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The Laodicean Church and the Shaking

Norman McNulty


Part 6 of Prophecy Revival Series given on Friday, April 22, 2011 at the Ebenezer Princes Town, SDA Church in Trinidad. This sermon is very similar to "The Straight Testimony to Laodicea" and "1888 and the Laodicean Message" also available on AudioVerse. It is included here so that those interested in listening to the entirety of the series can follow along in the flow of the series.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 22, 2011
    6:30 PM
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him him him sitting that there is even a hairline that I mean that in unless I start us out review hearing differences down this evening before we get an error message where father in heaven thank you for being with us this week we thank you now everything is taken out of the anger message for our time a United States attorney in a social way this evening made a mess and given me what is needed for each form of this hearing may we surrender our lives going into as is my prayer that wonderful name of Jesus are a wallow I was pleased God through the four hypotheses this week and just by way of review leaders the overview of the book of Daniel and how there is that the excess human satisfaction the nonessential rate of eliminating as well as the second coming of Jesus showing us that where we are a mystery right now is the local point of prophetic history and the other primitive they aligned during that time and we saw a review of the book of Revelation and reluctant the second movement one thing I like assays and time perception the powers that he will work throughout the year to get nearly all the world will follow after a job and still have around you will be faced tonight we are going to look at the message to the Laodicean church I mentioned this thing on Monday night when we get an overview of the book of reveille him go through each birth of this message and as my body the message here the Laodicean church over the last two years I have come to realize just how poor the message is in these versed because the message she do when you see is the message queue are I remember recently we talked about the meaning of the word where you would a CI one of them were labeled with CME needs Ajax he meaning that it is the shares of adjustment how can we are that church because we saw the book of Daniel adjustment began in eighteen so therefore the message to the church of Laodicea in the message to the church of the judgment now so I want to read a statement he from the writings of Ellen why but this drive the work was not less than I am so I think we are now that God has given to us through the writings and online and I want to read to you a statement from the early writings page two seventy that's all just tell for the masses of the Laodicean church is this is all my speed I asked the meaning of the shaking I see and was sure that would because by this jury testimony called forth by the Council of the true witness to the way it is the this will have an effect upon the heart of the receiver and will leave him to exalt the standard and poor for the straight truth some lot where the strength testimony they will rise up against the this is what will follow the shaking among God 's people I saw that the testimony of a true witness had not been heated solid testimony upon which the destiny in the church and has been lying to me if not entirely disregarded this testimony must work the repentance all who truly receive it will obey and be purified and this is a very clear and actually a very amazing a bit of what Helen wife says here is that the message to the Laodicea ensures will bring a shaking can adjust our church now here's why this message who is given by its given by the faithful and true when who is the faithful and true when if you remember from Monday night Revelation chapter one verse by says Jesus Christ is a way and Revelation chapter three verse fourteen of the undelete handle of a charitable way it stands right these days saith the amen faithful and true it is Jesus speaking soon adjustment our church this Jesus speaking to and definitely he is giving us a grateful true testimony of darkness and when the message the church so that you have received in the way that she wanted to be received it will brand cachet among the unanimous shaking and Ryan those who are not they will be shaken out those nor will they so we want to know what the message is that brings the shaking so that when I we will pay and this message is called the streets as many are sometimes I hear preachers say I'm unionists raised to Wall Street testimony is actually to find anything unnecessarily ensures in Revelation chapter three twenty C in the Straits testimony is given by Jesus nine is not the work of man to get mystery testimony is the work of Jesus the administrator in and when this message had the effect it will as a wife says it will cause those who hear the message to exalt the standard M4 for the straight so there will be people in this method enables a wall I need to wake up when you get this message straight away Jesus get this message to the church as described in the Bible and then you cannot power and energy rep and when they do so some will not bear the streets of money and they will rise up against the and one half you will have who are getting the message with power because they have received the message menu while others who say now I want here this enables line again and that is what will bring the shaking the church anyhow we are living so near to the coming of Jesus that it is time for us to stand up for the truth whenever the price may be a man it is time for us to share the truth with the love of Christ but the stand for it though the heavens fall in Hawaii her testimony at this time she rose has not been half heated if an really has almost entirely disregarded and when this message it will bring deeply said he wanted down with a straight set my hand at the verses of Revelation three fourteen of twenty two to find out what exactly is this great testimony on this system that will bring the shade Revelation three verse fourteen and under the angel of the church of the way to see and write these things saith the amen the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God receive and this is Jesus and the word of a madman trustworthy babies the distrust really see the faithful and true witness as is the beginning of the creation of God or in other words he's just recreational nephew remember when we studied the three Angels messages in the first Angels message says they are not give glory to him for the hour of his judgment the end worship can who may have the earth sea and the fountains of waters so on the first Angels message in announces the judgment now have says that God is creator seen the latest in the latest CNN church and the church in the judgment heart cry was reminding Laodicea I am your creative so you see a close connection swing only to see a message and the three angels message is specifically the fact that God created or in Revelation fourteen the first Angels message is worshiped and may have an bureaucracy and the fountains of waters that next to the fourth commandment workers remember the Sabbath day to keep the holy for in six days the Lord him earn see all my and so there is a connection here she Lolita C ensures not only with God is the creator not only with the judge in our message lot with the South because in that judgment how this message is that she can go to digest our wait time about that that sign of our sanctification now notice what Jesus says after he announces his desire notice with the very first thing that he says the way to see it ever since he says I know by more now where I have come from United a that's sure works in a small and very negative sense and is sure that Scripture makes it clear that our righteousness is as filthy rat and that we are saved by grace they are not of works works can never say however Jesus says I know your work therefore she seems to be interested in in the behavior or the actions of the Laodicean church not because those words bring salvation but because apparently the work that later theater is performing in causing him to be concerned about their condition no notice in Ephesians two eight I coordinate that we are saved by grace through faith and not of works lest any national the Nevada Arizona State we are created in Christ Jesus Oregon were so the question will have been right network and those who were following Jesus will have it or words that reflect that they were following Ryan Jesus says that the Laodicea I know thy works that thou art neither hold nor hot I will now work full or half so then because thou art lukewarm and neither full nor timeless beauty out of mine now here we see the latest year if not hot not all with warm though the words of when you are causing to be only one condition with her I mean how many of you have heard for a long time that Laodicea is another warm condition okay now when we went and I would say okay with more we just need again on fire for Jesus but should be more than one way in the CA and I will once day behind across an interesting study that was done and reported on in the is reviewed a number of years again and here is what the survey asked Seventh-day Adventists that they asked people how many of you have an intimate relationship with you right up and get how many of you have assurance of eternal life also how many of you study the Bible every day and how many of you have family worship everyday individual sport was now let's look at the numbers seventy three sixty three percent said that they have an estimate relationship with Ryan and I hope that a higher percentage share in the meantime we should all have an intimate relationship with Jean Vena announces sixty three percent say that they have an intimate relationship with Christ now here's the next one seventy three percent say that they have at the sixty three percent say yes I have a really good relationship with Jesus ten percent higher at seventy three percent say yes I know that I am going to have now hopefully it's a higher percentage here than seventy three percent now let's look at those other two questions daily Bible study and daily family worship yes I guess what percentage was the layout is to say they studied the Bible every day thirty four percent and thirty three percent have daily family worship only I use in my relationship with Jesus or all yes I know that I am going to have even if I'm not spending time with them right now and he enough I'm not helping my family spent time with Jesus I am on my way to the kingdom I will not be the buyer is that I know about him and so I'm on my way to have and I described some of the narrowing there is a clear disconnect to say that you're on your way to having to be when you're destined here is that you have an intimate relationship with you don't spend time you see the disconnect that would be like me saying that I have a wonderful relationship with my wife and hardly ever talk to and in fact there's been a few times that I had to travel and be away from her and that would be like me he hardly ever calling her when I'm away from her and wishing that I could prolong my vacation time away from her because I'm having such a great time apart from and the latest insureds are sure the church of the judgment however the church that was apparently at the time we believe that we are in good standing with rise and you are not spending time so when Jesus then a message to us that describes arbitrary condition some way that you know what I'm enough that they are not in this assignment you will I need to be spending I need to get on my knees and everything to spend time with them every day Lord forgive me I thought I was on my way to having you know I will and timely only to spend time to actually learn to love you and love spending time with each and every day another thing I hear about that just tell me about Jesus once a week when the pastor of the owner greeted her mother and now all I need for the week now notice what Jesus says continuing on because we are going to see why only in the CA is in a live one day and that is what Jesus is because there was more I will spew you out of my mouth you don't once you mean in the long which means that in a serious condition is not a cry that was very scary Jesus if you don't change I will steal you or by you mind now because you're in addition it is nauseating and you're not too hot you're not whole your writer in the middle you think you can plan a metal will not go all the way for Christ in my condition is talking me want to spew you out of my mouth and verse seventeen we see exactly why Jesus says this about Laodicea Revelation three verse seventeen says that this is why when you see it is lit one Naha all were seventeen because without their I am rich and increased with again and have need of nothing and no one not that thou art wretched and miserable for an wine and make it to hear the latest is about the way to see if the Congress I am a priest with your I don't need anything out anything that Jesus was saying United Way is people use up at church is now all of you are just so well that communal leisure focused on me even Jesus means now it could be true but there are some of us here this evening that have so much money that we are learning how to do in it that we focus more on getting anything else and just have a great wealth the most unlike most of the probably not myself included and we know them and the world of work the issue for seventh asset is not too much neoteny you have already sent a letter millionaire so on no fly how life are and each other that happiness is Your Honor you really care about going to the real truth you have online now that he does not probably not what Jesus is really talking about because in Revelation three verse eighteen the very next verse Jesus says I counsel thee to buy from me gold tried in the fire that only the rich anything Jesus is really telling us to go by and literal development and financing a literal fire now what Jesus is saying is him free from the reality when you need to hear this look like dog try and acquire that you really will someone mean to say that you are rich and order to really rest you have to buy her that want to show you a couple of Bible money Katie first James chapter Steve verse five James chapter two verse five chance of achievers like this hearken my beloved brethren hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he has promised to them that will series is a humorous side of the city Reds and the Redskins they and the money taking the first Peter chapter one verse seven because remember Jesus said in order to be read she says I know love you supply me gold tried in the fire they may be Rex Ryan will notice the first Peter chapter one verse seven says about gold being tried in the far first Peter chapter one verse seven says that such liability or faith being much more precious than gold that perishes though it be tried with fire might be found in the praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ human Jesus as I counsel you implying me gold tried in the fire that you may be rich what Jesus is saying is what you need to have the trial of your day just like all tried in the fire so that your day will be here on and what Jesus is saying is you say you are rich but in reality you are not you need to buy gold tried in the fire and what first Peter one verse seventeen Chapter two verse five him read how they were if you have a goal that is tried in the fire that is if you have a that his launch fly through the trials of life so when Jesus is saying him later to see you in this you say you are red you think you have an unreality you know you need them I will try to my flyer and legacy of yes we are red we are increased with an you don't need anything else because we have an we have to say anything we have righteousness by faith we know for sure salvation we are on our way because we have an intimate relationship with you even though we are and when the trials of life is like the children in those rooms they were not now I wonder if God even exists is not really exist he's allowing me through this trial Jesus is the latest in a I need to buy me gold tried in the choir which he will try and fire the impurities are renewed energy allowing here in to be tried in the fire the impurities of your life will be removed so I can refine you like all the fire and make you shoot the kind of person that they had in the jet after all you are the latest insurance insurance and adjust our desire that we see one kind of a battle while in the group on first control without having to travel in the same Lord I just want you to know so I can go to heaven and get me the easiest way possible here on this Earth Jesus is not a word in order for you to represent me in the judge as part of my last date he will you live through the Israel why so that I can refine you and use you as a demonstration of the online universe remember you have a Laodicean church as the seven churches the seven churches and out of the latest T-shirts we found a sealed the hundred and forty four thousand latest CNN have a problem because Laodicea thinks a test saving faith even though it really does and you know when I said that seventy three percent report they have assurance of salvation even though thirty three percent have daily Bible study at least where I came from the united days a lot of my fellow church things in a primarily aired about more than anything else was assurance of salvation and that is not wrong to have time to your standing with driving on however when you're focused assurance from giving glory to God and how modeling use your life to rightly represent his character to the world so that just like Daniel Shadrach we checked in and then again in the book of Daniel you're not well why was my salvation by downtown maybe I just now now now for forgiveness later now they were saying were to give glory to God and do what is right because we love Jesus and that's what God is looking forward later to see if one are focused changes to well do I have assurance of eternal salvation the issue comes before whether it's our personal life or maybe it's an issue of the church for humane question we asked how many times is not will rightly represent God 's name to this community or to my friend that you my family we ask what is I only want to so we have the standard is for see the standard and then we see while you now not me if we lower the standalone that still have assurance of salvation that is okay what does every time God is ideal here and then they got people say well we won't lose their salvation we went over the standard can be lower and lower and lower and after a number of years after a few generations go by you can almost hardly recognized when he is being a standard that God set forth you see how and what go looking for it in his judgment heart people is not people who are looking for on again by the for people who think because of what Jesus is done for me I will live my life really for him now let's go through some of the individual can possibly seek latest is the same rich increase with it and have need of nothing again this is actually a vital part in the fire like you really will be rigid because I'm reality you are wretched miserable blind and naked and if you are in you don't have to write you see if you are in a you do not have the right price and so in the same as in reality and in women now the righteousness of Christ and this is our church our judge in our church in a when we reluctantly were going around twenty forward with the righteousness of Christ the crisis and now your wretched miserable were blinded negative why does Christ say that what is it about being wretched miserable poor blind and naked does Scripture give us any way to will be well worth a read in Revelation is now one other place in all of Scripture and agrees and enhances the same word anagram and reports all I need for an English translated as wretched and is only one place else and Hollister can even without a sound in Romans chapter seven how many of you are familiar with the Romans chapter seven was selected this in Romans chapter seven versus twenty four Paul says O wretched man that I have who shall deliver me from the body of his now who is this wretched man of Romans the lucky stiff back a few verses of verse fourteen Paul says for we know that the law is spiritual and I am carnal all that is now in the book of Romans in chapter six is described the concept of either being a slave to sin or a slave or servant to righteous and the windshield options you have as you can be in the sermon proclaiming God Westermann Earth latest and Romans chapter seven Paul says what it means to be a way as to what he says in verse fourteen says I am carnal sold under the if you are sold under something that means you are a slave Hewitt CNN you are a slave to when you are on so guess what lens when you are carnal sold understand or assuage his November sixteen says for that which idea while wow from what I went that he was him when I came back so here's what I like to be a slave is you don't do the things you want to and you do the things you don't want and that describes what needs to be a way because this way told me what he wants me and he is so you don't regularly want to do and he does what he does not want to be he has a slave master to Rex is why blame does not have freedom to do what he was on and the rest of recommend Romans seven is carnal sold understand not doing the things he wants to do and doing the things that he doesn't want to be when you come to verse twenty three you see that he is an chap seventy the laws then again wavering he says O wretched man that I am so in other words this is what the map seven in actually in verse twenty two cents write him why in the log onto the Internet here is a person this is I see the law I like I want to do that if you know what that wants to bring three hundred and seventy so the old man said why why so they seek immunity is not I don't want to be even when I want to follow God O wretched man that I I see the blog on good but I can see that I don't have power to use the O wretched man that I am the other the difference between a man and seven and the Laodicean church the latest insurance is ratcheted and that's okay and their people even in the Christian church in the administration that go around that you know what you meant around the next spirit it's okay crisis covering and with his right will him narration and you're still all and you're not getting the victory in your helium eventually falling into the same things over and over again that's okay Christ controversy you have righteousness by faith don't worry about any a crisis know if you have the residents areas around seven you are naked out the righteousness of Christ and him when you go to the book of Zechariah three the story where Joshua is standing before the high priest filthy garments and see that Josh what is all women John Christ righteousness but one for Joshua as love thy garment right the Philippine government has taken on your latest video on Laodicea one write the Congress with his righteousness while we still have filthy garments on prices now waiting money take your filthy garment then I will give you a righteousness so latest CVS is ratcheted and you're starting to see now why this message will ring ashamed to each other there won't be so bad as you say you know what I knew that God forgive me victory I just wasn't clear to me that now I see through the power and through the grace of God he can get me that three of my life praise the Lord I give my heart is willing to I surrender my life to you I will be crucified in the whole Matheson will no longer rule my life and I will live in harmony with you every day of my life through your grace and they will do more for strange trade with flour and then I will say no don't tell me that I like my assurance is I will do right now I like that I can just keep on ranting and venting venting so seeing the time I got a humidifier with my camera myself everything I worry about my salvation standing with God I like the fact that I never take my eye never have to worry about my salvation of God I like that that is my only think about right and ensure that that I don't have to worry about my salvation of God don't tell me that I need to change my life the power and I like my condition the land and when this message with power to add to a shaking will take place in those who were in will follow Christ we need and those who reject the message will be shaken out in preparation to receive a mark in the basin that is why I feel the burden to share this with you like each one of this year follow Christ completely united Jesus says that Liuzzi has ratcheted miserable poor blind and naked numbers were miserable comes from the Greek word LA has asked down only one other place in Scripture as well in the Greek at first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse nineteen first Corinthians chapter fifteen verse nineteen which says it in this life only we have hope in Christ we are all most miserable inner workings of the same only the you better wake up your lukewarm condition because you think you have an you really know so you think you will cry you think you're on your way to heaven the reality is that home is only in this life because if you don't change your icon of the judgment and find that you are naked in your cell on the wrong side of the judgment I will need to or I want you to get out of your miserable condition that caused me to have a ball of light you can read and have the true righteousness of Christ so that you can be found in the judgment to be in the kingdom of God amen and notice not only is Laodicea wretched and miserable Laodicea is for an employer to Sears for that means it is not rich and if it is not rich it does not have saving faith and later to see you in line so you have a luncheon in the end you have a bunch of young people in the church of the judge in our world walking around spiritually naked and yet they think they have priced right mercy Lord may we not bleed out weighing nine that you only see sure they are as rice prices and yet it is the wine and does not see that it is really naked after going through all that it can be somewhat discouraging the site will the sound ruling that we are in a get out of this when you have no alliances and Tribune Herald August twenty eighteen ninety four the Council the true witness does not represent those who are late born as a whole anything that there is yet a chance to remedy their state and the Laodicean message is full of encouragement for the backslidden church may again by the goal of a in love may you have a white room of the righteousness of Christ that the shame of their nakedness need not appearing we still have a chance were in the lukewarm condition God 's great mercy Jesus they want to limit is getting it to us in the ring wake-up worth delaying matters what him arrived to try it does not mean to have your filthy garments covered over by Christ Christ is there as well I says in Christ object lesson page pages three eleven and three twelve the road of Christ's righteousness world and I'm only enough having had not one shred of human devising tries to humanity wrought out a perfect character and this character he offers to him for QS all our righteousness are as filthy rags blindness perfect obedience he has made it possible for every human being to obey God to hear by Christ obedience he has made a possible for every human being to obey God 's command now listen to this when we submit ourselves to Christ the heart is united with his heart that will emerge in his will the mind becomes one with his mind the thoughts are brought into captivity to hand wheel and I feel a little like Jesus here on this Earth and noticed what she says when we witness why this is what it means to be in love with and on his right so here's what we do you need waiting to see you need to learn somewhere online right here on this Earth to submit ourselves to Christ to have our hearts united with his heart to have harm the well-versed in his will to have our mind and become one with it is mine to have our thought life in captivity then we will live and why is one in me love you God is righteous and this is what later and lasting in CF is naked him or knows what Jesus says continuing on verse eighteen is as I calculated by me don't try to fire that thou may be rich we saw this they and why Laodicea needs they later the unit of money that we have a lot of pride which goes right along with the state and right we would see that while you were in our churches so that there would recently by our churches between fellow brother in a way that is not true that some of our worst enemies our culture and reforming the church that should be we should love each other with the love of Christ name and then Jesus says I am using to buy white raiment that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness do not appear and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see in the notice for my thesis as many as I love I read you can chasten be zealous therefore and read in the world every month and the message of repentance is a very important message for our church day because so many in the essay just tell me that Jesus was but don't tell me that I need to change yes we need to give them that Jesus will we all need to have that Jesus loves us so much that he tells extra condition so that we can read and change that he liked handyman tenderness what happens when this message is received on the go back to the world I wrote about how the shaking with countless messages received this is early writings page two seventy one I heard those clothes with the armor speak forth the truth with great power it had a flat I asked what had made this great change him angel answered to the latter reign the refreshing from the presence of the Lord of loud cry of the third Angel you know what that means that means a Seventh-day Adventist who receive this message in Lord forgive me I read them I would want that what they are thinking that I just went to be covered with the righteousness of Christ now I realize that I'm naked eye I asked you to give me your life and well-being with your right when that happened God will pour out his ladder ramp on the and we will give the loud cry of the third Angels so in order to get the messages that we've been talking about we must receive a message here in Revelation three and you have a lot of times we say will you know if I just pray a couple of times the Lord will give me and latter rain out for powering album White says in the testimonies volume one that in this message will not accomplish its work in a few short months it is designed to arouse the people of God discovered in their backsliding and delete into zealous repentance so it's not to be something that after one revival series like this all of a sudden Oregon received the latter rain but the Lord is going to be able to have a revival meeting like this and then he looked we may have more trial of our faith will be tested and this will be an opportunity for said exercise faith in Christ and Yolanda leaders now as I finish unelectable last two Schumer of the last three verses of this message especially verses twenty and twenty one what do you see in the order to receive the righteousness of Christ here in verse twenty Jesus says behold and you're not if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me your name Jesus is not on the door of the heart and even Oppenheimer which means that means for Laodicea Jesus is on the outside anything will come in and in the covered with an hour covering of righteousness when the inner life this will help me know what I want to do is I want to come into your heart and lean you up from the inside let me and when we allowed Jesus to come in the promises given to us in verse twenty one set him that overcomes like to sit with me and Mike Brown even as I also overcame and sat down with my father in his throne here's what when Jesus comes now he lives are our and he promises that we can overcome the way you know how we overcome first John chapter five hundred four thousand is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith so we overcome by a hair we overcome the way Jesus overcame we will overcome through the bidding and he is Jesus lives in our and when he was in our we overcome as he exercises as they threw is why the third Angels message that purification of the thing here they've exceeded the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus what will bring the third Angel is one way to see you allow Jesus to come so that we can exercise is a help on this year with the name Helen explode for when you saw a lot of processing life I am one page one eighty seven and overcome and this is directly related to the latest CMS those you come up to every one and stand in recess and over the price what it may have seen an account will truly and they will receive the latter rain and not be there for translation you realize that this message is only the implement this design is for translation and condition as to come out to every point just they had every test and overcome being a prime when I may when we allow Jesus on to our and when we allow to happen we will receive the latter rain and we will be in relation this message of Revelation three versus fourteen three twenty two is designed to fit us for translation because later he is not ready for translation later in crisis if you stay away I will spew you are revolving around my mouth and you will not abandon that because of because I love you so much I am giving you a great method that will follow a shaking in this church and will follow those who received the message to have a work in deep repentance they will receive the latter rain and they will be better for translation to a loud cry of the thirty will mind the earth with the glory of God and God is calling on those of you here this evening if you receive this message in all because the reality of it I see my will him I have the latter ran on you for now we have not yet been translated and what we need to do is we need to get down on my knees and humbly come before the Lord they Lord revealed to me what are in my mind that I am hanging on that icon that I could just hang onto will be covered with your righteous Lord showed me maybe you think I'm watching on TV and the way I thought to myself maybe it's something out maybe as not to try and what area it may be the Lord is coming down before you this evening and you maybe say why physicists you are helping season together some of the sense of my life and I would sit next to you at this very Jesus Christ the faithful and true witness imagine for you your Savior and Redeemer he's hanging on the cross for you July four years which have in their mind which is in there and imagine in your mind by making contact you in the eye with Jesus your Lord and Savior I challenge you to look him in the eye and Lord I am not a you know you gave up everything how can you do that he he loved so much that he is everything for so that we will surrender everything for him that he can use to be his friend he is playing out of adjustment power later to see and hear church work in a terrible condition have received this message God will have driven people none of the one forty four thousand that he will translate well saying that I be among their people if you do I buy hi we have a special prayer and then that we won't be among the amount of one hundred and forty four thousand father had I thank you for this you are standing I thank you for the command that is being made toward we know this is a straight message it's not necessarily easy to take in our human nature the Lord we thank you that you mother so nice that you review so that we can have the opportunity to read of our back when Barbie realized that if or not alone fire now we want to the that we are not in close to wake up and realize their true condition and that he is accountable mature women to let Jesus seminar so that we will no longer have the condition around seven and later not doing the things we want you in a week in the grace of Christ and and have victory over every settings that we stand Angel and the judge thank you for your lots here is thank you for bank with us as we pray that you will be with us one more time tomorrow as we head through the methods of the one hundred and forty four naming him him them this is my prayer in Jesus name


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