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Home Grown Nutrition, Part 8

Scott Arrington


Scott Arrington

Bio-Friendly Farmer



  • February 5, 2012
    3:30 PM
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or are they really help to a new Rela circle as it is a cycle okay this whole thing is a cycle and is not a line in the Bible in Hebrew thought things work in cycles in every town around the cycle you see something different you might read the Bible with the done now you go back and start removing because every time you pick up some universal okay in the growing season as a farmer same thing it's not a straight line you don't start spending your done it starts going around again you learn things you never learn before you see things you never saw before okay so drawing a circle and a five and two now this works different in the islands we don't have a cold season but you guys can do the same thing because the rains start and end the rain stop the rain start in the rain stop okay see you can do the same thing as adopted to your race seasoning in dry season rather your cool season in warm season of bank annual hefted to your own experience without it started and in my neck of the woods I have a short closing along Morrissey that another somewhat shortened season for longer than the spring spring really short so what I do have to grow short maturing cool season spring cross I can grow a set a drop in the spring and I'll never get it out you never get the market right so anyways you want to have a last frost date that's number one that's in the beginning on the island you haven't left prostate or happened when the rains start and then you go down any bridge or worse frosts in the fall okay and then the net anything and you where you get this information a great place for you your area is your extension agent in the lymphocytes needed I'll ask the all-time farmer an island somewhere okay then they'll know when the work County extension agent they know that custom I don't trust them with fertilizing and stuff but I do trust the Monona prostate and the other thing is I always use the thirty percent date you know usually you get the 50-50 date you have a fifty percent chance of this the last frost that you have a fifty percent chance of it happening before this and a fifty percent chance that happen after this okay but usually I try to go with the seventy percent alive I want a little bit more my favorite is to get a frosty ruin some things right so I don't like to think too much but now they are all wait a week longer than some guys and you know just because I don't want to think gamble but I'll I might use April seventh from because I can look down seventy four thousand CVD process predicted and not as predicted by plan April seventh no less my prostate good question sorry that means hardy plants and halfhearted cool season plants are rated by can they withstand certain temperatures really cold Arctic they stand a light frost in a Santa having moderate to heavy frost working times are in a only Swiss analyte cross-linking killed in heavy frost so you get two categories of cool season crops Hardy half party once can send a heavy frost some can only stand like frost against an attorney for the question happens over here the closing missing the G stands for tender and DJ sets are very tender okay tender crops you can plan a frost date to a couple of weeks after the good window very can be one way to get even warmer you planned for weeks from your prostate as they can handle forty degree nights with the Alexander of Q forty degree and I cannot get her okay so that's how you eat you doing that like and then once you get your last prostate your first prostate intermittent appointment have a saying to find out when that when you gone to the top of the top of that circle and then when you're going down your and your countdown stages here your weight for this date in your cool season crops are planning out here and there hopefully maturing here you start harvesting here because I get caught these things go downhill quick okay so you start plan easier in the star harvest some of them out here and then you shall well and good and all that that that that circle really helps out everybody's got okay guys I also selected that this unit you can do a certain thing is it's a cycle down there just like it is here start season transplants here and I also start mowing my spring bears okay now that the day in every one of these okay pretty soon but I mean understanding what I do all right you can see about how far off it is from the last frost it was still cold outside and start to start seeing transplants right person about eight weeks to get the size tomatoes take about five weeks something like this for weeks to grow transplant most things OKC got a starter early so you'll have it when you need to put it out there okay and all this takes planning if you wait a year everybody was to start gardening in the spring the time to start your garden is the fall for that's when you should fertilize that's when you soil test organically you have to start six months before because all that stuff takes time for biology breakdown in regarding chemical farmer you can start a spring because all her stuff is really available really fast and super soluble right angels are microbes that you know you can utilize it right and when you put it on I the former star early okay the fall then you start your off Hardy hardy crops in the ground out here and they need to start her halfhearted rots in the ground little closer because why you know Hardy costing you out here you might if you might be a hard roster to a naked handling your halfhearted crops can handle it here they need to wait longer when the chances of you get Mark Prosser will last okay then you have your tender crops right after last frost because they can handle any kind of freezing weather making it again held out the forties but they can go and you can get into the mid- thirties relate their coast any act family run at Planter other gender crops and these are to come due in the summer time right which are out of the free zone okay and then right here your spring crops these parties and half parties are coming to an end in your summer harvest starts coming these cross year start on online through here right these crops are diocesan gets hot then you can hear us now like to get these harvested off until then you track your summer cover crop in the school season that's right if you have a summer program gone all through year two diagrams entity come back in here and you replant those that more cool season crops you get in my country or my area you get to cool season crops in an image when you grant you plant a summer cover crop in half and then at he reached a here going down the downhill your site will now you start seeds for your fall transplanting up here in August in my areas August in your area will be different that you don't you get the point okay because I know I have those as starts ready to plant right about here so I have a cool suit I have lived cool season crops the line because I got travel I want to horoscope for this first process because I'm a loser bank the first frost the medical season book is the heart of the hearty Wednesday don't ask this little bit but some your half are easy how do they die off when it gets the process too hard right after you are okay so this is right here on thinking about soil temperature it I see the light of day April seventh but really you really want to do it in the thing you're you have a monogram and when you get a sustainable sixty degrees out that most things are sixty degrees when you get a sustainable sixty three soil ten then you can start put many standard American across before that you might not have you might have you might have trauma little so as not really validate monitor the salt after the area have to worry about salt temperature all what you worry about his prostate and I haven't enough window with the half mature harvestable cross before you get it because something the ruling sweet potatoes Ed Simon for a frosty kind of offer that food is out of around his LX sleep just be killed by a young hole you have dictated no desire you to process your hammered up against the date here this is more about soil temperature and this is more about date make your day and you get a little leeway Hades guys can hang out a little longer for joining menu start planning your hardy crops in the ground in the ground-based maturity plus eighteen date harvest when so this is my Michael's is across as if I'm to have a plan for sixty days I said okay I mean not only joining those sixty guys writing about eighteen days the harvested and before I get to this proselyte at a handler mentor maturity date is the analysis of the sixty day crop now I got added eighteen days out harvest window before I hit this analysis seventy eight days and then I have planted a try I got at four weeks under that scenario and another twenty eight days next sixty days and then backs me up into your somewhere that's all feeling okay and you have to do it in you're missing the timing is everything you can expect the plant to grow when it's not it's time to grow and then you start your tender and very tender crops are done in your summer crops are done it starts at your winter cover crop here we can go all the winner long and under story it would your halfhearted era cool season crops you just landed seeing have a winter cover crop your halfhearted crosser done a little at the first frost as they can handle to let lights light frost game you get a couple hard frosts and/or sustain cold temperatures in your hardy crops are done like your broccoli semi they eventually the cold takes them out right but by this time you should have a good stand of a winter cover crop stress in your summer beds we took them down early and it is another story in your cool season debts they should give you young become an on able get a will get hammered by the frost for the snow or anything else so in my area on my harvest of my spring harvest is like from April fifteenth to June fifteenth I can get spring crops I knew some across or about June first two about them yet but the first of October the first of October I might still be getting tomatoes for some like that but because I wanted to cover crop in I pick the tomatoes may I celebrate tomatoes I take everything out I just picnic they think that everything and some people like it green now I'll really like grapefruit or unripe fruit something like a grain like fried green tomatoes and I think everything even though still present because I wanted that cover crop on before it gets Simon the standard Democrat that's crucial so you use Saint Lala can so I can get rid of it I still got tomatoes would normally what they don't turn red when certain that you know they just sit there green forever so just think of bringing it if you like fighting tomatoes eat themselves a late Ming green chutney will remain and get rid of it until area implants or come across you get a nice lifespan over winter don't be greedy you had a good summer eggplants out and think about your microbes okay then I also knew that after I do the circle thing that I have this is my own personal notes I deserve them up there I have things I do in December I don't did this year I decided early December in the plant I need transplants are legally sent this in run a sharp of my tools so I will have to think about things I don't miss things yummy I think I can consult my my list on a monthly basis and I don't forget what to do stuff I don't want to be out there in spring one Donna forgot sharp modules now you should be doing supplemental amended toolshed sharper his stop and waste and fine okay with that Johnson been done long time ago when I had cold weather and I wasn't wrong and easy January January or essays in my neck of the woods that it's a little cooler where you are in Monaco is your your season January if you don't get more January anything you might have to do it if you don't inventory January they run at and you don't get to pick the pig of a letter and I have a lot of hobbies if I think so what's in a catalog and it is that the use of the step though they know everybody's one of the same stuff in there by the same stuff all day and this is a lot more popular and a and there went out a stuff like behavior in the seed business you're in a good time right now because this stuff is really hard Jericho can tell you that the big Creek heirloom seeds in March you're my only dates in Mobile as well as the recent you get the idea right okay you can find some of these online businesses from my own experiences is what happened to his Cadillac and verbalize a fertilized section of that circle graph I did okay him him okay this is really important this is my little snapshots my XL spreadsheet I got his acting for the whole thing in your bag in the middle of winter I got the front negative for was the last prostate 's brand I got my midpoint in July and I got my November fifteenth first frost date right and what I did is I just number goes that using those counters we just number the days beside you know from one to three sixty five or three sixty six LE gear and then here that's out now knowing the quarterly today and I can just look at us I think okay on the metaphysical Senate as imager and sixty days when guys like RSS while here on how to figure too much here I do say sixty plus ninety one fifty seven about here one fifty seven wherever that is if they are largely harvested on whenever that is okay see how quick that is been here I have a number of rays of the growing season and Norman a number days of growing season and off-season so what I did here is April seventh is the first day my growing season so that's number one and in here to November fifteenth the last name is my first frost is the last day my growing season best number two twenty three inch counting here is one that suits me free right January is one right understand that you see my logic here so I know my growing season is two hundred twenty three days long then the next thing is one angle to the minor and I know my winner until April six hundred forty two that that really helps with planning and then I got different variations why start April six what I do here again I think accounting down you know us accounting up I counted down because sometimes you your you at that fall okay first from the fall downward counting up your counting down so sometimes a little easier to count down the process and count up from the spring nose and so that's good and I have a couple of the way in here the last frost of our last freeze Midsummer first freeze and in at least two dates attended with many ways that you knew that I felt ready to refer to it you sit there and scratch her head every time you think about an pursuant to look at the current starting it's ingrained in we saw this earlier but my little I have spacing right thing here is my space between plan it's always call you decide on plants and into the park right well having the apart is that it is a part of eight three three report right well coming transfer footage that and that's what you're really after is at one two plants per foot that's what edges apart is okay so here I don't have to think about was the purple blooming this may be my organization itself this means I usually think about this in inches and when I go here I usually think that development of one foot apart I don't think I'm about twelve inches apart I think one foot right are one of half-and-half apart here I want to make in inches hear what they can see and if this is when after having transferred foot okay so here are my two ways I think you might have this is my master okay why is that important because let's say a one effect twenty five feet of basal all right and I have a twenty five foot better when I have before the web and electronic plant twenty five fundamentals why know from experience I like about three rows of baseline of foot-wide bed I tried either I tried more open free foot give me a good canopy covers it for the weeds I get the big plant site I like free resume so that's how I space almanac one oh and I like coming here I see one how many back to my robe thank is elementary Roswell would like to number the three rows okay want to make really should be a edges am I doing fifteen inches and have a ninety tournament rights and anti- space on all three rows of basil so I know how accurate I actually siphoned that don't have three rows and plan on teenagers between plant and I know teenagers between plant is one two plants per foot when I know that I have twenty five feet for a bad times three rows is me seventy I get twenty five Betsy because a plan for euros that need to have seventy five Road suite is and everybody knows a sufferer are on or you are in summary my guess is it just is so obvious that it's part of planning in our lives it is to commit simple but if you don't devalue straight it could be some you need to so I got want to plan for I got here I don't want to clasp her foot only seventy five foot around you do the math of the developer that means for twenty five Betsy I mean not a basil plants you know if you're buying will start tonight exactly how many did why in your starter from those you you start figure out how main cells you need to fill the seats and in your do-it-yourself percentage you know how many seas you need to buy is what you get to see catalog but what people does I will not think that we enough and they don't plan when they run out of a have way too many I wasted their money yet what when you go to for living you don't want you have enough kissing you lose money you don't have enough because if there is you have a cell and people want in your life while dad and I can make more money and maybe have too much wasted your money on Seeger that last forever are so that's why planning is important that we just went through that now my big question is I want my twenty five foot embedded nasal agreement for free Rosabeth and tentatively plan okay that's my spacing slang I know how much a MySpace that were the six-inch termini it's really a nine inch per values are anyway now everything is on a transplant these things this basil are my guide directs a basal all because it's not being our fast-growing crop I like a girl might I like them here's the Drago I throw my basil is my mentor Daniel really good farmer and I outgrow my face on these trades ninety nine plan for bad so now I know I could get one of these trays and because this place a lot like a clam think I'm a foot apart I usually use a seventy two and not the one sixty two 's but you could use one sixty two and Palma the reason you use the bigger ones is because he went up to par more even families and get them a little bigger if you plan on foot or less nominees and you can put available smaller or even potluck if you have things that don't germinate very well you don't want to waste a bagel tray on things don't germinate very well so they did not terminate like black peppers I'd like to Roman here because I think it was a German group well I draw me here that way I can wanted to make it in Germany I can pop up in some bigger your bigger thing itself these are small things of her visitor type spacing you don't waste much greenhouse place and for things that don't germinate well you don't waste a lot of effort with themselves a greater difference in sizes so I am gone trance on the transplant this place also now to figure out I believe this am when it is seventy two cells that really doesn't matter how evasiveness I need I only got seventy two here Sunday and again in ninety days of plants I had to at least try to figure that enemy is any give us a designer forty four right is all okay my house but that's okay because I can pop up a little pot and some overdue dollars of this and people will and I made a lot of money so my extras if you all has to don't worry I go the same once I said you can buy from you grow your own regionally later and I have a hearing by the finished product either way and I love it I just love it and anyway and that's a pretty good margin the self-help cost me only I you factor in labor out of it's a good profit margin two dollars plan you might spend fifty cents of the dollar fifty three to market and I give people a break and they buy more come down in price schedule a movie all I handle it so that people buy more I come down in price enough so anyway but when you do an easy to sacrifice packages you germinate everything every single cell you have some dead cells I usually use I'm pretty conservative values thirty percent some guys play the edge and use fifteen so not a plan on the night class five five five foot factor of one seventeen while being closer to two excels all time and Cindy Anthony with a fudge factor involved spring okay I knew I could confuse the thing I get myself going through your again I get this thing to change the Galli I don't think I have here I really like these of the need but they have some great charts and the disease catalog of quality seed catalogs are full of great information as I want you to be successful is to see the change is always been like I said they don't would come through for me sometimes you know they have some great looking stuff in the catalog in a threat nice catalog but they need to pick up their quality control issues that but I love the information they have in your eye use it all the time so this is the all I hear there's a sort of a blowout on this chart here sweet basil here by now it tells me for a hundred feet and on the addressee I need three hundred fifty season four hundred feet in the Cedar and don't hope that works out but they can always a dream then but I'm not directly answer that really doesn't concern me on this one what I am doing is out of them try to get my planning distances I have found through experience and this one is for basil give you between rows they say thirty six inches but what am I doing to fifteen inches on the morning format because MySpace tells me I get I plan fifteen inches and get a good canopy don't always feel like this is a good guy that you know you're not locked into these okay apart a row after thinning of the fourth inning after thinning twelve inches okay that's more my speed twelve inches apart from thinking they say okay I get it now planning depths of this is presenting this is how spending what they should be a part and this is not planning down planning deficits and nine inches is based determinations seven to twelve so when their anatomy episodes when you're wandering and you get into day fourteen her day twenty and you still see the emergence maybe they're not don't emerge maybe it's time to plan B and so some more seeds or buys transplants in the store because it after twenty one days and I'll see some life cannot assert either I've done some wrong or they sell me some bouncy okay and I got a make it I'm planning on it and what might have it that there is domestic there also enough in and out of one that am losing money okay so that's important and I get you back on with the planning death not annoyed also that the planting depth six inches of that disparity is scarier cormorants at anyhow same thing as a third window this gets put up a heretic okay anyways so when I recently seems from Bob direct seeding right eye directly I need three hundred fifty seats for ninety feet right per hundred feet below what I have hundred fifty theaters or three rows three thousand seventy five feet right of the local grievances and seeds row brand seats per row per row foot so every foot I get three half season when I'm planning you know with the direct seeding but I'm not direct seeding these our lineup is on here anyways it works out well trying to get is how many hobbies inches between seats before thinning three four inches okay but I'm not a rate exceeding that okay okay I see related now I am pretending like I and direct seeding is to translate because they easily can go either way with you so if I want direct seeding it I know it on and transplanting it on the need to sell company to track transplant trays I worked in my fudge factor and ninety hundred seventeen cells now provided with a first fact of thirty percent then I need to fill a hundred seventeen tries with at least two seats it is a ninety percent germination rate of intimacy that is less than ninety percent germination rate L have to thin evolve as you only want one see personnel and you can then of a scissors of you want to like doing that with it but so I need a hundred seventeen at times to produce elevates assay development exaggeration so hundred seventy times two is two thirty four so directs eating any two hundred thirty four C amine transfer and a two hundred thirty four C here I figured out what I figure I needed fifteen things right so how I can see every three four inches right about that here the point forages and I get to see every three four inches like my director I got my earthly security newsman made Gracie I think the right seemed like the use know I get the right seemed like what happens as I want every ten inches apart I night up at the seventy five foot bed at calculation is my three hundred fifteen C or back here when we get one of the things we got off this was how many seats per ounce and see it was in that chart to get how receipts perhaps a man you need I need to figure that out three fifteenths ancient weight one sixty third house while they also one sixty third of an ounce of good and 's and ninety one since they are of paramount to drop the scenery three four inches my problem is my order charges are much more charges in shortages might you might word choices in the catalog or one packet for a hundred seats left I have many three fifteen at two fifty or I can get one out which according to the number of seats for healthcare receives different I get twenty thousand seats for one out as five dollars ago from the only thing double and you get alike whether that two hundred two or more two hundred times more seeds that's the way it works but I don't really need to say so what do I do that well sometimes I think I know Noreen Basil outside of my keynote and I did I usually can even make a little money that way or well it was on this rollout based on someone because they see probably only gives three three eight I received you see anywhere from one to five years you know so the following is rearranging out and I can use it next year are out easier after that but your German original raiser dino die every year and I'll really like that so what I do is what I do is I have these now I have to get my seedlings downloaded everything on for ages but I don't have a seat like it has three four inches so I have to go I have to do I have to choose I guess the reason be the closest one site use of the reinstatement but guess what happens again and I put us know where I can put twenty dollars and then I had something less I make sure I feel that Holbrooke about halfway to get the thing to work so you know you agent you got to go through all these gyrations and finally my conclusion is by four ounces using one inch plate I use the one explain his own super conservative elements for the stuff comes up and sit at three inches and I do more seeds and on over and out and wanted Perot and seventy five feet ninety nine hundred C but even with digital and nine hundred C vessel had both of the one thousand seeds collected four ounces seventy one thousand seats left over I guess I could do the one else of the twenty thousand saves but my guess and I'm super conservative outline plan more seeds twenty one inch spacing yeah I don't know why did you know sometimes I wonder why we had a negative that yeah well sometimes that's a big Hollywood elite but Morgan summary Morrissey but like I said you got to be someone anyways you get the idea of my mess that up okay okay that's it than Bubba bubble bobble block is this a celibacy regular Johnny's love this eighty percent germination rate will seek to unreasonably that is Faucette on how many this or none at all the information is that appeared like a son spacing is on you I never my spacing by the five miles and my experience is a mechanically go at least ten feet better one thing a lot of people want to the mile intensifying with a hot pocket and brought it realized up with a go at different rates one thing is faster than the other initiators out the other group can feel one thing at least ten feet one thing and then stop and you want to go ten feet of another in one and you don't want to have a summer crop ankles either drop you are going to do that do different cool season crops in one bed so they all got together and you have to stop your children the end and turnaround you know I mean the one medical season and the new ten foot and one full season intent but another cool season and then put another tools and okay consult your records to make your plan consultant crop rotation as to avoid too much subdivision that buyer saves early in how Monahan don't like you are ready to plant it takes sometimes for weeks ago and make your deadlines and this is my crop rotation here for part obtaining his rotation got my holdings were my winter warm season crops my cool season fall crop because these finish early I was able to get her green linear AMI cover crop was mentioned barley these were a warm season as we members were my warm season crops how is it because I can get because they go all the way to academic winter cover I can get a fall crop in behind the cucumbers finish early and get a fall crop then and in winter cover here's my warm season Oprah Oprah I do hope that about rid of divided up and now that I have my winter cover crop is that you barley and this is my tomatoes I do a whole bachelor tomatoes and in every year I does rotate everything around I like this rotation I I jostled around the first couple years ago I got what I like a good meal while working out within you once I get were alive I just rotated around and everything goes indifferent and why they helped disease pressure else insect pressure that it helps the nutrient load being sucked out of the soil and these are my this is my spreadsheet with all my planning guide second is juggling numbers and calculate when a density of these are estimated days and what isn't know yet either estimated date those and there and and what is it I forget what is with the color means I have to plug in and I think that's why I have to plug in a number and it is colored here I have to its calculated number it's got formula in there I did have to put that in a figured it out right does not admit and in an agreement by recording actual because it never really happens like you spanking is sometimes within every time you do lose everything again as you get better and better estimate of when things happen and that all helps in your planning three guys you need crop of flour across the cross and plant sales yup that's what your records daily operational I I do that on a computer to it like I told you activity no date then we get is and then at the activity were in the remarks when I did an activity in a little remarks on their really love that operate daily operation lot are going to Mexican temperatures at night especially in the spring that really matters you have and when he gets really hot summer you think you affected by cool nights and things affected by hot days you can did he degree days we will get into that I don't really numeric president cloud cover I like to do that affect my crops all my activities on a number of visitors is nice I know refractometer readings I don't conductivity readings I don't now harvest like that I don't see why young but iconic guesstimate yesterday mounting onto that on the scale you that I don't I actually draw map thing the map I put in the combat log I like to do dates things emerge like wet fields they what's emerging I write out my map log in I just is basically drawn a map of my garden and in writing on immunity to narrative my mouth wide on the computer to I did make boxes I can fill out a database thing and I think this you know do not month I I like to keep track of the moons and I write my remarks in here there's my plot A+ B+ C+ the and all the things I did during that month may I have another one for my malevolence this media was reduced by hunting overs for the NAP health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. and help someone .com you would like to listen more online was www. audio verse on board


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