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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 3

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    3:00 PM
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okay this is my most favorite health education tool this is a grip strength tester on the grip strength dynamometer or grip strength tester measures in kilograms to pounds or kilograms force what your grip strength this unwinnable through the exercise presentation moment visibly towards the end of my exercise presentation I just want you to trust me I want you to do your grip strength write it down tight what it means in about forty five minutes okay to donate don't interrupt anybody else does when it's quite fast you will did not take this to the left so this arrow and right arrows on zero K take and squeeze anyway like I missed a single goal from here all the way up to their just figure out what it is like that number down it doesn't matter to do your left-hander your right hand they are close enough within a few kilograms of each other just do it once take your dominant hand K and just sit down or squeeze and give it a good squeeze after do this for this it doesn't matter okay just squeeze it okay and write down the number you get that started all you can adjust it a little bit this thing will adjust up or down it makes you feel better but it will do any good just squeezing squeezing and remember the number outside what the number means soon something physically active whatever problem of inactivity in this country no new arrest death in this country most of us are sedentary nearly three out of four don't get little and get little or no exercise only twelve percent of us get regular physical exercise drink regular physical exercise reduce the risk of obesity high blood pressure heart disease and stroke diabetes osteoporosis many cancers anxiety and depression these are some of the most popular medical conditions in America today fall can be impacted by appropriate exercise in the nurses health study over seventy two thousand women the risk of heart attack decreased with increasing levels of physical activity heart attack risk dropped fifty four percent in the most active women what else drop heart attack risk by about fifty percent eating whole grains so he held rains and exercise you can have a heart attack that's almost true okay it's almost true silica cholesterol those with low fitness those that had very those with normal cholesterol and low fitness high cholesterol all that is still have benefit kind what's interesting is those with high cholesterol and high fitness had a lower risk than those abnormal cholesterol and low fitness exercise can negate the harmful effects of sun levels of extra cholesterol and and in the process of being physically active your start lowering cholesterol anyways blood pressure low-fat versus her dollars and a high fitness and still have high blood pressure stars are those that have high high fit high blood pressure or lower risk than those of normal blood pressure I don't get any exercise okay physical activity is one of the key lifestyle medicine factors same as smoking this gets this user gets a pretty upset the smoker was high-fat again is a lower call cause mortality in the non-smoker who doesn't get any exercise while this came out in nineteen ninety six arbitration has for years the great benefits of being physically active we should not go to bed any day without getting at least sixty minutes of some sort of physical activity now personally I do not like to exercise so what I do is I will have to go to work every morning so I walk to work on not exercising on going nowhere I have four loss and so I walk to work or live my bicycle I'm not getting any exercise I'm going to work I have a goal in mind that a consumer I don't like going to the gym and going around the track just going around the track for the treadmill going around the track is just so boring even if I'm watching TV but if I've got to go somewhere on my walk or ride my bicycle that is exercise but is not exercised his ongoing work is on the sense now dominate you don't don't don't let me fool you I exercise I exercise vigorously and moderately and yes that is exercise and I love to exercise but I'd rather do it for a purpose and a goal in mind rather than just to get exercises on the sense now in the wintertime I go skiing a lot that's exercise this exercise as they warm as well as to get down up and down the mountain and quite often Sabbath afternoon rather than going to visit after PO as spring church you know the bed with a pillow and spring rather than visiting pastor POS Frank Church River golf for three or four hour walk or bicycle ride or something out in nature okay and will usually do yard work on Sundays and physical activity during the wake if I didn't want to my office I'll try walk or ride my bicycle back from my office I purchased my last home on purpose I wanted to be within five miles of the office so that was close enough to walk or ride my bike every single day and I try and do it almost every day I look at this here this is the risk of mortality for all causes is low fitness smoker high blood pressure high cholesterol overweight high glucose most of us has the highest relative risk of mortality welfare this is more more important because there than smoking qualities of this is in this one particular study other studies limit what identify smoking or high blood pressure as a greater risk but we like this one so must emphasize fitness okay Alice talk about cancer twenty five thousand men thirty to eighty seven follows the ten years persons had fifty five percent lower cancer mortality that lowers a person and they controlled for smoking a BMI alcohol and diabetes so those are high set fifty five percent less cancer death chip fracture those in exercise more and forty five fifty five percent last hip fracture why are we concerned about hip fracture was a medical good is called Osseo Kenya which is almost osteoporosis okay and we have to think it was a disease of women but many men are coming because it was right hormone reduction as we age but many men are coming down with osteoporosis as well and it's what is related to hormones is not just hormones it's the lack of weight-bearing exercise is the lack of adequate intake and absorption of calcium we ate or drank lots of calcium but that doesn't mean we absorb it we cannot absorb all the calcium week without adequate vitamin D from the sun vitamin K zinc boron and magnesium these we can all get from food but Afridi refined foods and not getting adequate fruits vegetables and nuts and seeds there were not getting everything we needed and would probably need a good supplemental round out those edges are you getting enough absorption of calcium and are you eating enough or are getting enough vitamin D just see her physician have a bone density exam at least at age fifty to get a baseline then you know where to go from there seventy percent of Americans living nor of Los Angeles are getting seventy percent are getting too little vitamin D they've done studies in Florida and ask about sixty sixty five percent authorities are getting low levels of vitamin D yet with all this sunshine why because were afraid of the sun and it's too hot to be out in the sun we get all sweaty and sticky okay we may with the same ten or fifteen minutes of sun but I think we need thirty minutes or more son every day I were not getting enough sun make sure you getting a good somehow source of vitamin D K zinc and all those other ones the mixture getting good sources of calcium if you getting your calcium primarily from plant foods that may or may not be enough it depends whether you're absorbing it get your bone density to connect so low exercise has the highest risk of hip fracture exercise and blood level by fax women who exercise by walking for ninety minutes on the previous day had lower blood fat levels the nonexercise of circular go in for a blood test tomorrow he noted an age of bloodshot measured in ninety minutes of exercise a day but let visibly lower tomorrow if you need your blood lipids low to be part of a life insurance exam or something like that twenty four percent Lord blood fat levels for hours after a high-fat meal if they exercise it's also reasonably exercise can be so beneficial to help lower cholesterol overtime diabetes those who are the most active at forty six percent below our relative risk of diabetes exercise one of the good guys breast cancer women who were free of breast cancer and who had consistently high activity levels half-sisters last breast cancer you have always a woman you know and I would tell me move especially if my mother had breast cancer or my sister had breast cancer even if my neighbor had breast cancer and I'm not related to sixty seven percent that's so close to hundred percent that's a good thing on and not just thirty minutes a day and they were talking sixty minutes a day should be the absolute minimum but we have lots of studies have documented thirty minutes a day thirty minutes a day should be the absolute bare minimum but we should be getting sixty minutes and on Sabbath you should be getting three or four hours and on Sunday you should be getting three or four not the unaudited exercise on Sabbath walk to church who cares if you're huffing and puffing sweating when you get there thanks impose a change into advancing I know I know understand the ladies understand that so petition your church to install a shower or transfer your membership to our church that has a school next-door that has a men's and women's locker room with star facilities competition and theism on Sabbath when I go to work on so on when I walk to work or live my bicycle about a backpack with all my were closing at five got a shower when I get there sometimes depends how hot it is outside okay so don't find excuses not to exercise find a reason to change churches if they don't have a shower for you or find a reason to change a job so they got a shower for you when you get there again overall mortality from men those are highly thick eighty percent less premature mortality than those unfit and an is true for women as well now we should probably define what being physically fit is this is the absolute bare minimum this is not what you should try to do this is what you should do only on days when you're sick when you don't feel well you didn't do thirty minutes of exercise so this is the bare minimum thirty minutes or more we forget about more I want this to be sixty minutes it takes me an hour to walk to work it takes me thirty minutes to ride my bicycle on Sabbath afternoon Alexei walked three or four hours and if it's the bits in the summer we rider bicycles for three or four on Sunday we got so much yardwork which is due a result the holiday usually the goal is to expand at least two hundred calories two hundred calories equals two miles so basically whatever it takes to move one mile that's a hundred calories whether to bicycle without a bicycle he needed this is so energy efficient it takes more than walking running jogging under calories it was one month as it depends how fast you okay and if you happened in two hundred calories last then in five days you just got a thousand calorie deficit different you've got no income is a two thousand calories deficit in the week submitting two thousand calories or exercising more you can start losing weight if you want to to prevent weight gain and to gain optimal health he recommends sixty minutes of moderate intensity physical activity now I'll care of his moderate or vigorous does not some of the guys like to play basketball and volleyball and soccer in my paper to three dollars up until a couple years ago I still play hockey I played ice hockey and iPad rollerblade hockey I just realized after a while that maybe I need to slow down so we go walking we got jogging we got all their kinds of activities play with your children and grandchildren in a soccer ball my wife and I have a medicine ball in the house we have weights I have a mini trampoline in front of the television so we were watching the news we could jump up and down we can toss his weight back and forth I've been petitioning my wife for years to turn that family room into an exercise gymnasium but she won't to be just won't do it I don't blame her but still try because I longer watch the news of MIPS Discovery Channel something I want to watch or a toy or something ends up one on exercise while watching something my treadmill I put a large reading stand on its don't like walking on a treadmill but I still do occasionally when I can't get outside the putter really stand on it and I started reading while I was walking is a good thing and realizes getting headaches also this print is too small so I bought a large print Bible and put their and I got this big printmaking read it while I'm walking on the treadmill there's even a treadmill desk that you can purchase if you need to be sitting at a desk all day they cost anywhere from five hundred to fifteen hundred dollars headset a treadmill with a computerized test and appeared in which a computer telephone where we need and you can do exercise while you're working our last secretary defense Donald Lumsden felt had a treadmill desk and when he wasn't walking on his desk he was standing next door on his elevated this was always honestly and is nothing wrong with that if you got proper shoes and support so exercise is good medicine a walk even in winter would be more beneficial is it ever get you called to exercise not for any of you I can tell you from personal experience it's okay to exercise at nineteen below zero Fahrenheit it's cold what I'm dressed for tank somewhere around thirty to thirty five degrees it is possible to start having some long tissue problems and clearly at fifty degrees below zero you can freeze your lungs so but it never gets down to twenty below zero in Florida visit or how about Jamaica Bahamas about New York City not very often does a get below twenty we played hockey at nineteen but hockey was canceled at twenty below and the problem is were not ready for it when I prepared for it so if it's cold out don't exercise is not used to going to the mall get yourself acquainted with the mall quite often when it's raining in Oregon as it does half of every day of the year we will go for exercise will visit the town center mall or will visit the same Acer Stream all is in Oregon and Portland that will go visit our pair of some church members easily shopping at the mall because I'm not shopping at the mall on Sabbath afternoon were out there exercising clean quiet and it's crowded you got a move around your exercising your hips and your knees he got a quiz in and out of all of all the window shoppers and we get exercise find ways to be more active many examples of exercise what are some things that you like to do yes but in the woods awesome what else gardening good swimming so home I also walk on the beach this kayaking is a reassuring what else by soccer yes tennis basketball volleyball riding a bicycle golfing and cleaning yes I'm not a study that shows the benefits of housecleaning now you don't vigorously for at least moderately but it's good exercise on hotly cautious about some of these and being competitive overly competitive as you can increase your risk of injury and future competitive place to play racquetball with a physician whose name was also MacLean he scared me he would dive for the ball and corner watching them drive and hit his head and shoulders rolling along just fine now I was raised with preventive medicine my blood I wonder preventing injury so I said look undated two points if you don't hit the ball and and ran outside my backside just argue the point is he was so aggressive I'm glad I don't have to play racquetball anymore no no no no nothing do with endorphin and got everything to the crazy and him and drank just as inappropriate behavior competitiveness fell to do about that so here again is the minimum at least two fifteen minute or three ten minute sessions less than memo the good news is you don't have to do it all at once I personally like to do that and then when I said them in my office I'm sending e-mails back and forth of my staff there's about forty of us in our office and got about sixteen thousand square foot building on your questions all the time but unique scoring in many glasses I got answers to our developers all get up and walk and go over there share with them the answer rather than just sending an e-mail okay it's important to sue to get up off your desk as well yes sure yes it would be great if we wait we would all where fifty or sixty pounds weights in output ten pounds around his ankle five pounds are rounded to wrist nothing wrong with that there went my backpack I always put a couple books in their work couple cans of peas as I want to wait on my back I've got two bicycles ago one bicycle that weighs seventeen pounds I got another bicycle weighs thirty five which one you think I get more exercise on but which ones do I think I'm a speech arriving around and around cars now my fast exciting nimble bicycle depends what I need to do and who I need to keep up with some examples of exercise to the Amish and Sylvania and Ohio have a good day by lawnmowers of big push some of the energetic ones some of the innovative ones rather our supervisor after the Longhorn and down some of the Mennonites even if she is in a got the back wheel on the front of the front wheels attached to the to the Longmore of a push lawnmower almost bought one to take a picture of something that I guided by it when you exercise at least to begin with city under strain or fifty should be fairly easy to somewhat hard you should make you gain repeatedly but not make you a breath you should be able to carry on a conversation if you cannot carry on a conversation you may be exercising to vigorously but it's okay if you used but you don't have to exercise of that vigorous level to gain the benefit of exercise that's what I want to ask my point it's okay to exercise at that level but you don't have to gain the benefit if you do exercise at that level you can exercise the less number of minutes then at a slower pace design make sense okay that's okay to huff and puff and sweat a little bit is better to have a shower when you get three or more miles per hour is the target to forty eight percent relative risk increase in heart attack that's a good thing okay I typically want my three miles an hour when I'm with my wife or four miles lower when I'm by myself and start slow gradually build up for higher levels of fitness in my one and vigorous activities or go to sixty minutes I recommend we should go to sixty minutes if you've got submitted reference probably sincere physician who wants a physician website exercise but here she may give you an exercise prescription and a heart and a guided heart rate to pursue a not a good thing and if you're over forty from manner over for future weapon before you develop a vigorous program you should see your physician and be advised as a chronic disease it's always good to did to develop relationship to get a baseline but in my career is likely to people whenever recommended not to exercise those were two people who were on a heart transplant list waiting for a heart to be made available to them these manager cardiac rehab program and after three or four days when that heart attack is than stabilize an individual we engaged them in an exercise program it was monitor because you want to make sure their arrhythmias were were were normal in the blood pressure was normal okay now to talk about this grip strength testing we know lots and we talked lots about exercising the benefit the heart and lungs for years it's all wherever talked about then we realized that a lot of people are going to live a long healthy life in the last ten years and they lay in a hospital bed because their heart lung is so strong because they exercise their heart we need to begin emphasizing strength and flexibility as well so a decade ago start emphasizing strength and flexibility that's the benefit of gardening that are Judy said okay it's flexibility now for some ways out to my sons were always tall and skinny they want to build up some muscle so they beg and beg me to purchase a weight machine I get exercise at home I said this over energy out of the barn you can use that they both ran out there and looked and looked and couldn't find come on guys there's these days his bales of hay here and I want to take pickup a bale of hay under this and what would overhear and set it down under them for thirty minutes and I know let's work with Doctor Medusa so finally I spent two hundred dollars and purchased an exercise weight machine and exercise aren't enough in our home for a while and held for two hundred dollars ago by thing is really good so they finally went to quit that they bought memberships at the local gym and went to lift weight lift weights and really good first-class machines as they want to build up some bulk my youngest son now he looks really good in fact you look so good he's a model for Nike and Abercrombie and Fitch and he's one of fifty or sixty guys if they fly around the world to help them open stores because they want healthy good-looking young man who assisted interesting all the girls to use put on lots of clothes all the guys they plan in swimsuits anyway he's got a really good head in the shoulders and I'm really pleased that he could exercise and stay away from drugs and stay away from girls and you know anytime and teenagers July the twenty five the good thing okay that's a good thing we cannot get enough strength and flexibility as we age our muscles will all many of them will be replaced by fat and in the process we've gained weight so we don't know we've lost muscle we can still get in and out of our car but if we had to run to catch a bus we would guy we would suffer painfully so we need to do some strength and flexibility back pain is a common on-the-job injury and we want to maintain bone mineral content want to prevent loss of muscle mass nothing wrong with improving your figure or physique prevents disability in older age those are good goals being active helps us do this you can join a gymnasium I have nothing wrong with that if you joining us for your benefit not to look around gazing everybody else when it should be lifted and lowered in a slow controlled manner if you don't know how to lift weights they join a club for three months and get the benefit of the professional training and advice on ways and keep my home and just engaging your watch into the every commercial get up and do some exercise how many of you could do right now twenty push-ups or twenty or lots this is things that you should engage with your spouse you both should be able to do throughout the day as many push-ups and curl up as you are aged so if you're fifty years of age usability fifty push-ups and fifty cents you don't have to do them all the same time that would be okay in addition to these artifacts about put it in front of our laundry room and my wife uses it for hanging clothes on the little rounders of push-ups are polyps okay fine ways to be active around the house engage yourself in some of these strength building activities okay here's a study looking at about four thousand men twenty two middle-aged persons with low abdominal fitness and longer strength has significantly higher mortality rates that means people to creditor setups and people at longer strength died early as that that means that's what I checked your grip strength here's another study the majestic grip strength they checked their grip strength now and then they measure their functional capacity twenty five years in the future this is a longitudinal twenty five your study predicts based on grip strength and predicts what functional disabilities you will have all those with low grip strength had poor walking ability in the future those with longer strength had difficulty rising from a chair what that means is that we show you how we get out of the chair were young healthy we get out of the chair like that when we get a little older we got a picture like the while I was there I have to use my arms to get out of the chair actually a little older in this as we get a little older and are we ask our brother here help me out thank you all that is perfectly normal but it doesn't have to be okay when we lose muscle in her legs and abdomen on we need assistance but that's why we had children with boys and girls and those boys and girls and boys and girls so that when I'm sitting at home at eighty five I can ask my granddaughter to come up and help me is that our goal in life while these are easy things to think about chair or per walking ability in the other thing is in America we can go to the store we can bike share a swing a lot the solutions in America right sometimes in the wrong solutions those with low grip strength is difficult to doing heavy housework all the same and that but housework is good physical activity low strength difficulty walking half a mile or walking up ten steps or lifting ten pounds Wyeth ten pounds important that's a bag of groceries this is where it becomes really important low grip strength predicts that you have difficulty dressing yourself or baby are targeting or eating but that's why we have kids who had case where the provider grandkids over to bait us or to work harder my wife really gets upset when I spent too much time on this but you know this is normal orderly behavior we need to go to the bathroom but who's going to clean myself up if we can't bent and twisted and do what is natural or if we can't move to the toilet whose can help us to do that and one were sitting on the toilet has been help us get off the toilet and get back to our shareholder of us while we have Greg contract now they're not very good that's why we have is why we have facilities to assist in us doing this right is that why we send mom and dad to the nursing home have around yes but is a hover around the answer incontinence and transfer from a wheelchair to a bed complete this six and these of the six issues are looked at by physicians and nurses and social workers to define whether you have a disability if you have a disability tenure eligible for Social Security disability failing to Levine 's is a definition of your disabled if you have a long-term care insurance plan to purchase was wonderful but if you can exercise now to prevent this is not a better idea I did note in the time but I purchased a long characterized by I married a younger woman that's my long-term care insurance plan she's five years younger than me she's also a nurse good but you know I used to taking care of myself and I want to make sure I can do all these things so that's why I want my grip strength of the hot enough and restraint is not the issue of grip strength is a measure of overall physical fitness if you're active if you're physically fit and active and engaging a wide variety of activities in your grip strength is good to be decent as well but what does that mean okay what this means is not assist on a map forty two is the bare minimum okay and in women that's in the about summer between twenty seven and thirty two does not like anybody else so if your grip strength of your man is forty two urine the danger zone if you're a woman and is less than thirty somewhere around thirty year the danger zone was at me get more physically fit being more active now sure you can cheat and get a tennis ball to squeeze increasing grip strength process however talking about need to improve your strength of your grip your forearm is our shoulder the abdomen buttocks hamstring hamstrings quadriceps and a reminder that by what being active in getting some exercise this is my most favorite wonderful gadget they only cost two hundred dollars and their awesome because it motivates people to exercise more than anything else ever done in my life as well and always an exercise to get a heart and lung improve but we don't realize these six Apogee six issues of the definition of disability that's the real reason why we should exercise what does it matter that a strong healthy heart if I can't dress myself you know very let less than twenty seven thirty for women and less for you to ferment here's an individual I see it only as a picture of them has been before I tell you plus I want to tell your story then was in a nursing home in San Diego he was in his late seventies walking around with a cane something like this account very happy excellent disposition his physical therapist says Miliband brother watching you and are pretty sure that if I show you some exercises and you began out a regular exercise program we could probably help you to stand up or rectum you won't need that Cain is much and thought that was a good idea so began an exercise program within six months it was while walking vigorously without a cane within a year is trying to find something to do his son said another senior Olympics is good to be competing in San Diego next year wanted you to start training and participate and find something to do then in his early eighties thought that was a good idea so began exercising any roles in the Senior Olympics after a few years then at the age of a hundred and three sets and their world her software for men over a hundred years of age now you have to understand there wasn't much competition and but you have to understand there was competition and then broke his record again the next year now been died at the age of a hundred and five West along with the story nothing except he waited too long to be physically active the good news is as an old man he had enough residual energy and enough residual strength enough residual skeletal strength to begin to exercise and turn his life around rather than laying in a hospital bed is asked where he was destined to go he had a strong heart but he was in Atlanta that because he was walk around like this what was his next step the land had been for ten or fifteen years before start quits it's never too late to begin an exercise program is Mavis Lindgren sees in this she was in the Portland area you may have heard about her she's anadromous lady she was saying her internist in her mid- sixties entries are really getting upset with her he says I can't give you any more medicine I've got you on the legal dose the highest legal dose as I can does nothing else I can do for you is really frustrated his module go home and sleep present as I can doing housework she went home after three days elated that she realized the doctor was right I've got to start doing something so she began she asked her may come to her house less often as she began to get her own mail first time she went through mailbox he never made it but eventually she could go to the mailbox and come back she was living on the state the mailboxes down into the driveway in isolation began a physical activity program began getting better reduces the medicine that she's on and she begins running marathons she holds she did hold the record for her age and eleven Portland marathons she competed all over the world of marathons all over the world Doctor Hall my partner and well sourced interviewed her so surely you must have missed a day of exercise uses never I don't recall ever being sick where she is today really sick but she began an exercise program without there are I suppose there are some reasons why we should not exercise some people have lots of excuses to not exercise Watterson excuses I don't have time what else is not safe outside what else it's too cold outside to hot outside it hurts too much messes up my hair located lots of excuses not to exercise but negatives a few reasons would you think that not having legs and feet would be a reason not to exercise okay that might be a reason but here's a lady her name is Aimee Mullins she lost her since forgotten why she lost her legs but it was very young age she is a very famous model don't go look her up on the Internet unless even four follow all the model and Jeff were a lot of close summer remodeling experiences so just trust me you got additional envelope go-ahead follow any moment but she's got twelve or eighteen pairs of legs she's got runway legs she's got walking legacy scar running legs she's got swimming legs she's got cycling legs this is a girl that is not in active if my foot hurt had to cut it off I think I'd probably stop exercise I'm sure I would not find some ways to stay active with here's a girl now without legs she still runs in the Portland Marathon and this was back in a time when this was unheard of she went to an engineer said look I want you to design me a cup to put my stuff in and some spring steel that some rubber pads on the bottom screw it all together as I want to walk and run some that some activities they thought she was crazy but they design something today we have athletes who have shock absorbers and needs full half later for legs and they can run as fast or faster and actually debating right now whether to allow these disabled athletes to participate in the international Olympic Games strength so we don't have any arms or legs that's no reason not to play tennis or not a bicycle or not to walk or swim so if regular exercise is going to warm-up cool down and chose activities you find exercise daily Alisa you can choose moderate to vigorous activity don't forget about strengthening and stretching when you're sitting down scratch her shoulders and your hips and then didn't twist you know when you getting ready for bed do ten or fifteen push-ups and return affecting curl ups when they get up in the morning there's a perception curling is not ladylike get over it if you do lazy get over it without being physically active we need some disability assistance as we know that makes sense in a busy media was used by bodybuilders including NEC health summoned if you would like to learn more about the NAV Summit please visit www. DNA to help some .com if you would like more free online is www. audio numbers on board


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