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Eight Weeks to Wellness, Part 4

Gerard McLane


Gerard McLane

VP Research and Development, Wellsource, Inc.



  • February 5, 2012
    4:00 PM
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was important for me physically active thirty to sixty minutes a day it's also important not to sit for eight hours a day or not the site for four hours a day so here's not even found an association between fitting time and risk of mortality as fitting time increases of fifty percent or more of each day the risk of death from any cause increases by eleven to fifty four percent so most of your time is sending each day you have hundred and fifty percent increase in relative risk of premature mortality no so this is why I like to tell people every sixty minutes or every fifteen minutes of sitting a lot have ten minutes of of activity I don't count that as exercise as far as my sixty minutes a day is just to break up the day and so if your have a desk job as many of us do rather than just answering an e-mail maybe go talk to that person and gives the results of that very interesting as I often do so rather than just ask a female I will only answer even if I want electronic record or Allah finances e-mail and go down and talk about the e-mail I just sent okay because I want to have two minutes activity following every fifty minutes of desk sitting as I don't guess I don't yet have the treadmill at my desk I thought really really hard about it because my last child is still in one of our private schools I just can't bring myself to spend the money lasted a come up with extra money for Walla Walla to keep my child in school so setting timing today break it up secondary problem is was is relative risk got you got hundred twenty one two five four hundred and twenty five percent increased risk if you if you if you if you were sick most current all right let's talk about one of our favorite subjects this talk about healthy fats there are some wonderful ministries here recommend we know facts and I just can't abide by their there's good fat is bad fat I think we need to week nine or less at least less or none of the bad fats and we think we need a adequate amounts of the good healthy fact that God is prepared for us in the form of avocado and olives nuts and seeds that makes sense I don't want to disparage any of the other ministries that are recommending no fact as they have their own reasons for doing that but I think we need to be open-minded and balanced about what's good have no problem with eating these no fax for a short-term to lower one's risk of heart disease perhaps but those are end-stage kinds of things one of the good reasons reading facts is just smooth healthy skin energy balance hormones on a bigger retarded afternoon have trouble computer completing a day 's work it might be related to honestly it might relate synonymous exercise it might be related on affecting water it might be related not enough eating enough facts that provide energy is probably a combination of all of the ad if that's the case nothing wrong with taking a ten or fifteen minute nap either perk yourself up for the rest of the day in fact we highly recommend so here are some healthy fats or oils the polyunsaturated fats these are essential for life these are the two fax that the little way or omega six fats refined and corn safflower sunflower most vegetables this is the predominant factor that we were talking about twenty and thirty years ago this is the fact that we too much of seem to increase the risk of cancer so it's a good idea to eat less fact the process that alkaline linolenic for the omega-3 fats found in soy flax walnuts is the fact that we just don't get enough of if we don't eat enough so I faxed in one some of these fats are found in olive oil not much of monounsaturated fats these are the Allis canola avocado nuts these as close to original state or healthy for Radisson refined oil the problem with refined oil is eating too much of it I'm just not regret it doesn't have a little island has dry tasteless I would prefer to have natural healthy fats and it amassed the bread my wife makes or that the bread and purchase okay I like the olives especially the olives that come from the Mediterranean have not yet been turned black papers and delicious alts I don't like debacle but some people love Vista loss avocado not love those I would love to have it all the colors of avocado sandwich with lettuce and tomato instead I found a bunch of Riverside and we often do that a lot come home from dinner from from work and all have some toasted bread and put some avocado on his question and I will be my and my mail along with some nuts and seeds in the smoothie drink is talk about granola Vermont or any kind of fruit to have available and so I'm not usually a major-label yogurt sometimes it want to be tart a diet low yogurt sometimes except that's a strong healthy bacteria growing in my stomach my company salt canola about Colonel never heard is that for a pretext for a book about back in the seventies of farmers in Canada realized that a cash crop available call canola is being sold primarily as a machine lubricants had a high concentration of erucic acid and so was never used for humans they engineered a lower erucic acid content canola to be used for humans and asked the Colonel or when they are harmful effects of the machine oil canola with high erucic acid which some people use caused damages to some rats in one study but the Colonel of myself as edition oil as long as is not used in excess nominees all should be using access these any loyal more than others it should be the olive oil coconut all again I have no problem with that is how you see just and well it turns it into a harmful fact okay we just don't need too much kernel at work on Coca-Cola typically but you can what you don't want to do is let the culprit on trip coconut milk drip into those bottles with the Sunday conduct as I seen some folks do in the honest presenter did in the coconut liquor they were establishing that the coconut milk yes it should also find to all those in moderation yes true the olive oil coconut oil canola oil are more tolerant to heat but anytime you get steam coming off of the their not tolerate any more okay so you are stirfry rather than a fry well short what damages any oil is exposure to light and air and heat so when you purchase these oils you want to purchase them from suppliers that give you cold pressed oil so there am stored in dark oral take glass containers and then you lightly heat them as well so stirfry versus Fry make versus Fry I now granola they found this oil watercolor come from primarily came from Canada they realized it was an oil grown in Canada and it was called racy is still called racy but you only see our list and flow of the town when the marketing people started involving wanted to bring in this new exciting oil for human consumption let's eat right oil I wasn't a good thing okay so I try to change the name of rapeseed oil to connect to count all an assortment to Canada while and now all canola music Canada world wanted on criminal that's where it comes from the rapeseed to beautiful plant grows about three feet tall strong sturdy by still more blue-green leaves on it at the top I got a bright brilliant yellow flower and it turns into some nice black seeds is these black seeds that they run through a grinder givest the canola oil for the addressee nor crop wishes hundreds and hundreds acreages of yellow that if you have that reflects the over here which is released what beautiful Canadian prairie scenery you can see X it's snowing a lot about genetically modified foods will advertise some good news and bad news the good news is we've been eating genetically modified foods for close to sixty years and most people never known about that measures we got a trust of scientists make sure that doing the right thing is not a good thing now I saw any as much as I can organic foods that is not been genetically modified okay that's not entirely possible all the time the jury is still out on this on the final resolution of what can happen with genetically modified foods we got a serious problem right now with the big population that that automate all of our closer grow and about half the population around the world of died off probably because of pesticides and lack of lack of lack of strong immune system because of exposure to pesticides and will know what's can happen I'm more concerned about that and genetically modified foods bought I think we need to be aware of genetically modified foods there's a lot of outdoor product is not a lot of science yet for any of us to make a real official recommendation or determination I've heard speakers on Pro and cable that good science behind them and offered speakers on against GML that have no science behind and has somewhat of a scientist at the lean towards a scientific point of view but I've enough of the cautionary person to say I just not sure what women are know about Jimbo genetically modified food I presently unfortunately was driving this is that capitalistic venture to make more food to make more product to make more money and hast not the right reason to go there but there's also box coming out that need some assistance to suppress the bug so we don't need a lot of pesticides so there's a good reason to have some genetically modified foods so we so left out nostalgia said somebody going out there that like to eat on the focus before we get to stuff they become genetically stronger to resist the great thing as long as it doesn't change the protein that I'm trying to eat or change the carbohydrate that I tried to itself my best answer is a graph latency there's just not enough good solid scientific and information out there for us to make a good decision but also recognize we've been eating modified foods some of us for a whole life because they've been modifying them since the fifties and sixties are not genetically but some of them genetically yes they are not got real serious reservations about them myself but we just don't know enough information I don't think we should be doing it but I can't abide is seize the day that my grandfather planted in our far procedure no longer genetically available to them there is arrow I I don't know there is that they're safe there seems that my grandfather had that you can buy today they does they just didn't survive the generations now and and okay monosodium glutamate or in Asia recorded Ajinomoto these are flavor enhancers I would prefer to read fluids foods that have none of those the only flavor enhancers I want to use is so solid name of the salt so when we need our restaurants we asked for no and that no MSG these are what are called excitotoxins some fairly decent books written on excitotoxins that will be a problem for some people is a problem for you I don't know but we are all exposed to some excitotoxins throughout our lifespan in our diet any foods we will be moving turned into some excitotoxins actually much can be a problem little bit no problem I choose not to eat any MSG care also there's some of the unhealthy fats these are solid fats primarily saturated fat mostly from animal fats cashews a saturated fat I love cashews it gives me a creamy flavor to a mixture of knots in my caches located we saturated fats some visits not of animal origin it'll be much healthier for you coconut has some light I sometimes have a slide that I can share with you that bad fats in Ohio there are different oils in the good fats that we have in this slide that you can get that on the Internet you can go to one of the best ones is it right .org it's website sponsored by the American dietetic Association if you go to eat right .org and Esquire he saturated fats and get a list of above the good bad and ugly of different facts and then you can make an informed decision on what kind of fact you want me so we want to stay away from these animal fats as much as possible but I I still eat saturated fats from cashews and from some of the other we want to stay away from all transfatty acids these are vegetable oils that have been adulterated to improve the shelf life and the cream a smooth vagueness of the product for example peanut butter and others good peanut butter is backing about the grouping of butter as the ones that say penis and trans fats or hydrogenated oils on okay onto the bad ones the bad peanut butter says peanuts and hydrogenated fats the Gardena butter says Venus menisci low-salt than okay the grouping of butter generally has oil floating on top of that means you got a good exercise astern I then think about it never have to stir up because it's smooth and creamy not to bind photo never spoils as the food you don't want it anyways presents full of preservatives and all these adulterated oils to prevent food from going back just about everything a boot that eventually but I'm told is in Hamburg is out there that never go back that's interesting all right not none of these are essential for life we need a week the other foods in the previous slide but not these so basically saturated and trans fat do a lot of bad things for us they raise cholesterol and blood pressure and HD of the lower HDL HDL is called high density lipoprotein it's a good cholesterol serves as a dump truck circulates away from the liver was in the claimant attaches itself to LDL which is the bad cholesterol and VLDL which is the more bad cholesterol brings us back to the liver to be metabolized for energy and skin cell membrane for .com cell membrane production increases risk of all these chronic diseases unsaturated fats do the reverse this is why we have a whole industry a whole health ministry that recommends eating lower cholesterol and raise HDL 's eighty cents of fatty acids lower the risk of all these diseases how do you raise your HDL level exercises one way eating oatmeal is another eating carrots is another not meeting animal saturated fats is another so you can choose to make poor choices which have a higher risk of developing what various diseases or you can choose to be healthier choices which lead us towards a higher risk of being healthy and is personal choice about unfortunately our Tom also gets ball and we have taste buds throughout the periphery of the tongue and sometimes leans us in our decision-making process right and elsewhere we can sometimes get in trouble so the goal is not to eliminate all fast food rather a glass of those are damaging to the body to saturated and trans fat and moderately of a healthier facts the vegetable oils that are than on hydrogenated the process of hydrogenated oils we call on trans fat hydrogenation process is the process of adding nickel cadmium catalyst to that good vegetable oil to preserve it shelflife by changing it from a multiple bond oil to us to know double-blind oil it essentially changes that polyunsaturated fat as a number of kinks in it in a bench at the knees the waste Diablo the neck the number of multiple polyamines more double bonds multiple double bonds the double bonds now I have a straight-chain fatty acid that straight-chain fatty acid or saturated fatty acid lines in the artery in the intimate of arteries linings of our arteries and can be deposited there when you're straight-chain when their King invents is very difficult to deposit those almost impossible so when you get rid of double bonds is not a good thing and so I want to eat these on hydrogenated vegetable oils in moderate amounts and plant foods that contain healthy fats like nuts seeds and all is avocado flax meal soy walnuts and some of the others here's an explanation of some facts that you can get a much expanded version on heat right .org okay so the rent is a saturated fat we need to eat foods that have less red and more green this is the omega-3 is difficult to find current so here's the chronology on here this is why canola such as Google while I'm not so much worried about the coconut we don't eat enough of it to be concerned about it a native of Nashville else hears granola down here flax how they got ingredients linolenic acid best omega-3 was very difficult to get right right olive oil and goes okay but doesn't have much grain why Leslie God made while we push on club because as long when this saturated fat that's the why and and these models are basically neutral the other that neither good nor bad they are there okay but we need these essential fatty acids okay and so it doesn't take as much to get those but we need a meeting some of us need a meeting one tablespoon a day of flaxseed oil to get the adrenaline ice usually lots of walnuts and almonds to get my way back I love all I stay away from cottonseed oil because cottonseed always a crop that has a high exposure to pesticides to grow the cotton and they may not have titrated all that pesticide out safflower and sunflower don't have very good shelf life no they're almost identical to the olive oil with a very low shelf not all allies and accidents self it doesn't harass it is faster some of these others during the just an example of different kinds of oils there is no perfect loyalty by which a modest amounts that helps flavor to food next and more palatable stuff we look at total fat as percent of calories those to get twenty nine percent fat as calories or forty six percent finest hours there's not much difference in relative risk of heart disease and all about the same weight of the total fat but when you look at saturated fat the higher the saturated fat the much higher risk of heart disease this is why we want to eat less saturated fat measuring disease it may be of some benefit to eat no fat for short-term but I would never recommend it for lots all of our patients our clinics we gave them lots of the bond in fact good natural sources of healthy fat and we got excellent biochemical and clinical results that would occur heart disease forty two thousand and three of heart disease saturated fat intake and those that ate saturated fat is seventy two percent increased risk of heart disease so is that a good reason to read less saturated fat and this was the animal primary animal saturated fat you can see the difference this is where I want to be a polyunsaturated fats those that make more polyunsaturated fat this is the goods that have a much lower relative risk of heart disease going I want to be over here when a Fatah one eight the polyunsaturated the ethanol of all the criminal soybean and trans fatty acids those are the most transfatty acids have almost a fifty three fifty three percent increase in relative risk of heart disease I want to be over here a less transfer in fact I read the labels now is a trans fats I don't buy us on traveling and starving okay heart disease and trans fats those are the highest trans fats those in the lowest of the lowest lines of the lowest risk of coronary heart disease breast cancer women who weigh at least saturated fat at nineteen percent last breast cancer so if you exercise yet sixty seven percent less breast cancer and if you had saturated fat and another nineteen percent and almost zero your risk of breast cancer what doesn't work the way but if you do everything you can look at the way the evidence suggests that he got dramatically lower risk of breast cancer symptoms a high consumption of animal fat increases risk for breast cancer so we know the other one is lack of exercise the other one is excessive weight consultant got if you get one or more of those initially getting annual mama annual mammograms even though the research is now suggesting maybe we don't need annual mammograms why because the cost of treating dear parents possible treatment for not having visited is less than the cost of finding something intriguing about the wrong reason digital mammograms you're sure or not get your mammograms my dad had breast cancer he was a wonderful obese man he addressed bigger than most women he went back to loss weight gain weight three hundred eighty four and in thy breast cancer but he died beautiful had out-of-control diabetes a smoked until he died but the thing is men still get breast cancer so when you sue a less saturated fat these are primary sources this is where vegetarians are nearly fairly fast foods and baked goods in snack foods containing foods probably donate to my short back shortening probably don't get the fact back in Mark and if you are from the South nobody else knows what that means anyway so that's okay but I know lots of us turns me all these foods of family annual course for stairway from these we know that I hate to talk about I get a quantitative vegetables and an lettuce and being single problem but I don't eat there very often lacked stability okay this is from the Adventist health study published in the archives of internal medicine eating meat just three times a week two three times arrest two hundred and thirty one percent increase with a fatal heart attack now when I was a young man eating meat I did not eat three times a week I ate two and three times a day eight days two and three times a day right number back when he used it makes if I was to recommend anybody to be made three times a day three times a week I'd laugh at me because most of these guys he two hundred times a day but the address also he just showed us three times a week increases risk to a thirty one percent that tells me the evidence suggests we should eat less meat never many lesson three times a week on my phone bodies at all this is a picture of her coronary artery is moderate heart disease we don't have significant symptoms of a trade-in Telles ninety ninety five percent plot and then we need emergency treatment one of the signs before you get to this point high blood pressure maybe high cholesterol fatigue George Brett certainly but those are closer than stage why should your cholesterol the above above two hundred we see dramatic increases in heart disease death rates below two hundred racing dramatic increases in heart disease death rates so the American Heart Association and the national institutes of health recommend there we had a half a level of less than two hundred that's the ideal he was just less than one sixty cars you see there's still a benefit here on flooring and less as always I guess a desirable but this is ideal when I graduated from Loma Linda University the normal upper limit of cholesterol was three hundred now two hundred okay so if your class was not lessened two hundred you need to do something about I don't care what your HDL although if you're just high enough we can tend to ignore this and so you're okay for a time but is just good to get your total cost for lesson two hundred yes some do but when I was a vegan my HDL was as high as my LDL they are both about sixty two okay my wife Susan it was enraged because we exercise with the right kinds of foods we exercise when you lower cholesterol artificially pay with with with pharmaceutical agents it tends to lower your HDL as well so you need to exercise vigorously and you don't mail it carrots and maybe take some niacin okay or maybe a short-term take some Lipitor work with your physician but long-term cholesterol should come down we exchange all parcels come down eighty two hundred points in just two weeks when they go on the program was not uncommon at all to lower cholesterol eighty two hundred points in just two weeks busting hundreds of patients to the cost for lowering a study they did at Loma Linda and they were on a dietary program for four weeks their cluster levels dropped by nine percent and I forgot dropped forty percent the frozen vegetables legumes whole grain breads and cereals soy nonfat dairy and egg substitute in this particular study start out average cholesterol two eighty five were down to one ninety weeks so it should last fast facts these are the primary sources radiolabeled FSS partially hydrogenated vegetable oils purchased something else if it doesn't say how much hydrogenated oil it is a net purchase something else they're not supposed to ten years ago they did and always but there's a tribes that live there now is what to say how much trans fat if it doesn't say anything enemies got less than one percent I believe that the number is okay here's some trans fats in common snack foods I hate to say Little Debbie that's one of our great Adventist institutions and their working vigorously in the keys are good friends of my wife's family and weaving within many times in and got a whole health food industry there that they're working vigorously to provide healthy snack foods okay because they're in the snack food industry I got no problem with the will give people choices and if they did you'd encourage them to choose healthy snack foods that's better than unhealthy snack foods I would prefer to read the snack foods with my meal because I donate between meals not that that's the gold standard it is it is lots of lots of trans fats doesn't sound like much but it is there are some trans fat margarines that you can purchase take control one of my favorite trans fat breads is unless trans fat-free breads thank you one of my favorite trans fat-free spreads is Hamas okay I never could understand why we had to have a toast and put margarine on it and then put Hamas and peanut butter in and put jelly on the lighting and butter for the margin and he got Brad you got sesame butter you got almond butter cashew butter got hummus you got a slice or two of avocado there's lots of choices that you can put up eight more healthy fats linolenic acid is the omega-3 relative risk one percent increase in calories from animal like acid lowers the rest you those surveyed the top amount of linolenic acid lowered your risk here's some photos with that omega-3 fatty acids and basically the sources are flaxseed walnuts canola oil that you'd find in salad dressings or mayonnaise if you're going to eat those soil while soybean soymilk tofu if you're not eating any of these foods you may have a dietary deficiency of this omega-3 fatty acid something to find one or two other great I recommend that Ludwig typically has vegetarians lots of soy kinds of products that's a good thing generally and here's some examples of not occasionally asleep when I mentioned about not like that that not I is a set you need all the donor calls you want and then used to generate a fairly modest laugh until someone told me this grocery this a bakery is now selling donor rolls I said oh my and I can't even eat a donut holes eighty knots five times a week or more lower your risk of heart disease forty eight percent what kind of knots were used in this study is came under the Adventist health study published in the archives of internal medicine what kind of nuts were used no no any kind enough X thank you exactly and what kind of knots where these where they draw fresh roasted that matter no distinction were these not salted or unsalted though it didn't matter Indiana Verizon study it was how many knots she went in the most common knots in Southern California back during the sixties and seventies were roasted salted or lightly salted ones and they were eaten probably just as much as raw or unsalted nuts there is no distinction in the new address authorities are making some of those distinctions the point is he's not swim in the Ross Sarasohn were still good for you I would eat half-and-half as often as I can I eat the raw fresh unsalted not write an objective buying a package salted nuts lightly roasted I don't use that all the time most of my not so wrong on so I love the flavor that flavor but I don't disparage the lightly salted occasionally roasted in fact putting almonds and baked beans and green beans is a good idea throwing some flakes of almonds on pastry or something to my night nothing wrong with that divinity big and little bit but let's not does he did not spin your primary source of that that's the principle I want to leave her how do the Harvard study was done and reproduce the NFL study they also ate five times a week they also did not determine whether they were raw not suffice not salted or unsalted but they showed again five times thirty five percent increase in risk of heart attack occurring the national classical education program recommends total facts of the less than thirty five percent saturated fat sugar less than seven percent calories less than five percent for optimum reduction of cholesterol and you can use these calculations to figure out read the labels of figure out how much fact usually you can engage a dietitian a figure not specifically nothing wrong with that either so for example has a section has a goal here is a two thousand calorie diet is a pretty reasonable guy is not excessive if you want a fine percent of calories then that means two thousand hours oh five eight one hundred hundred times nine dollars the granite was eleven grams per day of saturated fat and that your goal no more than eleven grams per day no life depends on what evidence of disease you could I have no problem going down to twenty percent for twenty five percent but if you eating healthy fats I've got studies that could show you can eat thirty five or forty percent healthy fats and still not have an increased mortality rates women wrongly educated about total content fact okay so eleven grams of fat basilica grams of fat how much size of fruit and vegetable saturated fat not very much loaded and ready serial no but in these days how much fat and butter palm oil margarine vegetable oil one tablespoon it already got twelve I seven grams of saturated fat major goal eleven grams a day you're already toasted okay unless very little saturated fat Thomas Ewing basically peanut butter got some she wanted to care naughty too much so here's a saturated fat in all these products okay everybody can have a product I wanted to salmon or tuna is the first much lower I forget about this Canadian bacon okay let's first they are not recommend you read that over these cookies and donuts muffins a anger for papers on the air and it has almost no fast I guess you need that I recommend so you see there's these pastries and result must have high nonsense Saturday fat same as a whole milk reduce fat nonfat Friday ice cream and that's why we get any Gary recommended nonfat or the reduced fat reduced fat means fifty percent less fat is not nonfat this is the nonfat french fries and concepts to see even hashbrowns they'll have somebody saturated fats salt get out of very quickly because we know more than eleven grams of saturated fat a day that means you got eat a lot of fruits vegetables that have not been adulterated to make sure you don't get over that eleven grams of saturated fat in your manual there's some vision charts on saturated fat and if there are I think there's some in section three or four if not there's a whole bunch on it right .org you will look at specific ratios of different kinds of site here's a Gardenburger Gardenburger with design prepared him for an organ I've met the creator Gardenburger 's name is Paul I can't member 's name had dinner with him one time is really nice than he was a founder of the Gartenberg here's a Gardenburger if you want a good meat substitute there is eight or ten different kinds of garden burgers it gives license to you figure our non- vegan is getting gluten-free or group different kinds but the plant want to make is total side is only three grams total saturated fat only one graph this is a good the substitute if you have a hamburger and is ready grams protein zero cholesterol so learn to read labels be careful when you weed out most restaurants are high-fat because they want the food taste good there are three things that make food taste good what I found is one sugar is another and spices are the third of which salt is one of the spices those are the three things are primarily make food taste good I want my food taste good so one of the decided I don't like too much sugar but I want some of the drinks to be able to week I want my piety be sweet so we had fruit juice concentrates upon or date sugar and I want to use the spices there's some really wonderful exotic spices from all over the world they don't have to dissolve and experiment with some different spices that are not harmful to your stomach there's a lot of miles places there that just enhance the flavor of these foods to well some of the peppers would be harmful excessive use of cinnamon could be harmful I like curry mildly flavored soda and a strong trace your bacon they can damage the lining of the esophagus and ends on so I has one of those peppers that I would use as a treatment for storehouse but I wouldn't use too much of it in the film reusable cayenne pepper not very often digitizer what dish were trying to rate reproduce a kind is actually very high in vitamin C on your position once told me to gargle with cayenne pepper it kills everything in the back is enough as it is such an irritant so be careful about the strong spices ask for olive oil with garlic that your grandson of barter shows entrées and learn our sauce instead of meat sauces hold the water sock remember cream 's restaurant for lower fat options Manny restless today are very concerned about healthful living they would even identify those foods on the plate that are healthier for you so here's a high-fat meal this untidy answer since already in the book but a high-fat meal here in a hamburger typical fast food restaurant that twenty five twenty seven grams of saturated fat is not difficult for the typical fast food eager to get this health food eater will get a Gardenburger and some low-fat mayo nonfat cheese baked potato and now only two five grams or not now can you have while still two five grams such as so as not difficult to eat less saturated fat but to do so you got a make different choices you can age at these fast food restaurants and eat this way if you choose to do so I know Burger King experimenter with a Gardenburger for many years I don't know if they still do that anymore I think here are the online and during that has been coordinated fast food I'm glad they have some of these choices are you can go through the quiz there in the back of the book and I would encourage you to go through the quiz with your audience and you got the answers and so what the bottom line is I would recommend a balanced moderate use of healthy fats and Sunday stay away from the harmful effects any questions they were doing tomorrow I'm going to make learning more I will this media was reduced by maneuvers including NAP health summoned you like to learn more about the NAB something please visit www. and help someone .com you would like more free online www. audio numbers on board


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