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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 3

Lilly Tryon


Lilly Tryon

Certified Professional Coach



  • February 4, 2012
    3:30 PM
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printed and bound to get settled farming and talk about now have an understanding life obtains it would even understand in one hour that was probably a misnomer in our unity in Christ nineteen I be something I'm guessing this afternoon could be entirely long or month-long horses there's a lot to unpack and give you some basic English you and hopefully wet your appetite to continue studying the area I do my mentioned that time came tomorrow when she addresses starting a health ministry programming planning and organizing you hear about this is because of the enactment of the plan time denying how we plan our programs and planning types of activities that are bandits all the stages so no one awareness building activities might help ask that when working on one activities like our help for them to help people make the changes they need to know you will support programs to help with ongoing follow-up is I cannot almanac self-closing lifestyle change again are ministering over this overview and outline and objectives because you can be the latest thing in the biggest predictor for whether people think being in their wellness goals are not when there's a lot of research on this what you think is the greatest predictor of whether people are successful in making their goals step four of you may want to go with run support quite a few of you and anybody else that has a different suggestion from what that might be relationship type as for what he got hit right on the head while you read my notes when Deanna there is a good out out last time he played in business settings less than three percent of people who go to a classroom training event like that ever show any measurable change afterwards in their behavior and not offer money I don't make my cry why am I an organization less than ten percent only one specific like that daily we want to be done and that the biggest reason they identified and no support they don't have a support system there's nothing that have perspective and counseling can do that testing can provide that support and provide a context that will change can occur occur I didn't spend I think that's how you might pronounce his name sentiment in Germany right above the title fascinated me and encouraged me to take an outcome change or die I think an eye-catching silent so I think now started reading it and taking it home and after relating a number of different examples of change in research that he identified three key to change that have a common theme throughout all of them he said one of the mains relate to you for making the emotional relationship with a person or community that inspires and fifteen 's hope that people need absolutely that can increase their confidence for sure and help move that conservator to actually a preparation stage that I think he identifies repeat the name relationship helps you learn practice and master new habits and morals that you'll need there's definitely a lot of new habits and skills whenever we're talking about a new behavior and that might actually practiced and repeated and then refrain in a relationship helps you learn the only you will about your situation and your life we are either I say that ninety percent change happens between our two years thinking in a big part of what came from catapult us towards change or maybe even Hathaway Fernandez and James this minimizes you have to learn new ways of thinking one commonality between us three keys that he identified and made it easy for you to read every license early relationship and traditional approach that we used an health ministry and an educational approach overall is typically information base we relax your people is problem focused and mailing address reversing heart disease error diabetes or investing hypertension it's usually often it's problematic we offer convenient resolutions we follow these guidelines we will improve our high blood pressure and soon turn there is no support after the class is over now I'm not fast traditional approach we need educational programs and we have a lot of wonderful programs and answers I believe God has blessed our church and family and my work in churches and other face they are often just so excited about the wealth of material that we have available to share that I believe that coaching approach and offers nothing a compliment design can help people be much more apt to change to let you post in the second just information it can be relational in its approach Reverend I think I must deeply change that have to do with an experience or a relationship not just information until we are offering this relationship information what blood yes I checked out I'm selling that identified the right I'm not tightly do need information so I'm not saying to negate that inkling in the way God works when he came down to create create us he found a man out of the ground the necessary ground any grievance and the breath of life he is currently got personal he had his hands involved in check and possibly lead to the chair is make it personal and create that relationship and a relational approach another reason why a person impose works and is helpful in helping people change is because it's focus on time and change and growth it's not just focused on a problem style approach out problem-solving can work but not to the extent that moving into a falling action can getting people moving forward this utilizes questions it helps people think a little bit more differently it helps dig into whether values aren't connected me back a connection with where they really wanted to know how to identify there's trained that they can bring to this change process it conveys a belief in an individual that they can change and I think that's powerful it's not a cookie-cutter approaches individualize a college collaborates with the person and work and maybe help them design a program that you than if there stays unchanged at their act so maybe I'm the past today they need to earn tapes but it's also white house and set some realistic goals that fit the situation that everything in life the resources that they have a personality style guarantor obstacles and then facing it's going to be very customized to them it offers long-term support that's the piece everything is missing in a lot of of long-term change in enabling maintainer changes the lack of support encouraging them to provide support long after your program is over it provides support researchers found that more people feel and weight loss because of a lack of a good support system then because of the poor weight loss plan so coaching provides that long-term relationship I did when we think about and giving information versus closing I like to liken the difference between being a travel agent or tour guide and travel agents provide information valuable information about where rebelling offers are even suggestions on where we can go get the brochures they are acting as forests and they may exchange money in any number of helpful things for any act is getting inhabitants reference a good time nine on the other hand goes with that on this journey and helps us to seem to be the place where going through different eyes because they've been there before and they know the people they know the language and their excitement for that place helps us come away from the next trip with a much richer experience than we would have run and they provide information to guess a different kind of information I think the most important reason for encouraging is powerful and can help in moving people along this continuum of change is because and emulate many of the values and messaging is used when he was younger when he found rituals and master read this quote in you although in any way and Mister Keeling page one forty three Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people he mingled with men as one who decided that he showed a sympathy he ministered to their needs in one confidence and then he bade them all of me SLA with season conversations that people lacking free sermon on the now and yet he taught in the synagogue but most of the gospel is the record of all these conversations and encounters he had with people and where he would ask questions powerful questions that might have opened up and awareness in their thinking or connected them with something that was really important to them and thinking a little bit differently and so causing is very very much says that that most powerful cleansing works Sharon is in knowing that coaching is a relatively new method being used instead of this the body of coaching researches I'm just in the last two years has grown considerably and I go through these rather quickly as you can doubt the site and you can read about them in a few can't read the references contact me later in August ten forty five there is research that is sound and effectiveness in punching people with diabetes and cardiovascular risk in asthma taking parents of asthmatic children and decrease hospitalizations pitching people with cancer and improved outcomes taking people with poorly controlled pain and tension people with obesity the conclusions on the research and medical literature to the closing is effective at improving health outcomes in all the various and I is intended that comes in combined with whenever they had opposing life is taking along the plastic comprehensive program that involved education group sessions in this program they also had significant results by reminding in our health kind of their churches many of our programs are very comprehensive and what they offer some of the common I found in all of these research studies and looked at them all they get banks lending down one-on-one relationship now is not regarding again I is he helping people change they also included goal setting and commitment on individualized helping and helping the people set goals and helping them to increase the motivation in Congress when they are willing to connect to reason as well every accountability and enemies also live sessions it was personal and licenses online are reading material at work and I want to share with you a little video that just helps you see in a fun animated vignette what coaching is an enamel explore little bit about that and how you can begin using the fitness item is now feeling a little convincing vignettes as you observe about that interaction between the person them but Karsten Anderson never has been coaching at work in fifteen okay as a partnership you can write about I hear somebody that's okay okay it was listening to him RIAA and what kinds of things that would be listening to okay very attentive to what is where Dragon exactly what he was facing lessons in the beginning when it became only described it sounds really is facing what else did he describe I worry wanting to go and is listening to guess that but who did the work the person that wanted to get from maybe he was doing the work the constant didn't even get and set of directions Danny and he created its own he asked questions providing resources and safety net down we all think we could use a safety net entire time in our life as a gay guy pellets will not see Kerry yes yes he did the plan will be created and first ten steps that were too big and he fell and said he had him draw in the extra steps that point small respect that you need to take down anything a genetic eliminating and simulators with them all the way from the very beginning probably through to the end that yet it's on YouTube and produced by well closing and it's on YouTube I think it's called how coaching works there my coaching works in so and so appealing in person being house what do you think with the cleansing approach have had on your ability to get to your destination I'm a big and not so we're going to be providing then we provide coaching in our health programs not just providing information I found that the people I work with most often they don't need any more information were not Iraq America for lack of information most of us we we know what to do and how can we know how to do it that the challenge comes in actually making that they are busy lifestyle and rattling lid and eighty seven and the other obstacles are negative thinking patterns are developed in actually carrying out out next to it to take seminar Christie if you're working in a health ministry program anybody heard your programming into your executive into how can we help them be successful in the long run canasta incorporating integrative coaching approach with the information that we're getting yet yet yet that same evening that the right there isn't a lot of work to be again I do work in downtown Chattanooga I felt so I understand that underserved populations and their lack of information I when you look at a couple of the toolbox even scales that Hudson brings to attention relationship bearing it was very hard to identify just a few the most important ones because this whole long courses and coaching to help you be able to develop the mindset in abilities and skills needed to be on a help them along you can boil them down to a few of the most important person with listening and I get a little activity with you if you can turn over the fact that your patient may not have any writing on it as your pages double-sided that I said and at Lincoln I have the words to John three sixteen and ever since you all have probably none from you don't start writing the you are not able to handwriting analysis start writing and malignant is writing out while at the same time you are saying I'm not done us all a area thing to gather the guessing amazing Grace and then you can find out who is currently fifteen the same time that makes sense I'm asking you to buy anybody right I think I may be granted as I believe that now there is a as I read I have on design flaw that now and when the pain I know I picked up by so how easy is how many people got on Amy if you may can only get your homers and the first ever you see it I find that very few people and yet it are able to do it those that do probably whenever we hold out a bird word of the song quickly but that most of us are able to do that very well may not able to what we know that her and says that what I have the there are some things that we can multitask at I can talk when driving the car in fact people do very interesting things whether driving cars and put on make up their eater whatever but it's time for our brains to do two things with words at the same time which doubt is a good illustration of an maybe you've tried to write something down before the and in particular writing but you are hearing verse instead of writing we wanted to write there's just a lot of other things going on in our rain and high winds so we get distracted with our when our brain tries to do two things with words in the challenge if I asked you to relate to me one of the stories the past and family shared this morning he probably would not really give me all the details of that story is a story that the woman told for cancer I can't remember her name and the one that was just a positive and nonmedical skull probably remember the details why is that because our brain can the average person speak the words of two hundred and fifty words per minute and hear from the south it might be a hundred and fifty words a minute and if you're from Brooklyn earthenware in contrast there are Spanish people they are known for thinking that it might even little faster than that but what's interesting is while the person in front of us is speaking to his speaking animated children's and fifty words a minute our brain is processing like that how fast seven hundred words per minute okay therein lies the problem doesn't it because our brain is now left to fill in the spaces and we can process our own thought even faster at the rate of eight hundred two thousand words per minute so what are some things that we might be thinking about when I need something to the end of their story without it all figured out get in my thinking in a solution we might have been reminded of an experience we had in our story we might be thinking about is awfully noisy in here those people over there are two loud or it's cold in here or when I remembered to pack my curling iron or in can be any number of things that our brain can filter fire rapidly and keep up with both of these talking but as we saw it really doesn't do a good job of it were not I am addicted to support the same time and our fundamental problem with with listening and listening well really connecting with someone and being there catching giving our full attention to the conversation yes ma'am that's fine and if you're trying to get your focus you might be trying to formulate a response or your mind can be distracted on any number of things but that's often ending with it formulating a response or you think in the solution of the advice human again that that is a big one so some way that we can help turn down that mental clutter and that is in giving our full and undivided attention of the other person is saying a nasty south was thinking matters most right now is thinking matters most to the minors of bears out of the Einstein said you can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it I love that quote because it reminds me that they need to think differently in order to solve their problem most people are not going to accept the insights of someone else's matches as readily as they would accept their own insights and act on them so to get them thinking a little differently and get them coming out with their insights and ideas there'd be much more active and acting on those and moving forward cells stopping my thoughts as I was thinking matters most I now sometimes unwittingly can do is to actually repeat in our mind but we can then say because our program also was found since our brain processes twice as fast it keeps us on the same subject line cases still focusing connected to their story and what they're saying another key listening skill is listening with curiosity the curiosity than that doesn't mean the same thing of asking questions so much that listening in such a way that you listening for something womb a lot of us are trained medical professionals especially lawyers we used to listening for something rights that we can be able to diagnose and come to a conclusion and actually what wanted to because then everything I say is filtered through this framework that we have in our brain that were listening to some curiosity to really understand them they are coming from and ask questions in a way that help them to continue sharing that's really listening to learn and understand the other person not figure out the problem form to just listen very often they will tell you the answer they just needed some money to listen long enough so they can verbalize and process those thoughts that are in your head a little out of date would you proceed to get posts I think we can all be coaches it's an approach we can all use where using where using it right now in the context of health ministry that these skills are very basic needs and we can use that in our conversations at home with our teenagers children are an health ministry your house ministry team here and that grows in Canada be talking about building a healthy zucchini are not working solo that Senate member are members just provide ongoing personal support to the people that are in our program there are high ideally I think it would be really cool if we all had to be qualities in mindset and skills of it has that resume related with each other out right now I can understand wealth and everything one of one or it can be found in the same field and birthday that are related in the years ahead such training ourselves to think of their ideas is more valuable than our ideas for them they will be a lovely sound it will exhaust their resources and get them anymore I will often say County more about that or time to me about what he just said White House just think it am continuing to process out loud listening reflectively is another key listening skill and there's so many different ways of offering reflections but typically we are mirroring back when they decide to check our clarification and also help them even clarify what they were saying so we just mentioned this in my hearing you say that or what I understand you to say this is one of summarizing or recapping not adding anything to it holding it out for them and it helps them sort out their thoughts on a lightning that at all and then they'll rephrase and maybe it helps me sort out my thoughts do that I really didn't catch what they said at all I totally missed that anxiety with them to clarify for me make sure run the same page the second college and skill besides listening I think listening is the most important gift that we can get someone else and we're talking with them in conversation or coaching them the second gift was still there we give his inquiry asking a good question you are and asking questions and I call it an art is one indicator that the master asking him questions Jesus asked and I have to and I'm not mad okay let out a lot of questions I can be a great Bible say the question is where are you do you want to be healed and seemed like a crazy question to ask is an enemy laying by the pool for thirty eight years but that question was powerful and help transform the thinking any man actually was empowered to get up and take up his mat very same thing he said that he couldn't resist ever since ahead of time is very transformational that question thank you here okay when you hear the video that people are saying I am number of questions very powerful question help people to take responsibility for James to move from being reactive to proactive it can clarify what anything really want to do where they really want to go sometimes they know that they can be exercising more and we haven't taken the time to give to sort out why they would want to exercise more what it would do for them where they want to where they see themselves in the future with regards to a healthy life extension and the motivation for change that wine and deeper why that is so important to have help them to identify and solve their own problems and do the thinking part of change and move from talking to taking action but anywhere with inquiry when asking questions and beware of closed questions plus questions are the type of question way you answer with yes or no or a specific answer to leave any room for discussion it also is more directed were directing the discussion down of how can we think it needs to go rather than allowing them to direct the conversation okay it's just down conversation in a more direct and we went out for opening questions and maybe start with the work what or how is a little more open exploratory questions is the kind that not listening with curiosity and an noun storing helping them to explore little further their thoughts on the unread that talking about anyone is solution oriented questions and advice giving in disguise if you and look at the example they are the advice is underlined when an operator out and so instead he giving advice to think of him putting on the question that's not helpful either so what we want to do instead go back in your mind to what was that they said it gave us an idea and then asked about that instead for example you mentioned that you really enjoy exercising with other people what are some ways you can do that you can exercise and still is the social and needed to have said that way it's more open than just saying could you exercise that your spouse answers writing their doesn't don't want to ask questions in a way that partner trying to lead them to a solution you've Artie figured out people can tell when their menu doing that and they get frustrated because they're not coming up with the answer you want them to have regular and did not keep it open let them come up with their own solutions if if they are really can't come up with any of their stuff and some people are definitely they don't know is brainstormed together what could you do let's when a whole bunch of things on the table we don't have to sort in our evaluation was that some things on the table maybe even throw out one or two dependent upon any question about it I offer it as a possible thing that they could do they can do with it what they wanted homages to the person on the cable and the union picket and their family on imposing reasonable rules you don't want to give advice and very often when people come to the problem they haven't austerity have the answer they just might need it they might need to help discovering the answer will come up with a very workable solution that you might not come up with on your own don't tell people something they can discover on their round and don't think the problem for them if you do need to get information to people then doing it in a way that offers that to hand it back to them and give them the responsibility for what they can do with that information so what you do is first of all to ask yourself if this information when they need right now initiative and Sarah ask if you can share you mind if I share with you a different perspective Mark and Mary share with you something that has worked for some other people and after Sarah and get back to them and say what you thinking of what I just talked about so they adopted down with what they want to do about it it's than in the driver seat with them that asking them questions in a way that helps them to be able to should come up with a workable solution that works for you in the past maybe even a totally different area of life I had a person was working with struggling with exercise over another we had conversations you little his was very having a challenge getting your exercise in and then at one time I talk to and she had had a series birthday party that she had planned for her one -year-old birthday party with clowns and catering people in her husband 's arm work with all there is a big event I'm not just by fellow birthday cake as I was on a warehouse is able to accomplish that in science and as you will notice that when you do it we able to do together and pulled up for a party opposition started nothing contained and then I asked what those strategies could you pull from and apply to exercise their connection there she just went up and then she started coming up with a solution around to asking questions that help them maybe previous successes what's I may have whether they think others do that were basically helping them discover instead of you telling them is in the make a difference in some greenhouse you what to do with your reaction generally we wanted to do that then what were told we never grew up I guess that if I come up with an idea myself I get excited about in more and more apt to do it so that that's the point I'm making there was onto something something something against the runaround these are wary of just follow-up questions questions feel number three is goal setting goal setting we made plans for a lot of things in life and make plans academically when we are trying to pursue a degree we make plans for our retirements in our investment account careerwise there's a certain limit plans the environment and to help ministry events or landing birthday party but what we often done to take that same concept of planning in the same skills and apply them to our wellness and wanting to make a change he hated change and so one thing a goal of a coach can do is help them like a little coaching vignettes it started with a you have where they wanted to go and then it broken down into staff and actions that someone will come in gold goals are fast with their behavioral goals not outcome goals but with it differently but the difference in behavior and outcome in doing an outcome is a result why do you think it would be in it what would you be if you had the mindset different if you had an outcome goal versus the behavioral the goal is okay so yeah I had an end okay that's good any behavior can be lifelong I find is something I do not K and can be temporary the other thing about the inability to have a little more control over behaviors you may not have control over the outcome even if you do the recommended behaviors to reset outcomes and cholesterol may come down maybe there's another issue is why he is still struggling with weight after exercising and eating a plant based diet is so it's easier to set a goal and energy benefits something that's within our control and outcomes are always within our control and Demi Lovato I discussed out there best if they are putting in our busy and as they headed to where we want to go the other thing they can do outcomes can be help measure our effectiveness it lately for example whatever outcome goals weighing every two weeks how determine whether that definitely taking are leading us to our one ago so that's a better way of using outcomes they want tangled or behavioral sex and positive if I awarded and all that I don't want to eat sleep this week or the next three months and not eat sleep and negative and it also sets up a little rebellion in me learning something in a positive help people connect with it much better I want to choose for a substitute phrase for desserts for refined sweet for seventy five percent of my meal to something like that much more positive three-month time frame is a good timeframe to have because it long enough that you'll see some results in three months recently we see that it takes only three months actually darted yesterday rational results selling people 's blood work in their way we talk about behaviors that the good timeframe but they must discuss sure enough it's enough to say that under the Rhine it has been a be here before we know it is also difficult to excite you and make you smile when I mean by that it's personally connected to you is connected to what's important to you who you are and it just pulls you want to go there if not it should something I should do or I have to do people now say they connected with goals like that is something they wanted to hang them into moving pallets aware that they want to be that they're much more connected and it also goals should be smart people you are familiar with the smart acronym for millennium but I'll quickly recap that when the essence marks and four specific advice if at some event I want to exercise more about this what kind of exercise moments exercise might be more specific people that have goals their record in the smart language nitrate a bull's-eye target and Eminem much more ready to more active region measurable eight a.m. what would be the importance of having a measurable goal how manually exactly so being able to measure it in some way quantify a dance floor attainable and realistic in a timeframe and a half if you take in consideration the resources I have available to me the my current situation isn't dependent on somebody else to achieve that is wrapped up in attainable R stands for relevant enough to care about it it's got a be relevant to you not something that somebody else is suggesting that something that's connected with what's most important to you in your values otherwise you not going to make it a priority at all and in teams time sensitive and has dates attached to it not just a three month timeframe but even in a more specific date I've been a exercise on Monday Wednesday and Friday sometimes it can get not specific at seven in the morning but the more specifically our the more they are to reach the goals this sounds so basic but very often people would just say I wanted to eat better exercise more when a lose weight they need help transferring that into some concrete realistic goals that they can start moving towards so they can reach that destination now a three-month goal still may not be something that they can do now a three-month behavior of all maybe something like in three months I want to be exercising forty five minutes five days a week at the gym anyway more specific how many do a combination of cardiovascular and strength training for forty five minutes at the gym I been doing that very specific measurable attainable possibly I checked there their vision went ahead and it was important to them relevant and presented it I can do that now that you might fall flat on your place and if you start right now time to go five days a week and I really adjusted your schedule about to make that happen or any number of other preparatory steps so bluntly usually the colleges to help them take now exactly what baby steps you take what little smaller action steps can you take to move you towards the bigger goal as a medical necessity yourself maybe on the membership of Virginia and so when my step might be negated in membership or maybe that I can only handle this influence recently to the gym but that's two times more than I been doing so that progress towards an article so helping them to set action steps and small manageable steps they can put on a calendar or task list for the concrete things that they can do now to move them towards that goal starting with smaller steps like a little step segment in the latter and the little video with lots building and vigorous steps as they are successful in building their confidence aiming for controlling movement what is your next that weekend I'm moving ever so slightly they're going to eventually be stable at that momentum you trying to get the person of them of being stopped is the biggest thing that we're trying to help them overcome is that even the little bits of movement is helpful in moving them forward thinking and those of you that are used to years ago when we had beyond when we had to push a cart against or now that's just down by car how hard was it to place a card that we can identify you get several people to help depression because to overcome nagging are sending down what went is moving ever so slowly it easier to keep it going you don't need to push harder I haven't many people question when you when you work with someone for next steps kneeling down of all that we talked about what you want to do what we you choose to do this week are that an enemy that question that will help them to identify something that they can begin doing now and then success action steps that can be achieved about sixty to eighty percent of the time and I can always achieve than a hundred percent NFL K and making progress and I think that learning lesson as well is that when they come back and recap this week we often think in black and white while I didn't make my goal I didn't I failed what percentage of leisure progress what was the percentage that you accomplished because fifty percent of the time it seemed that for some it hasn't been doing anything at all and that gives them hope and it shows in that they are moving forward if you see that there continually less than sixty to eighty percent maintenance to be maybe we need to break it down into smaller steps or explore what getting in the way what are the obstacles facing gives us an opportunity to have a conversation possibly around one as teachable moments where they can learn a little bit about themselves if it's always a hundred percent maybe they need to be challenged to get back the problems it people get bored if it's not challenging they won't maintain their health behavior either as a lever for is your toolbox in addition to some of the things that we party talked about with their the infidels and their inquiry in helping them create a wellness plan pertains to be so many others strategies that you can pull out a natural box just like a roller coaster and found just in your repertoire ways activity sixties and give them to to do in your group settings are one-on-one asking him questions visiting with them and helping them consider their environment and how it's supporting their chains research has so many different things that meant having that help people be more successful in chains and and when I just want to motivate us all with is that we need to be more than just the keepers of the information we have wonderful information our church and we also one of the experts with regards to change and to be able to write Jesus again ascertains and be able to talk with someone and help them connect with the area and there like that they're struggling and maybe possibly a solution out and go around the obstacle someone having a conversation with someone is just a conversational model that you can use it to get a little framework when you're talking doesn't need to take very long that helps you not just go to some I still think on your actions that that help set conversation I be a little more centered on down and and more meaningful and helpful for them it's a conversational structure that is used in a lot of different types of coaching is made up of four steps goal reality check options and will that make that bank relaxing acronym selling it in the Dominican display first of all the goal and an activity variable nightmares only make our conversation most healthful things you need right now where you stopped what would you like to talk about that let them come up with a goal for the conversation reality check okay though the ball ran I want to be able to travel across country to visit my daughter and in the past I have always managed that long-distance shipment of an imminent so that I mean going to check in on Wednesday that I'm really worried about how inventing across country and not blow everything and just done I was a real person came to me without issue and said their goal is to get again across country and figure out a solution the next thing is reality check look objectively at where they are now okay so tell me a little bit about what's behind this goal what went when you're in your past experience in which they are instead caffeine and sugar get them across the country if it's limited having a hard time getting your exercise what happened last week very objective we don't want to evaluate her chastisement just exploring with them so they can learn and pull from the past experiences mailing on options brainstorming okay so what could we do what are some options for you and getting them to come up with some options the energy around the table if you need to for yourself yourself to get them started how can we get from eighth to be and putting a lot on the table and then all that week we talked about reconnecting with which one you think would be the one you want to start with what could you do and then moving to what you want to do and what you choose to do each one is a little different in a new mindset and thinking and then ending with the will of him when he can do this week to move our future on that trip successfully so like the daily time for along time back now time for you to kind of try on a little bad about what we talked about before we do everything I just said what questions or comments your mind or what thoughts would you like to add any issue any shares where you thinking now with regard to some of the coaching skills and encouraging approach you can use that someone a team approach and landing anytime about that tomorrow that is an absolute key to success of health ministries that team approach that got lively and encouraging independence with our health ministry a lot of their information sorry been given and health programs you might not need to get more information you might need to just ask questions in a way to find out what their understanding our years clearly what connected with you most after listening to the program on milk and dairy or what do you know about the benefits of eating breakfast kind of find out where they are if there is a gap in their information than you might need to switch little ventures and information defendant entered in that way I mentioned when getting it back to them but you can't schedule back on and say what your thoughts for the information you shared that said but we don't mind where we fall and get some most often is getting too much information we do more telling than we do asking we are great advice giving and problem solving and that doesn't manifest doesn't work so yes you are going to be very widely near you and your use in and you will need at times to help them fill in the gap they might have in their understanding don't assume there's a gap first check out thinking they may even tell you they don't understand that they may think they got and that's where more advertising than asking questions in a way that health them froth that helps you identify that there is a gap is important to gain out alive it almost seems to be our nature and so I don't want you to not walk away from here thinking that I'm bashing giving out information now and tell professionals to everyday those of you are health professionals you sometimes will come to you for advice information and being able to segue between the two DNA information is needed that that that that coaching hat back on and find out their thoughts on that information how do they see themselves applying and working they tried it before and it rants an obstacle less talk about that is much better than just telling people what to do which is experienced today yes how can I solve it was right not very optimistic question you ask that might make them think about it a little differently offering a different perspective perhaps to the situation can help them think about something or see it in a different light so it's a big closing conversation is so much more than just asking questions and listening there's a a lot to bring to it and we are bringing our information we are bringing our perspective as a Christian that that embraces this help message is a lot we haven't offer that we might want to share with them in the conversations and then that gets them thinking a little bit differently about their situation sometimes just verbalizing how many of you process well out loud you talk like to talk things out and how many of you those that process out loud have I don't have him come to a narrow understanding why we were talking that's what were getting ended there is just processed wheat we often don't take the time to hate about maybe the information that we just sat and listened to a redneck and health program and really apply to regular supply in the Houses of Parliament to my situation and said getting them to process and think about it might help in this change their thinking yelling when dealing with addiction sometimes it is a little bit different method that will use that it will set a quit date and namely work their work towards that click Dayton providing all the tools and information they need to be successful sometimes it does work a little differently with addictions to write you still use a lot of the same approach though not just handing them information and helping a date that they can apply and make the change is a real knowing versus doing gap and family want to still use advertising approach that people with addictions there there are some other things that certainly factor me sure sure Jesus was a master at Allegheny I think that underscores also the importance of realizing that each person is unique and the their learning found that communications all is not part of the package and being intended what it is they need and how they best communicate is an important part of how we work with which I may put an awful lot in the small affection your biggest take away here I believe is that we want to complement our traditional home program invite people to come and how much ado with an approach that includes a relationship where when working with them walking with them helping them to try this these new things out in their life and him baptizing up as well increase in ours heart outcomes in our programs and our people will be able to experience the fullness of life that they had a monumental in my pants enjoy I want to move past the five hundred and ninety seven when the move past this and share with you where my vision is for seeing encouraging and can be used in your help ministry I will even create an environment for God to work if we are not just telling people that we are offering ourselves as a college in a relationship with someone out to her guide is a commitment air that we are wanting their long-term success were not just about giving them the information and telling them that they need to change it and integrated approach the result three circles health information pointing them to God as the change agent and and and also walking alongside of them with James causing is can be used in any of the health ministry program it does not need to be and it's not the intended standalone if not separate from her different from insisting that are presently laying on top of anything you do whether you're doing a health expo you can use it coaching whether you just have when you're having at a cooking class are innately similar search of program you can incorporate coaching to help people at whatever stage there in to be able to move forward in their progress towards living healthily and encourage them to use at all ages all families small groups or large groups couple of ways that you can use coaching is individually or group which is a question that you asked with how you see this being utilized and individually when in working with people one way that I and a number of others have used it had with programs that you have some kind of pre- and post training by a heart saying that just for example so after they get the results you can sit down with them immediately than individually billing over the numbers identify what concerns they have been announcing about their vision where do they see themselves in the future when their goals and sign-up for the program and where they had about when they really like perhaps helping them to reward those goals the Smart goals because of the Moratti got to be spending their time smart and intelligent and at your church wants to do more than just providing information that provided either tools and long-term success of poor for them in being able to unleash their goals so they don't have to do it alone and sounds at assigning them to a particular table that has the staff with putting your health ministry team members that strangely made a coaching approach and after the program presentation they are meeting with their coach in more small-group activities may be a group of three four five or six people around that table taking the concepts that was introduced in the meaning tell a more personal level and helping them to go away again with their action steps for the week being a princess and display some of what they learned but not giving a cookie-cutter approach one person might go away merely feeling like they need to begin drinking more water and another person might have a totally different actions that but each person helping them where they're at in reaching the goals that are important to them on informal conversations on before and after meeting any time that you even be the floor after a health program itself or any kind of meaning when someone comes to sharing a struggle that they're having in a particular area being able to just dialogue with them not telling them that they need to do this or that it I is for them that I think questions and they even asked enamel would you like someone to team up with you partner with you to help you be my success our mission is really had a lot of surprises in this area you need to use the workouts might be confusing for them by offering ourselves that tour guide along their journey to help them be successful partnering with them I asked or a health fair you can have a contemplation and they gone through all the stations by now they come with their little check she could bid on it each one and then going through what was learned today going to the health expand like what he was raising eighty what was your biggest learning and what was your biggest concern you using some of the same ultimate exploratory questions to get in thinking a little bit more would you like some personal support in improving your health and again and expanding it that relationship to them as one of the tools that will help them be successful delete half of the health program that goes for a while and then he and she can musicology approach and follow-up contact calling them up here just checking in with you to see how it's going with you and then ask about the celebrate within a tight you think that going great and if they've had some challenges empathize and again offer and personal support and office into contact him again next week in new says that those fields of inquiry and listening to just help them to be about that moved towards their next staff so they don't just get discouraged and fail out when things and help behavior when you will travel here many of you drove some of you flew let's use the car for an example him higher on your way here what would you have done down changing or constantly I recall tripling the gigantic and blatantly fixed then we got back on the road loan delays that were on the road we believe that with our health many times I talk to people you to have a flat tire on their wellness journey and it gets discouraging they just get out and flash the rest of their tires again on the destination altogether it's not like that I can do it and so we just want to extend that hope anything not found in helping them to the other reach their goals a Canadian nurses can use a settling and working with people one-on-one and in a green lifestyle coaching model is helping to facilitate a little deeper learning than just the information is presented remember in and classroom settings in the business world anyway they said that less than ten percent of people do anything as a measurable change in their behavior after the information is presented solely one of them connected that information in a more personal level to determine what piece is that it was relevant to them and then what do they want to do about it so you can do that just in your discussions at the end either by breaking up into smaller groups that are led by a culture facility mother facilitator or even in the big group setting on it it must respond as you can still do it you can even take a minute for them to write their personal answers on a note page so that they are still connecting with what's most important you can not that also offer ongoing support and in your check program they have alumni events anything we've had alumni events that are just focused on coaching not even any more health information they got the information already there struggling to in an dinner livestock that we had the lightship refresher courses which is really more about taking women are relearned and helping them create a plan for change and I'm working with anything that way we've had over the holidays thriving holidays it is really not an information -based program it was a four-week coaching program to help them get to the holidays successfully and creating a plan and each week for going back on their print plan and and tweaking and changing instead they got through the holidays without gaining weight without blowing everything that they have been doing I has to soon be here soon but in the meantime what I like to do is we talked about exercise and where you are at with your exercise plan we just can't seem to have a little man and given the same thing we meant again this media was used by bodybuilders will begin he was summoned if you like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com will include lifeless and more freeing online is www. audio verse is on board


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