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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 7

Bert Connell


Bert Connell

Chair, Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda University



  • February 5, 2012
    2:30 PM
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him afternoon as we have been spending yesterday and today looking at what I think is a very very important topic how we can maximize our growth vegetables a little bit of fruit we talked about that primarily in vegetables and would like to change our attention just a little bit in terms of what should we clip into our garden is going to maximize nutrition we have the mechanism way him the methodology for now let's talk just a little bit about the kinds of fruits and vegetables that we should put in into the garden and of course you can put in anything that you want but I'm looking at at it from the point of view of what can we do to really maximize the amount of nutrition that were getting from our garden but for some odd like to spend just a little bit of time and talking about some of the basic requirements I think that are necessary in terms of having good nutrition throughout our life span the first one has to do with consuming a wide variety of foods and that's one of the advantages that we have been going on garden and then we can eat foods that are low in calories but yet at the same time providing us with a great deal of nutrition the second has to do with our calorie intake and we need to look at the total amount of calories coming in and the total number of calories that were using an exercise and activities of daily life in the saying I'm not garden vegetables it has we don't help added that we don't have added sodium we don't have added all the things that we get in a processed food we want to try to stay away from that the third area has to be these physically active every day I don't know how you can be more physically active than working in the garden and so I think that's a real advantage that the artistic use facts wisely for good health and so this really is talking about avoiding animal fats and certainly backs that are saturated fats and vegetable fats I think our where we really need to look at as far as the very best and we know that the best that comes from olive oil and other monounsaturated fats which are oils at room temperature number five in terms of choosing carbohydrates wisely for good health so rather than sugar -based desserts what's better than a fresh fruit are frozen fruit art handprint that has come from the garden we don't always have fresh fruits available on particularly in the northern part of North America we've got to fit the third either freezing at our canning it in order to have food available to the in the winter number six increase daily intakes of fruits and vegetables and whole grains I don't know again what is better than fresh food from the garden is going to help us to meet this goal whole grains are another important part of our daily intake and the objectives that we should have a party talked about preparing foods with low salt and finally keeping food safe to eat spend some time late last week in terms of giving some information regarding keeping food safe to eat and the important thing that I think here is that we refrigerate the food giving it at thirty eight degrees are cooler to go up authority if we need to do that I think thirty eight is just some of the safer or that when we cook food is important that we could particularly so hundred and sixty five degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen seconds to destroy any pathological bacteria that may be associated with the food that we are eating so keeping food safe to eat also can extend to church potlucks so if you are preparing food at home and you take it to a church potluck and really needs to be kept cold or it needs to be kept hot as it's kept hot for a long period of time what happens to the quality goes down very very quickly the quality of food is going to be the best as it comes from the oven comes from the steamer of the way in which your preparing the food we want to minimize that time just as much as possible don't like to talk about what I think are so many advantages from the nutritional point of view of having vegetables from the garden vitamin A has commonly been eliminating vitamin that most Americans are not getting it makes sense to understand what I said this is the one that we can not to get enough because vitamin A since it sensitive to oxidation by air sources oxygen activity that is an action here and so loss of vitamin A activity is accelerated by heat and exposure to light as oxidation of fats and oils such as butter or margarine cooking oils can destroy the soluble fatty acids that are and allow which is carrying the vitamin A has find my name is a fat-soluble vitamin so the presence of antioxidants such as vitamin E contributes to protect protection of vitamin A that what are some of the important sources of vitamin A well vitamin A is really not that available to us in terms of our normal food consumption it comes as beta-carotene and so that beta-carotene is changed in our body to vitamin A and so the best sources of beta-carotene are yellow and orange vegetables and fruits vegetables and fruits and dark green leafy vegetables know what color doing normally associate with beta-carotene vitamin A yellow orange carrots that I think yes else why are dark green leafy vegetables a good source of beta-carotene when beta-carotene is my I'm precisely you may the beta-carotene content of written vessels can vary according to the season until the degree of ripening I'm so vegetables are grown in Florida comparative vegetables are grown in California versus Montana or wherever are going to season changes so when we look at nutrient analysis in a table on the computer the data that were seeing there is averages from all over the country and is not guaranteed that your cares have exactly that amount of nutrients it's an average and so there are many different kinds of cats that are available and I was looking to see catalog this morning my mouth was just drooling all that good thank you this spring is coming and so spend the time to delve into the seed catalogs and make our choices of the kinds of vegetables that we want to have good but the thing that I think that we need to understand is that cannabinoids can lose some other activity and foods during storage due to the action of enzymes that are in the care for example our exposure to light and oxygen dehydration of vegetables and fruits also reduce the biological activity of the economics another hand economic stability is retained and frozen foods so which is more nutritious a carrot let's say that has been harvested it has been processed by cleaning and cutting off the top and so on and it has this family can show the various supermarkets all her bus and we are present here yes the frozen cat is because they are process and brought down to a below freezing temperature of zero or below and maintained that that helps to maintain beta-carotene so that I think is an important role that that we should keep in mind but what is the nutrient content of that care when it has just been picked in the garden and you have it for supper tonight that's where it's going to be the very highest and best advantage so what is that avoiding visit the light yes yes so that's what we've got to do then in order to maintain the nutrient content is destroyed and dark cool places to minimize the amount of oxygen oxidation that is occurring there I don't think that we learned anything from I'm sorry so let's take a look at vitamin C vitamin C is important and terms of making certain that we have appropriate nutrition ascorbic acid is one of the most important vitamins that we have we automatically think of citrus when I think of vitamin C but many of the vegetables that we have and fruits as well are good sources of vitamins thing is however concerned about iron absorption we also need to have accompanying than vitamin C to help end the absorption of the the iron during digestion oxygen is the most destructive ingredient into causing degradation of vitamin C and so whether were talking about orange juice or maritime that any other source of vitamin C oxygen is going to be a concern so one of the major sugars that are astounding orange juice or any other product that has hooked us is going to cause degradation of vitamin C so the higher the fitness content the greater the loss of vitamin C felt one of the ways in which we can avoid that again is fresh berries and vegetables from our garden and I have not been successful and growing citrus and nine the northern part of the state I grew up in Washington state and I'm about ready to move to Oregon I'm about to come thinking that would like to take some citrus along with me because I have a backyard that is full of citrus trees that I really really enjoy the third vitamin that we need to talk about his vitamin D what is our vegetable is a good source of vitamin D almost none of them they're very very poor sources but where you get your vitamin D you get your vitamin D my working out in the garden but the sunlight so that's an important point I think that we need to look at so on the outside every day vitamin E is another best of all aisles like olive oil soy oil palm oil corn oil and so on how to maintain the other antioxidants it is an antioxidant to keep the oils from oxidizing and becoming rancid and down so as a result of that we really need currently the whole grains as we were looking at the beginning as very good sources of vitamin E as I doubt that very many of us accept our friend here is some going to be going much grain but at the same time we need to include in our diet on a daily basis good sources of vitamin K vitamin K is an important vitamin as well and it too has found a green lady vegetables such as spinach and broccoli brussels sprouts cabbage and let us and so I think that you're familiar with the fact that vitamin K is important in the clotting of blood and vitamin K is relatively stable and he but since of it the acid or alkaline cells under one of pH very close to seven and it's also sensitive to light and oxygen Simon Simon is found in most foods but mostly in relatively small amounts the best source of vitamin A is an version is that is done I also would get it in whole-grain cereals and bread nuts vegetables dried against and potatoes what happens in the milling grain that outer coating of the Queen Colonel the brand is removed and that is where much of the time when this sound and so if we are using up white flour that has not been enriched where losing on the Feynman that is in their however because of enrichment some of it is replaced but it's like taking a dollar from someone and giving them thirty cents in change and say you've got enough time that you have lost a lot of it by using refined grain so the same is true and brown rice and removing the rice hulls that diamond is eliminated you know the name of the disease is caused by deficiency of Feynman very very my mother grew up in southern Louisiana and when she was young she had perform a very married because her father was a rice farmer and the only rice that they ate was milled rice price that had been had the call removed and so major portion of the Feynman that she needed to get in so this was ill during the Depression when there was not a lot available diamond is unstable money supposed to hate Terrell alkaline hot pH oxygen and radiation as a water solubility is also a factor in the loss of time as food is being cut about twenty five percent of the Feynman and food is lost during normal cooking so we could take a a vegetable that is high time they get from the garden take it into the house and cook it and we would get about a seventy five percent yield of the fine so does that make that food vitamin deficient food it doesn't have as much to begin as it had to begin with but the amount of time and that we need from a wide variety of foods is still going to give us enough if we do follow good basic nutrition such a present assignment that should be cooked in a covered pan of the shortest time possible and should not be soaked in water argued for too long and so the leaching out what occurred during the soaking in the water would be something that would decrease the Feynman level something that we should probably stay away from that the other thing that we should do is to reuse some of the basin much of this liquid and stews and sauces use it for making gravies in this type of thing to help to retract keep as much of that time available to us as possible riboflavin is probably the source of the most vital thing that we get milk and milk products but it's also available and green leafy vegetables one thing that I would like to suggest that if you are using what I refer to as a varying bevel soy milk almond mount any of those kinds of things on I really hate to call in the mail because it's not exactly the same but it would be a very equivalent make certain that it has to not a calcium that we would expect to see in a cow 's milk mix and that it has the trial and make certain that it has a good source of riboflavin as well cereal grains some yes doesn't normally so you got some very very highly processed product and so you don't make certain that you are getting the calcium and in particular B12 riboflavin you need that's exactly right in the summer going again in our garden thank you and so as a result of the fortification process on when flour is is milled they replace some of the nutrients with with riboflavin is one of the others that is and cereal grains but again that's not as much as what was originally in the emigrating to begin with you're getting shortchanged as what's really happening so make certain that you are maintaining a good source of riboflavin and that you are keeping that hounds and in your diet and because riboflavin is degraded by light we can experience up to fifty percent reduction in foods that are just left out in the sunlight or any ultraviolet light but riboflavin is stable when heated so it's not easily destroyed in the ordinary process of cooking but again only John in the cooking process and water and pasteurization because of the high temperature is losing not twenty percent of the riboflavin content one of things I think is very important is that we don't think in terms of black and white that if we have a nutrient in a food and we cook it particularly those that are sensitive to heat is not going to take all of the nutrients away of particularly like and rival riboflavin when we had a eighty percent yield so we see a reduction but we don't see a complete elimination of that nutrient unless you are really really careless in the way integer handling food and you leave it out exposing it to heat and to sunlight for an extended period of time my talks about the fact that we should not use baking soda as a as a product my grandmother was born in South Carolina and grew up in Louisiana and I would often see her adding baking soda to the greens know why she did that keep them greener that's right some keep them from from leaching out when I would visit my grandmother we would down get up from the breakfast table at seven thirty or eight o'clock in the morning and she would go to the stove and put on the green beans and they would cook all morning long because they were indeed string beans you know what I mean string beans answer I saw that string has an some of the varieties of a green beans has been remote and so we don't tend a common string means anymore but and that they they were definitely string beans Hamas and animal but that addition of the baking soda would destroy the riboflavin was so that is something and I think that we need to look at as the sodium bicarbonate that's the primary thing that this is taking so that some not baking powder you and me and making how to contain soda yeah now now sorry baking soda is sodium bicarbonate and baking powder has some other salts and there that create carbon dioxide when there either heated are some contact with water they all have to come contact with water to action jackets but some of them are single I think it's a moment double I think and so the double acting initially begin when they are hydrated in the second portion and they react when their heated and so you get a more arise when the product is put into the oven okay vitamin B sex as iron oxime are not seen as relatively stable to heat it is decomposed by oxidation and ultraviolet light and again by an alkaline environment so again this is one of the nutrients are we going to be careful about in terms of language we could a raising of festivals causes a reduction of up to twenty five percent while milling of sales leads to waste as high as ninety percent in terms of pirate boxing so cutting losses of processed foods may range from a few percent to nearly half of a nutrient that were originally present in the food itself that's primarily related to pirate boxing so are you beginning to feel that you know there's no nutrition in these foods I want you to know that there is still nutrition that is left in their and that we should not eliminate these foods from our God because there's no nutrition and that there is indeed an week must use that as our source of nutrition will know the last time that assessed like this when things grains are milled and the brand and wheat germ are removed and not replaced that's the critical home that you don't find the top vitamin B12 is one of the issues that is particularly of concern to vegetarians don't think there's any surprise that but John there is nothing that we can garner guard members going to use the veto humor my mother did not concern it is grown as part of metabolism of bacteria exactly right and that's where it comes from and so we talked about getting B12 from animal products well this they are because of contamination and I don't think that we want to decontaminate thirty but we still need to have a source of vitamin B12 vitamin B12 is stable to heat but swelling this is activity when it's exposed to light oxygen and to a pH less than or greater than seven so it's important that we have a reliable source of vinyl there are other sources that are talked about but I think the most Martin thing is that we have reliability though that is consistently in our diet supplement supplements that are coming from bacterial growth and and metabolism and the thing that I would encourage you to do is to buy the least expensive form you don't need mine expensive one because they all have the same action is unsigned you vigorously his face is another source and that too is coming from bacterial action there's no a different even for reminding me about that the amount of vitamin B12 that you need on a daily basis is six micrograms yes yes make certain that it that it does contain B12 you has got to be kept dark and is not to be kept cool because it is sensitive to light very good thinking if you I think the problem is that we haven't had enough time for that bacterial count was sent to her from the time that you have picked it until you need it then maybe just a little bit of tiny about that but the word reliable is not there yes as you so you have your New Year's jam B-12 tested this yet will I I did you can I long as I said you are in the morning right now is will you and you the problem with that is liability again and that may work for one person but it doesn't work another person and so in order to be safe I think that we need to look at sources of vitamin B12 okay I think that that is some very very important thing that we talked about that at the source yes once a week is quite enough yes one egg once a week okay not Hassan were almost done with this part of nicotinamide and attending asset are forms of niacin the vitamin niacin and their widely available in nature nicotinic acid is more prevalent in plants whereas in animals it's nicotinamide Knutsen against contain most of the niacin that's obtained from vegetables and source of vegetable sources but Mountain Green Lady vegetables contribute lesser amounts so that's where the beams that were going to plant on the beams the drive means that we're going to going to be the best sources of niacin for us so and cereal products like corn and wheat nicotinic acid is bound to certain components of the serial and thus is not available but I think it's interesting that and the traditional preparations of churches in Mexico and Central America they increase the viability of nicotinic acids by processing an in-line water and sold online water roommates and nine the niacin available so that it is some present in the food that they eat so this is corn what other foods that we have particularly in the South that are processed in a very similar way I'm sorry now corn is the base hominy yes I saw lots this process them in line so that grows on non- timeout calcium carbonate is a powder that you put in water and vinegar in the mineral thank you so both forms of niacin are stable exposed to heat light air and alkaline is a loss that occurs and having in a start so that is one of the nutrients that we really don't need to worry about terms of lost in the cooking and storage folic acid most forms of folate and food are unstable fresh leafy vegetables started room temperature may lose up to seventy percent of their folate activity within three days so this is the one that's going to be most sensitive have you ever had green leafy salad then you've gone out to the garden and pick the leaves and put it and the sound down on his or anything that I don't think so either I think that is the very best yes I will me know and I is is and will is is and is and will and there is as is and is known as yourself is a sewer as recently as an is in is not like you said but gives part of the new transonic are the bricks that you've been talking about that is there that is a reflection of the nutrients that are there because otherwise what's happening is that having lost in you and you the family nothing on their behalf very good okay I like the transition and to another brief topic that has based upon the standards that way all really should be following in terms of God daily dietary intake and what happens as far as nutrition and processing and storage and transportation what foods can should we include in our garden that are going to maximize nutrition that is number one green leafy vegetables right there green and eighty festivals as number one Kale charge collard greens spinach parsley and all of the dark green and red leaf lettuce are very high in care tonight 's and are best eaten raw in salads sandwiches are lightly steamed in Nam nutritious soups or stews for those of you that were in the time vegetarian instructors course all last week we had collard greens in salad community and fresh-cut greens in salad it's a very good source of calcium and we need to look at ways in which we can increase the amount of these green leafy vegetables over the reading on a daily basis Rob yes you know very good enough I'm not a big one for for collard greens they don't not too many people in town horny hanging high rains like they did in the sound but we really didn't need in their income and that's a good time to have them in the now so let's look at some the other through San Leon should should include broccoli and what is a growing season from Rockaway and Georgia and yeah right there in the easier it is all over the good so that would be one of the things I would want to consider drawing and nine thousand one brussels sprouts that rock are fresh freshly steamed one of the complaints that people tend to have about brussels sprouts is that Palm that the tastes that they get because as they are cooked on longer and longer time they developed a taste that is undesirable and self just some life sustaining is all this really necessary that taste comes from the buildup of sulfur and release of sulfur in the brussels sprouts the other one is rocked his son cauliflower thank you and down it seems to me that more and more people are eating cauliflower than what they used juvenile younger pictures is the will you integrate on I was looking to see cataloging and as I said in an saw all of those cauliflower colors out there is it really really does and him one of the problems with cauliflowers is that blah white but by looking at some of the other colors that's one way in which to improve the color of the food and late and is going to get people more interested in eating most foods on writing the purse those are some other plans that are very easy to grow and find nutrition are you lessening not easy to grow on using the ground is yes you will make our year in is a young lady in the sixties of an your growing season is climbing air summer rock you will like and Saltonstall is sometime green peppers and that color and good nutrition is yes as you do this just say that I've never heard that before I don't know I now and he is not that could be in you and in the strip is now okay garlic and onions are another good nutritious food to include in your garden and then my favorite sweet potatoes there is time so glad to hear that because I'm going to do and I go home in the spring as that I am going to plant as many of these as I can because I'm looking forward to being about to apply what I have learned today yes and yes I and is and I will not rise in your man is in relation to the is is is is you and I is you made a legacy will remotely you have to do is the only Sadducees are in the site need now is meant for the purpose of the group site your something tomatoes I don't think we need to say anything about tomatoes those are very nutritious time vitamin C and brown there's nothing better than a fresh tomato garden absolutely yeah that's where I am to tease either raw or steamed or stirfried or however you want to fix them are good sources of the nutrition Terrace that's what I was salivating most as I was looking through the seed catalog as a vegetable crops are often we can double the amount that we are growing by doing early crop in the late crop depending on your growing season so what is probably best in Georgia many different than what we expense in California and certainly different than what we'll experience in Oregon so I learn from you Scott that may be just one planting is all that we want to do but have an early variety in the labor idea nine different bed argument route in a better all the spring is in the early is there is an ill start this war is usually a command saying you have no interest in all now other foods that we often would like to put into Oregon and Oregon such as Carmelites squash and watermelon really take a lot of space and so if you have limited space there's nothing wrong with these foods that they take up more space and so dangerous and that you get per square foot is going to be reduced compared to what you would get with lettuce and some of the other root vegetables that we were talking about and from from my point of view I would like to see the most nutritious foods that I can grow and get the most DL that I can get a possible so it is going to do me in my family and my friends the very best as far as nutrition is concerned and so what can we do to maximize the yield and I think that's all we have learned those last few days and I think that is very critical for us so I'm going to give you an assignment and that assignment is go home and plan how you going to grow your garden this coming year what do you want to eat how much of each product do you want to have and grow at least that much in your garden and the problem that I have a soft control at a little bit in the garden is going to be good I want more of what to do with all affected that all comes at about the same time can be shared it can go to to the church for sharing with the poor and hungry because when we are planting and then harvesting two months later running at peak production and that's when that food typically is the lowest price in the supermarkets so I if there's ways that we can monitor on modify really what I wanted to say and so that we get favorite is at times when it's not a time for the lesson of the area we may make them the best advantage of that particularly if were going to sell any questions that you have I wish you the very best in relation and you're going to this media was used by bodybuilders for the NAP health Summit did you like to learn more about the NAB Summit please visit www. and need help someone .com or if you would like more online was www. bodybuilders on board


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