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03-Music and the Last-days Deception

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer Scott Ritsema



  • January 2, 2014
    2:00 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen my father in heaven and so much more truth you have given to us Lord I pray that you would hobble us to receive your message and hear your words clearly you are to our heart right where we need to hear it father we need to be convicted as a people as individuals we pray for that even if it hurts learn we want to hear what you have to say to us in Jesus a human music is everywhere in our culture today from the ballgame to the worship service the birthday party the wedding celebration the jobsite the shopping mall the restaurant and the office everywhere we go there is music so is this important topic to talk about or what not to say him all six parts that we are going through and UIC this is the one that's most difficult for me to talk about personally my name is Scott Ransom on my leg those you are new to the room I teach Bible and Great Lakes Adventist Academy and I'm only been in the church for five years prior to being in the church I had a rather sordid youth then you can see on the screen a unfortunate image of yours truly in the band I played in high school now the most interesting thing about these images on a spare you the spare you the the the sound of the music but the most interesting thing about these images to me on the one in the center with the blackout to see the grotesque looking make up and if I were to play the image of the band playing it's obviously worldly but this was a church this is actually at a is a Halloween party at the church and this is the barn off-site and and the church and am so I come to you not somebody who has always added disdain in this taste will you say Weizmann the pure sacred and holy and simple music of God no not so not so got individual work in me on this issue of music in a major major way from playing bass guitar in the band to being and Napster addict in college when you can download all the music you want for free on Napster to today where God has really created me in this area are architects that we been working with today's Romans twelve are still not become informed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of our mind we need God to transform us in this area as well as are maybe more importantly even than some other areas but when it came to my musical taste it was all about my own staff held my own way of doing it my own preferences and how they will be honest with you music was an idol to me I miss him forward to chatting funnier cruiser been presenting on the session with us as well our networking of your notice this quote right here these is very interesting Morrison once it has gone I driven back I was in a picture with him I was the crowd as they were playing your music and this is what it is sometimes difficult to discipline the singers may want to do things after their own while style but my style the objective consultation during patient under leadership well written well ensure plans are needed in the service of God common sense is an excellent thing in the worship of the Lord is interesting that he says that you need compensation in the worship of the Lord because more adequately with music and style something that actually there is no common sense anymore two degrees Jesus O'Malley common sense in the chrysalis has never had one of the three is this music is the lot I know which many profess him as worth it now and setting I guess anything is busily of my music meaning the music world is like I could like me around anything in the music wasn't my constantly having the music going and I wasn't one of my sanity riding and running over there were seven levers on the planet literally but Indonesia was the point being that tenant mean that we made in IL Otto bar music I think the answer is absolutely yes see notice RSS sacred music is not congenial to their what face sacred music holy music is not congenial it doesn't fit within days of many and I was one of those people that there was certain music that I did not lie I straighten like and maybe some annuity can say are the same with their union felt like certain music and the fact is is because there's certain things that we have tasted that we live in so as a result generally when we like certain things that cause us not to like certain other things right if we have friendship with the world where enmity with God and the fact this is that sometimes we just need the things of God as I was I went to a place called meeting hall getting Angelos which is in South Dakota thirteen years ago and when I went there I do not go there as someone who enjoyed listening to news update and probably eighty percent of the illegal that women enjoy listening to hence but virtually every one of us laugh enjoy news because we most of us had a conversion experience while there their number one and number two people were singing from their heart now like when you go to church in his lawns who had created man you know just like as funerals are him only like the funeral birthright had in euros and is the only life that anything is okay and we didn't know that when the music is amazing the music terrible I don't immediately get enough even the music community and donate and meet me number twenty but the fact is the younger younger area can be that we might all out of using I have a certain style of organizational levels about styling using and see that this is something that is very important to us can there be differences and distinctions between music absolutely we can also immediately I know a lot of our culture is very very quickly about my culture many times leaving a racial thing or something like on the living room and a half old European using my culture the culture that I came from was driving down the road with my dad singing Highway to Hell and singing together a little thing highlight out my culture is all you are failing because of my culture than anything good no you see the difference that calls resume something necessarily good but also learning something necessarily bad but there are distinctions inherent sacred music is music that is not seeing anybody my mother by defendant but you share with us here on the Colossians chapter is read for this fifteen through seventeen first serial something about my taste in music and as I told you before I drove in the church and you know I heard all the music and everything but the world is always pulling a member in it first started with media television and I was always being polled that way and the Lord started to work on my heart and I started to slowly no work my way to more religious things but I wanted to do it my way and so on I started listening to a Christian radio on a nine the car Christian and music and it kind of went along with the music out thirty listening to and so is okay and he nozzles in a stuff I could sing along and in dance along in the car when I was in all but I'm I'm dancing for Jesus right and so that's what I would do and one of my friends and invited me to a weekend concert it was a world to Earth the Christian weekend concert and they have all these different and patient bands popular Christian bands which I won't name the names right now but they were all there that weekend and it started on Friday and it went in Friday Saturday Sunday a whole weekend so Friday night you know we come in it started early in in the morning on Friday and win all the way through the day into the night and by Friday night you know the one ban after the other after the other Friday night all the bands were on stage together and just started doing one song after another got the crowd all stirred up and we all started dancing and this is all Christian music right the author dancing and singing and by the end I kid you not we were put there playing completely secular music completely secular music and they are all dancing and nobody was singing anymore and it was just weird dancing and dancing and dancing this was at a Christian concert and at the end there is nothing that was glorifying to God we are all dead dancing together and you know jumping up and down in Junaluska SF to the point where the cops had to come and tell us to turn it down this is a Christian concert and there is nothing Christian about it but they started us off with Christian themes right but by the end and even banned that some of you may know on that that were there and we are just partying like everybody else and it was stuff I would hear him in the clubs that we are totally playing and began together and in some of the girls dancing with the guys that were you know I'm sure married to somebody else you neither famous people in the end the commission meeting all bands and a barren and at the time I was still into it it didn't hit me not until I went home and after the whole weekend I thought I was a Christian concert and it just hit me at it like to meet back back back back back to where I was trying to get out of and I'm not here to put anybody down you know some people taper or do whatever I'm not here to put anybody's experience down but I'm just saying that sometimes we think we can substitute something and add Christian to it and and anal polis unit towards God been in my situation it didn't and it took me a lot longer to leave that and praise the Lord I was also able to go to Mission College and we sang him and we loved it and you see young people excited and happy and glowing and if you're not having that experience it's not the music that's the problem I promise you it's not the music that the problem if the if you're not enjoying those hands you heard Chad and in an earlier talk say that the Bible is not naturally liked correct we don't naturally like it same thing happens at the sacred music we don't naturally like it our flesh likes the things that excite the blood and excitement in their but if this sacred music that that touches the heart in our minds can come can be related to God 's words at those times but the Bible says here I talked about how at the end of that concert God was not being glorified at the end of that first night of the concert God was not being glorified here in Colossians three verse fifteen to seventeen inches and let the peace of God rule in your hearts to the which also ye are called in one body and be thankful let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with what grace in your hearts a billboard graces by the spirit of the Lord right and whatsoever ye do in word or deed do all to the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God and the father by him music is to glorify God that's what it's therefore in mind you everything you see in this is talking about the word wisdom teaching and admonishing in your music it should be doing that for us you know once I started getting into hands I started realizing while these are like many sermons speaking to my heart and I listened to the music I listen to the words they are speaking to my heart a lot of songs today are not teaching us much they're not they're not on there on how the law to wind down this is the water repeated things right so I started to realize a landlord you really have to do a reboot in my head on what really is a good and in glorifying to your name him that as a backdrop I want to tell you right out of the gates we are only spending the next forty five minutes on the issue of music we a few more sessions three more sessions of follow this none of which cover music however there is a lot more to be said about the issue music then we are going to build the covered areas I know we're doing here is this in pieces from the fall media on the brain seminar and so what you'll find under the full six DVD set is too entire disks on the issue of music this is the one issue problem were giving that in the most dire no brief treatments you because there's just so much to it something definitely needs we have a boot down the exhibit hall that if I ever go down into the hall visit the anchor point films booth check out their materials and ends if you're not if you were here for the first two sections do not want to be there for the last three these DVDs will cover most everything that we're talking about this afternoon so do visit us one when you get a gentle little later but I want to spend any more time I wanted to write into this topic of music and see what we can find or start with a beautiful verse the Uno Zephaniah three seventeen isn't this powerful Lord your God is with you he is lighting to say he will take great delight in you he will quiet you with his love he will rejoice over you with why is sending God actually is a singer now do you understand maybe then why you love music so much that you were made in the image of God and God is a musician and God is a Singer now we understand why we love music so much and I mean that in the purest sense while many were created with this ability in fact if you look at the human DNA and you break down the basis of the DNA and the beautiful wine and write up a DNA sequence or if you take the protein a given protein you look at the amino acid sequence of that protein but they got it it was called musical genetics as they just assign it facing an amino acid a patch is a note in town and then you can play your DNA and protein sequence this is what your DNA this is the what what what you hear when you play the human speech gene for example will or I mean how awesome we made a musical stop anywhere design of the very micro level of viral barberry being where image bears and on our click here the blue cone receptor gene is in him and I him I was not just that the manager level if you take a look at the planets the planets in our solar system actually producing musical tones there beaming out musical tones into outer space and if you look at that the tones that are being produced over ninety percent of them actually hitting notes right on the button and understanding over ninety percent along the major scale is amazing and not just that but the tones that they are producing are exactly within the hearing range of the human ear the eight Harkins that we can hear the five visible planets to our planet are that it has gone design our universe for discovery did he build trust in the universe with musical principles at the very heart of it not just that they found actually recent resources and Randy research when you sing together as a congregation or as a school as a kid I acquire whatever when using together recent research has shown singing in a group singing a hymn and Andrew both columns and synchronizes the heartbeat the singer seriously what that means your heart rate slows down and as you sing the notes and you bringing me in the plazas the rest of the music together your heartbeat start beating together as a group at the heart it monitors on out acquire negatives are that it's amazing what God is created in when it comes to music when it is actually an education page sixty eight we read this counsel let there be singing in the school and the pupils will be drawn closer to God and not just that closer to their teachers into one another at exactly overseeing the researcher heart literally beat together as a people we sing together and so as often as possible let the entire congregation joined in singing and it just breaks my heart when I visit churches we had a wonderful hem being played and I can't even hear the congregation singing I'm going come on people let's sing the praises of God likely mean it and when we sing together and whose councils as we are drawn closer together after that's the good side of things here but that here's a warning this counsel come from testimonies volume one and says when turned which are genetic music is a blessing but it is often made one of Satan 's most attractive agencies to ensnare souls were to spend a lot of my time on that this afternoon I'm not talking about the music industry and all of the satanic principles you'll find in popular music today that I hope I hope that the given for you but if it's not with our DVDs recover that in great detail were talking about music itself we see that music itself can be used by Satan to ensnare souls that comes as no surprise because when you look at Ezekiel twenty eight was it that was the first musician referred to inhabit that's Lucifer is in your timbrel 's and pipes were prepared for you on the day you were created tables and pipes or instruments and so Lucifer in heaven had the musical abilities as Satan today no doubt he still retains that and so one of his business has always been the threat I want to share some counsel from you and you prayerfully hear that's okay don't hear this from the peerless from the spirit that inspired these statements I feel alarms and testimonies volume one four ninety six I feel alarmed as I witness everywhere the frivolity of young men and young women who probe has to believe the true God does not seem to be in their thoughts their minds are filled with nonsense not bad doesn't describe the halter the youth culture that has just seized our sin in America today how much of what we talk about and think about really substantive spiritual things or our conversations filled with nonsense in vain yourself that if you go about July see you know you were here for revival to really connect with award our conversations reflecting that in a saintly to manufacture this you can just make it are we in the word truly seeking the Lord and these things will come out naturally but vitally affect quotation you heard that you're like I don't like that why did she say these needs these rethinks the art of another prophetess at the root of vipers who warned you to flee from the coming wrath produce fruit in keeping with repentance and José we have Abraham as our father is I can raise up stones he will raise up stones from these stones children for Abraham the axes Aarti at the root of the tree and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire said that as John the Baptist known to John the Baptist ever write a book of the Bible nobody is he a prophet of God did you same root meaning means owning things to get your attention to wake you up because God loves you she wants to win you back and so sometimes it takes a statement like that to wake me up and so I share that with you but this quotes within the context of music their conversation is only empty vain talk they haven't seen year for music and Satan know what orgasms she would deciding to paint and growth in Charlotte Levine so that Christ is not desired this is about music and a engrossing Charlemont exciting organs of hours this spiritual longings of the soul for divine knowledge for growth and race are wanting or lacking the introduction of music into their homes instead of inciting the holiness and spirituality has been the means and I'm burning their minds from the truth frivolous songs and a popular sheet music of the day seems congenial to their what did you does your dad if I is talking about that tastes the popular music of the day seems congenial to our taste and rouses our lines excites and animates our minds and even our origins were in talk more about that in the brain in a minute but the instruments of music had taken time which showed been devoted to prayer and that you reread Satan is meeting with Jan Captain some of the strongest things I can find a spare prophecy on how the young are being led R on this issue of music and we have to take this seriously as a people let's do a little music one oh one let's educate ourselves a little bit about musical style about understanding the principles for music begin with a quotation this is from second selected messages pages sixty six to sixty eight and we read the following just before the close of probation prediction there will be shouting with drums music and dancing the sensors of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions and this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit is not secular music Christian music Christian music so call Satan will make music a snare by the lyrics in it is that with the process now by the way in which it is what him about his style is we make music and I'd only been married to my style and I got to enjoy my favorite musical types but here I'm reading counsel that saying as many as music is a snare in the last phase but not just that he's going to use Christian seeming music as a snare in the last days in particular particularly music that confuses the senses music that that includes a human the reference to drawings they are soliciting dancing so this is going to be a heavily rhythmic music murder walk-through all these principles as we go forward here I want to begin actually went up with a question for you how many by show of hands prefer if you were to exit blueberries and strawberries and you get to check either the picking and choosing a menu prefer strawberries coming to prefer blueberries okay I think the strawberry people want by just a little bit but have you ever heard a pastor or preacher tell you of the evils of strawberries another blueberry people are going to have in the strawberry people are not know your preference between blueberries and strawberries is not a moral issue right it's a matter of mere preference some things are a matter of mere preface do I wear the red tide or the blue when I kind of like the red one today and not it is not a moral issue but unquestionably is music that way is music merely a matter of my own personal tastes and preferences or is there something objective we can say about music on a moral level I'm told that beauty and art is all in the eye of the beholder and there's nothing that God would say in the situation if anything goes I'm a quotation from a Christian musician who basically said this he said the message is not in the music but in the words of the song it matters not what kind of movement to music that if the words are Jesus Heaven faith and life then you have a song with which God is pleased that him as analysis of skepticism on this impression me what he does say he's an human house needs lyrics within any kind of music you want in your fly in God is pleased with it I'm not sure about that here's another quotation contrasted from the first is as a psychiatrist interesting is a summary from academic viewpoint he doesn't have an ax to grind in the Christian music debate is looking at this from a scholarly standpoint and he says music is made up of many ingredients and according to the proportion of those components pause right there where the ingredients music is made up melody harmony and rhythm okay so according to the proportions of these that you use particularly I would add the rhythmic elements music can be soothing or invigorating ennobling or folder rising philosophical or orgiastic committee says that it has the power score with an excellent evil as well as good this is a psycho psychiatrist speaking saying let music intend the evil orgiastic and all of these things certainly we as Christians can accept this but if we agree with the Christian musician then we would have to accept this deal witnesses as a mosh pit is safely back to my days in the nineteen nineties are in a mosh pit later play the music is as intensely as violently as they can super rhythmically superfast super angry music and then the dancers are flailing about in Toronto and elbows taking jumping in and you walk out of there with a broken jar a missing tooth and in the whole idea is his aggression here's the thing you were actually for thrash metal churches in Los Angeles in the nineteen nineties when it was supposedly worship God in the sort of music if you agree with this Christianization of the words of the only thing that counts then we would have to accept that we have to say that is an acceptable form of Christian worship and where you say you can't say God except that all is not acceptable that angels dance like this I was not as it was a question is another scholar that would govern the Hebrew point out the preposterous myths of the conclusion the music is is morally neutral he says music is the most powerful stimulus known among the perceptive senses it in the medical psychiatric and other evidences for the non- neutrality of music is so overwhelming that it frankly amazes me that anyone should seriously say otherwise is not shown in the psychology music and you know what sadly the only people who are saying otherwise the only people who are saying them use all forms of music are acceptable and I've ever heard are actually Christians who are defending certain forms of Christian music if you give you consult him a friend are likely studied at the highest levels of a music and in the universities the a lot of professors most immediate things that I've never met one musicologist one music professor who believes that music was morally neutral it's just not a position held out there among intelligent people on issue music we get married to our own styles of music as I want to give that up psychiatrist at the make leaps of logic that don't make sense and this is why Jesus said the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light sometimes we have a hard time seeing it as God 's people this is an area we've got to ask him questions about so as we continue learning about music I want to cite this guy regularly get her to Doctor Manfred Klein 's odd he's awesome he's also could you reason someone to see the top musicologist of the twentieth century the second reason these awesome is his leader that veered at the sweet beard is getting enough sleep problems getting fermented Doctor Manfred Klein said some very interesting research on the issue of music and emotions and he took different emotions and young people express emotions like anger grief joy reverence and others and he had them hidden his body gestures facial expressions vocal tones and then he converted those expressions of emotion with a computer to a sine wave in an what musical tones are pulses if you well after we now know what joy sounds like in a laboratory setting we now know I would know what reference sounds like in a laboratory setting these are people for various cultures Jed mentioned the issue of culture earlier this was something he mainly wanted to make and take a look at human biology and apparently antihuman the analysis wired with his emotional stop regardless of culture is virtually uniform across cultures which is seventy tightened enjoy sound every minute the anger one was kind that is driving sound like that resolve was sort of a falling off only got to that elegant resume life like that the joy sounds on the bouncy sound is because kids bouncing and arrows like a good sound bounces off the reference home was more along drawnout tone of the loan like that and I apologize about something as I'm going to sing to you and I'm not a professional singer but I'm going to sing some songs and now that you know what those four sounds sound like you can know what communication I am sending you on an emotional level without any lyrics I want to communicate something to you on an emotional level without any lyrics some as an aside it's only as it is a anger grief joy and reference number anger the driving one week of the falling off tone joys and announcing one and reverence of that wall until it is my personal bottom bunk bottom bottom of Nevada I was about eleven etc. joyful song as you know the name of that song is a joy of man's desiring and so the lyrics match the blood of the musical musicality outright we do another one on the role will is recommended and identity think about the words we need to bring the words in that the match regulars at the Mac the musicality on holy holy holy is a reverent tone and if sung in a reverent way the summary more examples we can figure out a limit of another rapper want because this is a contemporary song I would never want to leave the impression that if something was written recently that therefore it is my virtue of the fact that the reason that there is therefore back not necessarily it depends what the music is met as built and built upon what it's like and so here's another one on video long tones again in your the words that are coming to know that some of the secret in the quiet place in the still bears you there is any light you and in the hearing the still small voice of God the lyric scalp I want to know you I want to hear your voice now I'm going to play for you in a little while that song played in in in in contemporary settings but before I do that willingly quote for you Gordon isn't either anything with a musician who said that music is the expression of emotions and fellow engineering and expressing joy in expressing reverence but I'm a deeper question the map is music merely an expression of emotion sports and music also control human emotion I don't will do an experimental pool for your bedtime or I play music and you don't also feel joyful because of the joyful music and so on but we all know this intuitively what the scholars to tell us Doctor Richard Pellegrino says that music can trigger eight a few minimum human emotions and images that have the ability to instantaneously produce very powerful changes in emotional states and he says this taken from a brain guy in twenty five years of working with the brain I still cannot affect a person 's state of mind the way that one simple song can you come back to that quarter the Marion of the powerful statement of the another like music music more than anything else changes the brain state who is safe from a doctor and other ranks here we have documented rise again cool beer never think music is an organization created to dictating feelings to the listener the composer is an unrelenting dictator and we choose to subject ourselves to him when we listen to his music again a strong statement about how amusing this influence is the human mind that can control the human mind it is dictating things to us and in fact when he took those musical pulses to people from various cultures you blame the musical policy displayed upon sound and people would have more of a reverent feelings when he played about the joy sound people would have a more joyful feeling to them as a music actually control their human emotion from the musical standpoint and not just that but subsequent studies were done by Capri selling them in others where groups of a hundred when would a in an auditorium they can universally have their minds authored by and by playing certain music upfront and everybody would would virtually have the same experience and in laboratory settings in an auditorium so here's one more quote from a cultural standpoint this is an anthropologist speaking he says and musical anthropologist the importance of music as judged by the sheer ubiquity of its present form this there is probably no other human cultural activity which is so all pervasive in which reaches into shapes and often with an expert controls so much of human behavior music more than anything else and culture control human behavior medical backup acquisition at the end as well as a strong statement with this reminded me of how music affects human emotions and control human emotions it actually can trick your emotions it can shrink your mind into feeling something that's not real back in the nineties yeah I got my license versus Chennai antibodies we go on for a long drive for eighty eight cents a gallon although for the good old days and we drive down country roads we put the classic rock on we listened like the rock ballads from the seventies maybe some of Boston or whatever I hope you don't know all of these things but we got and that I had us as an example and there was a song that and we especially like to listen to them I still remember it was called Amanda and it was a song about this latest girl named Amanda that the singer is so along with our member hearing that song viewing and love with Amanda I know Amanda had a lot of any Galloway I got another of feeling in love with a man because the music was so lobbying the right and in and in oh eight depending on the area you're from you know exactly what I thought about a lot sans is making the lobby or the angry songs make you feel angry or whatever this but doing what I really love now we then got involved in the charismatic community got involved with Christian worship that was very intensely emotional in the design of the music the design of the rhythm design of the lights in the slot machine and the way the singer talk and everything was to try to get you into this you once you get the feeling I could see your love for her we just stand there singing over and over again repetitively and we feel that we were in love with a lot of enough in the same sense of romantic love but we thought we were fully devoted a lark in these feelings of spiritual ecstasy I will alarmingly but then we would go for the worships each as they become available about this to me we got involved in this movement together talk talk about your experience and that will result in no coming soon I will have the same experience in a weird arrival of loving a man at the same time you know I don't know that it is on I can imagine we both were but the point being we have this experience now as a little side note be very careful in this is because someone may I notify with this person Scott IV of our literary moment before regaining this church one of things into experiences that you you feel this way and I had zero zero interest in the line zero I mean I think any rebuttal that I don't need to be present back in the dark ages a Green Beret the latest of a great sense of the dumbest thing that ever send my life they were trying to have the Bible that I tried it out and I wasn't reading the fact is I would listen to music we would dance church we would be a part of the MySpace the church and everything like that and so we are all part of easy listening Mira motion and was thinking of as many of you noticing somebody else more than you noticing yourself noticed that sometimes he does notice things that may be happening in your life magazines and if a good friend of mine I noticed that when he was a earnings is living the life we all work as a music player and we're going to answer where we're feeling good and I noticed that when he got away from me as you don't know since yesterday and he had to get back to it because I was the only blazing and really happy to religious experience with all the music was playing in his music is in and of itself bad but if we the only thing that he was experiencing about what is the only time I feel like I love my wife and when I turn the music up is really strange like my wife and I we we really don't enjoy each other 's company but we turn on the sauna like we love each other I something like me you see the music you can escalate our experience we shouldn't be our only experience is anything you want the Bible is amusing actually I've only was leading me away from the biblical picture as along with the staff a minimal increase in and also what you actually like that certain kinds of music holy music it doesn't mean he never could never going to change our case we can change our hearts he changed my and now I don't mean the music all the time to give me a religious experience driving the Jesus in the silence of my bedroom and I spent time in the work but initially a in time when God wanted to get in the word can change your face and then they experienced just described it we would go from the worship setting and and we feel connected in Washington were grown in Graceland survey sharing the truth studying the Bible you test your religious experience why the feelings you test a religious experience but what is God doing in your life and comments of ruling elders in guilt upon us if I see that I am lacking friend I only converted again today every day right and I need to get a court every morning and then I will know that I'm in the war test yourself to see that you are in the Lord now moving along it was on this information we just examine the fact that music indicate feelings to us right and he can shred us into thinking we are experiencing something that we are actually not but I have another question about this can certain kinds of music then dictate on holy feelings inappropriate feelings on healthy feelings and for that this issue of inappropriateness have a quotation here from page arts and profits once I wanted says music forms a part of God 's worship in the courts about and we should endeavor in our songs of praise to approach as nearly as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choirs and then we read the heart must the Holy Spirit of the song and he admits right impression actually learn appropriateness to worship it by saying holy holy holy joyfully or I sank to his enjoyment of man's desiring and a grieving way without the appropriate holy holy holy supposed to be read Jade enjoys man's desiring is supposed to be joyful nongreen so we have to read all the spirit of the song to get it right expression of your adverse credit is working that we are to sing with the spirit and the understanding also the spiritual aspect the emotional aspect it is a piece of the puzzle we need to make sure we are acknowledging doing right really is a liquidation those who are going to make singing a part of divine worship should select hands with music appropriate to the occasion cyber question for you on that list on the screen joy reference anger grief even sexual expressions these are different ones that Manfred crime client examined when he is leaving the authority on emotional expression especially in the musical side of things joy reference anger grief and sex five items appear when you think are appropriate for Christian music Christian worship probably the first is certainly right definitely the first enjoy and reverence in fact they can be combined you know that manner but bottom but none of the above there's another belly in that same song on this reference is Rivers enjoy combine I can't imagine a better combination of emotional expressions when Jesus comes again we see as I feel joyful energy of your revenues present I don't think this one this was not working for me anger I should then he and our Christian worship is not enough I can see occasionally in certain contexts at interesting old say through how did you grieve for the loss that Christ experienced real estate that is not our tone of worship but in certain contexts that might be appropriate at this last one sexual expression is ever appropriate for Christian music never never never thinking that the member of course not do I even need to ask the question well here's here's what I minister had told you I was completely a contemporary example of in the secret was in the words in the sequence in the quiet place in the stillness you are there I want to hear your voice him fight for this one more second one here as well okay put it under that been wanting to happen with the ability you heard the sound of that I was not appropriate for Christian worship argument wasn't worldly music I hope not what I was in the band Aerosmith is exactly what that thing is now ladies and Mary's actual songs on his leave it at that but don't just take you know that handing no as he does it I want to hear from the top musicologist of the twentieth century in the top conductor of the twentieth century what have we gotten ourselves into this Christian top worship Christian rock whatever you want to call it how I want to narrow it down to the category these these things might mean one thing to say is you know when you hear to the heavily rhythmic kind of music but often with that that sexual singing tone here is what Manfred Klein 's agnostic atheist I not come into this from a religious and nobody says Christians the music I hear in your church is communicates the emotional expression of anger and emotional expression sex those were the two that we found were a completely inappropriate for Christian worship and those in the two that we are communicating with modern popular Christian music anger and set the negative driving drum rhythms and in the guitar is that driving anger sound to it even here anger and because maybe we just heard so much of this we start cannot see the forest for the trees I would challenge you to unplug from popular musical styles for sixty days go back and listen to it and you will hear sexual poses singing a human driver realizes actual oriole here this is really something to start the jar you really like I don't like it anymore like they were describing coming out of that experience in South Dakota we D the program yourself from this used to be able to see it it's not just I also have Robert job talking under the twentieth century is that I don't even know if the church today understands the music brought into the church the people don't understand the music it is with NX work her verse is talking about a sexual level again by later wondering what sexual singing sounds like here's a rule of law if you hear a male or female singers are whipping up here female singer and she is singing in a way that you would think would be inappropriate he was speaking in those same homes the summary was not her husband that if inappropriate pharmacy and sexuality in the singing or the guy if you hear a guy singing in a way that he was speaking that way to a lady not his wife revealing Armature both appropriate than we know we went in and around what these gentlemen are talking about what they are observing from musicality standpoints musicology standpoint is saying this Christian music this comment this was in the late twentieth century when it was starting to come popular is communicating sexuality in anger one original to us what a rebuke to the Christian community at the top musicologist is an atheist and what are you guys doing it he knows our music is mostly reference enjoy these other things he shaken his head on what's going on now if you look at Doctor David Elkin a child psychologist he also pointed out that there is a great deal of powerful sexual stimulation in the rhythm of rock music is not just the sexual singing pounds it's actually built within the rhythm of the music as well sexually stimulating again not from a Christian point of view but this is a secular musician Billy Joel who points out that music is essentially the manipulation of sound it has the power to arouse it has the power to frighten it has the power to make people propane is he talking about the lyrics not the same music has this power and he said he and all those things they were saying about rock 'n roll in yearly days with you to subvert our you it's going to make them all want to have sex although crazy they were writes that music has the ability to arouse to make people proclaim in all of these things he said that's a powerful statement was only within the movement but not just Billy Jolie is the sexual by laminin on a lot of slides are the quotation of the quotation for musicians and doctors psychiatrists and others saying that this is the this is the reality this music does elicit a sexual response in the brain and it's not just the sexual element willingly cite Doctor Pierce Jay Howard I knew the director of the center of applied cognitive studies as I said Charlotte North Carolina is author of the owners manual for the brain he explains that very loud music which is typically how we like to listen to our popular music creation altered state of consciousness akin to an alcoholic or drug induced stupor they can become addictive is not just the new site psychiatry standpoint the rock musicians themselves is that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith he pointed out that rock music is the strongest drug in the world has anybody at that hour on acid I have to feel free digits of investment meals is a little music musica hallux anonymous moment how many of you thought you might've been addicted to musical style at some point your life is a good number of people and yourself testifying to the truth of this statement is a strong drawing in Israel which many professed Christians worship we read earlier the spirit of prophecy is not listening to Tyler here we also have Timothy Leary he was a professor at Harvard I think you sixties promoted the use of mind altering substances and music and he said don't listen to the words it's the music that has its own message I been stolen on the music many times music not only elicits a sexual enhancement is unique in the brain but also a pleasure hits like that of a drawing that you are taking that's why you hear that described from psychiatrist and psychologist musicians and professors alike it really does have an effect and we read earlier Satan knows what organs to excite to animate and girls and John the ninth the price is not desired we have everything we need this was very processing on this topic knowing not to get a lot more serious than just the sex drugs and rock 'n roll things were looking at issue spiritualism in the last days it can claim to be the moving of the Holy Spirit but if you read the rest of the pages second selected messages fifty six and fifty eight six six fifty six and fifty eight it talks about demons blend with the din of noise and it makes a carnival and so there is something 's spiritual happening not just sexual release drug like release and these things I want to get into that now music and spiritualism this is a musician named William Orrock and he writes the following we had discovered something in popular music we had discovered something that people new eons ago that poly rhythms can be used for hypnotic induction for altered states of consciousness even for soul travel Hollywood probably means many right site music as much rhythm to it many rhythms to it can be used to induce hypnotism altered states of consciousness soul travel we've is riding a spiritualist visiting he sang we can use arrest him to induce the spiritualist things but is not as William or when we look at the new community and and and and how worship takes place in many pagan situations not just the famous Caribbean once but the intricate layers of the multiple rhythmic drumming are considered the primary source of local power so we look at what is it that brings about this this spiritual experience for pagan worshipers it is yesterday with the drumming is what we read from archaeologist Richard Hodges but also the file or alluded seeks to incorporate a God and himself we call it being in possession by writing and leaving through a dance while drums bang out complex rhythms so again is the rhythmic elements of the music that is the key in inducing a spiritualist experience in these pagan ceremonies not decide what is added with our music you might wonder when I'm on Ubuntu community what little Richard tells us is right sure always allow rock 'n roll is that I believe this kind of music is demonic a lot of the reason music they are taken from voodoo from the voodoo drums if you study music and rhythms like I have no see that this is true to his admitting it and you can look into that evening the lessons I need to spirit specially when you've been unplugged far from it for a while you hear me New Year's young man has heavily rhythmic upon a rhythm that's all I like a little bit of salt on my alumina sol who write original out of the container and dump it out for a guy like musicologist talks about how important casual style music has a rhythm to it right is rhythm bad if there's no rhythm there's no song writing her New Age music and I will use them on an as is and then write I think I think revenue a job one time of the stories that help by inducing a view at the seminar leader they learn about the outputs rants in the lower brainwave frequency that we get into say any damn rental design on my team Fortress is our God there was music and what are those rhythm and the music I just did so again random is not the problem with the amount of written orchestral music is about two percent rhythm it's primarily driven by the high might've been amended by the alanine and the harmony rhythm comes tertiary in that in a sequence of radar like tells us that six seventy five percent of rock music and popular music it is built around rhythm because the weather what the rock music movement and what they took what it used to take a bunch of different guys banging on different percussive instruments and I got it from set in a jumpstart one guy which was two feet to produce a polyrhythmic village and you've got a a a a baptized Lutheran ceremony in American culture but it's not just the VI the good of the drum set itself it's also the rhythm guitar that you layer over on top of that even the basics are sometimes a PNR the percussive instruments the clapping or even vocal tones and other things would be brought into the as a Jamaican happily redneck or even polyrhythmic now should you consult also Mickey Hart is one of why most widely known experts on percussion and drums is the drummer for the grateful that this is everywhere you look around the world people are using drums to alter consciousness and I want to make a very important point there where do you say you can left everywhere around the world it doesn't matter what continent wherever pagan worship has emerged we find these things having to do with excessive rhythm using drums alter consciousness of this is not one one one race one continent if anybody is a representative as a racial message this is wrong is not accurate geo- cultural level here but have discovered he says along with many others the extraordinary power of music particularly percussion to influence the human mind and body altering states of consciousness he says everywhere around the world people using drums to do this Jimi Hendrix tells us more ever reduces middle part your cities as we tried to make our music sold loose and hard hitting in the rhythmic element hard-hitting so that it hits your soul hard enough to make it open exactly what happened the music movement has done Doctor Michael Ballin tells us that the human mind literally shuts down after three or four repetitions of a rhythm or a melody or a harmonic progression so were looking at a situation not just of spiritualism but also on the level morning of our defenses of our frontal lobe we look at money to McAllen PhD in music music therapy Iraq style music I pass as the front alone and our ability to reason and make judgments about it in this music like television can produce a what had not in fact and this is very real what's happening in the rock music popular music and they don't don't get hung up on names by the way this is the age listed a number of the popular country music based on rock in the hip-hop and R&B music around the whole radio dial you go across and you'll you'll find stop all rhythm based on almost every station and is producing and not back to New Britain very interesting study because the show the lyrics don't matter she's not even Christians in a charismatic worship experience that I listen another favorite Christian praise and worship music gospel whatever and there in their ecstatic experience in the prefrontal cortex shots now it's off it out with you that the most important areas of envelope we cover then this morning I can keep moving but Doctor Newberg has shown Christian charismatic sort of worship shots on prefrontal cortex function again Jimmy Hendrix is explained so Sosa simply says music is a spiritual thing of its own you can hypnotize people with the music and when you get them at their weakest point you can preaching of subconscious what you want to say I'm a question for you what happens when you take music the bypass of the frontal lobe hypnotizes the listener opens the door to Spiritualism alters your state of consciousness causes you and your your mind to be shut down enhances sexual hormone release and and releases drug like response in the brain what happens when you take music that does all those things and you sing Christian lyrics to it the answer is this Christian music so-called will bypass the frontal lobe hypnotize the listener over the north is the same list as I don't need to read the whole thing again you get the point the lyrics are what's about to essence of the music isn't the issue in the last days remember the quote from things like the messages it will it will look like removing the Holy Spirit will look like Christian music people will claim his Christian music but it will actually be Satan making music is nearby the way in which it is conducted so are we going to be regarded even taken a look at this critically or just accept it because it's got a Christian label on it Scott Christian words that was way more savvy than that back and you look in the last days would willingly receive the last days Babylon harlot Babylon the last phase perceptions this presentation is called music in the last days deception how about ancient Babylon can ancient Babylon give us a insight into last days that Oman you see the exact same thing happening ancient Babylon had an image pedophile 's worship system and added that the credo that sound familiar my phase Babylon is also called Babylon is reminding us look back to ancient Babylon look back to ancient Babylon is getting there is a false image made to the beast in the last days there's a false worship system imposed on the inhabitants of planet Earth and there is a death agreeing upon those who do not take the marketing is not as you never noticed in ancient Babylon it was music that prompted the worshipers to fall down and worship the statue of gold right so the question is a pattern has been so far will we continue to you can expect it to for a few reasons number one because the devil is a musician of course is getting use the number one tool is to obey but another reason we had the quotation from earlier just the club for the close of probation Satan will make music a snared by the way in which it is conducted how will this happen and what do you know about the counterfeit Trinity of Rome Revelation twelve thirteen Dragon beast and false prophet are moving quickly so I can finish this up in time Dragon beast false prophet and and now I have another question for you I realize that we are the last they saw it when you expect that these three would be at the top of the world and the most powerful and ancient influential movements in the world today would be spiritualism the papacy and American apostate Protestantism would you expect those three if we are in the last days to be standing tall and strong and the most influential and powerful movements or institutions in the world into that is yes I guess what what are the three top media funeral expense in human history I hear some good guesses by the way before I put them up there the individual who is number one is quoted in in in disc three of our seminars given today if you know and know that he's quoted as as as as communicating with the dead so before I get up there here like what how's the other eighty as for that but shopping Media General events in human history were number one Michael Jackson to Pope John Paul II number three Ronald Reagan isn't it interesting in a spiritualism papacy secondly the Ronald Reagan's enemies join us and he represents the American system to understand the Michael Jackson you need not than regular spiritualism but he was a spiritualizing the king of what a pothole pop music movement he was the guy at the top of the kingdom that and being a spiritualist music industries of water disputes with minimum time to cover it it's all in discovery but there you have the three standing tall and strong my question is are they clasping hands across the Gulf are you familiar with quotation from a controversy got rendering accuracy reading cover to cover as you are starting out a copy down there that the exhibit and you read the papacy spiritualism and American apostate Protestantism will reach across the golf and class hands so do we see these three not just tall and strong of the most influential movements everybody's watching their funeral but are they connecting it in the last days the Internet is very much yes and through the music industry this individual barn on the screen the singer of the band U2 you can see the symbolism there but organizes very quickly to show you the imagery of how the music industry connects with geopolitics and religious power in the world model meeting with all of the president so my lifetime almost and the Pope himself early in some cases clasping hands and that so symbolic to see them only clasping hands music industry papacy and the second beast coming together and lasso me nowhere in the last days of the music movement is very much a part of this house so well music can become a universal language sociologist John Lackey tells us through the true transformation of individuals music becomes a vehicle for what world is also nice world peace and the unification of mankind but as this is abusing the whole world uniting I don't care what they call it peace loving or even Jesus is in the whole world uniting around something it didn't always follow I am a homer want to these big music and become the vehicle for this he says no not just that but it's actually been happening in recent decades we actually see talk of a world social formation and the possibility of a strategy for global moralization were no longer considered a figment of speculative imagination because of the universal availability and acceptance popular music was identified as being major rallying point for the formation of an international youth culture based on common worldwide tastes and values sociology standpoint they describe the music was the powerful cohesive force to bring everybody together how is that well is as left-leaning ethnomusicologist David McAllister says music seems to be the clearest reinforcement of identity that we have grandma is the band I like the singers I like the style I mention it's my identity I will could it be that my fostering a homogenized global musical style a style that is increasingly visible in one music circles Christian musical culture this stage is being set for a global religious identity response a response that will allow all people of all nations of all religious backgrounds to say before I ever read what they say think about it the devil is going to communicate using the sections in various ways in the last days one of those methods being music music is the chair here for the last date the session and has moved that the music carries people belong they smile and say yes this is my music this is who I am this is my music for being happy and religious frontal lobe was off spiritualism interviews and I am right at home and I am a part of it now whole world wondered after the beast will music be used you can count on how exactly I don't know what I do know this we two right now to day just like these guys get along before the statue was put out and they had to decide whether to stand on how we have to do right now make a decision on which side we will stand are we willing to be different are willing to be weird you heard a lot of things today so far that it is if you examine the science nerd Rosin Bible than that the Holy Spirit leading in your life and you make changes people look at you like you're crazy I like really why are you noted that while anything these guys might a little crazy they think they were married they were very different from the rest of the culture around them when it comes to our musical tastes are we willing to put them on the altar only willing to say God is yours I want to come to love sacred music domineering and heavenly angelic type and I want to develop in this taste for the musical styles of this world whether this Christian leaders and were not are we willing to make that stand so that when the time comes we will be able to me neurologically able to stand for this music stuff is much more powerful than we give them credit for we got it taken seriously astray following thank you so much for the truth of your word thank you for the Council we have of inspiration to warn us about music in the last days help us not to make Idol a night a lot of our music but we confess many of us have I know I certainly did father we become to your throne of grace student in repentance seeking your forgiveness and your transformation that he will transform our minds our tastes that you will give us a long for the holy and pure in heavenly things when we know that there is a time coming where where we will be tested and we want to be ready on I thank you for the remaining sessions that we have left that we can look at Sabbath together at the house for hair are arranged last final controversy Lord we pray you give us the principles as we move forward in the to overcome RRR addictions are compulsive and how a little rebuilding will create a new creation as we can have Christ in us that we no longer behind this this is as fleeting as he went to be supporting means to the Senate seat and it is today's PCs I you young be nice if I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like these do this I am coming Mycenae I


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