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Is This "The One"?

Alan Parker Nicole Parker



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him or do I know that everyone here wants to fall your way I pray Lord that she will open a mind that you will send your Holy Spirit to bless and guide us in the right words to say that will reach each person here and get what they need for the tools to help them have the best future possible in your working in their lives thank you so much night for hearing and answering our prayers and for caring so much in Jesus name all right this seminar is called in this no one thought some of you may have somebody in mind already and probably a lot of you don't yet find this is still great for you when you talk about how you can now who is the one personally talk a little bit about how not to know and I have known many people in my short and fruitful life who have made choices based on many different ideas I had a friend once inside the date this guy think that one are you interested in you he's really cute okay Valium and he really is interested in spiritual things that I need to study the Bible with gray so they start putting the Bible together and before you know it of course they're dating and then when I talked about this idea what what's going on here why do you thought debate as well in the most amazing thing it was just like God was speaking to us I have a sort of Hanover and discard it like that like a picture in my mind as I was praying in our relationship it was like I saw myself in God 's hands stating that this training will be enhanced in the other hand of God and then brought both must encounter in his hands but then I was talking again later on I found on the nearer where I said I guess region handed by and he got the money if they do will him when I was pragmatic I had this vision of Lungren I was like I was in the hand of God when you were in the unit and I think everything out there right Frank at a set-aside invading anything intensely and that their lives are like two years before they finally figured out that he's not going to change believe that in this case becoming and she's not going to not be administered by the landing I found while trying to persuade the other person is thinking and because Satan himself a lot of trouble if they just followed the basic guidelines I'm assuming everybody here since then that the belief in their property in this particular seminar that will work in it do I realize those who live the seminars may or may not be of that persuasion is okay to meeting a lot of good things out of it is now in my opinion there are a lot of things that we can save ourselves trouble from my reading from really good book that I have are from the company who is enlightened by wisdom from God and the things that she said that from a lot of masses and when I think that she says is that you should not date somebody who is not a believer in the same new belief that you are if you have one set of beliefs that a person has inevitably affect anything I'm relating them phentermine that they have any less of a spiritual relationship with God they need a stronger and closer to God than you are but can two walk together unless they be agreed and violently known as invalid the spirit of prophecy we now need to figure out why visions or dreams whether were the right people for one another I had a friend just had signs that were much stronger than even so much as one girl who prayed and she felt convicted that God was telling her to date about his/her interest in the Pentagon so she waited in the first date came and went in the next day came and on that day he came to reform not happen home I wrote for a girl from California where Reagan diligently at rating was very funny I is for heart sank interested in some of Yahoo couple California Medicare June from California and will and he is the first vacation impressed when was the date when he asked her father is okay for him to start a relationship with her but you know what they do get married and you know whether the Lord and Lady Maronites profit I can't tell you back inside the Indonesian prison while anything may be heated to bed and I want to impress upon you is that you don't choose a spouse based solely on I got five from God that that that's just not the way they were told to find in the eye eye health and is the reason none other way not to find yourself in a product that I know what I have anything here I'm thinking about having you guys give this to a certain enemy and so she gave us the notes and read it instead we think by the note told him no I'm I'm not going to Jesus that I believe in God with Jesus after me for letting God lead in this matter but I have tried to give me a sign and a sign that I got give me a second young man that he has chosen will show up on my doorstep holding roses for me that that can qualify as orchestrating your signs and utility careful about that as well and so it has learned how to confuse yourself rather than how to do the fast don't you don't you envision don't need to read except as confirmations of things that the Lord is showing you already through other ways to chew the fat because God has given them very solid way to choose a staff member to look at those today now some people think I was thataway in God will show me exactly the right the first is only one out there for me and that way and God is finished that person to me now that may well be and I know people who God has given them something rationalization is the right person I know other people who God is just led them through a lot of providential ways and you and now I think I think not have a thousand ways to provide for that which we know nothing right but there are some things that I was about when I hear people say while waiting unconditionally exactly the right one because there's just one for me number one is that philosophy sometimes leads people into getting married to that and maybe some of you know that the experience from the menu now hopefully not herself that some people get married yet in the end and most sincere way they want to follow the will of God a private group they forgot to show them exactly with the right person and a something for the long been in a frame for something to happen and I once had a guy who I was interested and I didn't really know him well but well you know circumvent the front runner for the same place that the Lord wants us to get together then the Lord will work out the circumstances felt I thought the Lord you know if you want me to get to know the CNN better than make it so that I am assigned an intermission project that's right near where he is even knew their place it was like five hours for me and it only for a brief period of time anything I knew without me doing anything to do it I was assigned to a ministry position that was right and not only that we found excuses to get together and they were just all the different things that were able to work together it was miraculous I didn't marry we dated for a little while and I realized you know what he's not matching up to the way that God affected Jesus about though we ended the relationship and hello Donna Donna I found this rheumatic migraine thirty fifth on the front row there that Alan Parker me wonderful in a County are you glad to see that God can meet people together I am so glad they got me in no doubt that God led my husband and needs together but I don't think you are the only person I could than happy with I think that there is a bad person even as so many people here the second point I have five people getting ensnared prematurely because they get a sign of the women were they getting it into Microsoft as a unknown person very well that you and at least make for a very rocky relationship continually in the early years and you don't know somebody and how much more to get you through one another it's like getting into cold water there are people who leap into breathing cold water warmhearted and that's not me but if you did something for the rest of your life it's much better that you gradually get into that otherwise your first year of marriage maybe something like plunging into cold water and you really want that favors your the reason is that they spend time getting to know one another even if you're confident that the Lord is leading you together so that's the first thing the second thing is that I've seen people who felt that God was calling is marry somebody and they get married and then anything you want he was the one I was so sure that she was working on a complimentary but no I just now something that totally blows me away and because of their preconceived idea that God has only one person for the Big Apple has a strong temptation to bring them you got the wrong one I had some economy wanted what are the four that wonderful girl made a wonderful guy they may really love God and love each other but now they are having severe communication difficulties that she call me crazy one I I didn't know what I was doing people warned me now that he has been certain personality characteristics better can be a little difficult to live with but I just didn't think I can handle it now your heroine married for the rest of my life unfortunately I was able to talk her through that and help her to understand a few communication techniques and yet you are in you know I can call me back next day we working out I also respect their game but that is a thought but that that preconceived ideas she had made her susceptible to live together you got the wrong one and there are people not only gotten married that way believing misleading the people of unmarried knowing they made the wrong choice maybe she got pregnant maybe they got married before they became Christians or maybe one of the following from the Lord about them and then they got married on now they find themselves for life and then they decide to bring their okay I'm stuck with them on this day would all be married for the rest of my life because I was online I think I had something like firing line I believe that God can take almost any two people from aged personalities who are submitted to the spirit of God and make them into a beautiful couple they can they can overcome any difficulty if both of them are willing to surrender to God but there are still going to need something that can hold you that anything they can make your relationship rockier and make it more difficult for you to have that beautiful harmony in your home if you prepare ahead of time by finding the right person not that this is the third link I mentioned about what is wrong with thinking one for you out there and that strong temptation to manipulate time and mission already met with relevant and relevant when my lifetime has been under their prey for assigned names interested in a beautiful young lady and she was a solid presidency landlord went to church the same place everything seemed great but just didn't have any conviction yet it was possible of the Lord I want to find that he was going out with a friend of Hezekiah anything more if she weren't for me to help my friends mention her name and I got a church they are so not being you know it was just a friend from school for their new driving along the car I is not mentioning that he brings at church this morning yeah I had a guy was not nearly what I doubt you start talking about the Roman church of any kind is currently a life insurance is not assigned by many that we don't want to manipulate our fine on this property race rate counsel on how to achieve the staff but at this moment but it is young people into the present of all infection about it I think it's a highlight from it too I share with you one after another company forty five it said why every sentiments and watch every development of character in one within using to make your life Stephanie while you may last you not love blindly what a character character of the things your character if you like this person way every sentiment was his personal life when they are provoked to violence underneath non- and when I finally hurt their feelings I had a friend who when she was considering a fine young man after possible him halfheartedly when I prolong drive with him on a country road and ran her car had I any finality like he am I getting that process is something you need to do that but Miami is meant as I lay for a while I actually spent almost all of our courtship long-distance I mean long distance even in Africa and America but we were very conscious I had been a previous relationship the longest of the new ninth look it up anything that I met a lot of money to get together with I think that relationship I write and deliver them was that a long-distance relationship in person law it's hard to play every business I watch every development of character of some maintenance on the other side of the ocean or even many coming on the other side of campus life at that time the person can pretend we knew another couple got married about the same time we did all of her long-distance relationship everything was perfect they relentlessly ever after he was anytime after everything was right I went into and so she locked herself in the bathroom calling 911 because he was trying to be her up in the meaning of reason and he's easy for me to pretend long-distance that I am who you want I can figure out what you wanted that difficult for a manipulative person to figure out even just for anybody to figure out what the other person is looking for anything that I never can not very difficult for me a long distance from somebody else to it on my rose-colored glasses to think he's so running out he's so I just know that if we get married murder and all of our Saturday night sitting back crackling fire read love stories that may not even remotely resembling what picture is much anything doing okay forty five as examined carefully to see if your married life would be happy or inharmonious and wretched questions they raise the event union help me heavenward will increase my love for God and will enlarge my fear of youth request and is itself if you have the right answer to these three questions that does not mean I can marry this person it means that constantly you may be able to move forward if these reflections prevent no drawback in the fear of God move forward meeting out of those three were will this union helped me heaven word will increase my love for God and will enlarge my fear of usefulness in this life those three questions that need frequent improvement no objection then in the fear of God and forward now you can ask yourself questions like you know I'm more interested in prayer in my more interested in Bible study or learn more interested in talking to this interesting person and fallout tonight questions like that to be very revealing than it takes honest enough to be really honest with yourself to think about those things in and admit the truth now and there's another quotation is very short it says may hate hello Lee make haste slowly that does not mean we can get married after we meet one another if you want to have a leap into the freezing cold pool experience and more powerfully but I wouldn't recommend it and you may have just like my friend I mentioned in severe disappointment when you find out that making faith lowly would've been a wider option on this home page forty six said in your choice of a wife and a supply fit chosen a husband to study her character will shoot anyone who will be patient will I will care for your mother and father various time when they need a strong feeling upon endlessly withdrawn him from deciding to carry out her plans and consider him pleasure and leave the father and mother who is gaining affectionate daughter will unlock the front one time when we were dating according to be called the called getting to really know your life may be that we ever got on the made because this book with death question is not regardless that she read it this question how much we didn't than a birthday present for my mother for your mother but communication regulators on what he wanted it what would you want to do if you had only five dollars when it becomes a great evening but we did it we had a handicapped child what if I couldn't have children when you think about adopting it do that is a significant kind question that this is your character how would you treat your parent when they get older house and spend money what's he going to want to do with his spare time he don't want to be reading it will be at the race track let's recognize the unity and you have to be a life on everything but anything the more you have in common the better off you are you both enjoy hiking in Oakland right they might have altered the run Saturday night right and you can you know I know people have made American worker he wants to their home on Saturday you know nobody over and she wants to pay over an estimate at work but this is where your ministry made the enhanced mouse it's Mary's company whose more like you and page forty seven says leading young woman except as a life companion only one who possesses pure manly traits of character one who is diligence aspiring and on one of the fears God is firing on what you were anywhere near ten years from now when this person might be ten years from now what do you think any half when the calling that any college that every time he built like the Allied cost three times during the night last night anyway I got a temperature hundred and five eating anything the questions asked not to counter all I did I want to matter they say five years after you get married getting analogous that looks like a more working out and how they act like people Hollywood pimping to make America work anywhere in the temptation of the five biggest Marriott in Bhutan Cruz I can do through anything let me know and I never worked of it something deeper you got had character of the notice that that's what keeps me all implications that raising in Iran if playing you choose path based on character how much of this person like Jean how unselfish RNA RNA treats elderly people financially handicapped people like grandchildren retreat people who they don't like or don't like them they treat their family and intrigued her best friend but frankly they choose other questions that you can ask that will really tell you how well the person that together with you I dated a guy once I didn't have a lot of people here actually I many of them off really forgot and I know from the beginning we had we had like I'll issue the Taliban the big thing for me was that one company American Express friend I had any think the friendship we had when I called laying friendship that's if they are friends it would joke together they tell each other gently you are a big bowl of popcorn and watching the details movies on our night when I was thirty five a.m. thirty five yet he was in I know my many felt that the and you know he and I is that though it would mean one thing that continued bothering me about the personalities it wasn't a character issue what person you want to marry the first thing you need to consider character now you may think after I share all that stuff and then well how does one person for you online I was very prophecy that God has one person for you I find that consistent message of measure this person 's character take time to see how this person responsible in situations see how this person relate to your situation however holiday liking on but I believe that God will help us choose you the story of Isaac and Rebecca I will have a lot of fun fun and it turned here but a little reminder to Rebecca and on how I make finding out he did but when when Eliezer went to find a wife for either when you look for what was a fine husband 's business situation admitting unique situation he couldn't even need to have an idea and based on that sign and her willingness to marry him I got married in a very few places in the Bible that we see something like this but what kind did he choose they said Lord and I know that she was courteous it was character how likely this one like Jesus and I is that the single most important thing that you can look for and Rebecca is willing to water the camel integration work in are you are rising I can't even drink water he said laughing then she looked around PayPal account to draw water for that is a lot of hard work and you know you are is a Saudi Arabian son and pulled it up in the well however many convicted water channel has a lot of work the people definitely an hour of work hauling water out of the well that showed character and based on that show of character I had absolutely went into the rest of his life was she perfect now and just because God brings a person to you and you Marion and do not expect army will be perfect will never have a problem that people have about their field film to learn something to my husband any sharing there are about how to how to work through things as you build a relationship carried out by region into a tentative work out right now about to get something that can extend the cord I is he going with this development I have enough evidence on the screen all right so the first step in getting ready for training of staff before being it all I mean are not ready for really thinking about a new United Nations and the United States about you better be thinking about it right now the only foolish choices that record traces later on but the first definition figuring out this process and get sure if you're still sixteen and I think everyone from the right one should I can definitely should be yet a youth not have teamed in the poor judge of the fitness of a person as young as himself to be a companion for life after their judgment has become more mature debut themselves down for life to each other and perhaps not at all calculated to make each other him the best of their lot recriminations take place the breach widens until there is settled indifference and neglect of each other to them there is nothing sacred in the work home very very playful loving words and bitter reproaches them online here at the hearing smelling your teams it's really not entreated Jesus yet at times he made a lot of friends were anytime here I keep quality friendships of the opposite sex without going too far and without thinking I went from friends friends and figure out what it is that you admire what it what people you jive with the people you enjoy and let me know if there is anything after that judgment has become more mature David himself is not fitted to each other think of we work two years ago your different personalities you until you hear from me then be a different person alive statistics show that somewhere between twenty seven thirty of the best time to get married now I know that sounds like a million years from now and then don't get married until you're twenty seven unveiled that Alan will do well just wait for a while and not litter your whole teenage years the broken relationship I lost a lot of good friends because I just didn't know how to stay friends with them all right early marriage this is a specific is a key predictor of later divorce nearly half of people who marry under age eighteen and forty percent underage twenty and death divorce if only twenty four percent for people who marry after age twenty five in either the statistics about fifty percent of marriages end in divorce while that is so a little skewed by some people who do not get married multiple times like say five and a lot of of marriages end in divorce that it is not that you generate fifty percent chance you're getting a divorce but if you get married young if I will well I like paper sentencing against divorce or if an abusive relationship thinking on the hot breakout because he were mature enough to think through and you try and where you were when you got married the national Center for health statistics found nearly half of marriages in which the bride of eighteen or younger and in separation or divorce within ten years for price twenty five and older half as many marriages break up every year you wait one year older your statistics get better for keeping your marriage for lifetime and I know that all of us want how many of you have come from a divorced home significant because Israel are nearly as bad in a lot of places but I know that so many people who they are just afraid he may get married because their parents couldn't make a marriage now even if your parents were divorced what about you many of us come from home for their family our parents weren't actually happy together they do they get for multiple reasons really ought to whatever we only have to have a marriage like that way for something that will will glorify God will bring happiness and many marriages from NFL biggie for many married it can only be productive of misery and yet the minds of the youth reminisced you know because they leave them there making them believe that they must be married in order to be happy when I was a teenager I was a rally roughly we played if you're thinking waiting ABCD four different cars for every knife man kneeling and validating items out of a harmless goofy thing that you sometimes change the last look at my guy friends anyway now you again if the game wasn't the young people 's minds when they are because they leave them there Helena in any anything about marriage or the opposite sex it's mainly will you find it is not recommended write automated that we want to be with somebody else but it is slightly bad maintenance of English game and flirt and play with heart trivializing it in the near relationship with God in a relationship with other people and commands are out right relationship with God relationship with other people they leave their mind there making them believe that they must be married in order to be happy when I have not the ability to control himself or supportive family those who are not willing to adapt themselves to each other this position so as to avoid unpleasant differences and contentions should not take that back this is one of the alluring Americas the last phase in which thousands are ruined for this life and the next night tragic if that left to run but so many people live eternity or their children's eternity because anyone who is choice for well whole street of those choices that led to I do forever or worse yet to divorce into a broken home and children were scarred for life by the things now it mentioned two other important characteristics that can be ready for her marriage you have not the ability to control yourself or supportive family you're not ready to get married and easily finish your education and you need to be able to control yourself if you find yourself daydreaming in building castles in the sky you're not ready there is a certain amount of principle I wish I had two magnets here I want to share with you tonight you have to magnetosphere and I will like to magnify far apart they are okay the other the knockout blow but the closer I get those magnets to each other the hardest to hold the parts where you talk about that some in the next seminar about how hard it is to stay him her close friend of the laid off and not Microsoft your friendship and neck are people unwilling or unable to control himself even as an illustration of your team can't seem to get closer and closer before I will relationship with God will enable you to stop in your relationship with other people but the problem is many people get on a slippery slope and if they are acting I can I can still stop in it eagerly because I wanted in life that's relative wealth of the questions they can and they get so close eventually I can I think I think in fact that's why I don't read in such a terrible thing in the Bible because adultery or premarital sex extramarital sex is so much worse than any other sensitive because of the statement is the culmination of many other thin person consistently refuses to listen to what the Holy Spirit person persists in doing what they know that God does not want to do but she went with the Holy Spirit thing out okay I would never do that I'm not that person calmly and you heard the ringing phone guard your hearts the powerful phone but appears to be a harmless plant entrance romance and homes are divided feelings that should never have been awakened within Terry Harding to listen I beg of you guard your heart that that's sobering my daughter loves to sing a song of the care for little hands of the careful little feet were you go be careful little lines that you think of be careful little heart and you try I hope she puts those words and her mind and never let go and I know those choices one little choice you can pay for one little choice every day for the rest of your life and I that is sobering thing I have left friends behind in the infield likelihood USC allow you now were you are you know all of the something like that is a few years ago that one of my friends name was Eric Erica lifting and when these USC chairs Erica one of the last to follow God but Erica had overcome from the magna principal problems were in a talk in the final seminar that I be doing on Friday morning the first seminar Friday morning many talking about beauty for ashes how God helps you to heal from your past in a nutshell Eric I had inhaled from her past she does a terrible life and even though she was trying to put her life back together she's trying to do the right thing Eric amazed one tragic mistake and that mistake cost to the rest of her life now it's been over a year since her boyfriend told her and then Daniel you never Erica was a beautiful person whether beautiful people I've ever known she is a walk around the whole pack of Scripture memory cards she just wrote on final versus standalone management reported she would read the mission walk between classes between your cafeteria she wanted to follow God and I praise God he turned her life around that she had come back to the Lord had brought her her daughter with eighteen months old when she was killed she brought her daughter to church and she got her life back together she was telling everybody how much Jesus love than when it was her ex-boyfriend by then Senator down and shot her in front of her little girl gone integration but I don't want to eat I happen anybody here and the reason why that happened was because Eric was not willing to break away from the magna principle she wasn't able to control herself from something and she just thought it will be okay I can keep the control I can keep it under control don't ever tell yourself that lie if you're stepping on a double-stranded playing with temptation no know that it will always go farther than you think well him and him faithful in the magnet is that as all I says like attracts like like appreciate like if you become the person you want to marry that person you want to marry will become attracted to you in the now there is one more principle I want to share here practice true love and homepage fifties as well pure love will pay God into all lands and will be in perfect harmony with the spirit of God 's action will be now listen to this list and see if you can visualize somebody you know it's been like that might even be yourself action will be headstrong rash unreasonable defiance of all restraint and will make the object of its choice item and you ever done anything like that you did not believe he seems in the field like that no worse than how many of you mean you even have the racial memory of ever watched a movie in which that the way that a person chooses their spouse and Larry mentioned this afternoon when he and he had many enemies are watching I help not online I'm undoubtedly watching the news like that in a very long time that I mean the review here inherent and you know it's just a link to me and people say well you know we should let little kids watch this time that we haven't me a filter on your DVD player is called clear play and it's a nice thing to have we hardly ever use it clear play a something that you don't little filter out the Internet and then when you play your movie it will take out any violence it will take at least that it will take out any of the method that language at my Pepsi I just hate language this comes up you can't fast-forward past the debt financing is great but we may reason because honestly what are we getting you what one reader watch movies like that for every now and then is something that him highway about racism or maybe about the Holocaust something valuable to watch regularly now you need focusing on filter out things like the way the people dress in the movie but people as they allow you know that stuff doesn't now doesn't bother me on the clear play block block airplay on any of his communication have young children in the home you don't want them to hear stuff like me you think young children really wasn't here where were automatically I think I'm watching movies that have been white as little children I knew some people who they knew fishing and Mary think they were planning to break off their relationship and then they watch the movie Titanic together yeah anything using FF and I tell you anything has a documentary and a horrible line that one choice has been productive of much evil electron don't think I'm old enough it will affect me by the holy we become changed the action will be headstrong rash unreasonable to find all restraint will make the object of its choice and I don't realize in another word for unselfishness and as you practice true love discover that it is worlds apart from the world passion the world paint that is true love true love is not the five based on what it feels like I like movies true love is my strong fiery impetuous passion and from page fifty one on the contrary it is calm and be in its nature it looks beyond mere external and contracted by qualities remember that word quality burn it into your brain whether you were when you find out quality how much are you and I and your choices nearly talk about first he wanted his character Jason Bateman character how much of this person like even if they are important things to remember though is that person like me at personality yellow we had an wrong I have one character after character of Jesus were all to be like Jesus Brosnan to be unselfish overall personality every person is unique and so when I say I'm permanent a lot like you and I mean you have the clone my husband is a big picture person he is figuring out he looks at the whole patient is all right for you to get a housecleaning time for sunset we have to do this and we have to do this you have to do this never happened at all that way the ring we can't be that you definitely notice me I think you got to get a single additions added here I can't stand the seafood dishes I see the details on the proofreader needed in the visionary we work great together we were made for each other this is a wonderful way that we are different I don't need to find a person in the clone of you doubt this he got there but when I say I'm a person who is a lot like you I mean spiritually number one in the first like you didn't have the same religious beliefs that you do I think that atmosphere that is anti-Christian and didn't have the same principle of their life you know several families come from all different stripe and type if you are in your future spouse can be offended by the music you listen to buy clothes that you wear either the way that she spends her spare time a person is very clear they have different conviction of the person who is also very sincere and both of them are following the largely best of their ability but it makes a lot of conflict so find out spiritually how lucky well I think with your conviction how do you live your life one guy that I dated regarding the missionary field any primary style and it was a continual source of conflict between the more that you know how to manage our conflict with my facility not later on socially elected this person like you not just what kind of friends and a half and how much time they will admit them how do they need away from people in a process when they're stressed or when there are tired and wanted people come over thinking this relaxing time with her friends they want to get away from everybody it didn't even find some a food processor things similarly the two use of people get their power and strength I finished away from people some people get their power and strength by spending time with people even if you aren't running as well there you'll know how much conflict and has a lot of things to be in conflict about the FTSE 100 major things out of the way intellectually it's best if you find somebody who's intellectually similar to my husband and I both left the state think about psychology prison psychology not in the world sent but it's great that we're interested in the things because he can talk for hours about how people find work and why people do what they do intellectually family lived on the same par with you and in your leisure time have habitually housed how are you guys like each other he wanted a hiking over time if you are watching me all the time that he was asleep in every morning did that he won again at five in the morning every morning you will think again but have less conflict and be able to have a lot in common if you want to do the same things together you find yourself spending your weekends a separate things that separate friends which can be alienating I think ideally all in America where the two of us spend a lot of time together again how Guinevere within your view of I know there is another thing about the casting time with a person figure out I may like you but she will now the bottom line is that this person going to be a great fit with me can we enjoy the same things together and it will have a lot of fun supports together and so things that are continually falling apart we have to fight against what I awarded is in serious pitfall there are lifestyle issues I mentioned doctrinal issues integrity issues how honest with this person how truthful when it was a ironically earlier with them and they talk to their friend father Francis in our originator all sorry I had to think about than you know nothing came up and defending a little bit than a little lithosphere is integrity issue is not want to marry someday you cannot trust and I've had people tell me where you know I just love them so much more to anything within no Christianity location you must love everybody but if you trust everybody here fool and he will yell in America you cannot trust the light also says that most people are not fit to be very happy that the following personality issues find out how much to how much can you work with this person and how many times are you going to just be in continual conflict with them now when my eye when we were dating we really have a lot of time right next to each other right there was hard to figure out who these issues no character should be like Jesus I felt like I had a good grasp on what what he would like I went and spent time with him in Africa meeting his family meeting his friends being an administrative of the chaplain limiting them is very helpful to us with that I was twenty six and he was twenty eight when we met both of us have been living on our own for a long time but we've been living in dorms situations and having housemates to live with them we had people to live within her means we work through conflict continually and we both read a lot of great books on relationships I now think that hour-long seminar is a great way to start I don't let this be the end that you knew all confidential room with heroes with the background living thinking entering your family and your life I encourage you to go out and find from good book that deal with issues that you may have from the past I would recommend authors especially like Larry Crabb in your Christian psychology takes all the pinstripes and types I really like his approach to think because he has I feel really balanced approach of combined you if you know I shouldn't be doing this then you stop that right now that's very important but also get to the root of it why do I feel compulsively drawn to watch movies all the time or listen to music or call friends on my cell phone with my if I can have a compulsive behavior you just find yourself getting into relationships I just can't seem to stop I want from receiving the best person I know I shouldn't then you're attracted to another person you see a pattern here this person is also not the kind of person I should be strong to but I just finest attractions and breaking your digital but adopting to refuse to do things that the devil wants you to do frankly but get rid of it too enough I appreciate about Larry Crabb books that he says also you know find out why I live my life driven for this week pray that your heart the Lord to help you figure out where you need to go in your relationships with other people so that you don't get mixed up in something I guess that many of the families shared for this session yesterday that she will be starting at a quarter to eleven and we're also going to have in the back of the room over here we don't have it here yet but if you have questions just like my piece of paper you can you will are well wonderful and if afternoon they enable the preliminary editing they want to increase the questions you can also feel free to come and talk to us Alan I will be hearing much as we can will be around Nielsen think the are you are perverted by the modern hermeneutic and confirmed to offer and it should live that you will deliver guidance in the process of learning how we can best show you're not a mother and then we may find the right marriage partners I think you're well on your handling here Mayberry will help them to be more and more of that relationship this meeting was produced by volume birds media ministry G Weiss generation of grades would like to listen to more great humans is presently working would like to learn more about UNC visit to WW utilizing web board also I agree with you on your worse I ordered and yet hold you a


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