work I've been guilty for doing myself when I was not enlightened that would live on the coprincipal then you have moved from doing good on the Sabbath you moved into the area of working on the staff and I remember young that contains an excellent and was the son of a pastor I was teaching very good visit a professor with the materialistic okay if I don't pretend that eight hour shift I have to work set of five eight oh six eight hour shifts every week and it just happened that one alike eight hours of scholarship is on Sabbath is idyllic take that money and put it with my boys and I will not be able to pay my tuition what is the issue with the team word trusts trusts is then a good and then okay if than in other words what was he looking at the future are available today seven forty six Isaiah forty six was nine again the Bible is very clear who is the only one who knows what's going to happen tomorrow you know the passage that go to equipment Isaiah forty six identified the critical all of us tend to want to go this way I look at this chapter twenty six remember former things of old fly am God there is no other I am God there is none like me declaring what the end from the beginning from ancient times things not yet done in other words you don't know the future I don't know the future therefore just learn to trust in God let him take care of it it's none of my business he knows what is best I don't know therefore leave Mister in fact a couple of passes at Disney and Ecclesiastes that's it no man knows the there you go I remember it was a semi- secular song that is the goal that said I said what whatever will be will be why the future is what not ours and see the goal of the circular saw is was biblical psalms you can do it okay yes it is not ours as God smokes that's the future to minimize it if I do the what could happen if none of my business and my business so therefore if you do have to do service on seven medical service lifesaving but it's restricted in your descriptor it that it's trying to do good to relieve human suffering is not simply bodily Jesus seven evening none of them were emergency medical service they were all things that could've waited for the next day I is biblical yes you read the Bible capital estimate that we somehow missed the music I will do emergency know if relieving human suffering we have charged to show that this is a day in which God wants people to come for a better understanding of his free medical service to bring people closer to Jesus Christ no pay if you have to clock in all monies should go into the treasury of the Lord that's an important statement you can read it in local medical ministry of a space to one three four ninety nine one of the greatest even ninety nine ago and is medical ministry but that's just putting it from the Square biblical perspective therefore the answers I hope with that question the issue is do I do you trust God women medical students medical students please challenge you here again the same thing if this is anything to do with their studies they know this is God 's day I cannot be involved in that I learned to trust the Lord one of the saddest stories was when I was a South Korean young lady was seven Venice in South Korea then you have to write exams of Sabbath and a reasoning was as follows if I don't like my examples out of what is the problem with seeds told what con sequence opened in fifty five don't buy vitamins on the outfield my medical school and I can't serve God and humanity therefore I'd better write my exams on Sabbath compromise consequential thinking always pictured the compromise of those of the basic questions that would never be faithful unto what the phrase I thought you briefly was what theater not the future have faith in the father of April interest is that the questions is compiled in their second grade is it okay to kill times of war about his war when you bring that now if I want to come to the end I can address it but they're there I would rather be from that is always people wonderful to me afterwards I be like to be as active as one of ramifications awakened within I want you guys all the run because it's a major thing friend of mine wrote an entire twenty page thesis on this I know what I mean you let me have a copy of each a huge question so typical of later on and then when we have punted as the argument singing to some place we can get more material on a related note that that's one of the toughest ones which is a lot of discussion especially because so many of us are saturated with loving preservatives but we got out to that the would be an adult about how you accept someone without accepting their spin for example homosexuality who she had heard of them I love you to the store value as story investment was made that stupid stories really knew nothing is a theology major even as a theology major new study is one of my classes at one place one time he switched majors dropped out of school the next unheard story short I heard he was living with his husband yeah I tried calling my fight if needed he was no longer near where I was teaching I kept calling I knew a disease phone because he had voicemail that would say hello I think this is Bobby for example okay hello this is body need a message I left messes up the messes I defined goal body never answered Everett I went to South I went that the Zimbabwe southern Africa as a missionary when I got back on furlough Bobby know never nobody never answers about what kind of one of the good news what pray think the commission service e-mail dear Doctor Dupree I tried to find you I can't think of the general contemplated your e-mail as I know auditing out after bothering him with this one the new he said I just thank God that I knew you would give up praying for me and nobody said I have had a radical reconversion when I read that I be this Friday on whenever they Saturday night I got the phone while my wife and others letting social gathering I was on the phone with this former theology major former homosexual our half on the phone talking to and I was in a fly out to where he lives and I said I'm coming out there I spent five to seven hours within I told him on the most credible stories in the Bible the life of God I'm really nervous on my computer and design about enemy will praise the Lord the most thrilling story here in the Bible the one person who has the longest recorded speech in the entire book of Genesis you have a nurse the seminar you missed a major ruling account because I shared with this young man the story on Judah 's life and God 's grace in the life of Judah and David H hers Judith was the son who left he was the one who said Sal Joseph are now compressing six thousand and three minutes just watch this clip is an incredible story I would so strongly legitimated it was the profligate son he was the guy with all kinds of estimates of eight he went and made friends outside the inmate friends with a partner elect the right of his father he had recontacted a clunker of a conjugal relationship with a Canaanite woman he raised rivals on price the wicked but the Lord slip of them and then what is he doing so was his wife died because any looks person is walking on the street and he sees something that he thinks is a woman of the state and unlike those of his brother who flees from his genitals to resonate this is done in the soap opera with Judah the soap opera of the Scriptures if you boys know know it's not just his gossip story isn't over because Judah as a radical reconversion goes back home to avoid to respond to and we see that in Genesis and Japan brothers are there and they go to Egypt the comeback when they gone the second is only because Jacob the father not trusted if he doesn't trust him but he will not send Benjamin what will be the oldest one was supposed to be in charge because woman is the useless vacillating we will oldest boy we should of been the leader of his brothers whenever you said that he send Benjamin with me trust me I guarantee his safety and that he said okay then go with you I trust you all come to distrust about his father Jacob and was in the radical reconversion to be the restless sort of forty three forty four verse sixteen verse eighteen Juli comes now to the governor he does know it's a look and he said and Joseph announces on the cake was led with me because he stole my cup due to says no sir first four forty four thirty three please let the lad go home to his father I will pay is slavery in Egypt was a fate worse than death it is that I would die for my brother sending Beth Judah is a picture of Jesus Christ and later on when Jacobs about the guy fascinating thing even though Joseph had had a dream that your brothers will bow to you when you get to chapter forty nine guess what Jacob says to your brothers will praise you your brothers will bow down to yellow who the blessings are not transferred to Jeanette why folks no longer was that the person where the priority that women should've gotten the main blessings Joseph was the past and one woman was the prior one the first one Judah got the main lessons because he was the partner the blessings of Schaumburg to Jinnah book on the line of kings the Kingsville widget look on the King of Kings to him shall be the obedience of the nations the King of Kings will Jesus Christ and you get the book of revelations that Iris thought and guess what Jesus was called into a fibrous five Jesus lion of the tribe of what is the story of Judaism was incredible story of how God willing to save the gutter most the most incredible story Judah is one of the most beautiful stories of Scripture and a wide angle and laughed I had three and half hours sleep last night and about for the night before so I'm Yonhap sleep did not from how was actually addressing the fears I may have left optimization abilities sleep how does one of the morning before my alarm and Bill Clinton's Lord speak to us and he was an independent time the contract is yes I share that with the one one if you does not condone this and it shows with a gracious God and that young man told me I given this but that's coming that this was funny with one of the many what meaning of life this is the Lord 's victory Duncan then condemned this sooner you can then listen to show God 's love towards their thirteenth goal as I is is is is is not hanging out with them but telling them about God 's grace that's the point you don't condemn what they do is to listen we several wonderful to come in significantly is it permissible to lie anytime recently I know Kate at this question always comes up good old Rahab Josh adapted to you want to go there just attempted to the well-known story of Grand Island Fred Idol puzzled and annoyed for thirty years who has had the what is the best the men destitute the audacity I don't know what is that whatever is with all the whatever the temerity to go and write an article and publish it in favor optics is going to lie I went and talked with him you could be out to lunch I thought he was out is the goodbye my goodbye beloved friend of mine either the thirtysomething years posted thirty years now so we had lunch together and I said that they've invited it is a talk we had a good talk together I told Ms. unconcerned about what you've done and I said I'm writing an article and publish it visiting with you guys my friend remember that your in my friend is easily vital I haven't seen the feminine article and we were living this way but the truth methods that famous story of Joshua the infamous story and you know no hubris is so you can see that this is something I suppose he didn't like okay she did several streets of the dualistic so the identical sentiment saying bring out the men who have come to you with entered your house but they come to sort out all the country than the woman the Potomac actually that woman had obviously in some countries but when I correctly and had hidden them she said yes the first one was or is obviously in parentheses she had done that so she said yes and then doing that too yes but I did not know where the problems are too now she said we have RW with no God the first lot next to the clock and it happened that the date was being stuck with the stark amendment why number do with amendment I don't know my number three pursuant and quickly call out for you my overtaken lying on the floor who were not glad why it's man's lie for a visit she had brought them up to the roof and hidden them with the stalks of blacks which she had made in order on the roof and the men pursue them so that the person who they thought they were I think that the universe the story and he was a monopoly over the use of the reimbursements and like to go to quickly excite you see God bless grant for our lives is the statement being made you know what I mean Hebrews Chapter 11 by faith by freight by faith verse thirty one he was a member thirty one I will admit that if I can get a personal appointment coming up in my computer concordance at home unfortunately so I might not get over some help with solemn promise of the pre- verse five thank you again so the first many of you know your Bible 's lineup you help me get there with thirty one by faith the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did not believe when she received the spies with peace okay she is in the hall of play rights but I'll let folks that although further so that the commitment and what more shall I say for time which will fail me to come on TV and their Sampson women UK Samson sensitive sensitive sensitive yes that's the same one were talking about you and Jeff ninja killed his daughter you and David giving Davis said that she met yes okay with that they are women what all these crazy sinners doing here in the hall of faith Lord in the story of God 's grace will rescue the most that's the story of God 's grace he will pull people and transform their life and if you know what they might retain their nickname forever the Bible in English but whether the harm that may have noted that she never lost her title here's my question quick question when she became a believer you think you continue to practice prostitution I'm glad everybody said no engine one yes praise the you know your Bible is the question go back to Joshua chapter two an thousand dollar offer if anybody in a little download Opera is getting annoyed by that I don't really dig his usage I don't have another note to get elected eventually told that by sixty four thousand dollar question find in the book of Joshua 's anywhere where this painting would of condemnation against man's prostitution you know in the book of Joshua how do we know that greatest prostitution was against God 's law unacceptable site I went to God 's law and commandments we don't go to stories I have something I was interested please listen to stories can be suffering some person Bible stories are some of the most dangerous thing and I'm satisfied until recently good friend of mine I was getting more information I should just put up anyone by their knowing very well reading Bible stories noticed the logic you can read Bible stories for what they are getting a very important Bible visible in a minute this is his defense absolutely is not to question on what was then automatically by the yes question number two did David have many wives question number three does God ever changing morals and conclusion off David and that is not the north God never changes his moral standards David had many wives one plus one plus one equals what it was lots 3-D and three means lots and he called me on the phone he said I've been studying the Bible are becoming more and more convicted about interesting people who go through the roof is always highfalutin line which about patriarchal Google marriage PC politically correct one word public read the stories of the Bible very very dangerous there's only one safe story to read the following is story of Jesus so let's go down to the caution cometh out of the stores are very dangerous economical deck to where I'm not a forget this one crucial question in the first one is for the principal vendor financing rates were very different Chapter ten chapter ten Spotlight Old Testament stories so we're going to the context of Paul is writing to the work of everything listen I don't even be unaware of that off on the wall in the ungodly way etc. and finally to the many questions when the new year all those Bible stories the cost of cause all kinds of confusion here it will solve all the Bible story questions you might have here's the principle we often go to worst you have now all these things happened to them as examples they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of ages and so yes they were examples David and NPR the Pentagon doesn't think more principles yet many wife is an example and my friend took that and when you don't feel bad when I said whenever when I do watch what she think he was married his response on the phone well that scholar she she hasn't seen the light you are somewhat outpatient hearing United States liquid was six euros as the two universities now these things became our examples to the intent that we signed with Oakland was in these things became our examples didn't notice that I was eleven as a success I think that the intent of the purpose that we should not lust after a moving as they also lost the Netherlands don't do the bad things they did in the Bible he now how do you know what's good and what's bad you have to let the law of God forgive the question ran Digi do right or did you do wrong according to God 's law that you broke the law this question is being ran over the law not according to their she says we have learned two things we learned on your God rescued you from Egypt through his mighty hand it felt to document the might of God and he told some of the miracles of God 's unity government that she doesn't talk about the mountain of God and his magnates may have dozens of the law is one reason Google was the significant is the what the difference in how is the second of life is the most important and I still came out his wife is the most important one what is the only way you could you give you what we've got I think I'm a Mac computers that you are what freedom is a spy you go to the other side this was the information from the general on the other side I talked with students in class twenty about the lady 's voice is the life is the most important you must do everything to say what I said okay but in general the Army become friends with them going at this by using he doesn't know who you are but a few qualities that I know who you are handling this agreement five I thought I would agree with your site but I'm loyally somewhat to the site because my family is originally outdated information on one condition and by whom we have a bomb that destroyed ten thousand of your soldiers one position was that she said this is the I ask the ladies in the plot but when you do it I said absolutely nothing with what I thought was a little important things in life they said no we want to is okay what what the difference is you will you like to them but you won't lie with simply a prepositional difference wanted to say that the regular game started to he who breaks lots one as long to go all in what you got plenty stomach and commands you know that that is so well and so my question would use you will give me the right to pick and choose the ten suggestion that was a call ten Commandments there is no multiple-choice folks but with the Blue Jays just a reminder there are these ladies got the picture and this is not multiple-choice versus was then things to do was that whoever keeps the whole law yet stumble in one is guilty of what all for you with it do not commit adultery guilt and a commitment of infinitive of the new become a transgressor of the law so speak and do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty critical thing that I tried to get across the people 's don't get caught in the false control of having to choose between the lesser of two evils there is no such thing as a moral and human existence I will be there is no such thing as a moral dilemma moral dilemmas don't exist there is a single the mental delusion it's in the nonmedical developed M.D. he only gets one of the losing everything they are moral dilemma moral dilemmas don't exist if there were times I give you seven reasons like not that it is possible in the universe one moral dilemma things I don't want moral dilemma about not talking about my wife wasn't a morsel you go to line his own beans and lentils and they both agreed this is the exit was that with choosing between the lesser evil know that moral dilemma Linda called in a morsel I is right okay not more moral dilemma is a matter of doing biblical absolutes do you believe that a moral absolute inspector rights and articles to do it think about the implications if there is one time in your life that you must do what is morally evil because you have no choice just was like in the great conversing face-to-face you think God is God 's will cannot be kept who is the liar in a situation similar to believe the theory that moral dilemmas exist over Internet it's not possible I don't know that she's one of the Bible state he is our example he was the always one in here I have to share with you I've been trying to an old actor forty five minutes just scratched the surface of the foliage as we are living in a society that the site we has in in this post and know what nemesis Christianity we are sucking in cultural and the concepts not biblical then how this lie of the devil that you have to choose between the lesser of evils regarded over the Bible the Bible says nothing people are lying to you I think a few is elected with respect to developing the theory is a lot know what I believe it to the aggravation I believe that they were less than thirty will voting on articles in nineteen eighty five twenty years ago wow I did not believe the lie to thought and of the heart anew I was stuck there to look at the receptor for what is it say assisting double negative noticed effortful we do not have a high Priest who cannot make it positive we do have a high Priest who can't subdivide without witnesses but was a all blind slots can do as we are stop right there so if Jesus is tempted in all points like this we face moral dilemmas in which we must choose the less up tomorrow he will guess what that means about Jesus he would have to have been in the same part of the vision at least one and then what would you just know that something evil is at the morning with and would have a simple Savior through the rest of the verse I got the reverse is not over he was tempted in all points as we are putting all worthwhile yes without the fact that Jesus was here and please note when Jesus wasn't one of the never relied on his own power and work to overcome sin is totally dependent upon his father he quoted the word of God always trust total trust in God never worrying about the village it is always in his father the fact that Jesus was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin he repeatedly proves that moral dilemmas cannot exist was one of my friends says it makes no sense to say you are morally required to do that we just involved logically it doesn't be the next moral dilemmas cannot access they are mental delusions what we need to pray for this goal the highest staff of the Holy Spirit is this a Lord I cannot see the way out right now I know there is a morally right way of escape was going to spend thirty five in the beginning God is faithful and as always a way out I will submit up to supply wait on the Lord unto you show me a way out because the only ways I now see all morally wrong and therefore I will not leave the fire I know if I go into the fire I will experience the presence of the son of God remember Shadrach vision of the deal that means me faithful unto death that's what they're called upon both the mother to think about the future fear of the future event I sometimes want the father although fearful why is it who was a very good to me so I said to my wife Hilda knew my sister have to live is a fool law and sometimes we staff our consciences by thick I really didn't I buy my favorite stories Russia two cars with two guards were in a race this is an important story sometimes we tell the truth in tending to convey understood and Lisa have all consciences by thing I told the truth to cars Soviet Union it's always better this overbought and an American car it was kind of closing not many people know about it journalists were there American column on the right the Russian car loss the next thing from the which means I was brought to life is the name of the newspaper is through the next thing from the slightly apocryphal American medical cost of the participants so if you have and also it was I got its so far they visit this was a good lesson it is the same problem is the news yesterday there was a car right that the guests in which the Russian car came in second community car second to last question what that goal technical to technical to delete the false but with array of options if she knew it was okay where was not a Jew was not a Christian I understand God overlooks the times of ignorance is not to praise God for his grace again I'm significant with the praise God for his grace that God is good so God rest his way out and she transforms her beloved God did in the book of Judges condemn her prostitution and neither in the book of Judges are prevarication number that until I listened to people over the mystical one of the book for the use breezes critical before I become the rest was a type with the first Peter who is our example was our example first Peter chapter two two twenty one first Peter chapter two verse twenty one ago there always the Bible for do this you will call because lots Christ's also suffered for us Peter does the foundation hate you saved by grace I remember that you are saved by grace now let me tell you it is with Christ suffered for us and that is what an example that you should follow right yes that's what my mother was that Christ that's that's the key there is only one model for morality but we can safely follow and that is will Jesus Christ is the only sinless ethical example that would follow other human beings folks follow a human being unless soon unless okay never volume in the iPhone why cannot the vessel and that memorable mix with the rest of the its is full of these steps the Bible who committed what I was very popular thing for the strategies the question earlier is it possible to Dotson with the answer yes here's the rest of it is interesting I wonder why I wonder why my inspiration Joseph was from the Old Testament talks about the one sin that is easy as one we think about so often nor was what is now dial-up battling was one of English lives the seat floor was the seat it is not submitted you need to follow Jesus and learn why is the very clear and under any situation she knew to see because Jesus says I am the way no one natural light that's the word of God by the billing fall for those who could write up my Bible says don't look at grad it says look at Jesus was a great double-decker one more personal and instructed Vanderbilt went up again the initial first one is that unfortunately unfortunately the people with him at the end of the chapter in Captain Denver thirty three but after jumping at the slightest part of the concepts prohibited it would take me off I put a solution all human beings not finished it with a people 's lives how just as I also once imitate Christ so here's the key always never follow human beings unless they are falling whom Jesus Christ when people live when you have multiple wives they did always think they were going against God 's will don't follow them my buddy did he began to look for a second woman yes it was serious he believed he should have more than one wife he wrote me a letter if it is that this is the gift of God to me is that I got two brothers one is married and happy in the gift of monogamy I have another brother was single and is happy to get the celibacy and God blessed me with the people polygamy you can do yourself into anything again for another wife and his wife divorced married Sarah don't follow Bible stories unless they are following Jesus Christ's is visible important okay I comes along Wilson will wrapup some of these very easily do not know all that I was always into the care of everything yes Mister Bigelow these are questions now that the financial openness with forces like we said before that twenty five minutes will develop audio setup based on ethical questions that sounded a more general question I can talk with people individually how do I run for hours with some I have a self-employment in the momentum we hasn't been as though you are going to produce and what about the abortion issue pro-choice pro-life positivists in response to the question and that the FBI someone at the request that first question is what is I will say a person whose body is infected with it it's my body with Bibles and your buddy is one temple of those that once you understand that as a Christian democracies when this issue to first understand is that the question is it is not questions and with him in the process is difficult that's the first interest in the question context so we know it's you your bodies a temple of the Holy Spirit so your account number with the biblical number two the Bible is very clear thing often I feel I visit while in my dissertation on the issue of abortion I decided the paper I came up Loma Linda nineteen eighty nine presented a paper here at the international abortion conference after the papers I get divorced a light above the legislation so event is that I'm not going to sell the book of the site is here I populate on the AltaVista dentist downloaded from the episode society website much of it updated all the articles but it was August nineteen ninety human old the biblical materials on the whole issue abortion from the biblical perspective the unborn child is fully human no difference okay the child is dependent like the elderly who cannot get around to feed themselves and you don't say because they defended their document be so going to the Bible there is no difference from the time of conception all the way through biblically speaking the materials in Ephesus my conclusion Sievers Bible scholars have gone it up with the different faiths if you take the Bible seriously the uncool human soul going abortion is really no questioning of the Scriptures is to ask the question am I willing to know more consequences at the key consequences I have twice that of the father wonder the question would you agree with abortion under these circumstance I think the worst picture then a twelve -year-old girl was raped by her uncle incest underage you know all of these Midwest energy the doctors say she might not survive at this etc. hassle of my students before class began thirty of them responded twenty two sixtieths they said no broke down to twenty five percent against seventy five percent of people to disagree every one of the answers of the plaintiff none of them ever went to the Bible faithful prayer in the police secularly letting it was shocking I didn't know the business of Solomon we had ninety percent result of this and they said one benefit and that uncle was the first person I will kill you response but you know it's interesting on this is the fifth and an understanding of illustration this is before we start the class we had thought I didn't reject than going to the Bible and then at the end of the post is to see how the going rate and the visit of living but only said no six of the seventy five percent said I will trust next three let's seek his wisdom let's put our faith in him wanted with it it's not the baby spotlight exited the innocent and I said isn't this interesting everyone was there no to abortion at least seventy five percent of those new about faith and prayer and God in the Bible and seventy five percent music just abortion and was like they were aware that there was Christianity new Adventists I key issue is do we go to God that's the key that's the swing look at its own way about the future what is the one of whom the Bible so taught the answer and are so many stores are situated on the conventional authority for those efforts later on God is forgiving God if you've been in that situation I thank God for his grace what about it my church is following will be raised or are you available for example so I respond financially as well as membership yeah yeah that's the big question did God call office movement number one


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