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Creating a Vibrant Health Ministry, Part 7

Don Hall


Don Hall

Founder, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    1:30 PM
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start time is been shortened a little bit so the ones that were not in a car registered a few on nutrition your quite another when they are on fruits and vegetables and nutrition in over twenty million what are the priority issues in your mind that the fruits and vegetables all the research is a level of a longtime need more fruits and vegetables the new guidelines are saying as many as five to nine servings a day and if you had met Martine would show you your see in those slides that the reason they say that is because people do that they live longer and sold fruits and vegetables that's what we want to promote and then there was another one on hold whole grains are criminal bit about whole grains but as a whole chapter on at I just really amazed as you look at all the studies today on how whole grains is helpful I get on the Adventist health study than our own Adventist group and compared those are used white bread regulate the use of whole grains they cut the risk of heart disease in half my exposures and whole grains able to do that in every church but a big difference just that one little thing make in their health and Desmond is one unhealthy fats I didn't get to cover them into which you can read the thing in there and basically the bottom line in the new researchers say is that we don't need to cut back on our total fat intake as much as we need to get rid of the bad kinds of fats the solid pass the trans fats in their place used health effects to be vegetable fats and predicted the ones that are also high in the end three fatty acids we need to be using those more regularly and where would that be known not much into the finances of outcomes outcomes are good healthy fats so but in the in the flaxseed you'll find that more than three fatty acids and in walnuts and hazelnuts and most of the nuts are good there but the long it's particularly a very high than other vegetable oils the one is highest there is no oil in the second one is soy soybean canola not only did a lot of polyunsaturated fats are healthy for you else if you begin three Fed acid alkalinity acid and yes and again you and you read the stuff on the Internet you'll find all kinds of rumors and been written on canola oil but you are doing just ignore all of that none of that is true of a part true about those things that you that they say is that canola comes from the word tattered and oil but togetherness through all the rest of it is just the sum I made it up in all the research in fact loyal has the lowest saturated fat of any vegetable oil in the highest and in three fatty acids and all the research shows it is very helpful and many heart disease well we got think of it usually in grams though we think of is usually around twenty five to thirty percent of our calories should come from fat actually that recommendation goes as high as thirty five percent but generally recommend twenty five to thirty five feet audio that much fat and some people recommend a very low-fat diet around fifteen percent your cow is it what are you doing injury more carbohydrate again when you eat that when you reduce the healthy fats in your race a carbohydrate your HDL 's go down and everything ratios go down your risk according her disease goes up HDL 's are probably the most important blood test you can do this you you have a heart attack are not even more important than LDL-cholesterol and so most people you'll be healthier to have around about twenty five to thirty percent your calories from fat but make sure their health effects and you can look through those articles which are find an error it is no correlation between total fat intake and risk of heart disease a we were surprised by that who you think of a hundred thousand health nurses and that forty five thousand health professional studies at Harvard study on you take your fat intake and promote that the high-fat there is no difference in all of heart disease but if you look at the saturated fat intake the more the higher the risk and on the polyunsaturated fat intake New York the quintiles the more polyunsaturated fat the lower the risk every time the polyunsaturated fat goes up the risk drops well we need more the polyunsaturates Metra we saw on this list most people are getting up polyunsaturated and aggregate committee the backpacks through with a safe they got the bad times replaced with the good times what they show is that if you take a quintile groups every fifth level every time there's an increase in polyunsaturated fats the risk of heart disease goes down is like when you look at fiber every time there's an increase in fiber risk of heart disease went down risk of diabetes are down and we see the same thing on healthy fats and diabetes risk anytime there's an increase in saturated fats the risk of diabetes goes up every time there's an increase in polyunsaturated fats the risk of diabetes goes down so their protective against both heart disease and diabetes we also find is protected to the brain in Alzheimer's disease healthy fats in particular the entry fatty acids effective against Alzheimer's olive oil is good to olive oil is does not happen to have very much and three fatty acid neither is it real high-end polyunsaturates that it is a healthy fat is mostly monounsaturated fatty acids she would want to use it entirely best use of granola sorry sunflowers mothers with that to get the polys with that I used to hear that we should have the majority of our towers for monounsaturated fat the last five years that thinking has begin to reverse all the new studies now are pronounced in the polyunsaturated fats are the healthiest that we can eat in the latest study showed as much as fifteen percent of their calories were given this is a clinical trial for the actually control the diets and gave them up to fifteen percent of their calories from polyunsaturated fats it's even higher than before they said don't go over ten percent in setting him up to fifteen what they found is the more polyunsaturated fats they filled your heart attacks they had and so now the American Heart Association 's come out new guidelines on that other organizations have as well just the polyunsaturated fats that are most protective of the monitor are okay but they don't lower the risk as much as the polished avocado is mostly monounsaturated fat but again it's healthy that but incident you want some others many knots are mostly polyunsaturated fat special like walnuts are very high in the politicians on Allman 's very good that what you and the coconut worker what is coconut coconut is mostly saturated fat and old leg acid very little polyunsaturates in practically no month omega-3 's so we wouldn't put it in the healthiest choices you have which yes I read all those new studies and that what was basically they're saying is it's not as bad as they thought it used to be but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best yet hi we do desperate things in desperate situations and I've heard that too night and so on but it's we don't have any evidence -based studies yet were they given that a majority benefit is mostly people come up with that idea and some grandma used at runtime they thought she got better another minute for everybody Richard Jeanine is a carefully controlled study used a double-blind study for half of her given one thing and have another look at that to my knowledge has never been done yet we don't have any real evidence that there's any benefit that there is lots of study that showed that the industry that acids are protective against Alzheimer's the polyunsaturated fats protect we don't have any studies that show that the others are at this site and I've seen Earth balance a dirt for a spread the use of the coconut fat and thanks in their dumping Palm oil that look at the ingredients there's some that do will only spread that I've found that's at I can recommend would be take control seen that when they control I've looked at all of them and I can't find any that happen I'd say that's really a good spring and he gives other than being a better almond butter as you better the economic automation updated on those I could all recommend the others are which one is not the worst and then they hear from the Greek islands whether they use olive oil and that would be healthier to do so anytime it's a solid and it's difficult they control I like because it has its trans- fat-free for one thing and it they also have added Stan Olson sterile and those will trap cholesterol in your gut and it passed right on through it keeps him from being in the or and by itself a lower your cholesterol by five to twelve percent the new clinical trials on it look for it is then not some grocery stores but not all of them and another name that said another company bought them out sources take control of analysis is something else would be another one of those they are an isotopic lesson advantages to use too much that that that that that that that but if you were going to use this predator read that Lynwood has been shown to significantly reduce your risk of heart disease it would be wanted I could recommend is a I've read his material hacking he stated that the long time ago and to read the current data in research that does not show that data and all the new research shows us that polyunsaturated fats lower your insulin resistance nor your resistance and we are likely to getting diabetes and a single article that you need to be using more polyunsaturated fats that I am aware that there are people to teach that the we we would I say we those treasonous to what the school health and nutrition department most people would recognize that is the best approach all right where we now I want to jump ship heirloom that will go on to the next one so find the one I on exercise program try to covers many of these as we can when you begin looking at the benefits of exercise you'll find that is not a lot of things it can do for positive benefits or health and here he does see a quick list that you look at those list high blood pressure obesity diabetes coronary heart disease some of the cancers osteoporosis depression is a whole host of the things that exercise can help and we will look at some of these quickly and some original research you can see some the data I love the impression means that most Adventist non-smoker known drink a lot that if we got exercise on a regular basis of an help improve the health of our church members more than any other one single thing we can do and as you go through here will see why I talk about that first day 's exercise is very healthy for the heart is that and is very good for keeping the heart healthy and the coronary arteries open and similar ways as they improve is a course improve the circulation they decrease inflammation and if you read about the cause of heart disease inflammation is kind of the underlying cause is what irritates the arteries and that's where the cholesterol goes in where that information is I later on the coronary arteries her buildup of a lot of cholesterol plaques is the inflammation of those plaques that cause a plaque rupture when they rupture that's when the red blood cells positive plot their and almost all heart attacks are caused by that disease process inflammation the ruptured plaque red blood cells collected there and plug-in that are great really goes to the brain is a stroke goes to the heart is a heart attack with both the kidney may cause kidney failure but the underlying process is inflammation and one thing that exercise does is to reduce inflammation in the body also losing weight is that it improves the blood faster to I've got the right levels go down that's helpful and your HDL levels go up and as helpful HDL remember is to clean out those vessels and course exercise helps prevent obesity helps to lower the blood pressure helps lower blood sugar all of those have a direct effect on health of the heart the circulation 's over here on the right you see a coronary artery and the its size if I get my little pointer here that the left-hand side here that's about when and how they are should like to be about one fourth the distance of the lumen of the opening of that artery notice on this site is pretty thick is was all this look like that doesn't sort it is triglyceride cholesterol fatty material and what happens is that builds up in the artery wall and set art of August they configure what happens to helping found impedes the circulation desk and that's what were trying to prevent so keeping that artery open is what's critical for both heart health and for preventing strokes for exercise helps by his letter that earlier studies done this is a Harvard study on the nurses study they had seventy two thousand women after about ten years they look to see who had a heart attack show here the left inside and he simply looked at walking in here those that didn't get any exercise and we go over here to those who got one hour per week did it make a difference it dropped the risk by a third are almost at that almost thirty percent so even one hour of exercise helps as the new thing about fitness they say any exercise you do is helpful I can but if you get more what happens like you getting three hours per week then what's your risk was cut in half this see that so that amazing just three hours o'clock and we didn't cut your risk of heart attack than us could you do that would be that easy have such a profound effect so anyway locking is a good exercise how to did more you see more benefit but not the big change was the big change biggest was from doing nothing to doing something is not as kind of the good news about exercise we see that in several areas but here's the corollary that the opposite of that sitting too much is not good for your elevator is that there are a lot of jump up your do some exercise here's a study seventeen thousand men and women for twelve years they simply asked them how much they sat and what is the as the percentage of time goes up predicted to get around fifty present your time sitting in and up to seventy five percent and people said most the time the risk of a heart attack is almost double that fascinated now this trend is the same even if you have an exercise program I don't have that slide with this set of slides that I've got it we showed a carpet likewise we just finished baby today people who exercise regularly and then look at their sitting time you get down to the last two categories are not quite aside that dropped about fifty percent increased risk of my sooner talk about exercisers two things we need to do that what is the exercise number two don't sense a much but think about it typical person would get up in the morning they come down they said made breakfast the neglect of McCartney said as they commute to work it's a long way might think of after an hour or an hour and then they get to work and wanted it don't really work anymore do we just sit work on the computer were talking the phone whatever it is a lot of people that most the babysitter work and it is time to go all go out and reset the car drive home we then are we set a midafternoon we go innocent by the DVD exercise that bomb on the load controller and a lifetime of an event that yes got a typical of our society is that and so we set so much and that's hard on the body and so another guideline is a never sent more than about thirty to sixty minutes without getting up and walking around so I do that work now I happen desk that I said at right next to it I have a desk that I can stand up that event the phone rings I jump up flag over the standup desk I can take notes and write things and do whatever and if I'm working on my laptop computer I can work at the standup desk and therefore that have a committee meeting sometimes unstable could we do this meeting why were walking and we can go outside and we walk for fifteen or twenty minutes take care of our business we come back to work why can't we be more active you see in our regular routine I'm thinking of doing some of these things to try to break up my city is an independent I independent from our exercise exercise helps a little bit but doesn't take well the risk so a lot of things that exercise does time and go through this kind quickly here it certainly very helpful for blood pressure and here's a study that shows that and this is a group of about two thousand five hundred people followed for fifteen years ago had healthy blood pressures when they started in a notice over these fifteen years this is broken down aesthetic went out on his quartiles reports for your support the people who were least active in their rate of developing high blood pressure notice that every level of increase in daily activities a number of people got high blood pressure went down so again those who were most active at the risk at least in half for high blood pressure about diabetes interest in preventing diabetes same thing as a large study eight thousand people the study for six years and all had normal blood sugar levels beginning and hear the people who are the high fitness people are the people who don't get any exercise look at that huge difference over that six years and who develop diabetes that the Lord that people three seven times more likely to get diabetes if they were moderately fit what it happened outside halfway between us and that was protecting to let the other people got the most exercise of the most benefit what if you already have diabetes his exercise helpfulness with this slide shows two thousand eight hundred and some people a year study and they some of the people with diabetes exercise and some didn't and this is the risk of dying from any cause we are on the left no exercise if they got two hours per week but it do drop the risk nearly forty percent is pretty good as my pen they got three more hours per week adopted by more than fifty four percent so if you have diabetes is an important exercise do not diabetic friend you can sag and tell you how you can cut your risk of dying in half in the next ten years to what is richer answer walk three to four hours per week is a prescription is okay so even if you have a health problem diabetes diabetes and be very helpful about your bones interested in keeping your bones healthy we find that exercise is good for that not only the Lockean things are jogging but the weight bearing or strengthening exercises which a strain on Apple here's what we see here hours Walker we this is a study of about the protests are classically sixty thousand people living in a solicitor anyway as exercise our locker we go out the risk of a hip fracture goes down this about exercise and weight control on the date on that is there is a real interesting study is required surprising was when I first sought very careful study about twenty five thousand people for ten years of follow-up and it they put people on the treadmill and tested in St. Louis eating exercise and who work yellow civic group and the blue is the unfit so let's look at the unfit group first here's the unfit people who have normal way on this I may have relative risk of death from any cause okay so here's the people who are normally sedentary overweight and sedentary and obese sedentary work etc. as the rate goes up more likely to die from any cause or now here's the people who are getting regular exercise in a fit is normally overweight and obese much and you have their country no difference is a surprising that this is an and what we find out is that everything that way does bad for us exercise seems to be almost like an antidote for overweight blood pressure goes up to exercise the pressure goes down the overweight triglycerides what makes guilds go down when you exercise reverses just both of those problems and as you go through and look at everything that way does this bad for us exercise almost always does just the opposite so we found that working corporations if we can get everybody skinny but we try to do then is it everybody moving if you can't be skinny at least exercising the effects of a good sense instead of encouraging is that because I any work with a large group of people you're probably not going to get the majority of them standing there over what if that research is pretty dubious that you can get a lot of people to lose lottery keep it up hello you can do is get everybody walking everybody exercising any other some are overweight and it can take a lot of that risk away okay here's one exercise and smoking and will just look at this slide here to start with here's a group of twenty five thousand people ninety years of follow-up very careful study here the smokers who are sedentary here's the smokers who exercises make a difference in risk of death from any cause because about a half-dozen and exciting so if you have smokers that have a hard time quitting is that kind of the rule most smokers would quit if they could easily have a hard time they can't quit what can they do they can start exercising I did this in a corporation right coast were my officers of the Safeway bakery made all the bread for the Safeway stores up and down the West Coast for the last and that they want to start an exercise program I went over there about thirty percent of their people were smokers we start a real good exercise program and your luck about five years whenever smoking just took care of itself smoking out of the way of their exercise in over five years almost all those people stopped and at the end of five years we had maybe four or five people that were still smoking it we had some special classes and help those people and over six or seven years we completely eliminated there was not one smoking employed at life we started with the next and that sometimes it's a good place to start now let's compare here here's a person who is a smoker and exercises over here we have what a non-smoker who doesn't exercise is more likely to die settlement talking okay here's the death rate from any cause overhears a non-smoker for sedentary over here we have the smoker but who exercises was at higher risk sky over years so sometimes I play little bit with churches when I'm doing this I said I've heard a rumor that an Adventist church if you smoke you can be a roof member but if you're overweight and sedentary can be that our big overweight and sedentary can be that Elder is that rumor right that we do funny things that you know we always like to look at the other fellow don't like to look at ourselves doing now not criticizing any groups are promoting smoking but sometimes we get real hard on some sins that citizens are okay we just need to think of them as we all have areas of needing to improve no and I guess what I'm promoting this power salutes let's love everyone right and encourage everyone and maybe this smoker who's exercising is actually doing better than some of us in the church who are non-smokers but not exercising all right exercising cancer you know anybody in your family or friends who died of cancer is look at some of the risk debate on here is one for exercise and breast cancer risk this is the women's health initiative study and seventy four thousand women for nearly five years here's those were in active in the risk of developing breast cancer during those five years here's those who exercise thirty to sixty minutes does it make a difference is not a huge difference was found about twenty percent is and if you look at the data from the number of life you can save from doing mammography you'll find that that's very much in line that states than done it's over in Sweden very large study and they estimated that you can reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer by about nineteen percent you to get your mammogram recovery however how do they save your life through surgery or chemotherapy in this case you don't have to get the cats is not a bad way to reduce the risk is about twenty percent about one out of every breast cancers that figure could be prevented if people exercise regularly is the one on physical activity and colon cancer driving against getting mammograms that's important what I'm getting at is Doctor should become the patient exercise to them have even a better result figures cancer nearly thirty thousand men twelve years of study and notice here is the one to gets the least amount of exercise is one against the most what is that as a two thirds decrease is not is not something people all exercise you can decrease the risk of colon cancer by two thirds and colon cancers the second leading cause of death from cancer the United States has a lot of reasons as you exercise your body weight comes down that is helpful you have a faster transit time of the material in your colon and that seems to get less exposure and reduces the risk there may be some immune factors that may be a factor we do know that there is a hormone changes as you exercise your blood sugar levels come down people have high blood sugar have more cancer if you have high insulin levels related to that increases your risk for cancer is you bring the way down on the other hormonal changes that can take place through the variety of thanks many ways may protect defend far as we know it are the most effective things you can do remaining colon cancer is one of pancreatic cancer is not interesting in any friends or family by the pancreas cancer when they get it how long do they happen not long getting and so if you want to be effective you usually not much you can do in treating as you see it is quite a bit you can do in reducing the risk is prevented so here they found that a Glock four hours or more per week at the risk by fifty four percent even if you got one at the three hours ago to buy certain is that encouraging it as is we can do something even to prevent cancer here's one on exercise and mental health and a particularly talking about this is physical activity protects against depression cognitive decline with age anxiety feelings of distress fatigue a lot of things that can affect our mental health and are well being this is one interesting study done by a Duke at Duke University a psychiatrist at people came to him for clinical depression hundred fifty six people is in regard to an experiment rep what half of them on medication as we normally do but the other half were going to put on an exercise program should attend on the track they walked briskly for half an hour talk about their exercise and so on did talk about their problems he did this for sixteen weeks and then evaluated the two groups and here's what he found exercisers improved as much as those on medication is not interesting I thought that was pretty good of the psychiatrist he says if you just get out and exercise and invisible benefit is visiting a psychiatrist and thinking all these medications at a time I think a medication order regarding we may have some side effects may not always without side effects and so anyway exercise was very careful not to make test of that began and that same university to come out with follow-up reports and here's what they found as a year or two you years later they found that exercise was much more effective than even the medication for people who got over the depression then maybe who went back and got it again the roots exercise help them from going back and getting depression again such positive is a very good that the note that kind of a lifestyle change can make a beginner noticed on here for only the exercise is not those taking the medication found in improvement in what mental abilities such as concentration planning and organization that interested so that people take the medicine didn't get this but those who exercise under the pressure goes down the brain work better if you think there here again mother started this about five thousand men in a thousand women and they took a and inventory called the well-being score by the way to get a little stress profile back there that will package rehab it has this well-being inventory you can it's a self scoring is kind of fun to see how you're coping stress your life is at they found that correlated their scores in the higher the scores the better their mental health okay intimate they correlated that was how many miles per week they were dating and are walking or jogging programs and you notice your people who don't get any regular exercise was about one to nine miles ten miles or twenty more miles per week when you see every time there was an increase in activity level their metal emotional scores improved as a close correlation between physical exercise and fitness and how the brain works as look at on them when women side women you're those in and get much exercise as it went up was what happened to those scores even more dramatic than for men is so exercise on the positive things we can do for improving mental health Sundays you look to this evidence we been looking at some pretty serious common problems Emily and every case fitness is a tremendous help to help out and living longer for study was Alameda County study on six thousand people they found that exercise of all the things they asked was the best predictor of a long healthy life in a group of people is another study hundred and two thousand men and women and renown over the time of twenty six years of follow-up that's a long time is they found six thousand nine hundred ten cases of death from any cause and a look through it look at the different risk factors and they found that physical activity is the best predictor of survival more important than any of these risk factors down here after they held constant for that here we see the results here's the mortality level for those who were highly fit those who got moderate exercise and those who didn't get any regular exercise is really big drop is in his even moderate exercise at significant savings or benefits us even more notice those people who were sedentary seventy percent more likely to die during those hours at twenty nine years the differences out which of those categories you want to be a on this one other derivatized theatergoing and accordingly get up a new designer microphone on my Denny's or Nike zero whenever you got and go out and hit the road today among LA and that Jordan adversely large open your bicycle ride to work or whatever it is you enjoy doing and I was another one of those smaller numbers at twelve years people who are sixteen about the people who are six about the need to exercise as they get older we may even need a mark right answer here's what they found is the quintiles again those who got the least amount of exercise and their death from any cause and then as they went from there just to moderate exercise with that big jump again we've seen that fifty percent reduction in risk of dying from any cause if they got more exercise and more exercise and more exercise the risk went down the cement kind of the most highly thick there the risk of dying was seventy three percent lower in a person got no exercise very powerful predictors in this one we don't about time you appear that person is getting now probably more at least a half an hour forty five minutes or maybe an hour a day it is divided in the quintile so they can compare to as exercise goes up what happens to risk as a quotation I like from Ellen White written in nine councils on health page fifty two and she says all who can possibly do so ought to walk in the open air at least twice a week right or three times a week every day the neck on a radical every day she says summer and winter walk even in winter would be more beneficial to the health and all the medicine the doctors may prescribe you believe that we just look at the evidence did me and so now we have quickly learned this and that because the evidence is so compelling the American College of sports medicine and American Medical Association have a joint venture now is called exercise is medicine heard about it and their targeting particularly physicians in our nation to educate them and encourage them to see that if they start making regular changes and what they're telling their patients to start exercising preventing it tremendous results exercise is medicine 's American Medical Association and American College of sports medicine they started this program to train physicians to encourage them to talk to their patients about exercise because it's the most powerful medicine that they have to their newly give to their patients you can see across all these years after you take a medication is effective that's one thing was likely to have Ubuntu side effects sometimes it can be researchers can't with the side effect of exercise your brain might work better we might weigh less than a lot of positive side effects right as well as the one it might be prescribed of course it's something that can be very beneficial if begun so Andrea is or is will in your I rather look at the number of deaths in the twelve years of the twenty nine years or however long it is right which gives us a pretty good idea within how much longer do they let that's a good question and I and our other class we restarted that but I don't see it here in the Adventist health study they lived about three and half years longer a study that came out of China recently showed that people who got as little as fifteen minutes of exercise daily over most of their life lived up to three years longer a study out of Harvard Doctor Pat Umberger who worked with the Harvard alumni sixteen thousand of them and he looked at how much longer they live and dead weight he stated it wasn't for every hour they exercised they live two hours longer than is a good way to compare some people sat on a timed exercise is a well make time to die sooner than is not about investment as it every hour you exercise you in two hours longer and such a good investment is that when I like to do now was the guy doing at the time out of their direct you must be an Adventist and that will phase a very proper gardeners ladies English and bouquets were guided exercises cause us to live longer is aerobic exercises under the and so just a few points about how to get started things it's important here's the recommendations the physical activity guidelines for Americans these are guidelines that came out about a year ago and regulations for all people in America and they say at least how many minutes at least a half an hour a day four to five days per week on what kind of activity modern activity which is probably best for most people are starting out or twenty minutes three to four days per week on what kind vigorous activities of your jogger your work in an exercise intensity about twice what it is to walk she only had to go half as long and you viewed do either one of those you get about the same effects on your health as far as aerobic capacities concern or says a combination of both so I like to do is try to have some is done daily or nearly every day at least twice a week do something more vigorous so I jumped on my bike I got a great big Hill takes me about forty five minutes to get to the top right of bicycle uphill it's good exercise that challenges me I gets the heart pumping a little more and that gives me something little more bigger database I just walk up the hill back down not quite a strenuous our swim or some other kind of activity so it's kind of nice to do a little bolts just make careful not to go over board now down here says the minimum exercise time is how much ten minutes per session so I made you could do ten minutes in the morning ten minutes at noon and ten minutes of my and get a similar benefit it's a lesson that you're not doing an exercise for long enough to get your heart rate up to stand-alone that stimulate metabolism and getting the changes to take place that gives you improve health cell networks so that the guidelines for all Americans and they recommend starting out with modern activities see a list of them over there and a high rate of about fifty to seventy percent of maximum heart rate should break a little sweat when you're doing aerobic activity and you should be breathing harder so you can talk but not saying during activity if you are out walking with someone you should be a macaque conversation but if you can sing their lockable faster at I gave you need to get the heart rate and breathing up that showing injured challenge the system you know go fast enough United to get much improvement vigorous activities they recommend about seventy to eighty five percent of heart rate need to select heavily getting more energy going in the body eat up more and your breathing harder you cannot say more than just a few words without pausing for breath you should still be able to talk to the person next to a new kind of science of intensity and you can see a list of more vigorous exercises over there those are okay for anyone as long as they used to exercise you cannot use the registrar with a moderate workout and when you're ready you might want to send a more vigorous or your odor and it is wonderful and modern exercises find this to the longer you get the same death this is just a little thing about this skip that progression if you haven't been active in a wild start slowly made they can a person five or ten years to get out of shape don't try to get back into shape in five or ten days right you may cause a problem so choose activities appropriate for your fitness level build up the time you spend and then I if you want to you can switch to more vigorous activities few ideas on safety the recommendations there this is their statement by the office of disease prevention and health our government is says physical activity is generally safe for who everyone people who are physically fit have less chance of injury than those who are not fit health benefits you gain from the inactive are far greater the chances of getting hurt location of that year they were always cautioning everybody and run exercise make sure you don't kill yourself well that's good advice but even more important advice is to be don't exercise you need rundown get an example your doctor because that's a very high-risk activity to remain putting it in perspective being an activist it is not good for your health so if you do have a problem of course a health problem diabetes or heart problems good idea to check with your doctor if you start with modern activities most people don't need to see their doctor and some other guidelines and warm-up cool down using the right kind of gear exercising in safe places and so on and see your healthcare provider you have any health problems just to get some good advice here are some principles that help you for starting an exercise program people are more likely to be successful available and here's some different kinds of goals for doing the hourly to and a half hours per week that's the minimum goal is recommended for all Americans that be about half an hour five days a week when the two half hours another way to look at it as my own books if you like to be miles and at our company we have these three goals in the heaven incentives on each of those goals when employees need that on regular basis and those who get the most discount on their health insurance our company they put in fifteen to twenty miles per week other people might like to do steps have used that open outer with it on your belt walk it count your steps some of you have monitor good that all the research shows if you take a good look people to give the same pep talk on exercise and fitness one group gets up at Auburn government doesn't guess who exercises the most from your group do is funnily that and you say well look through thousands that donor bike and when I do get five thousand presented in five thousand one hundred and eighty get six thousand and what we do in our work we didn't all of our employees and so we meet one another on the walk of work and that I thought my phenomena five thousand steps a day so far must you have this it would got six thousand percent rate even the regarding compares everybody's working at it and we tell people you want to be reset of the steps you need ten thousand steps a day and using a little T-shirt out there and then and step for life program and so on ten thousand steps a day to be really fit such work that is kind of a feedback mechanism and you can like Arnold a long when I'm wearing mine I get home at night and it says I only have nine thousand five hundred steps in its almost time to go to bed but a negative well it paid for the dysthymia Schrödinger 's know your messy outside this dark so I have around my house and got upstairs I go up the stairs and one side roster top of the house come downstairs in the backside well I think some crazy weather world are you doing at and I do that about for five thousand I got my thousands that sit but what is it do but it is just probing their brain is I got a goal onward towards it my almost there but mother do the rest this phase you to get those extra few steps in it helps us to be faithful and regular steps this kind of psychological thing that works on mine else more like five miles by the time you walk ten thousand steps you know you've exercise that day at you first start out it may be too much that's what you got eight thousand or you might even start out with five or six thousand and slowly graduate gradually worked up over the time the fourteen thousand steps per day researchers shown that people have weight to lose and they really are serious about it the most likely to get their way down to do that the second thing that makes the most likely to be successful is they have a goal and then they longer steps or their time or whatever it is that you're keeping track of miles and the people who write it down in their little planner or now we have an online little application for your iPhone of years those yet if you haven't is free you can go on there and download it and I got look for mine on here they are just in step for life at medicines that are likely invalid right on your phone and you click it and that there is today's annual urate to log you get the logging calendar and put in your new put in steps four miles or minutes and you put in steps or minutes it converts of the miles on old formula and you can keep track for the whole year so that it on their website of North American division website on and step for life you'll find a lot of other information and think there's a coordinate is guided you want to start a program at your church how to heaven I so exercise program and how to coordinate at this honor they have awards when they get to the hundred mile award of the five hundred mile award you call the people up front and recognize them as some of my certificate is fun I've done this we do this with Nike Corporation tested older employees for years after Devereaux headquarters right there and not part and we would have our awards ceremony would have five or six hundred people there getting their words yes ha ha how you might put Adventists in step the first year to I ran it we just going to step for life and N/A wanted to upgrade the program and so we did meet but the name administered front of it is now on the administered in a deep website okay so logging keeping track having goals same way like on Monday to go as I have a week ago right now my goal is Debbie twenty Robert miles per week and so I get for his intimate and I'm not there what I did on the Internet gram-negative like ride my bike to work tomorrow I could do this I could do that and we begin to plan so that we reach our goals or keeps it in our mind were more likely be successful but most of us are that way you had a goal your work towards it you wrote it down as well we recommend you doing your churches you have a club or something Eric did a map and put it up there we did this in our church and the artist but a map up and we were in Portland Oregon it ends right didn't they had the big hurricane and thinks down the South so we decided to walk down to the south to help them and some people would turn in the results and every week we could track her progress didn't think is very long we got down there and we got down there with the company collection and sent money down to help the hurricane people that they needed help certainly can do fun things like that can walk across the United States you can walk across your own state put people together in groups and you can walk a little faster it's this kind of fun to do that is so having goals keeping records can make it fun and menus may have some kind of a little special treat when you reach so how do we stay motivated that one of the things is choosing activities you enjoy I like to think of exercise is playing on his work and the tribe variety of exercises why not invite someone to exercise with you is more fun is and so I like to invite my wife every morning and she can come most in summary should that and then we exercise together and we have a social time together and makes it more fun and then some morning maybe when I'm not ready to exercise your sale by legal and she can encourage me to see so we can encourage one another so having an exercise buddy spouse a child a friend and neighbor they can make a more fun and it didn't help us to be successful and not give up in a general reward you might have a little mini vacation Anderson new fitness gear when you reach a certain level here's a couple of people that are kind of addressed enough that you might like to see them this is the world 's oldest woman marathon finisher she's a Seventh-day Adventist liturgists out of a little ways and I ran the is the Honolulu Marathon rennet two thousand tenths when I first met her she looks pretty good there for ninety two dozen sheep and/or most of her friends are there in the nursing home or were dead she's out having life that I enjoy life he chose life that were quite a while but she finished and the she didn't run her first marathon until then the age of eighty six that's pretty late to be starting something with it I'm too old exercise now she started at eighty six and ran her first marathon you don't have to run marathons vibrated Xenophon to do if you are right about nineteen so far but retired from that now but we do need some exercise everyday the point is a sheet exercises takes good care of her health and that she trains now notice that the bottom how much while thirty to fifty miles each week and another place years back about it she says I don't have any pains I feel good is healthy she's vital and if you want to reach that height dear Mark is well underway a century okay what is stop there any questions on exercise comments yes gingerly if the way that my joy to be careful that they don't walk so much because of problem knee problems or hip problems are some other problems that you might want to find exercises that are less stressful on the joints of days maybe water aerobics and so forth at Nike Corporation and related it was very heavy like that Gino is a lot and she was younger she could do and she walked she walked briskly and she decided to take her noon hour every day at work city she walked for an hour she got back in a general yogurt something but that was all position gratitude walked briskly for an hour or four miles she did that over a period of the year with some other things to she lost over hundred pounds which is to take some serious commitment and a user that person needs exercise closer to an hour a day if you're ready to make changes to be careful going to intense space at the beginning you will there you go I like that would have to only the exercise of endangering okay very good let's go down to the next winter ecology of a gallant on healthy weight on your own there's some good slides and their is that a problem in our churches are not any skinnier than the general population Army and so taking some time to help on that you may to run up many weight management program we have one back to recall weight management for lifelong health and there's others I'm sure to the full plate diet another or you may want to just encourage people to join points available in the community I quit watchers and other good programs but anyway dealing with weight and I think develop developing this good eating habits and exercise patterns can help our whole congregation prevent weight gain is sleep important for our health are recognizing that it is trying to bring that were not met they can just look at your short run we will shortly and if you'd like to get a copy of these if you will put your name on a list of the ulcer stable let you know when they're ready and of the slides ready but I know the speaker notes in them might be helpful now it be separatist like they are here they'll be on one disc stick with your help now you'll notice when you look at yours the type is very small but were trying to do is test your vision if you can read those you pass it out you might want to see your eye doctor actually what happened there I didn't have the ones that I'm preparing for bigger type from here so I shorten those up and make bigger types it's easy to read but that when we put it on the Internet for you to come to be like the young one that's in their course of the bigger sums be real easy to read it's about I think it's twelve or fourteen point type so it's very easy to read on the screen and rubber handle two more words with it so the people as they read it they'll a panic do what I normally do in the talking every morning for submission SSI what it would be like when we do the screen went okay they get adequate sleep you feel better the vital part of health lifestyle and yet millions are not getting enough sleep and some of the study showed that as much as a third or more of our nation is getting inadequate speakers which recommended ninety hours per day seventy nine K and if we don't get enough sleep work and a deal increases the risk for obesity and you know that high blood pressure even the risk of diabetes and accidents and also results in low energy levels decreased resistance of this age for coping ability mood problems impaired memory memory and learning ability and that people who don't get enough sleep die sooner so it's a pretty important thing is that you see at the daytime when were active rent metabolism called catabolism to me with that term and catabolism is one where using up the body 's resources and reserves such kind of breaking down all the things that we half minute night when they go to sleep it changes and was called animalism and animalism is one rebuilding back all the resources in the reserves and so that's what our muscles get stronger to sleep at night when our memories of things we learned all they are fixed into our brain permanently and a whole bunch of important things happen and if we don't get enough sleep then what's the result we break the body down but we don't build a backup if you do that on a chronic basis pretty soon our help was down and causes serious problems so getting adequate sleep is a real important factor for good health here this study shows that about a third thirty five three representative people are getting less than the recommended amount notice also thirty eight percent of people report that they unintentionally fall asleep during the day that might be a clue and five percent report nodding off or falling asleep while doing on driving not a good not a good sign isn't just in the last month so we have a lot of signs that getting an adequate sleep a lot of our population are cores that can be very dangerous and this is what talks about sleep improving our memory like we just talked about and will just slip along here quickly I drowsy driving and ever done that would have to put your hands up and probably most of us at some time but notice letter results in forty thousand accidents yearly and one thousand five hundred and fifty people a year die from that so sleepy driving not a good combination is what should you do when you get sleepy how often taken at the people safe often drink some coffee who shows up a little further though it may be emergencies we have to do that but I think your body is trying to tell you find rest and so I pull off I can sleep for just ten or fifteen minutes I wake up I'm real refreshment another two three four hours that I can drive without BCB site works for me to notice when you get adequate sleep reaction times are slower or less attentive and vigilant your brain 's ability to process information is decreased all the same things that happened when you do drink alcohol so if you drink driving drowsy is about the same if you're driving after having several drinks your reaction times inside not a good thing sleep in blood pressure just to go through quickly here notice that those who got one hour Leslie made an average over that this was a five-year study that a thirty seven percent increased risk of developing high blood pressure is that interesting sound sleep getting adequate sleep can help prevent high blood pressure another larger sleeper study found that those were getting only five hours of sleep had a sixty percent increased risk of developing high blood pressure get the state got even lower even a more serious problem here's the one that shows sleep on body weight and you have five different times you those getting less than seven hours and that was their average BMI what is BMI body mass index and it is a way of measuring your weight for your height the higher your BMI the higher the risk so a BMI of thirty above indicates obesity so that group is already in that category is that on the average those about seven hours of sleep per night drop down to twenty nine those who got nine or more hours of sleep per day even less than interested I have a director of the present FAA Federal aviation agency who was the person who is responsible for the nation of keeping pilots safe and healthy so that they want have an accident plane crashes and people become he says we got a long ways out towards making the airplanes goof proof very few failures and airplane this is our weak link is the pilots still working on those and that sometimes the pilot supposed remember that it is some really going back on planes are no better and that he told a few stories enough I should note these are not but that one of the spine from the East Coast and they got the Seattle Mariners goes to stop and both pilots were sound asleep the pain kept on going and they were ringing little bells in the cabin everything else trying to make them up and if unable company were about to three hundred miles out over the ocean already finding woke up by a single country around get back and landed on a good thing is that so there's very interested in how to keep the pilots awake and alert and so we were talking about this and they said they've done studies make the rate they did the different hours of sleep per night and seven hours eight hours nine hours and it would give them dexterity tests and so on where they would have to do physical things with their hands solve problems and see how fast they could do it and they found that there are skills and abilities improved up to nine hours of sleep per night even when they got eight hours minute from eight to nine hours they could show improvement in their mind 's ability and skills and physical skills and so on I thought that was a little bit of an insight is that how much sleep do we really need and we can get by on seven remake think we can get by on six over may not be performing at our peak capacity and special airplane plan I want him to do really well that along with your Portland Oregon okay state helps you cope better one of the things that we don't get enough sleep we don't do worry well and coping me to cut abruptly and without you don't and a very little public comes along the blankets make a mountain and the molehill me get all upset about it and so when coping melody here's one on sleep and longevity getting adequate sleep improves your chances of a longer life and here they found that the people who got less than seven hours at a twenty six percent increase in mortality from any cause impaired people about seventy hours of sleep at quarter increases and so we need to get more sleep here's some suggestions that might help you take much time you can read days we find that people who exercise regularly sleep better exercise helps reduce stress how to relax people get more exercise they fall asleep faster they sleep better all my long and steep a little longer this naturally so I artist tell people you're not sleeping well enough he does that a lot for an event that they ever been in graduate school is lots of stress and that big exams coming up with re: to pull my hair out one hundred percent on medical run till I drop by that I don't care in a verb in that place that I took off as the days is running marathons as a president running club that time I ran in Iran Iran and I got in twenty miles memory came back to Senator Lisa I almost had to crawl up the steps of my hands and knees to get in the house that had crawled into bed and I slept like a baby all my problems were gone and the next day I was ready for my exam well that's a little extreme but exercise that the system is in the Bible about their sweet rest of the manufactures or works hard without proper sleep of arresting than sweet he's tired and goes right to sleep nicotine caffeine or stimulus interfere with sleep nothing and here's another one avoid heavy light meals as however they thought of this paragraph if it were not rashly taken from the National Institutes of Health and the national heart lung and blood Institute below recommendations is it going to sleep around on the heavy late meals interferes with our sleep establish regular sleep schedule audit works best if we go to bed at the same time we wake up the same time every day and they recommended gap obligor do the same over the weekend more regularly are the body has a certain rhythm investment and we step an hour or two later one night Rose Benefield were poorly the next day relax before bed to get your exercise and sooner had relaxer might be some nice music I listed some calm soothing music take a warm relaxing bath you've got a good life they can give you good shoulder rub is good or vice versa and that relaxing and then it's time to hit the sack can go to sleep in a comfortable sleeping environment room out of a little colder than are the daytime industry better with that and you need that quiet and you need it dark and a comfortable mattress pillow and Betty so anyway there suggestions on that says avoid alcohol close to bedtime on people think we drink alcoholic makes you fall asleep sometimes about using that person and will wake up and it can go back to sleep again and so alcohol interferes with good sleep to how about Napster like maps after good if your dog to follow two rules one they can devote the time to go to bed middle that is better and second I don't taken too long usually a good power nap is about ten or fifteen minutes twenty minutes at the most and that that's what I have found to be very helpful for me and I'm working hard at the office of Bruce and I find I'm getting maybe my brain is not working very good my headphones then bounces off the keyboard and the computer as assigning my neck is about a chair right next to my office there I put my feet up and I stretch out my mess on the state always within less than sixty seconds and I stayed for about ten to twelve minutes I wake up refreshed and all the rest the afternoon I'm working on appeared high productivity synapse can be good I think so is closing your eyes putting your brain in neutral for while and I think it has us can be when a similar benefit and a girl five I don't have it here but there are studies that show that people who take naps on a regular basis live longer than those who don't suck my wife this may have selected out those studies my short important for me to get my net gain and if were troubled by problems in life you can't sleep what else can we do I like to pray or altered him a little light for my Bible and read the fibrillation is to go to sleep up what my medical journals and that was to sleep right away that we can begin we can take our problems the God gently and he can we can trust him to help us send with God this is all things are possible we just need to stay connected to him and he can bring us rest for so to Kathy synergistically quick summary aim for at least seventy eight hours every day and if you have problems beyond that might need to get help from your doctor or mental health counselor and Gardner that we would get busy and that people need at regular periods of rest and relaxation so what do they do and that is Sabbath thank you happy for Sabbath where we can lay everything aside we just say today is my day of rest we have a good night sleep up with the work aside for the whole weekend you look at most other people in the concept you look at the parking lots of the office twenty five archaeological work all weekend they just got to get burned out and I think God knew that we needed that registry set aside one day a week as a Sabbath or a rest day and does so in addition to getting adequate sleep it's also good to take a rest day at least once a week hope you to get refreshed and ready to go back and do a good job and so spending time I joined a beautiful world God made during your family spending time getting to know God better it's a great kind of rest and read to us for best health and joy sentenced a rest every week okay and this is set showing what we would normally do and of those challenges thereof the site should say these educational guide since there on the Internet as we have them on their nuchal refer to them and so on and that at the end it'll say you can take the sleep challenge for talking about eating more fiber the fiber challenge they can download a little lag guide there and work on it for a week is a basic log it into their calendar see how they're doing and in will also have for more information it would be two or three other resources on Internet that go and look at it used me a handout for the imprinted out some they can post up or refer to and shall not try to have on every one of these topics of nice resources that go for further study I write me when you consider will bring more rule on this media was used by bodybuilders including NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and I help someone .com was like I was more green online sermons please visit www. audio verse is on board


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