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An Overview on The Book of Revelation

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • March 15, 2008
    9:00 AM
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okay so maybe here or have been through the Daniel class at least the Daniel class year and have no all right if you have been through any type of study of Daniel on your own private yacht most of you I figure good because revelation I like to think of it as advanced Daniel class Daniel is like algebra and revelation and like calculus and you know just a few items to consider is that the book of Revelation is placed at the end of the Bible but it was not the last written revelation the last three chapters are so talks about the restoration of Eden essentially if you look back at Genesis the first three chapters is how we lost the soap the whole Bible sandwiched between these chapters which talk about even lost and even restore but Revelation unlike Daniel does not contain any stories you know Daniel would like it is prophecy one oh one yet the first six chapters primary stories exits aptitude is a very significant prophecy in Chapter ten there's no prophecy this is where there but it's all pretty much inviting half for six chapter stories second half prophecies in the first six stories help illustrate in picture form in a story form what the prophecies are about how it can be prepared for the events and so on and so forth and more than that and Daniel the prophecies pretty much explained themselves God gives the prophecy like Daniel chapter two King of the Green Daniel company PC repeats the dream and then he says and seeing here is the interpretation thereof he tells us what the dream represents there's very little questioning that very little doubt it is clear that the first ahead of gold thou art that had a goal attribute shall rise inferior kingdom and so on and so forth the piece of Dan Chapter seven of beast represents the kingdom is stated very clearly in dance chapter eight and even names the kingdoms around the two horns Medes and Persians to go with the notable horn that Greece and the point is the first king and it just it cannot be any clearer so revelation as I said is a continuation it's advanced Daniel class and so what happens is where you have to remember a lot of what happened in the book of Daniel in order to fully understand the book of Revelation and asbestos of an introduction all were actually going to do a little bit of of connecting the dots I like doing that and actually what would you do today I like to call this class the it's a revelation overview when I could be setting any particular chapter by itself were not really going verse by verse just yet this is a teaser not see there is it's like when when the coming of the new movie or a new TV series they give you like two and a half minute remit whatever flip to sort of give you the big picture what is coming and so does Logan to do the overview the big picture what is Revelation hat with his brother snapped off right before we begin let's not has super father in heaven we come before you to hey remembering that you have asked us to the study of work and we are told that when we study the books of Daniel Revelation we will have an entirely new religious experience for that revival Lord and we know that the book of Revelation has important messages for us in these last days that it may give us the preparation we need to stand when the final event take place as I pray that you be with us as we study major spirit beat us and guide us and teach us is our prayer in Jesus name I first of all I mentioned this at the beginning of Daniel glass which was like this feel that years and years ago but not too long ago I guess one of the purposes for this class Daniel class privilege and class in particular is to help help us learn how to study the Bible and I'm not an authority in any way I'm just to the share I don't have all the answers and the especially in Revelation I'm still studying a lot so this is a profit can be learning how to study together and I'm just sharing something that I I I'm learning one of the important things to do when you're setting a particular book is to be able to outline what that book is about revelation can be well for the revelation this twenty two chapters that's almost twice as long as the twelve chapters and Daniel and Revelation can be divided into several chunks limit damage of the Harrier one two three four six I haven't written down a six distinct sections you don't have to follow this outline cool okay if not inspired you won't find it LOL why did not say goodbye to be effective to be there just an idea based on the means or the topics discussed in this chapter is okay to give it up if you're taking notes I'll try to go slow revelation chapters one to three is about the seven churches in Revelation one two three five the seven churches in Revelation four through seven is about the seven seals revelation eight through eleven is about the seven trumpets is you notice a significant theme popping up right and the revelation twelve through fourteen I call it the great controversies synopsis entire whole of the great controversy contrast into three chapters with the most significant events emphasized Revelation fifteen to nineteen this is where I have a little trouble getting a concise title and included in the seven last legs destruction of Babylon and the second coming so final destruction if you want to call it that but the seven last plagues is found and then Revelation twenty to twenty two is the final judgment and even restored now I'm in the community referring back to this outline several times today when people giving an overview so I did not take my word for it but this is just the what what comes out of revelation well you see where we should start a minute let's start with what what we've already saw seen looking at these chapter divisions or this book outline what is the what something fairly unique that has popped up several times array number seven I seven trumpets seven field seven churches let's look at a few verse are starting capital one Revelation chapter one relationship the wireless began inverse okay where can I need that Mike for people reading the text so I'm can ask someone to be the tax rate your hand and caused the mic before you read this is the revelation chapter one verse four aside their would like to read anyone they might together for seven churches which are in Asia Grace be unto you and peace from him which is and which was and which is to come and from the seven spirits which are before his throne okay hang up that Mike and let's read verse twenty of the same chapter the mystery of the seven stars which thou size in my right hand the seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches in the seven candlesticks which thou size are the seven churches you know I think that that text soda it is the best text because of at non- VM uses the number seven you know it's like the seven stars seven golden candlesticks seven the seven angels of the seven churches which are the seven candlesticks when you get look at the whole book of Revelation the number seven up years all over the place and you know I don't I don't particularly encourage you to place significant in all numbers no just because the just because I am all there were I guess there are there are significant numbers of my pointed on always some special sin biology or some prophecy related to any number in the Bible number seven in this case quite clearly God is trying to tell us something significant about the number seven and the number seven what does it represent what words the number seven first mentioned but seven days of creation and again seven happened at the very first book of the Bible in the first chapter and then again in the last book of the Bible repeated over and over the first time it's mentioned the number seven has to do with creation and at the end of the Bible the number seven has to do with restoration the number seven is a number that represents completion it's not just perfection it it does represent that you but as perfect in the sense that God has started something and now is finished as opposed to something is perfect you know morally or or intrinsically it's a matter of perfection in the sense of completion for the book of revelation gives us this impression of something is about to become pleaded completion of some sort and the seven churches interestingly enough the words that were churches in these called out so if the completion of clawing out got the Internet when I went on to delve into the seven churches right now let me give you couple other sevens just to my point is I get my coding method utilizes the book of Revelation and Daniel are complements one of the other doing the work complement means one to complete the other is a good point you could point okay let's look at a couple of other versus McNamee then he can jot them down if you care to but in the book of Revelation chapter four verse five BC seven Lance seven lamps which are the seven spirits and believe Revelation five verse one we see seven seals we talked about that relation five or six we see a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes of a onlooking Wham but there is some significance that religion it were six or seven trumpets seven angels that have seven trumpets revelation tender for the seven thunders this is one of my favorite seventh in the whole book Revelation twelve or three dragon with seven heads and ten points with seven crowns on those ten points and then the revelation chapter thirteen is a beast with seven heads and ten horns and ten crowns on those forms in relation fifteen verse one seven plagues Revelation seventeen talks about the beast with seven heads five of which five of the heads which were one is one of the cup so the number seven okay this is just an overview so when I can explain everything would just be that these are idea to keep in your mind as we go through the book when you see a number seven bells should ring in your mind okay another theme in Revelation let's look in Revelation one verse one and this is perhaps most and I think Revelation one verse one okay let's have some someone read this verse okay back is that the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him he showed up we can't really appear the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants the things which must shortly come to pass and he sent an student signified it by his angel unto his servant John okay so this verse here there's two things the very first verse tells us what the book of Revelation is all about the first one in the revelation is the reviewing of the of Jesus Christ that's the first important theme in the second thing is interviewing Jesus and what things which must shortly come to pass for these of it to be six beans what the purpose of the thesis of the book of Revelation number one is to reveal Jesus to us and number two review of Jesus within the context of events what will shortly come to pass now Revelation of Jesus I dare say that the book of Revelation is perhaps the clearest revelation of what G4 who Jesus really is and what what I mean by it I don't mean that the Gospels are useless I don't mean that the Gospels don't have a good picture of Jesus as not one thing all Revelation does a cosmic view it shows Jesus in the context of the great controversy within the holes go of everything that's happened everything that is happening anything that will have but I know that okay let's look at Revelation one is a couple versus year that I want to look at let's start inverse of verse eight Revelation one and verse eight where the microphone I have a reader please read loud enough rest in your eye and the outside and the Omega the beginning and he and the Lord who is and who was and who is to come the Almighty RI writer the beginning of the book Jesus expresses himself at Alpha and Omega when I connected a minute the beginning and the end the Lord which is which was and which is to come the Almighty the Jews in this book introduces himself as I and the all in all I am the beginning I'm the end I am he which was a witch is which was which if you can't now also an Omega interesting what language is that that argument Greek alphabet first alphabet the first letter now that will make his last letter announcement and what's another name for Jesus I'll show you that look in Revelation nineteen Revelation chapter nineteen verse thirteen volunteer to read okay we have one he was healed and we can hear he was willing to the general did and by any name is called the wine of God through Jesus his other name word of God and what language you use to denote out Ethan Revelation one feet and use the Hebrew alphabet he has a eye and a and is the design the alpha and the omega he introduced himself to John at a time when the Gentiles were still ostracized by the Jewish people saying I am the word by the way I'm not limited to the Hebrew ethnic I am Alpha and Omega in the Greek language that Gentile language as of the book of Revelation the beginning it's not just intended for the Jewish people it's intended for the world even though they are outside using this is just that little snippet of what happened all throughout the book of Revelation Jesus on their the seven churches is very obvious before every single church he introduces himself and he's the one speaking to the church he offered them a reward out you know exactly what Jesus is all about but all throughout the book they are little is like that of hidden messages that when you read deeper into it what actually is happening it it is a hidden within the veil perhaps of of prophetic language and symbols is a clear description of Jesus 's work his ministry his character and his relation to his people for example I just throw this one out relationship there is a money angel to come down it does not say specifically that it is Jesus as he identify any study out the description of that Angel you cannot deny about Jesus and as you study what he's clothed with a Mac case you see very clearly what is Jesus doing within the context of what's happening relationship that that Jesus pops up all over in this book and am I'm not I'm not in a again I discussed the rugby versus visit an overview of Revelation chapter one verse five we may go to see the faithful witness when they need witnesses in a court of trial so what is supposed is going to happen somewhere along in the book of Revelation some kind of judgment and see the first begotten and revolution wondrous life whenever I hear that word what will get there later it connects with the book of Hebrews and Revelation Hebrews are inseparable we'll talk about that later first begotten in order for you to be a first what must there also be there must be more than one night you'll be given notice that Jesus name change at one point he was the only begotten but now you call the first begotten your that means there's more begotten in or for there to be a first there must be more that comes after at least one other I see the first begotten he's a prince of Kings later on in the budget the camp team Lord of lords revelation nineteen Revelation one thirteen we see them dressed up as a priest walking through the candlesticks and not really give five or six we talked about already he's like a lamb slain Jesus is also Revelation twelve you the man child was born of the woman who is caught up to God to rule with a rod of iron that's a very significant prophecy revelation nineteen you to conquer on the white horse relish and twenty one or Revelation twenty first he sits on a great white throne of judgment you judge the Revelation twenty one is described as the bridegroom new Jerusalem coming out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband Christ is the husband is the just the quick snippet there's a lot more as we go through the actual chapters won't lock the take those out but just to give you an idea revelation is not Jesus if the reviewing of food Jesus is and what he's doing frisky are all of this was just a warm-up okay there's the some other this is where it really get really excited okay we have a common the San Carlos cannot comment on the only begotten the first begotten hoping these are actually a you know put in detail contacts the only begotten that has to do with the son of God and the first begotten him in the first the only begotten and the the other hair and the first begotten of the dead and set size difference it is a different context L you yesterday the first begotten is of the Dan and the only none is assigned on this right I called Mike when I go to to much in an abbot he exactly right Jesus when he rose in the debt that's when he began for the gotten art when I cannot get sidetracked here that's a good point okay now Revelation also had another I was a hidden beauty is not hidden it only get into those who are onlooking there's another that another method in which you can walk through and he walked to literally the book of Revelation and ECB can see what I'm talking okay I have one volunteer read the series of verses okay so this can be a number of verses you need someone who can read with a loud round parachute down together the front I may give you a number of verses and we're going to see what we are what what what other theme is there in the book of Revelation list on Revelation one verse twelve Revelation one twelve reads and I turned to see the voice that spake with me and being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks are I literally see everyone all right let's go to revelation for verse four revelations four four reads the round about the throne were four and twenty seats and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting clothed in white raiment and refine sorry the verse five you and they had their heads on they had on their heads crowns of gold out of the throne proceeded for lightnings and thunderings and voices and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the seven spirits of God okay so what everything on those two verses particularly we see a throne and we see can Lance Reich lamps of fire and then we are going to go to Revelation eight Alyssa gave verses three and four revelations a three and four and another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden sensor there was given unto him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all states upon the golden altar which was before the throne and the smoke of the incense which came the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the angel 's hand yet so now what piece of furniture do we see now that's right if the golden altar but specifically the altar of incense incentives being offered okay let's look in Revelation eleven and verse nineteen eleven nineteen in the temple of God was opened in heaven and there was seen in his Temple the archivist estimates in the room lightning 's invoices and boundaries in an earthquake and great hail our eye what we see now we see the arc of the testament right one last passage to see Revelation fifteen verse eight and the revelation sixteen verse one their versus back-to-back two chapters of Revelation fifteen eight and the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power and no man was able to enter into the temple so the seven last plagues of the seven Angels were fulfilled sixteen one and I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels go your ways and pour out the miles of the wrath of God upon the earth and even much so what are we what building Ali walking through literally I mean very first chapter we see the candlesticks might await the candlesticks represent the church right and it sure did like yet another but anyway you go through the route of the note the church or the sanctuary and you see the seven lamps of fire and NEC the golden altar of incense any Seahawk of the testament NEC the Temple closed and the people coming out of so in order for us to really understand what a revelation what do we need to understand first sanctuary without a correct understanding of the sanctuary you cannot have a correct understanding of the book of Revelation and by the way I remember a text says something about twenty three hundred days what happened at the end of twenty days all so there's a connection Daniel revelation the connect you think this so revelation cannot be understood without the sanctuary and I don't try to say this to sound elitist but this is the truth you what group of people have been given a correct understanding the sanctuary the copyright and by the way what book in the Bible what other book in the Bible the entire book is specifically dealing with the sanctuary service if the book of Hebrews the book of Hebrews in the book of Revelation and I can put it this way the Adventists have have a monopoly on those books you cannot have a correct understanding of those books unless you have a correct understanding the sanctuary which the Lord has given to indemnity in the book of Hebrews and the book of Revelation then they are inseparable you can't you can't take them apart they go to the go hand-in-hand and fortunately Norman study notebooks PCs I think more well versed and I am so I'm sure you'll be with your lot more anyway now you see where what time whereat all right this is the last overview that were going to go through now and this is the relation between the prophecies of Daniel and the prophecies of Revelation this is an overview for those are coming later so if you if you're not fully sure that everything is okay because is just the beginning you look into more detail later but will looking back in Revelation are Daniel there are prophecies in dance at the two seven eight nine and then ten to twelve is one prophecy basically and those processes essentially repeat themselves not right using Daniel chapter two as the debates about the foundation the intro to the head of gold chest on the Silver Bell inside a brass feline clay and stone it comes encrusted using that in both when you go to revolution Sheppard then it's after seven the whole process is repeated but where is it more emphasis given me this is testing this on the quiz now give viewing Ali Daniel wrote Daniel chapter seven which part of the prophecy receives additional information if it is at the top of imager above okay so if the nation of Rome in particular and the feet of iron and clay time that receives more detail you jump over the game separate this is the rampant ego the kingdom of Babylon is nowhere to be found before a path up the scene for very little information on babbling but as you go down the end the majority of information have to do with the little one power and I'm the one power happened to be Rome in two phases pagan and papal Rome and that is late the abiding quake that the expansion every time that you repeat the enlargement or expansion happened right around the leg the abiding IDCs and only go to the book of revelation or art or acetate the Chapter 11 particularly emphasis again is given where leg demonic way I mean it is so clear that it practically names some of the leaders in the Roman Empire I had basically called the money exactly suspension of the feline or leg and be of iron and clay okay so when you come to the book of Revelation what do you suppose what pattern do you supposedly continue exactly the same thing in fact in which prophetic was the book of Revelation written meeting when the John lit pagan Rome legs of iron so she don't even really talk about Greece you don't talk about need of Ferdinand the thought about that one very much of any kind of that went in the end time scenario and we can learn a lot by looking back into Babylon a meaning from the troll empire it's really not there and so he expounds upon the end times in particular revelation chapters one to three about the seven churches and so the seven churches on his dispute is out there and will study it later the seven churches have to deal with the condition of the Christian church is internally in the time of role Paul Winfield a kind of be of iron and clay in eternal spiritual condition of the church seven churches seven fields external relationship external condition of the church in the town of Rome for the theologically external meaning how are they relating to the world and how the world relating that remember that they were conquering for while the white horse the red horse to be persecuted and a fault in there their pale and dying and as martyrs and of the altar in heaven and so on and so forth external relationship of the church seven trumpets this one is very fascinating LB is no time is up three minutes the seven trumpets have to do with the political condition of the world political condition of the world during the time of Rome all the way through until the feline click that Allen is very fascinating to get done rarely does the rarely does God talk about political nation removed largely from the condition of his people is not completely remove the large but there's a reason for that and that's a revolution chapter ten will get and then the great contrary synopsis chapter twelve the chapter fourteen it basically starts with a woman giving birth the manchild with does Jesus and that happens to be Roman Empire and it expounds a great deal about the final movements and and that section has to do with Satan 's supernatural divine things so we find that everything on earth internal condition of the Church XO condition about of the church political climate in the world and now the supernatural see what is Satan and his minions doing from the time of Rome all the way until the second coming and that's with a beast of Revelation thirteen comes enough for the second Islamic ones in each of the all who think they might have been within fourteen happens to be the climax of the book of Revelation because in this as well and the in Revelation chapters one through thirteen we see the history of the world from Roman Empire until the end of the world essentially feed click but after Revelation fourteen all you see is destruction of God 's enemies seven last plagues on the wicked discussion about one second coming of Christ the lake of fire in the new millennium was taken a strapped on earth in an even restored the revolution fourteen somehow the turning point in the hands for the whole book of Revelation tried to Revelation fourteen you see the history of God 's people being persecuted going to apostasy there there falling asleep there is also the troubles in the world and disasters and also to stop the revelation fourteen come the bank God wins God 's church whence after that is no more discussion about the selected Revelation fourteen is so significant and hunted forth without those two things combined bring about the second coming and so just just to whet your app that will do more where do you suppose we happen to be standing right now in the course of the book of Revelation chapter fourteen we are in chapter fourteen right now so we're in the turning point okay so we're running out of time the best quick overview Daniel and Revelation stay


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