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Black Families and Our Health, Part 2

Joy Petersen



  • February 4, 2012
    2:00 PM
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thank you so swear a wonderful to be here and found in Florida and we welcome Marilyn went with the local love that since I've been down this way I have not had to wear Michael know any of those other goblins we normally win win win Nicole weather so it's good to be here and a lot of you have some senior faces and the game around the booth checking on what we have to offer but didn't we want to share with you the full plate principal past present and future and settled among many of the manifold leg because he knows many of the diaper thing don't fully applicable to eat a small amount and you know and then watch what you eating also play principal today is that help us understand that we can use as much of the abundance of what God has prepared and has no made for us so we'll go into the slides and then I'll talk a little bit about what's in the basket and we would like you to do a little low workshop of going into some deciding on what you would be offered when you put your play together now in the past but it's always good to find out where you are the past and then you come to the future as a background in the past we as a child and weapon on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and my mother always been fresh so we had bread in the morning and met in the afternoon it was called something called bacon some of you may have heard of and I don't also called Johnny cakes in the US they would take the flour mixture and down with a biscuit that's very nice facing on my mother knew how to do it and I would have not been able to duplicate and then she would put it in outline and then use that salted but I was really good and also we had that in the evening and the morning so with something called coequal chocolate hot chocolate right as always always compare the flows in from home on from the landing one of the fourth amendment when we went to the grocery store we basically just got some fresh fruits vegetables the roots and to buy from the market we also wish when I do we also got rife flour sugar salt but I'm trying to think of them with about a famine that were not too many things at the grocery store to get so when you wanted to eat you would go to the market and get some of those flippantly mentioned earlier but then you have to flour rice and sugar salt and a little bit about a few for a family one of the main things that they wanted to make sure that they had at home what their flour five pound bag with ten pound bags of flour then they'll all Iowa and sugar in Manhattan those three things they did not worry too much significant enough toilet paper for the newspaper you know that Holly was in the aggregate but usually you have to make sure you have flour oil ensure that the good times we felt we were in trouble is when we could not get the oil the following the sugar and basically when the war and silk blend of the things that sometimes would have problems with that and rice those lamenting the commandos for ingredients you will find no items will really Bullock out Vienna sausages in a nonstandard corn beef infidels of some of the things that will use as a backup or side milk the milkman came with the goal is to build networks and came to your door so he didn't have to go to the store to get milk and eggs about the chicken thinking that those things so those things were brought to us and you know that the path but you know that that is not that way anymore presently where are we today is vastly different the grocery store has been what transformed us of I mean nowhere in Trinidad in the store the pretty much smaller when we come to the US all eyes open up big again like all Google and if they can think again in one store supermarket influence of blood found in abiding I'll see if I'll than one item flour sugar cereal soft drink big goods they consume more and no more than one child and of course they don't forget the animals the dog food in the captain 's may even have an island to the present but what does it all mean to us because of the conduct on about the past we couldn't get a lot of these items now the presently getting much of it in the grocery store the advertising on from television and what we see in the supermarket that's always shopping when shopping from what we see on the television and what it's primarily showing to us as we go down these isles if they wanted to buy something from the grocery store where that found it's right all around the counter you see all of the things I is available in the event on the gnome I guess we can get back up and looks really good because it advertised for a self-righteous so it doesn't really necessarily mean that is primarily what healthy right it's just nutrition is just saying that this is what is emphasized so I think continue on surely you know as we mentioned before we knew and I are what we eat today is defined by what we die right the rise in obesity has its roots in where we shop for the food supply that we eat so as we think of you know the percentages on the large percentage of one over thirty three eighty five percent of Americans alkyl peace which means their BMI that they said the Taliban rate is highest made their way over there not just general twenty thousand over thirty thousand overweight to the right obesity has been moved from these places wherever I went on to shop on the nineteenth and better than those who thought what happens because when you plan something and you get to the roots you know that you want to make sure that it is grounded properly and so these worlds coming from the habit habits that plan to plants that grow into trees with a pool bad eating habits and of course back culture gets to be developed by the habits that we participate in from day-to-day again alone but more about the private and pandemic like this and in the USA now we're talking about childhood obesity the children are getting overweight and we'll talk a little bit more about why that is and it's rising a normal cooking in the home and write a lot of muscle kitchens look very beautiful nonbasic they very nicely have the islands set up they had just gorgeous but know that he is in the kitchen cooking in on becoming a sinner on maybe have a cup of tea or coffee what have you but nobody's looking most of them is just a showpiece as you buy these beautiful homes and they have these gorgeous conditions no one is cooking uncle Mac now before we prepare all meals in the kitchen and we prepare for families like us in the past with my mom and then I started doing that family but now with no longer in the kitchen we at the fast food places right which gives us that all and show them of course based on faith not go some places have more thought than others have more fat than other of course that result is when we're talking about today the obesity situation disease continues to cripple our nation up with the fast food establishment dictates what we eat to give you a little idea that all men Donaldson changes of culture we have a place of San Bernardino California where McDonald's came in to that area that was very much doing fine but they came in and change the entire culture so now the people and not eating from home and it's a Hispanic group of people has been eating mostly at night golf and the children we got someone visiting with us in Trinidad and the young mother son the child was as though the group and and he did not want anything that would prepare the twenty fifth and will eat food from the home so he was like recommend develop awareness in all the fast food and did not want to Garvey said he didn't know anything about ritual and regular because I don't need like back up the call the month the economy after she said no she does not cook vagal morning evening and lunch on the evening of the fast food and of course he was overweight so they send out because our children so we may we rally have a serious issue that we need to address if you know we don't blame the child so that's what we call the mother of the event you know why isn't he did not want serially than one brandy than one he wanted some Kentucky fried chicken and some other things that that will not defend something else that's what he needlessly said of what he gets everything so these things which we try to finish it I don't I don't like the taste of equity never really had it and it doesn't have been extreme case but how I was surprised that this was on the island of Trinidad we will grant imago and the mother left the child with asthma the family friend and you know so he was crying faithfully so they had to call the mom and she said you'll have to go somewhere and find some food in the identical levels of these dogs and find the Philippine government would not be just regular phone banana immunity the banana you want any of that yeah so it's kind of makes eleven envelope in Technicolor what's happening a lot of the places the guys are taking the children straight out to the fast food areas so that MSN dictates what we need not look out of place looking at now presenting lately trying to share foods that account before us and discover what would want to put it together but this is a breakfast on a full plate now you have a lot of throw gave the call as a cinematic means and yellows and as a muffin on the side of the banana and some drinks of this can be a typical field breakfast place now number of people don't navigate this much for breakfast most about a quickly made when the banana when FSM drink on things we don't really need all of what's on display but this is what we are suggesting as a breakfast of full plate no lunch on a full plate which you shared some for the cup asked me to do some more Caribbean foods so the physical specimen it can also be brown rice and is the full advantage China all chickpeas I and the plaintiffs will write another look like a little skimpy and because of a plate then you have some other food Smith and vegetables and those of them in the vegetarian foods that we use them to meet analog so that's a nice folks healthy placement at the lunch break in Caribbean islands wiki can be at the lunch meal so that's when we even have e-mail is not in the evening of that retreat between twelve oh two o'clock p.m. please have the avalanche time sucker is very light yes question right yes most of the food is cooked they were Arlene Fowler and if you have a valid info little sprinkling on the side of the other blame someone and we have found friend we just got started it's just a small sprinkling and my husband and I went missionaries in Trinidad originally from Trinidad but when we would go to the dinner meals to eat I would go down to the Fallon and somebody would be guarding that salad you cannot think of months after something that I have one no longer you can have any monk with everybody has to get that small amount you have lots and lots of this food she noted that they are rife and a lot of the doomed intumescent this is my second solvent and my potato is a lot on the stocks I think the high carbohydrate and very little salad that is on the side sensibly done by the present in men on something when you have something like a bowl of soup and some bread milk is not used and they don't know they don't usually drink milk yes and then write a celestial guilty on the gas yellow bitterly about a month and I have a BS in having me in the night he is the edit field in light of food in the evening now they do mean you know yes oh yes they are not eating out of that heavy heavy meal at night time in the lunchtime piano via an in I have been heating up in your life and we're going to have a depth of a ring for the evening you want a light of food in the evening you because you relax in your reclining on you going on dramatically a time is not use as much as the world is passing this along them that the type of meeting a gentleman was talking about but most of the people while working in the field now now not been has been a switch from the field working of the computer right into the health of that age I think I deleted to allow you what I is yeah and diabetes increase like to see just what you and breakfast meal and okay thank you the future is about what the present we gave you a quick overview of the plane in the future we want to see a change online we want to see people to fill some violence and drive to be healthy the local mall of eating foods more ended up in the morning midday and then very little or nothing in the evening but one of them areas of where looking at most be like eating foods that are prepared in the grocery store I think the difference on grocery stores but in a different supermarket and full of manufacturers with asking to go back to have food is grown in out just a love that's on the basketball of these things of grown things that that's the way the food was made in that same fashion so is illegal full playground that type of food for that is growing then you have a much better chance of having losing weight of keeping your weight down and still having vessels of five five satiety that you need to have for the Fulbright concept is one of those ways we can protect eating food has grown now the Fulbright principles rich in fiber I'll explain someone as we go along soluble and insoluble fiber I called five book the forgotten nutrient nobody thinks about Bible when the eating food that is think about the food and even whether they like it you know they like it they don't think the taste of an odd looking at another kind of fiber low in fiber but we need to focus a little bit more fiber because of the one problem the obesity situation so we think she was furloughed from Landon that Philip Kala and with talking now about planning menus and I have menu planning guide that passed out one that I did for five hundred for the Journal of health and healing from years ago and it still stands you how to prepare balanced meals for you have a copy of just anybody didn't have copies you can pass around all you can get that so the fold fold looking at the menu planning we want the family to be involved others were talking about families black families and want them to be involved in the planning of the meals I have worked many years in different parts of the country dealing with diet family especially in Maryland the state of Maryland I worked with at the contract dealing with obstetrics and gynecology and we had many women who had this small children attending him we had one of the company one of the main complaint is that my children don't like to eat vegetables bingo if accidental what can you do doubt that what can you do about time I would like this enough time but basically I I shared with them that the children need to get involved in the planning process so they needed to talk with them about the things that they need to eat up for supersedes them and then you do the planning with them but then you take them to the store take them to the grocery store and let them sit in the basket and help work with that plan the menu plan for the week and then when they come home you help them with the food preparation we work with some children and pregnant teens of this small children in California again I think San Bernardino County area and we haven't three old on the two year old standing on the little steps watching the Broncos in a call venture either the cowards you know I will remain in the minimum with them but they never even when I gave it to them here also they need to be involved in the preparation goes Monday I involved in the eponymous going to want regulating handgun of the criminal to think that I want then why put it in the plan and I didn't want my canal so that's when children are very much open to helping my daughter learn how to goodbye seven or eight years old as of the Bible she cooks wheel well now does that in the meantime of my vision but meal planning and preparation it needs to be in the family and incorporating it future but it's what we want to share with you now you have to need a change again along the back the main goal in the future plan is that a wide variety of wholesome unrefined foods is chosen of a lot of times we see foods that says enriched me know but we asked the question I knew really and rinsed when we look at how some especially within a talk alumina by the carbohydrate foods when McCain ran like flour and so forth and received as whole wheat we want to make sure that the hundred percent whole wheat when shopping for the instant offense whole wheat is not a hundred percent part of it has been extracted now a pioneer way going to the bank right and we all at times when lining up in the grocery store the bank and he is paying twenty dollars that thing out of my pocket on in my bag and you know you kept on being tempted anything you know what people than twenty dollars out but as he got closer and closer to the gala is out of feel a little bit in a federal boy and I feel kind of that thinking is twenty dollars but back in the back four dollars back in my pocket and said enriched my really enraged giving me back all dollars and you stole twenty four me when we look at them when we look at the recent refining profit from the flour and grain that's what happened twenty on the nutrients are taken out in the processing and only fall are added back you know you might think of the one being too nice and I and now that the government has gotten so upset because of the problem with cerebral palsy and all of these different problems and shut infancy and event let's add that one mostly not affect five which is the link fully assets easy folding ethanol over the place not adding them back in but when not merely enrich when it's being done that way so we need to look at the foods that asset whole grains but four hundred percent whole wheat yes some yeah right because of the town the problem with the link at the now as we do what him and him having I will okay yet there is a difference because of the law was a week you can have white lead you know the white flower that sweet and then you have the whole week hundred percent whole wheat so don't just look at it as we go this is the I eat wheat bran everyone cannot eat wheat bran but if it is not really a hundred percent whole wheat so they still not getting all of the going to get some but not enough so the column must dominate what's on the plane is lead by the foods right and without added salt and sugar as those that we find in fast food now it's very difficult in our data talk to people about eating foods without sugar so all in all all fact because all of our taste buds have been out what fueled that the unadulterated good point and we can change him but that is upon about it and this sort of behavior change and help principles come in as you start eating foods that are less sodium fat and sugar do intend to want that and when things are getting really salty you can tell the difference embodies is like okay those taste buds can be converted and you know changed portions are not restricted so we don't want to restrict people eating only a little bit of food we want to need a full blame for that level some of the authentic needs we do not need a little tiny plaintiff who we say that what we should eat but in truth and in fact that's not what we normally sell recommendation is to eat breakfast like a king right lunch like a queen and supple like a fireman I don't like to put the work for Parker people always say so maybe proper would be okay servant means someone may be who is doing helping so both of the major recommendations that we can say for the full plate I will explain those as we go along not invested in meal planning is not the loss folks could speak with me I don't have time to plan meals instead you know I just go by what am I think I need in the store but we need to take that signs of plan because in planning you will find that you will do a lot of things last he was not spent as much money right of the scan here and you will have more healthy food no we don't want to go to the grocery store hungry right if we go to the grocery store hungry web identify a lot of the access type foods because those are the things will remember that we saw on TV we heard on the radio so many legal without grocery lists then we are pretty much focus that's what we're getting a window will see all of those things that we want again attempted but if you go hungry then you just go by you know what you are looking with you see in unconsciousness and yet so we got to talk about that the label reading this stage is that I was let go through with you as we plan this awful plate diet has stated five one two one three you first start learning how to plan the meal and so forth and then you start looking at grocery when you go to the grocery shop you start looking at the food items manual judges said that we can mention it when you go to the grocery store and I don't have any phones that have labels on me I think I do have the length of their something called nutrition facts on the back and explain so you want to get a full list of the first three ingredients would be the ones that feel that you're looking for intimate have anything with fats sugar or salt of the first three ingredients is not merely the products of my pundit on this fact it just says Glendale San Francisco so that you can divide until then this is what you getting went to sometimes you want to buy something I need yes you can get lentils over the canyon alleging that it had a whole lot of other things I want to see many items on the ingredient label you know you're not getting all of what your money safe humiliating rocking on getting all of what you should be getting if that's what you wanted to buy in a country away with supermarkets of fact with a lot of foods it's best that we we buy foods that are more healthy for us all right let's go quickly to go shopping in a slap on the back exam talk a little bit about shopping the suggestions of the faultless photoplay guidance of first ongoing migraines shopping for grains and another brother celebrity cook under the brown rice from the cup of brown rice I didn't bring the white life as a meal in a contrast a brown rice isn't that much .gov and white rice but it has a lot more nutrition the problem with the white rice is that the new low grain of the white rice on the brown rice is is rubbed off when you making it widely polished over the brown rice of the point we comes in white and all of that polishing up taking off on the extra layout on the right the green itself is with all of a lot of the major nutrients are easily minerals and vitamins a and B vitamins and so forth so you want to make sure that you having brown rice not many people say I can cook brown rice it takes too long one of the major reason is that we are using salt in the process when we cook the rice scientifically and if you put salt in the water you slow down the cooking process and you don't need if you wanted to cook quickly don't add any salt in the water just let the water boil at the brown rice the recipe is click on the morning wanted to profit brown rice that I was at a low volley like a half a cup of barley and he turned it still downloading you do not talk to leave it alone and your rice was cooking twenty minutes some people do experiments with me on that over the years still brown rice is still very easy it will cook in twenty minutes and it doesn't take that long but no salt should be added so he'll granted to see him when you shopping there mention of the comp as I am and so forth the next time something that we should do that we can talk about is the fruits and vegetables okay get someone grand rolled out Bali Miller it reveals all in the green category you can't not really nutritionally the elevator system out of phase of labor if you like the yellow one of the post of the white and black and white you hear is in Lafayette citing of it on the question being there and yes I have to talk about his wife very good now a lot of people are not using kin while Soderbergh is something that is now easily you can get it on the market to you I know and a NHL you I go and take when quinolone you I asked for a friend to you I and for a quick and America if a lot of people into using it and you can does more than eleven put them in a salad cold and him will I like to do is to go to the Balto we want to live independently and as you can do that right all you can just put enroll in your soaps like I is that's when I have a company making nukes lentil soup although the soup you may may be making any just added in just rather than the boiling and heating it will it will cause it to cook so the unit of volume manager a new week and a week meaning they hold the whole leaf six to eleven servings but as we said you can fill the planes and we will will stop putting up late together for you as soon as we finish we doesn't do the grocery shopping first and then we will get to get home after we sharply prepare me make the place about how we're going out for the rest of the time fixed eleven servings are right and that's a good bet but remember a serving of Africa so right here you have two serving the will go quickly seeking the servings I made some old Wayne Brannon this is this is to slice the data to serving Soviets for going right now I goes very quickly that's why but the grains we need sixty eleven is because we tend to eat more than just a half a cup of food at a time so you have four servings right it does looking at two styles of grain all right fruits and vegetables of infidelity that this one a look onto the next whole grains is a picture of some I should do something about have a picture of some whole grain in Folkestone would be nice for the new year to pick up a new habit making your own brain here there's a lot of religion and a loaf of bread make it so your neighbor make it for your friends for yourself of course that then you know what you're eating these of them little noggin bread nuggets that we made yesterday all whole grains seven five oh six screens that they knew I was very needed to make very simple you can take one hour and down when you know what you eating enough closets full of fiber they had it right and then down some of the Olds so those are grains when you go shopping and going to make it grocery shopping list based on grains fruits vegetables and people say well on vinegar flower gift to write them down in a category called grains and you put all of the whole grains so the next area would be a protein foods are rising you have some of the not being the landfills believe it or not is one of the highest sources of fiber alright good source of the proteins in the full place principle we a lot of at least five major kinds of foods that you can see that within each category and also felt like I showed you integrated categories of views on a very high length of his right up there the first one is Navy beans ten grams of protein fiber per cup and lentils is about eight grams of fiber i.e. this at least once or twice a week lentil soup or stew Glanville and it's very good there are many many of the nutrients that they involved with that for the beans are good sources and you're not so forth when shopping for your protein foods in front of vegetables of course you want to choose the red yellow greens oranges lots of vitamins A C antioxidants fiber of course which protect the again a chronic disease five to nine servings wow of fruits and vegetables and pretty much were looking at for serving four servings of vegetables than five servings of fruit and so visits to write here with bananas to serving yes because I have found that as well he is certainly the big banana via Apple Apple is absorbing ride benefits of the plasma normally we can get a big apple that is coming up to me to serving so this is all the fruits and I don't quickly the orange but if you have the data on the need to serving the way they talk about five to nine servings no idea you have at least four sold the something size is very very easy and I have another one hand appear that this is assuming so you can easily get the fruits they are there merely easy to get to see them on the color and the vegetables you have these parents is serving one cucumbers about a half a small piece will be a serving is looking now and we don't get it finished likely because of the lack of Swiss chard now that we cut up and then after that will probably be about to serving after you could adapt and hear it the good old honking question ferry on the lineup it is it that thought the fiber but it's green it's a good source of your vitamin antioxidant right of the column I am in the vitamin E and then pumpkin is used every day in Trinidad and Tobago and of course a lot of the island I know you'll get it up yellow time to visit one of the cheapest foods down list of people do a lot of pumpkin and even have sounds put some pumpkin in the RI in him around half Canada's favorite food so yes I do think that one can see that you can take the competency that tells them and he fills the pumpkin is a very cheap food and that the functions of that we don't get them up and appear as a lesson I think you down then eat it all the time shown right right now okay right no as us why you didn't see me have any juice is not that I talk about shopping for juices because you want the final blend of food and just you actually extracting the five out of it some juices still some juice sound equipment machine majors the whole thing and I know total nutrition that so it keeps it all in but most of them images that separated the vegetable and what we tell people if they are going to juice their liking we want carriages and you have them left over take the coward will that help Atlanta and Kosovo Newfoundland people added to a low sodium in all things a few managers that if my device and fiasco some of them do I know the total nutrition center which is one of the vitamin but we don't really matter who recommends a whole lot of juicing folks because we wanted to eat few foods as a advantage to them to the foods it takes about six to eight client is just to make a six ounce glass of orange juice you getting a lot long in a concentrated now concentrated part of the food and you missing the five new missing the five oh so is only one take the time to squeeze rather than when we went to the start we go to the fact that they're not running again I think you really want some oranges and so you get the juice and added nothing wrong with the orange is the latest thing in law on the Bible because the focus of the full flavor is more five up down the place so she was a plant -based dairy products which is the thought and look at so I enough milk and so forth and of course a lot of the foods that if you are going to use non- neo- traditional nails make sure they are fortified with the vitamin B12 of you have those almond milk found in the palm of the nut milks and they do not have any B12 in them that's been an issue with vitamin B12 down through the ages that people even though you know you wonder why but people who have been vegetarians who do not consume any kind of dairy products the research is showing that having problems with B12 as they get older life so then you have to take injections also you have nutritional yeast a lot of people use that second help at some of the B12 in but remember B12 this comes from animal products animal animals we also produce B12 folks that we do have B12 you know we produce the synoptic children depending on age look at the milk to the tree cups of flour fortified soy milk if you use sound that the island they don't use a lot of milk so that's not use id. they give the children you know how lots of they him other foods that may have milk in them also and will be looking for calcium vessel looking at them use the milk many people have problems and allergies with milk and as we get a delta we become adults we do not need mail like we normally did when we were younger so even if you don't drink milk you still need to look at the amount of calcium source as a dietitian I don't really recommend a lot of supplements but one I recommend the people it takes to the EFF found that health calcium in your vitamin D could take a calcium supplement so if you want to take supplements the other supplement you know vitamin C and so fund is not really necessary but because of what's going on if you are not drinking adequate amounts of milk also soymilk the people using in a woman of veganism approach it better to just think of supplements I take a vitamin supplement of another vitamin a calcium supplement with vitamin D three and so I'm getting older now but I don't have the pain in my knees and all of those things that you can get from not getting enough calcium in the body was talking about as we plan for that full plate and we need properly develop healthy meals of unopened use the roots as we fasten on to our children in the family roots that are planted in foundation the right foundation so that we are not in a passing on to children the wrong types of foods enough coconut milk is a big thing we drink a lot of coconut milk and anything that they use coconut milk but not fortified like that fresh you think the coconut you crack it you've gone me in a way that you put the one against the male climate of fear now you have a lot of data available so the soy milk almond milk it is an utility that lets all go in and coconut milk now if they hated me they found the applicant on one time it had a bad rap rankled and was not good for you because an avalanche saturated fat now Kogan and Mel gave and now the big thing to have coconut in the range now in the US using coconut mobility and everything it when you know the I want to have and can coconut milk and may have an funny I have it like that in California I see itself in Gainesville next now feel coconut milk yes no has no trans fat known as FM saturated fat is the he will drive you right but maybe you can easily use coconut on when the babies were born on the island they rub them with coconut on you you yet but remember all those well-founded concern has saturated mono and poly to have all three instead of all three all in in in the mono unsaturated and saturated fat it's just a focus for you and who is a very trying to that of a claim to me and I will you I will immediately try again I will do right when you know have a look and you have a tendency to you by and that he is this is my floor that is what I is is now in town thank you for that limited the thing that we're saying here is that if you get the coconut fresh and new practical and having you drink it is a different thing than when you extracted and you put it into these different thing the processing is where the problem comes in the same thing with so I've been saying is not so I've negative nobody wants to use soy so I is okay as the billionaire diamond being on the soybeans you have been driving the green and that's gone but when we extracted now we making it into a milk formally making it into the tofu on all of those processing and too much of that it's okay to have some influence about this thing you know if this yeah I guess you because we're taking him extracting Outlook and has no fiber of nasal fibrin milk now milk has no fiber even the soymilk has no fiber in their and I have and that survive them in when you don't account failing Gary got the calcium because of that if the ball will arrive here and he told her world is right yet another thing you drink the water my say laissez-faire and is facing death South has been the unique UK and is not as B vitamins is to say to me that will have a very happy to and I is so as to how is your losing their job while you get there with long as she is there and will and will and you know you are right linolenic acid is one of the essential if any as well as it is my right and when you look on the island you know where they may not be getting all of the water that we a thing that they should than getting the coconut water so you can drink the coconut one eighth high very high in potassium so many days when drinking coconut water it every morning for breakfast Yum is the graphical content when it you know that's easy to get most than in China by other one is that you know me they spend more money the fundamental avocado yes that's another good one is legal to intimate the shopping so beautiful to them unnaturally than one in the middle men naturally available on the town for the island will will isotonic and the Hilton asked them very very high settlement to eight hundred milligrams per cup yes and one one eight oh and coconut water and yes uncle of the NSF and the Accra this is not all nuts have some fat in them what we want to share with with each one of us is going back to basics and ninety one default blade and down and talk about feeding on the full flavor you know many diets until you knock it even is not even and they give you a little tiny blades even wanted to eat on the full plate one thing that we have and I'm going for the plate together quickly for you for breakfast most of the people you lose the breakfast event all of your fruits and one of them not that they use in Trinidad I then talk about it as much but it's been a a lot of people have problems talking about penis all late is illegal but peanuts are very good for us to set up in NCM this one is one of my serving as long as my husband serving a few the different so them all that you can carry in your man is what the serving of not so when people say not so expensive is that it's okay that expensive you don't need that much you know you don't need to eat as much knowledge that not of blood water everywhere you turn the people at the bus stop what have you selling a package of them not people even a lot enough is a really good food down in the island with a then that's the way you all the things that mean the size of that as an average sized native and nine inch blade now if you getting that twelve inch way that no filling it out that I never going to be a little bit to do no more than you need so where putting our breakfast alliance for midday lunch is also probably have the avocado here gods but I call it and I have half of an avocado is what you can use them not to worry about when we talk about using this type of mom you know fat when not asking to do a lot of oils in your cooking of this having a fan on him you know for you for your salad onion is a very heavy how a good source of fiber and a good food that you can use remote and onion of the food but we need to put onion in a lot of things that we need because they have rich antioxidants in them and another one is the garlic onions and garlic should be easy to fix it or love you different foods you chop them up have been prepared ahead of time so this is like the lunch and then you sample you can have a sandwich with something like that with a silent something life if you don't want to have the home you don't want to have just of movements that level just a bowl of soup in the punk and uncles goes in with your rice I have found shaped frame this idea of going back to basics to keeping it simply serve kiss right just a full plate can be easily created with an atmosphere for better digestion and that is very simple select now that we have gone to the grocery store with one of foods let's look at how we should view this wonderful by the beach one of my favorite places and that is debate in all the bread in the Back Bay this thing they call big news of the greens that it's like this because this financing more like all the Swiss chard him you have that this class hotel for the also have something in Jamaica whether the call again actually I actually that can reuse their yellow and then fried plantain behind the back those plantains you can have me the feeling and I put the glass of orange juice just in case you could also have Nielsen Nino fresh orange peel vitamin C let's look at lunch on a full playing a lot of food we have the plant and think and means of you have view on rice and mix them they likened a lot of rice they lost the middle is that pumpkin and Winter Blyleven maintenance of flavor and then you have found a being dish that they may come into Patty also on the side so that's another full plate for lunch if you have female worry about him to the salary problems on this plate is the process of value preparing for the length of Frank Landon will have more accountability to boiling and sliced themselves to convince the county citizen and because preparation you need while of you know that the Tonkin no sixty calories than half a cup is not that much of means would be view at oil a lot of wild to it than you worry about that the rice the same thing so that's it lunch and you get a wrongful on a full plate and he has yourself on a full plate very light you have a you know you are connected to a full scrambled onto the bonds of beans and maintenance of tortilla wrap with us also great some maybe something to drink if not you know it's not too heavy but you still have enough to keep you you know going for the rest of the evening but one thing you don't see there is the walk to the cups of water we want to add that going back so they get there that they only got the picture of what we did after we did our shopping but we need to have more till the liquid so right you don't drink enough light inputted by the way I put it with a great venue values you advocate drinking with the meals of the wanted show the fluid en masse again and be able to thirty mouths of children we all know that for one mouthful but I'm a little guy that Doctor Hans Beall is trying to make sure we have the cups five cups in the morning to stay alive I put them you want to five eight ounce cups for a few which is forty ounces light that says to stay alive if you want to hydrate we had an experience of the lady that kind of fell out because she wasn't one of the reasons live in of dehydration if you want to stay hydrated you add three more cups so that you ain't acting that's a lot of people recommend eight eight eight eight ounces but if you want to rejuvenate your body you add another two cups sound like a lot cups a day a lot of times we do have a guide of people taking their weight divided by two hundred tells you how many houses that you should drink that you have via a drink more so some people may need to drink more than ten caps United wielded two hundred pounds right because if you are if you are over two hundred pounds you divide that incident till you have a one hundred ounces of water so that's more than you know that ten eight fifty the only things to drink eighty ounces so sometimes I go for ninety six if I really want to stay hydrated and feel rejuvenated again the water makes you is on the brain right you your brain is sufficient with water and soda people tell you have a lot of one on your Frank wanted nothing from him not that they advance Olympians blessing in raw foods I will write my right as I was saying if you like BS okay so what do think that they need the calories in one reduce the calories and can even more role but we were talking about Caribbean eating and the Caribbean island is that they do not need a lawyer in fact they feel something is eating all that raw food therefore even that things like in the raw foods because of how they put me on my cabbage and all of that they feel like you need to cook it to get rid of some of the bacteria and other things so they don't need a lot of raw foods for essay like I said when you come to the silent again be just a little bit on the side so that eating more and which are among the Caribbean style is more level cooked food but it still needs to long gain a lot of weight on it you are exercising and you and you are able to stay within that you have your meals and then very light in the evening it's when eating all these meals that all heavy that you run into problems as we get older and less active and we need to cut back on when we finished at that lunch will amount to a three o'clock we should have the evening meal may be some popcorn or something very like snow so we don't advocate that don't need a lot of just eating a lot of raw salads and me trying to introduce that an ounce of them talking about eating more salads but they laugh at you with those salads if at all doctors at that now for the win that's a fellow fallacy get me the code further limits so they want e-mailing their foods at the Piazza when trying to show them to prepare my movement left fact theme instead of boiling down a lot of boiling and and making sure that big big getting them full of five because normally it wouldn't use of brown rice they would use white rice don't think that a much more refined with more fiber yes because the key of F some stage of service of letter closing out the stages is that retaining wall fiber foods and looking at forty grams of fiber and what I shared with you on those female with more than forty grams at a time if you calories the aftermath that another thing we need to come comparisons in taking some of the food that you behind grocery stores or even just going out to eat and you end up with much more calories p.m. so it's the processing of the refining of it by adding aluminum whether we thing if you like to use the new cook foods don't find the plant and maybe steam it all may be just panfried element like me so with teaching them some long food preparation principles because they do in all of their foods cook more so than wrong but also trying to introduce them to using facilities making them the fruits together and blend them and keep them as as this one of the other steps is to drink more water which I just shared with you on the last step in this plan of this stages is that you want to stop eating when you know when you no longer hungry sick you eating something and you start to feel when I'm not hungry anymore that's the best time to stop so don't continue on eating it if you know that you already full you know I'm not going for a second plate seam also the problem is not the minutes if the seconds that gets us to think about the minutes on the outlet and the second flamingo for the second so I'll fold play giving him a full plentiful garden I pretty much know what you like but is when we finished eating that and then we go back and then we fill the plane is aware of the problems you can come in so that stage one Piedmont five drink more water and even get away from the plate the second stage is increase of five annual meals but sometimes you eating a bowl of cereal you can always just and you know someone varies on handle some of the fruits also to add more fiber that way even if it some people say I can e-mail whole grain cereals so I can just mix them you know you chat real Seattle winter coats aluminum granola mixes female clinics a grandson and you can get the fiber that way and of course the third stage is when you want to really get into reading those labels because when you first introduce this type of eating style to people you have to take steps you don't want them to just try to do it all at one time Sean Melnick and visually get the foods and then as a last phase is actually stop telling them when you buy something before you pay for a filth of the label and see if you getting to know what you are paying for so what you wanted advice about the last stage of mostly knowing doing so that you can reduce the obesity and of course improve on your health and longevity I usually teach people how to get food that will put you in a good mood in a lot of people can have been moved a lot of time reading things that can cause that is one of the fact that safety want to be in a good mood high-fiber foods do put you in a good mood he has been adding feeds I find that when he is not the way to go because we are losing well only trust him like I said five in the phone got no Chilean but no lifting of still five when everything but then was still eating refined than that but that they were not changing the pattern we need to change the patter and going back to eating the five foot eating the food has grown and as opposed to as prepared because they were prepared for you anyway and then you throw some five innocent that's the way to go to the take-home message for families and they should be careful GIS and keep it simply served each fill in for the rich and bright colors as grown and enjoy a full plate as shown by the full plate .org and I don't get an answer the question of everything for you you have any other questions let me know this media was produced by maneuvers ruling anything out someone you would like to learn more about preventing me from the please visit www. and I hope someone .com or two if I was more referring online sermon www. audio reverse on board


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