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Daniel's Prophetic Focal Point

Norman McNulty


Part 2 of week long prophecy series at Ebenezer Princes Town, SDA Church in Trinidad


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 17, 2011
    7:00 PM
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him I see so many of you here tonight and I'm excited about starting our crossing we send my leave we got started yesterday morning that Morgan again more and see some of the prophecies starting tonight excited to see you here I trust that we will all the while as we get deeper into the study of God 's word a man I did I would just like to have agreed for her and we will get a message for this evening father in heaven we thank you for the message for time and I pray for a special blessing this are prophecy series is this is my prayer in Jesus name and why do we study from CSS layout one is occur as a Bible prophecy yet when you study Bible prophecy that she is married back in saying our prophetic messages are obviously Daniel and Revelation now some of the other sites also have prophecies as well and has a sophomore message even yesterday the book of Hebrews for example can give you some prophetic messages specifically I want to zero in the night on the book of Daniel I want to read you as you float from Alan why is his public testimony some ministers and gospel workers and I'm starting on page one twelve the few your Jesus Daniel and Revelation must be studied as well the other properties of the old Anita such as the beast that love unwanted studies from his right and then she says same page raise the bar Daniel Paula Wehmeyer the history of everything then they are every so that you were going to be and she says the line that Daniel receive from God is given especially for these last days so the line in the book of Daniel is especially for our time right so that's why we want to study this book in and then this is an especially powerful for this is page one fourteen here again I am I says when books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood the believers will have an entirely different religious six did you hear when the book of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious areas and cases they will be given such lands of the open gates of heaven that are in line will be impressed with the character that almost developed in order to realize what this would just be the reward of the cure are and how does this she says when we study the properly we will have a better understanding of what kind of character we need to reach this is that I cannot be more yes this can be more about Daniel and Revelation but those are simply identifying why in these prophetic words together for something more work and that is to help us understand our prophetic identity in God I think people and with all right fantasy what our mission is not once we understand how prophetic identity that lives are him the bad thing on the way we are going to be studying these books and then my boss for that I will read before we start looking at the book of Daniel page one sixtieth of my ministries that is the flash entering one of the son of God grant from the books of Daniel and Revelation shrew that is fired by the Holy Spirit and how does this they will start into action force that cannot be young when I read that quote what that tells me is that when we bring from the book of Daniel and Revelation is not the Holy Spirit wants to be brought out for parts I received that forces will be started in the action that cannot be repressed so that gets me excited about letting me that Dana and I excited about what happened here this week and because as we as a group of people come together every night this week except there is we will together night by night wheels see that shred of Scripture from the prophetic letter that by the grace of God I only can help starring action forces that cannot be addressed leading up to the kind of Jesus Christ so that we are not immediately this week now tonight is the prophetic overview of the book of Daniel specifically we are going to be looking at the first set of local one of the book of Daniel now just by way of interest for my sake how many of you have suddenly the book again okay a few people how many of you for example are familiar with the end mentioned in C I came out of the very now what we're going to look at night is a broad overview of this love and sheer cover going to start the book of Daniel was obviously written by Daniel who was a Hebrews have to take into now soon both parents shows a very special name for because you know what the name Daniel means the nation 's annual means God is my job so the nation 's annual meeting God is my jazz what you say is the central flow and the central topic of the book of Daniel is about judgment you know in the book about John and the very name of Daniel Daniel naming God is my show us know what I'm primarily working on tonight is the the judgment themes and how we get the judgment is the but the question is does the book of Daniel in the city Ansari and how we should be living in the judgment now and specifically with God 's people we are living in the judge in our Aruna now we are the latest in church organist talk about the Laodicean church on Friday night dinner with him were later CME Laodicea to sell the word means Ajax people forget this we are the latest to ensure we are to judge people or the church of the judgment hour and the book of Daniel means God is my job as a book all about judgment so we got are sure certainly is not a moment and then the next sense and yet it is a lot of times we look at the story in the first six chapters in the route of children hearing a while back Rashad recognition then again they didn't downtown and they were thrown into the fiery furnace a while Daniel he was thrown into the lion and while Daniel when he was first encountered he wouldn't eat the food in the case and you the stories are really telling us the story for showing us how we should be eleven in the judgment here's very first chapter Daniel purposes and as far as Daniel chapter one hundred and Daniel services in his heart that he would not defile himself fortunately came to me nor window Wednesday July just what happens after Daniel say at the end of the chapter says God gave Daniel for that idea which you have been faithful in chapter one we wouldn't have the rest of the book then of course you have severed human again and more specifically this chapter three times and many can either try and get everyone to bow down to this image and Chef Gregory Second Amendment essay we will honor bound and even if we even if our God doesn't deliver first of all bow down to your now there was another Jewish captives that were there ceremony out that there were so other professed people of God were there and they were unfaithful than these three boys were in and then one of the San Diego chapter six the creators forth that you can only worship the King for thirty day he worship any other you will be present at the annual E3 chapter six as he did before he worshiped God I so here's what Daniel and his three friends in the stories they are asking the question in the judgment our service be well aligned with my salvation if I became a will I lose my salvation if I found out in the Senate will I lose my salvation if I stopped writing eloquently on my mind I just ran my father then why not question what they were asking was little God may be glorified by my and that's why the first Angels message and will go through the three angels in my life the first Angels message the fear God and glory to him for the hour of his judgment what that means is lower in God we are simply herself in any particular situation in my life I am not laughing it was a salvation when you I am asking Will God be glorified by my voice I love Jesus so much that I want my life to bring glory to his name not playing with only now that I see together why don't you have posted on Albert was maybe only now that's not the kind of people that God looking for in the book of Daniel first John Fisher if you want to know how to live in the judgment our look at the life of Daniel Shadrach the second and then God 's name was glorified through their lives now that gives us an idea then of how we should be living in the judgment our now let's look at the first seven chapters the first chapters are in Manchester she and chapter seven Daniel chapter a and in chapter nine chapter eight further and then you have a laugh from however and in Daniel chapter twelve now just some way if basic foundation for the prophetic chapters chapter theory is the foundational chapter in here Nebuchadnezzar has his famous dream of faculty wonder why God did in this dream dancers of that notice another was wondering what will happen after I die I now saw what will happen in my great kingdom of Babylon and sociology is Nebuchadnezzar this amazing vision that shows that Kim has that hasn't had a goal shadow silver five wrath way the buyer and the environment play and of course you know the story many cannot afford God dream is why of course but it's crazy to ask them to tell him what it wasn't meant to ensure that the man God was able to work through Daniel to give anything at any interpretation now in this chapter we see the foundation for the kingdoms of this world from the client about the all the way to the second town and specifically in Daniel chapter two verse thirty eight Daniel felt that we can hazard you are a set of goals so we know about Monica had an old and then in Daniel chapter five we find that new version replaces that one of the next kingdom and then a day of chapter eighty five that the three follows new version and unprofessional we of course know that round follow Reese said here's your fourth major change in Babylon near version Reese Enron Enron can be divided into two things hanging around and pay over and if you want to know the dates of these kingdoms one six oh five five thirty nine BC neo- Persian was from five thirty nine three thirty one BC Greece was from three thirty one one sixty eight BC hanging around with form from one sixty eight he to four seventy six eighty then there was a little calculated as the nations of Europe for a first supremacy but in five thirty eight table round game supremacy in Western Europe and ruled for one thousand two hundred and sixty years until seventeen ninety eight and survived if you a basic outline for the kingdoms now here's what in the annual to the annual seven Daniel eight and Daniel on one hundred twelve which follows the same sequence of King now more interesting is that if you study these chapters carefully yes there is information about seeing them as they come in there were but the culinary emphasis of each of these chapters is what happened at the end of working that the primary emphasis so you know yes there is about one meters related reason and round after that dramatic to the very end of when you study each of these chapters Daniel C gang of them annually Daniel Leventhal you find that at the end of his kingdoms there is a slightly different even describing each of these at the end of the chapters specifically and dance efforts to assist our privacy on what that every this sounds drycleaners and then I become the great mountain and filled the whole earth this is driving Jesus while eleven and destroying the kingdoms of this world and his kingdom becoming the kingdom of this world Sir Daniel 's efforts in the very first for that chapter showed that Bernice King and Babylon made of really great round Jesus will and established his kingdom here on Mister however when you can have Chapter seven Daniel chapter seven rather than using in the elements of gold silver brass iron and ironing way you have online unfair unless through and shredded will be followed by a little more and then versus Nottingham 's after these came now to set aside time in Vegas Drive we see a description of the judge and have never remember the book of Daniel is about to and when you think of the second coming chapters two you can say yes after second coming that performance out because all worldwide when Jesus will know which side they are on enable malware in landed in the judgment that is the survey chapter shoot innocent is driving a form of judgment was cynically as describing the second coming however in Daniel chapter seven is actually describing the beginning of the judgment heaven hell and he read these verses versus Linux here we read i.e. helpful around for them and the ancient of days this is whose garment was white as snow and the heritage cure his throne was like the fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire fiery stream issued and came forth from the forum are now driven in ten thousand and ten thousand stood before him the judgment was that and the world the notice what's happening here is just the beginning the ancient of days with her father because numbers third verses thirteen and fourteen we see the Son of Man is Christ comes to the Internet so here you have the father and the son in the judgment and they sit down and they will or in other words they are going to examine the effects and that he known rappers that are contained in those that are just many so Daniel Kish as you hear you're sick of the Canyon Babylon media Persia Greece round and then the second half they are both for Jesus can come back there at the age of your have the sequence of the kingdom and through these kingdoms have been here then there will be a sure and certain energizer that Jesus can Daniel is telling that the Daniel seven Daniel Sonnenfeld cc Jesus is coming but before he can there not be a jet as I said so when you study Daniel seven very carefully in fact there is one hour in part secular that gets special message you have a wine you have their own you have read this and then you have a little more desperate guess which power to talk about a month and then they all the little horn gets more attention than any other kingdom ethnically in first gear to have Chapter seven we see that this one has eyes like the eyes of man and am now speaking great way and then again in verse eleven you see I beheld and because of the voice of the great work the great work once they and then in verse nineteen and twenty he again mentions a little more and then down in verse twenty five says he shall speak great words against the most high and somewhere out the same phenomenon I think the change time tomorrow and they shall be given as an time and times and the dividing of time that the judge herself now here is what God is trying to sell Daniel in chapters that because there's more information on chapter seven one C God is saying okay and chapter to see the dawn of this kingdom which shall never be destroyed at this time and I have to say that Daniel could associate there must be a judgment reform is coming to take away and the reason why men need to be adjusted is because I can hear on this earth and specifically you have a little nuts these great words against the most high wears out the same as persecuting them for a time and time and the dividing of time and because of the activity of this little one hour I got people I'm just a system people get scared when they think of the fact that there is an judgment of that he's studying a seminary apparently you with a praise God proves that Don Johnson BM even as people they will be taken care of by God or that they had done against God now Daniel C shows that Jesus will come in the Daniel seven said there will be a adjustment that must take for Jesus and and one of the reason there was the need for a judgment was because of this little horn power which came after making around the artifact without power after a hit-and-run so this is around that person is God 's answer that time time dividing time of the twelve hundred and sixty years and so because of that there must be a judgment for God set things straight but then the question is what does Daniel eight dollars about what will take place at the end of the kingdom and then a.m. very interesting and inverse three Daniel sees our RAM with you more and he sees them versus us reinforcement versus five and onward he sees us he did and when you jump ahead in verses twenty and twenty one and have separate you find the program represents media and Persia and the heater represents now the first kingdom represented in Daniel chapter is actually near Berlin Babylon Daniel Q Daniel chapter seven Babylon was the first thing someone will want nothing after a will is actually damage your favorite classes in the third year the reign of single cells are the number now a lot of people think of them were made out of nothing because it started seeing them again is actually not the correct answer here's what happened they have separate again as you see Daniel Q show that the entertainment you have the coming of Christ Daniel seven at the end of the kingdom shall have the judgment which he must take place before Jesus comes Daniel chapter review also have the same kingdoms except for Babylon you have made an incursion and then reason then you have a little horn which represents again pay table round and after these kingdoms notice what happened versus other important Daniel writing and researching important then I heard one say speaking and another say that under that certain sandwich they held on Sunday the vision concerning the daily sacrifice in the transgression of desolation to give the sanctuary and the host to be trodden underfoot and he said enemy and its two thousand and three hundred days then shall the sanctuary the last time your study of the sanctuary so notice here in Daniel chapter eight the sequence of seeing them rather than the second coming then mentioned that Catholics rather than the judgment taking place as mentioned the name of Chapter seven you have the cleansing of the sanctuary being mentioned after the kingdom here in Daniel chapter eight and specifically connected to a slide on now you feel like you are and if he cannot have that however it appears that an time you feel like you could explain the twenty three hundred eight Rob him violin contact the truly three hundred eight from C is a crucial for I is a crucial low point in the book of Daniel and here's what again Daniel C at the end of his second coming Daniel seven p.m. to ten the judge Daniel chapter eight of the entertainment you have one thing in the sanctuary will take place after two thousand three hundred years now this is where you can prove that the two thousand three hundred days must be literally years they can see literal days and here's why in this vision of nano chapter eight where you have hanging around a meter is a must-see unit agrees and the little horn of hate and able what you have here is is that Daniel sees and in verse thirteen the question is how long will this vision take away and the answer is that she is now three hundred days now what did Daniel see in this vision care Daniel saw a ram I seem to have a little more which means that two thousand three hundred and must pass the way that's fine other kingdoms represented by the three power that Daniel Susan there is a RAM I see you have a little more and less bites you again how long the vision and he actually is two thousand three hundred and now I didn't even do anything but meters with five thirty nine three thirty one Chris was three thirty one one sixty eight BC and hanging around on the fourth seventy six pay around five hundred days of sentencing on a so basically what this is telling is that the two thousand three hundred days would be to some time in the kingdom of needle through the sometime between five thirty nine three thirty one and when taking all the way and it's kind of a little more so there is no way that is not three hundred days of being literal days because I am someone literally years now for those of you who are interested in a little letter that says three have an aneurysm or after you even doesn't work with the election became along and throughout many of our beliefs with a very weak argument specifically he said that the twenty three hundred days probably more and he said a number of other things to all you have to do is look at this check I say well you have anything to say that this vision will last for two thousand three hundred days but it is an media Persia Greece and a little more and that is why Babylon is missing from the vision of chapter eighty because there is sorrow and twenty three hundred and the next thing to me over so even though we were in the third year of the reign of adults without along with now relevant to this is because the vision was finally begin the kingdom of near-perfect go all the way down to the time of wrath now Daniel nine helps us understand the starting point of his see and specifically gave himself from the guide for the command and renewal Jerusalem and he studied history four fifty seven see so if you go to the three hundred years from four fifty seven BC June eighteen forty four so here is what we have on this is where I want to focus and I we come closer to the end of our study for the nine Daniel C shares that end of the kingdoms there would be the second time stones drive CMS documents on the lower and we all look forward in the day as usual my father ninety nine is the Lord Jesus there must be age that take place where the ancient of days on the throne room and the Son of Man company and they sit down and they reviewed the book because one of the reasons why you have this little more power known as table row that persecuted God and for the slow sixty years from five thirty eight seventeen ninety eight and through the judgment takes place this is but then Daniel a business even more information Daniel eight thousand one in order for Jesus there also must be the one thing of the sanctuary and have we been down simultaneously when the judge and another word just that when the sanctuary are describing the same process yes there needs to be a judgment because of God 's people were persecuted by the persecuting power a little horn and the kingdoms of this error and those kingdoms not jive that is not only that before Jesus seen most sanctuary in heaven that is why now him a lot of over directly and we regresses the same way only not your bottle or simple of God dwell in you and Ellen White cells in order for the sanctuary and having the there must be a corresponding landing on the sick and the life that God will hear on the server so while Christ is in heaven world the sanctuary what he is doing is working to bring me to the live in this evil here on this Earth so Daniel Simon says yes there is injustice and why judgment to begin the judgment can be again because see the kingdom of this world you see the fruits of these can Babylon need of Persia Greece and Rome they all persecuted God so I finally say after all of these things and have come through history exam fast acting I think it's fair to say that I haven't this is what happens when the kingdom of this world are in charge I have just then Daniel age shows us that there must be a weird thing of the sanctuary in order for Jesus while so Daniel CA after the kingdom second ten Daniel seven after the kingdom is just Daniel a after the kingdom lending of the sanctuary and you notice Danielle seven Daniel eight the focal point is eighteen forty four judgment began in eighteen forty four one thing of a sanctuary began in eighteen forty four so you know what that means about we are God 's people living after all of these prophetic scene and here in the book of Daniel we are living in the time of the the way of living in time with one another sanctuary after he was now three hundred years in the kingdom on the version all the way to the end and when papal Rome receive adeptly in seventeen ninety eight to wear dog that is judgment in eighteen forty four and here we are and to sell online living on this side of the sanctuary what are and when that Fred was the methods that we have given the world now as I was you may wonder what the focal point of Daniel eleven twelve and I wish that I could go verse by verse with you Daniel chapter one very amazing study question the rooms the reliability of the Bible and go through all these individual kings and need occurs a breeze round battle for fine and eventually expected to arrive in around the last viruses take us from the time of the end all the way down shooting Michael standing up and dance chapter twelve verse one now here's the key point Daniel eleven follows the same sequence of kingdoms as the previous chapter and just like Daniel laid down on nothing and you start a Meetup version and then you have the development of what publication in the north making a sound online and go through all of that but when you to the end of the chain what is in Daniel chapter four verse one is that Michael's and the United mine Michael the Archangel and you can see in the butt MC and personal life force out of the that are needless Christ you stayed in Paul Portland émigré someone who is Jesus Christ him him and Daniel for the superintendent Michael and and what is represented that an input for probation which take place in the judgment and at the end of the landing of the sanctuary just before Jesus so this is so momentous summer right before you like this you have prophetic chat Daniel C Daniel seven Daniel is in Daniel eleven in chapter twelve and they all follow the same sequence of swing dance in the very end you have a second then some of the entertainment you have the judgment Daniel K at the end of everything you have one sanctuary and Daniel eleven twelve of the entertainment you have low appropriation which is in and just before Jesus he will hear men wear in Daniel 's ear you have second coming Daniel eleven forty on second and then Daniel seven eight which is in the middle part of the you have eighteen forty four which tells me that while love is trying to impress upon is that we as God 's people as we study these our focus should be on eighteen forty four to the second coming of Jesus teaching forty four to the second coming of Jesus is where all this on down to to help us understand how we should live our life just before Jesus yes Daniel TK the second Daniel Leventhal taking clinical information Daniel seven and eight show the what needs to happen in order to become there must be a shot with four bombings one of the same him wherever you are studying the book of Revelation we will see that the three angel messages will somehow when I wall right one in his sanctuary so that we can be ready for Jesus and here's how first Angels message says fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is that eighteen forty the first Angels message is now eighteen forty four fear God dear glorying in the hour of judgment is not an easy and onward and now is the time to proclaim this message to every nation kindred and he will so that God will have a group of people in power of the everlasting God who will be when through his righteousness so that when probation was he will have proven futile will have when I asked the sanctuary and the same when we were at the annual in over from the prophetic focal point it's very amazing how God one of all Daniel two you haven't seen second coming Daniel seven yeah and the judgment that the Internet January have everything in the centering on the Internet Daniel eleven you haven't seen before the probationers of the Internet and that's how the flow the provision is just before Jesus comes that's only the beginning of these prophecies and at the end of these prophecies we are reminded Jesus is coming again just as surely as all inclusive and fulfill Jesus is will surely that in order for us to be ready for that day we must understand what him what the forming of the sanctuary is not enough what God has given has given us three messages in the revelation three Angels messages so that we will be prepared to meet Jesus twenty and not only will I be writing we have the proclamation 's head is not just to every nation kindred time and people and evangelistic way that we are not the only one to notice the so I'm excited about this message and wanted to remind you what as I close well in wife's death nice the ministers one sixty there is a flash he was ran from the book of Daniel and Revelation truth that is inspired by the Holy Spirit they will start action forces that cannot even read them I truly believe that as we go through study of the processes that we are not when there is a alignment with some decent warrants represent now mounting it but you will understand me and I think we are not people that he raised the eighteenth and that means that we have to position that will message every life so that is what our community will hear this message and will be there apparently is silent for tomorrow night and similar exercise in the book of Revelation as we can with the book of Daniel complicated revelation alone the more complex than way out of plan that damn of my clearinghouse run and revelation of wondering how best to understand algebra then understand calculus elitist and Daniel mine where you have an overview of Revelation Amarnath and has been in my life and organization the nuts and bolts I will labor some of the most warm as for us to understand and be ready to come straight from these the same while we have a closing prayer and I look forward to seeing you again in my life your friend is even less finally referred in my brain now that more more people here to message to be ready for Jesus full-time worker father in heaven we thank you for this prophetic message in the blood of Daniel we as we are reminded that Daniel needs God mindset has ever reminded of later CNEs a judge people we are awestruck by the fact that we are your judgment our people and that you brought into existence at this very time because you believe that through your power you can use to have the experience of being one through your righteousness and that he would empower us to give this message to the world or help us to surrender our lives in Christ fooling so that we can share this wonderful message of truth the world around us bring it back safely again tomorrow I thank you again for your presence with us this evening as


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