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The 144,000: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Norman McNulty


Part 7 of 7 of Prophecy Revival Series given on Sabbath, April 23, 2011 at the Ebenezer Princes Town SDA Church in Trinidad


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • April 23, 2011
    11:00 AM
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for volatile and he has been a great welcome community led in this way I mean when you one more time today and I have any back again sometimes saying before we there are methods for this morning let's have a word of prayer of our father in heaven thank you for varying weather this week as we've seen the prophetic messages that identify as your last safety as we look one more time to perfect for this week we just ask for a very special one from on high that he would do a powerful word in our hearts and minds this morning so that we would need to care for your is my prayer in Jesus name in as we have looked at the prophetic messages as we wish see that we are very social he blame we see that God has raised a second and then I should prepare a evil for the coming of Jesus and we see that we were at the prophecies this week in the book of Daniel we saw that there are four main divisions and there are four main kingdoms in those visions followed by Daniel chapter two the second coming and Daniel chapter eleven twelve probation just before the second coming and Danielson may the beginning of the judgment the number sanctuary in eighteen forty four which shows the public of Daniel identifies the period of time between eighteen forty four and the second coming as a plentiful of this Earth 's history and analysis time as we are led him on the hood of revelation that in the three seven the cynosure the seventh seal and the sentence you have a Laodicean church that is less terrible condition at the end of the seven churches but at the end of the seven seals you see that God raised him him one hundred and forty four thousand from his last nature and then we see at the end of the seven trumpet that is for the second half and they got repairs the one hundred and four thousand and what we saw last night is that the Laodicea T-shirt is inanely worn condition that is delaying the time energy and what we saw is that when the message and humorous manner to the latest insurance it will bring share a and those used in Birmingham will belong to the one hundred and forty four thousand AFLAC dolomites and seven volume one page one eighty seven there was everyone understand every facet and over the dry when it may have seen it accountable the true witness to the legacy am overseeing the latter rain and the beef and verse translation which means that when Yahoo last date people the way it is the church of the judge now we have a message to prepare us for translation amen our purpose for this is that they are the translator without end of the condition for that if you receive a message that they want to witness Jesus Christ now in the book of Revelation in chapter six beginning in chapter seven we get another low what is going on with Yahoo I have a beautiful remember that at the end of the seals with what it which is what we are in a look at right now it shows that the hundred and forty four thousand jobs in the last features alumni reunion starting and Revelation chapter six verses twelve and thirteen we help one he had opened the six seal and while there was a greater way and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood now he recalled we identified the greater right of the Lisbon earthquake of seventeen fifty five becoming black and the many coming of what was the dark in May nineteen seventeen eighty nine November thirtieth and the stars of heaven that one linear even the fake trees had their untimely faith when she is shaken among my outlook on the stars November thirteen eighteen thirty three and in the very next thing you see in verses fourteen to seventeen of Revelation chapter six during the same the six seal is the second coming of Jesus Christ and you see the men of the earth calling for the rocks in my mouth on number seventeen this is the great day of his wrath is and is shown he was in the flesh who shall stand when Jesus comes in the clouds around you want to stand when he because we don't want to be among a group of people that are on the right amount of dry now he answered that question in Revelation chapter seven versus one here we read and after these things after John and the rebel leader John C the opening of the six seal him a call eleventh is anything I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the year that the man should not blow on the earth on this he known Rajini Shri and diversity and I saw another rain ascending from the disease having the seal of the living God and he tried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to the interim earlier and in the sea saying her years neither the sea nor the trees so we have sealed the servants of our God and therefore is that are being sealed after number four and I heard a number of them which were sealed and there were sealed hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel so in Revelation chapter six the great and around the land and the land is Jesus Christ and those are not ready when they see Jesus is coming in this day and ran an essay you possibly say for this land Jesus Christ is all around and the answer is those who are sealed with the seal of God on one hundred and four thousand and if you look at this very carefully at the beginning of the sixth annual Utah Lisbon earthquake of seventeen fifty five young a dark day in May nineteen seventeen eighty euros of falling in the in eighteen thirty three and we know from the rest of our study in Daniel and Revelation after that Johnson had been in the sanctuary began in eighteen forty four so why Jesus is not yet come to receive his one hundred one thousand because we see in this passage that the four angels are holding the four sell the service of God can be sealed now notice what Alan Weiss says about this in early writings page thirty eight she comments on this very path he says I saw four angels who had worked to be on here and were on their way to accomplish it now these are the four angels of Revelation seven Jesus was closed with priestly garments he engaged in a steady him around the world around us and then he races and and when the voice of the city crime Mike why bother my line I live my wine then I thought exceeding bright light come from God who sat upon the great white throne and worship at all about Jesus then I saw an angel of the commission of Jesus Swan swiftly flying to the four angels who have worked in the Army air and waving something up and down and flying with a loud voice hold hold hold hold and so the servants of God are sealed and therefore had no notice to your father say I asked my company Angel the meaning of what I heard and what the four angels were about to do he said to me that it was God that restrain the powers and that he gave his angels charge everything on here that the four angels have power from God the whole look for when and not they were about to let them know so they these angels were about to let her go because they are the servants of God reseal the wilder hands were loosening and the four winds were about some love numbers of life Jesus gazing on the run that were not sealed and he raises in the father and waited with him thank you so the water that then another reason with the notion of fly swiftly to the four angels and the whole civil servants of God sealed with the seal of the living God known as the four angels were about life before when the strife on the earth so that the final event in this area could take place in Jesus and laying hold on my people aren't ready yet I'm sure I bought for them I love them too much denial in the state please follow just a little bit longer so I can do my ceiling were unlikely and you know she wrote this over a hundred years in the young you may get enough breath of God people to be serious about our work at home when they asked him God has given a message for this I shift from Perez for translation and I believe the Holy Spirit is moving up on this world sure one more time to prepare to receive the seal of God I read it as you lay in earth history the plane in humans outlining Morena it is time for us to get our life with Jesus completely and I will like this morning at the characteristics of the one hundred and forty four thousand that are described in Revelation chapter fourteen versus one three five because those are the people who will receive the seal of God and therefore had and when they finally strive upon this earth will be released through the floor when so let's turn to Revelation chapter fourteen starting in verse one Jeremy Reed and I will him alone on land stood on the Mount Zion and with ten hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in their early there I say not all of us want any part of where the one hundred and forty four thousand that are the people that come from the way it is sure a second adventure game will stand on Mount Zion with only half way at Jesus drive now notice there is something very special about this group of people they are now in there or had the name of the Lamb law you know what that means that mean that they had been sealed in therefore had you see it cannot be sung and just in time and in the future that the seal of God will be play on his last day people there will be okay I believe there is where God will will have people that he has no end therefore he wants each one of us here today to receive the seal of God he wants us to stand on my wetland where the father 's name in there for now you know what I mean name and what do I need and what is on a reverie you don't believe that someone may someone may is is associated with their character and the father may to get here it represents this character wanted to show you one Bible verse Isaiah chapter fifty seven verse fifteen which describes sure sure in God 's name Isaiah fifty seven versus fifteen cents further than the high and lofty one that inhabited the Trinity whose name is only the father name is slowly and the one hundred and forty four thousand will have the name of the land father in their war had because they will be wholly out of God 's holy because they want to have an area of the righteousness of Christ in their lives and when they haven't experienced name will receive the seal of God therefore had so we are looking forward to the day when the one hundred and forty four thousand nine hundred people that come from the latest the insurance Yahoo last picture the second half they will stand on Mount Zion when the land now as we continue versus integration I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters and the voice of a great family and I heard the voice of Harpers harping when there are and they sung as it were a new song before that surround and before the four beast in the elders and no man can learn but the hundred and forty four thousand which were redeemed from the year in song it's a new song which has not been now when you sing a song in one authors write a song they I saw on to describe an experience in and the hundred and forty four thousand are going to sing a song a song that has never been done before because they will have their next area that no one else is a for him I will be among that number that I think that longing I want to be able to save Islam that no man can say that the hundred and forty four thousand now verses four and five describe very carefully the characteristics of this group of people and why they are in understanding of standing on Mount by way of the Lamb Jesus Christ you are the among their people as you know I give my son our characteristics are required and must look at what the Bible says in verse four says these are they which weren't not be filed with when for they are virgins these are they which follow the land where there so wherever you go these were redeemed from among men being the first fruits to God and to the land now when it says these are they which were not this is seeking a spiritual force on a literal application I hope all of you here and the more purely payment there is no use for immediate and clear as a security to be any more clear than the God last date people will be here he is not only that there is this is these are they which are not filed within one now in the book of revelations there is a huge what is a in Revelation chapter twelve you have a woman that is slow and will meanwhile our sheer phone model and drama one representing God hears your and then you have another woman in Revelation seventeen with all that out of the jewelry is in her name down on in Revelation seventeen versus life as she is the mother of our lists all the time not only is there no other sure that one that she has her daughter churches the harlot and Revelation chapter fourteen verse four we see that someone were twenty four thousand are not the file down on the mother and her harlot daughters the other voluntary these are seriously here people they have not been the file by the false teaching of the time church is not the same the whole world we talked about that on my plane Revelation thirteen and seven these are they which were not liable when for they are virgins now I like this very next phrase the user may wish following wheresoever he go how many of you want to follow Jesus the Lamb wherever he goes when you get to have your life of the one hundred and four thousand will get to have that privilege of following the Lamb whithersoever he galloped throughout the season and what an awesome privilege and all the people who have ever lived on this earth is to be among and forty four thousand that will follow the Lamb celebrity Gala thirty one of Missouri had you will have wherever he is in dire his life following Jesus where are you only hear officer and now I may go the way you don't particularly carry Lord not as young as person yet her what you want me anyone is oh Lord how Shirley wanting to say this job is not just driving in an auto will be the software you and all of the letter please take me somewhere will have here on this if we want the following homeland with their celebrity Gala we need to learn to follow the Lamb wherever he is here on this Earth and we talked about last night and Jesus away as I want you to buy me gold tried in the fire because of your letters in the fire out the impurities renewed and she is now that we understand with him on I will allow during the trials of life so that the impurities can be removed and the rewards outweigh the passing and whatever we say is not when we get to heaven we can have the privilege of following wherever you have one what to say them on the following wherever you have anyhow if you are to follow Jesus where he will later learn how to be whole and so it makes in John chapter one hundred and twenty nine that John the Baptist said behold the Lamb of God and the world you know when you leave home she says when you will him on O C will help you to have an oversight in Uruguay it is not just forgiveness for sin yes when you behold the Lamb he is forgetting is that he is certain to befall the Lamb of God he not only forgive the sins from your past that you continue to be home in peace thank you for the pathway of why the allowing of their so that the rest of the things in your life will be taken away and you will have an overdose and as well you cannot help but have you ever say your life the Lamb of God is called Alanna God Jesus Drive is in the world you will follow him wherever he goes here on this earth and then when you get will continue to follow the Lamb wherever he had I want to be a person like that I am for those of you who wonder why I keep falling as water lighting and water and why do I keep doing the things that I know I should not need to ingest my fear that probably is that you have keep your eyes on the Lamb of God second wave is learned look to Jesus through all the trials of life in the one hundred forty four thousand they will follow the Lamb whithersoever you continuing controversy these were redeemed from among game the first phrase I'm sick and should only now you know what the concept is in the first group this is our language and the Jewish team remind they understand him draw any way it works in row and then slowly the harvest moon right and the sign of the harvest is just about ready to be harvested is when you have the first version that right in the first and when the first reason why you heartless and when you're done harvesting the first three the rest of the harvest is ready as well so notice what Mark chapter four verses twenty eight and twenty nine dollars March after four versus twenty eight twenty nine for the earth bring forth fruit of herself first way then the year after that for one year but when the fruit is wrong for the Orlando is right that the marginal reading but when the fruit is ripe I immediately keep in the sexual because the harvest is a Cialis solace in Revelation fourteen hundred and forty four thousand are the first fruits undergone in Italy they represent the right to harvest and when the harvest is ripe Scripture tells us in Mark court immediately God is in the sickle because the harvest this and if you don't believe me got a revelation he verse fourteen and here in verses fourteen and fifteen is and I looked and behold a white and common ones that like the Son of Man having unaesthetic golden brown and had a sharp sickle notice versus D and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him as well thrust the knife that will read as for the reason the harvest of your is hello I will already using harvest table they are the first cruise I think God into the land now having won their how Ms. Vargas and our you know when you plan a harvest what he has to do I draw you see I will love to see Jeff is slanted to develop this harvest now one hundred and forty one thousand unit of the seed was planted let's go to John chaffinch flow we're going to see CNN's John Chapter twelve versus twenty three and twenty John chapter twenty twelve versus twenty three four here we read and Jesus answered him saying the algorithm that the Son of Man is Lord of life will be our list Jesus was glorified this was when he died on the cross and he specifically is ever going for his verily verily I say any use septic form of wheat falling to the ground and die in a binder for one thing and I is running for much and here's what Jesus is a in order for my online to bring salvation to three and is therefore something raise a harvest I am a I miss being the seed that falls into the ground and die like a form we know when that happened just like it or not we will produce a way that will have many kernels of better just like casinos so I will die through my dad a group of people will be produced that are just like me just doesn't want me to plant in the ground and produces more than is identical to the scene that was so I will die and my group will be produced in those who is my sacrifice and also learn to live my life that they won't be just like me and the one in forty four thousand are the first in they are demonstrating what I mean to the right through the demonstrating the character of Christ and with that he planted in the ground you have Jesus was the scene and Anat Seger through people will be just like Revelation fourteen shows us exactly how and before I mention that you have Jesus die he was asleep and I why Scripture says I am crucified with Christ if we mile live the life of Christ if we want to have this in our if we want to be a demonstration of his life on Mister Joseph Jesus died on Iran as you see we are planning the ground and I believe is the crucified with Christ so that we can bear fruit the way Jesus did not address revelation verses in chapter fourteen verse five this describes in greater detail the hundred and forty four thousand which follow the Lamb wherever he goes this is for a greater need for most of the first fruits to God and the Lamb notice verse five is a in there now was found no guile for they are without all the for the the one hundred and forty four thousand are described as having no dialing anything I know this see them easily so much in the meeting that their life is a demonstration of how much is all I they are putting little one and telling little white lie still a little late here in a little bit there they are always truthful always and because not how Jesus was in her mouth was found no guile now you know it's fascinating in the blood in first Peter chapter two when you description is again of Jesus Christ and this is down and versus twenty three twenty first Peter C versus twenty twenty three from what Gloria is enough of it for your fall you shall take occasionally but I mean you well clever for you take occasionally this is acceptable with God about what Peter Sanger is a when you you may say somebody correctly for a handset you know you're right I must thank you for correcting the amino acids away focusing you people are so perverse in this world they sung as they do not you tell me I will don't tell me understand it when I'm in now is what analysis the acceptable thing you mess up and you receive nothing in a feathered friends can what you are supposed to view even when you do don't write me and yourself and about that one of acceptable so you did the right thing and him and you sell your plan for me I is not acceptable with God and then were wanted in greater detail for even hereunto were ye all because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example you should follow to the one in the wrong Jesus is nothing wrong he is Diana Ross and the Susquehanna and yet he should patiently and he is left as an example that we should follow that no notice verse twenty two to neither what I now know forty four thousand Revelation fourteen is in there now with the dial that's just like Jesus Jesus had no guile found in his mouth when he came in the greatest crisis in his life here on the third and the hard way for thousands will become so is to follow the Lamb solo that they won't have now gone their mouth and the greatest crises of their life just like you and you have the last half verse five for they are without all for the throne of God you know there is another passage in the Bible Peter Chapter nine verse fourteen describing Jesus and when you get the right versus wrong check giver chapter nine verse fourteen says Christ's how much more so the blood of Christ who through the external Spirit offered himself without spot to God Nana resources he offered himself without spot to gosh you are really making changes is to offer himself with a small synagogue and read this word in Hebrews nine fourteen and Revelation fourteen five the same Greek word which is an mom of which immediately without wireless to be without all of you without associated with you was without all and the hundred and forty four thousand artists drive and without all for the idea of one hundred and forty four thousand are just like Jesus and you have an huge effort for a now underhand who is able to keep you from falling and everything is all before them when the city join outward all in June twenty four also in the very same Greek word so the hundred and forty four thousand there is also a Jesus offered himself without all to God and he promises and usually for two seasons from falling when it seizes from sending so that we can be without fault before the throne of God now if I close you want to say something you hear that is very the one hundred and forty four thousand are gone and will only to see and judge in our church the church that has been terrible condition yet another forty four thousand and ten only once they may come from God nature which is the second half and movement and they are prepared by the three angels message as in verses six through twelve so that they are now going in the land Jesus Christ and when it's all said and done in the characteristics of Jesus as well they are with now all I may have no dial just like Jason now you remember what I said when we get the overview in the book of Revelation what occurs in the book of Revelation the book of Revelation is very finally the revelation of Jesus Christ Antichrist is not here now where Jesus Christ is no family revealed in the book of Revelation Jesus Christ is revealed most completely in the book of Revelation and Revelation chapter fourteen versus one three five when you see the one hundred forty four thousand who are gone one day he will just like he is and how long they have no dialing now and these are the group of people and Jonathan Howard to get a message known of the loud cry dear Lori I have a final revelation of Jesus Christ to the world Association LI that your purpose in him being that they had and got what they sure to be a revelation of Jesus Christ to the world to be a revelation of learning to have no guide to being without all all and followed Jesus wherever he's taking the water needs to be a revelation of Jesus Christ and not a character that God will one day he will will have just before he and you know as we in mind that these problems as we and what it does not in the throughout Revelation I will become very dirty that we have a very special and a very social home world I is the following rabbit from testimony semesters that those in the flesh drank the blood of the son of God when they reinforce curriculum and revelation will start his action forces that cannot be repressed I only as we see the character they want to develop a really weird I mean a hundred and forty four thousand who received the seal of God in our so that we can be like Jesus and say the last message to the world is starting to action forces that cannot be repressed as well it is time to wake up and it is time for us to think of Jesus all the time as first one that as our Savior and Redeemer and I'm working on maintaining and there may be some of you here today you've been listening to the and you realize that God is raising a special showing of a settlement for this and yet you have not yet made a final decision to become back by initiating it on a remnant sure that he will use to prepare the world energy needs and I am on today is the day that I take my stand with Jesus to become baptized into this church that is your decision I would invite you to come forward at the you want a baptized member of God when they sure as sure that will help classroom of second through the grace of Christ in your heart to Jesus and you know you're doing this for Jesus you're not getting for anybody else him while he wants to anyone even throughout a community under one there any who would want to give their line to Jesus today is the pastor comes up is down here I would invite you where you have a special prayer if you would so desire to become our of this last nation while still making that a few is anyone you would like to come forth on lawmaking that I feel I would like to ask you that there are some of you here room and there are some of you here today women come into the meeting this week and you are a set that it has received these messages you see that you have banished that is very only a round and demonstration of the world you have and why all of this world in fact people over now you know that your Christmas is a and your family members wonder when we start banning what she has begun it shirt when I living the truth of Scripture and even then connected enough is raising up a last safety to be like Jesus and I want home from Jesus I want to learn how to look at him day by day the author and finisher of my faith to run the race that is set before me to behold the Lamb of God I want to be a vengeful warrior Seventh-day Adventist with the lamb on I need help today I would invite you to come forward as well as we have a special season of prayer I am on the last day group of people and you want to connect this day to Jesus stand with our now I someday soon and you want to be among that specialist if you want to be among that number anyone have that three over the settings in your life I will invite you to come forward at this time as well and this is only thirty minutes from now on out and not worry about anybody else thinking this is just for Jesus because you love and your beholding him you see them on the cross I really say I need victory I have issues in my life need to be that neither really gained over Jesus I want hi ladies on the altar and finalizing on a praise the Lord to see them were crazy and I'm here to church these messages have been for me when I preach a sermon is for me as much as anybody else and I know that the Lord has a special purpose for Francis Towne this church arena these messages that we've heard this week is not just to go and want here and now gathering to help become more like Jesus so that we can be prepared for is coming in so I will give just a brief moment more time for those of you who are coming forward and we're not have a social drama for his part for your brother to come for you want to be baptized in the church you want to be part of God lastly people who will be among those his family the Lamb amount of iron there is no better moment in your life in that moment when she is to follow Jesus all the way I pray you will continue to follow a friend for the Ron Wormley dedicating our lives from this day for this is a special day as well we are not working Jesus the Lamb of God and follow him wherever he takes the same as MMM we are making today said I praise the Lord for what he has done in this church this week in this time of power and for worker father in heaven we may from what you are doing here on this earth and we thank you for Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the world Lord help us look to Jesus every day is a trial by so that we will behold Jesus and have a three over the sin that so easily beset us so that we will rightly represent the character of Christ Judas world so that someday soon it can be said that we are without fault before God there is no guy on that we have learned to trust in Jesus he was able to keep us from falling and present a flawless before the throne of God so what I pray for each one who is chosen to rededicate their experience of the Lord that they will be firm and faithful American and ninety were in this church in a powerful way to frame the lie of the three Angels messages to this community as you take this message all over the world and Lauren I also thank you for my brother who is becoming that I can run church Lord Mayhew pricks sex may you Congressman is showering with your love mercy and grace amazing feel your love and mercy and power in a way that he never has to wear and may he have the experience from this day forward to taking this message to a lost and dying world moreover your same and will remain each one of us here are saying when you come so that when you will have we only try the raw amount of following that we will be crying love this is our we waited for him he won't say that we frantic that day will be very saying this is my prayer in the most wonderful man is a


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