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  • April 5, 2008
    9:00 AM
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one of the class so I try my best to speak up but the I think my boys the only project so far but not just to remind you we are on or on the recording so if you have a comment or question if you can read a Bible verse raise your hand Carlos the back will give you the mic and not the Mike is only for the recording is not on any amplification system so you still got to speak up when you speak of Mike so it does so make sure that we be nice to the listeners on audio verse okay let's pray and will get started father this morning we come before you thankful for another day of life and also thankful that you have given us another opportunity to open the book of Revelation and as we study this book he pray that we will receive the blessing that you have promised and not chapter one and as we delve into some deep things today I pray that you will sharpen our minds open our hearts that we may hear what the Spirit wants to teach us and what we invite you here to be in her presence to be a teacher now we pray in Jesus name RI last week we went through Chapter one I'm not in a good review very much is a lot to cover but I just want to do one thing that I didn't get to mention last week we saw glossed over it but I think it's important enough to discuss it or point out at least it's in Revelation chapter one verse ten welcome to those are just coming Revelation one number ten it says I was in this spirit on the Lords day and I heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet and we know later that voices described as Jesus now very interesting that John points out what day it was that he received the vision or he received the information given in the book of Revelation it was to use the Bible 's words it was on the Lord day and am interestingly enough a few several times actually out I was looking through some of the beliefs or fundamental beliefs of various Sunday keeping churches and almost all of it this verse as a reason why they worship on the first of the week or Sunday now couple questions where in this verse does it tell us that it was on the first day of the week you can look in the context in the good old chapter the only thing until that event the only description for that day is that it is the Lord 's day and so what we the burden upon us is to go through the Bible to identify which days of the button does God claimant is no Doug God claimed the first day you know the data he resurrected that's really an explanation what does he actually tells another day of the Lord 's day now I might have spent a lot of time on this I have a list of text here I just throw if you feel them out TV can finish the rest of the verse and on the seventh day God ended his work the work which you have made and he rested on the seventh day and hallowed it for the seventh day is the what Sabbath of the Lord thy God and then in Isaiah chapter fifty eight also says it will call the sabbath a delight and turn away thy foot from doing I don't pledges on what my holy day and NMR chapter two is says Sapp okay man was not made for the Sabbath of major men so the Son of Man therefore the also Lord of the Sabbath free sex just off the top overhead very clearly God clearly delineate the Sabbath as his day the Lord 's day so what that means is that John felt it so important to let the believers know that Jesus appeared on to him on the Sabbath he mentioned in the beginning of revelation so you remember why he was on on Patmos right job John was in exile there by himself with no believers so it was a confirmation that the Sabbath is still the day for us to worship for Jesus appeared to him on the Sabbath that make sense if if Sunday was the day we are the key and Jonathan Jesus came to me on the first day of the week or he would clearly stated and because the first of the week if the data we need a worship but no he emphasizes the Lord that and believe it or not I tend to think that there is a little bit of a heads that somewhere later on down in this book this Sabbath issue the Lords day issue is going to come up again and for those of us who study revelation we know that's the case all right so we can move on to chapter two today were to discuss the first of the seven churches this is the church of Ephesus the church of Ephesus so let's began in Revelation chapter two and verse one K Mitch Ron my very best to get it all into there's a lot we need to cover so I am if you bear with me under read through the whole passage of the church the first seven verses and will be dwelling on those today Q verse one Revelation unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write these things saith he that hold of the seven stars in his right hand walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks I know thy works and thy labor and thy patients and how thou canst not bear them which are evil and thou has tried them which say they are apostles and are not and has found them liars and has born and has patience and for my name 's sake had labored and has not fainted nevertheless I have somewhat against the because you have left your first love remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent and do the first works or else I will come unto thee quickly and will love and mean and will remove thy candlestick out of his place except thou repent but this thou hast that thou hate is the deeds of the Nikolay attends which I also hate to you to have an year let him hear what the Spirit saith that the churches to him that overcome it will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God seven versus first Church of revelation all of that all of the message to the churches can be divided into a similar pattern Jesus is introduced and it's introducing him with some very special characteristic and then he comes in he commends the church to give the commendation of stuff that the church is doing right are doing well and then he comes and he rebuked the church something that he has against them and he gives them after that the curse and admonition meaning this is what you can do to repent and if you don't repent this is going to be the curse that you can receive have finally with the blessing for those overcome so that's one two three four five Soto chalks they can break this is messages down into and not without the framework in mind some of these churches are interesting because there are certain ones that don't have certain parts or components but in Ephesus we see all the and Jesus first of all he's introduced again using very visual words or visual imagery within the need to see this picture in our mind I noted for us really understand psychology is introduced first of all it's the repetition of house he appeared in chapter one hundred and so it's a reap repetition of what we party scene but let's let's talk about we didn't talk about that before Jesus is seen as having seven stars in his right hand and those are the seven angels with the seven ministers seven messengers as of the word angel means of the churches so the leaders of the message of the church where are they then Christ's hair he's holding them and he's walking in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks now what do the candlestick look what at least in the Bible what whether the chance of a black gap at the only kind of channels that I really see described in the Bible also that the best best league rehab to go on record as other kind candlesticks but yes of course it's right here we go the menorah the commonality was in effect in the North seven seven branched candlestick but how many of them either it's not just one candlestick was seven brand because you can walk through the middle spaces between the branches it appear that though there are seven distinct candlesticks each with seven branches if unit easy to picture and we also notice that we don't get into the holy place of the sanctuary until revolution chapter four of us we actually see seven laps Massa receive actual candlestick right here was still on the earth okay the business imaging Jesus is walking through the seven seven branched candlesticks and what do those branches have on them based on the sanctuary on a business visit the trivia question but all lens so it's an almond tree the candlesticks are like a tree with seven branches with fruit on his own to get the that did the visual picture and Jesus is walking through the trees what does that remind you of what the what kind of picture that bring to mind Jesus walking through the trees with Mike someone had a comment over here what whether the think think think Bible story here yes seven yes one there's another one in Genesis three after Adam 's sin it said the voice of God walked through the garden and interestingly look at the blessing I'm skipping around here but the blessing is given to the church of Ephesus in verse seven to rescind that overcome as will I give to eat of what but we of life so Jesus to the Ephesus church he given the imagery welcome to the front row Jesus is pictured as walking through the garden being reminiscent of him walking through the garden back in Genesis searching for lost sinners so that he can restore them to the tree of life at Ephesus at the picture okay so what is what does he say okay so that's the picture of Jesus is holding the seven stars Keith tending to the life visited another spiritual application there in the next sometimes we meet burden ourselves with wood burning bright who was the one that really ten for the flight Jesus is the one that needs to tend to our flame and without that connection when I can burn them as actually the wobble with Ephesus in the feet and minutes are so little on verses two and three this is the commendation so Christ now is is him giving encouragement or things that he sees as going right with the church let's have volunteered to read verses two and three and as you raise your hand I would as we read this verse I whined to notice what is the theme of what the was the tone of what the main point of this emphasis but what is that one thing that is so good was the crux of their blessing of it we have a reader right over here remember to read out loud I know your work your labor your patient and that you cannot bear those who are evil and you have tested those who say they are possible and are not and have found them liars and you have preserved and have patience and have labored for my name date and have not become wearing our inability versus there are a lot of are not exactly synonyms that are very similar terms as it would give this a give this idea of what ethicists is all about what kind of feeling does each have about episode but let what kind of a church event are we looking at anyone I that the class has outgrown that both sides were people are able to speak freely so I guess I have to not and so much of spontaneity year but voted on here we have a comment it looks to me like there is a position where they're able to sort things out and thereof trying to see whether or not those who are the most and more of teaching the truth and that he said seat it's they nodded sort things out and determine who's speaking the truth that's actually what I spent a lot of time on that in a minute but the overarching that I get out of it this diversity that Ephesus is a very hard-working church innovative a laborer at patients than they were in it actually says the labor twice and an cross that emphasize you guys work really hard you guys are really diligent you guys I just on top of your game but the thing so this is a very hard-working church gusset of the overall arching theme of the says in verse two you cannot tear them which are evil that's pretty enough replaying language they can bear those are evil they they dislike wickedness they dislike immorality they have high moral standards is not pretty clear and dumb another or perhaps is that they hate evil you can't bear those you hate them in a subtle way right okay when I keep that in mind and if so they each ride the men who claim to be apostles and found out that they were understood a touch on this in with you to come back to it but this idea of testing the apostles how do you test someone who claims to be an apostle above was standard by the Bible to the lawn to the testimony of this is not going to the things they did because there is no light in them this is not only are they didn't have high moral standards not only had a very hard-working they also know their Bibles they know their Bibles very well and so if him if I can use some modern vernacular this is him if his labeling I know putting people in boxes but you know even if Prodi turned around and I think a miscellany ethicists in the is what we would label as a conservative church inserted by their standards their way of life on their knowledge of the Scriptures conservatism and assets but this church has something wrong with it Christ had the rebuke of this church and what is it verse four nevertheless I have somewhat against the you have will last the first love now the first love concept is is something that we can spend the whole class view talking about and there's more to cover than that but she just put it simply it is not enough for church to see all the right things follow me it is not enough for church the only hate evil and to do a lot of good things without the proper spirit behind what they're doing about the problem deficits they do a lot of good things they work really hard they hate all the right thing they hate evildoers they hate wickedness a trial was false prophets and false apostles anything and they figured out who was right was wrong so there's a fine balance you and that is fried actually commend them for doing those things so meeting facility put it this way even if even though they have left their first love it is still a good thing for them to do all of those good works so it is it is not right for us to say if it's my heart 's not in it then forget it I might even do but by no as but there is a delicate balance of having the right spirit behind what you doing so it's a very it's very easy for this church is that of parts the sermon and figure out of the preaches a heretic but then they said they just put them out the church without showing the proper love and compassion that they should have him in the again the sum of more than because they but on this one verse here is one birth your likes on to read for us his first Thessalonians chapter one verse three first Thessalonians one verse three I close is ready whoever gets that can be good for us are Carlos on the other side reads your screen without ceasing your work with the and labor of love and patience of hope in your Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of God and our father so bill of the apostolic church Ethel and I got the Thessalonians who also had work they were a labored in bed patients also but they also have in the mix the proper spirit they had work of faith labor of love and patience of hope so it's not just Christ of the just one of the work he doesn't just want the labor it was just that patients you want us to work in faith and that he wanted the labor in love and wanted to have patience with hope you see the difference there is that there is one way where you're just that of it is doing it for the sake of doing it and cry still sad that you should do it even if you don't feel like it by the way but we need to do it with the assistance of the Spirit of God and let's move on here what's the rebuke I was the was the curse I mean if they don't turn away from this is a very new in verse five or else I will come unto you quickly and will remove your candlestick out of its place except you repent I said I just read the rest of the verse remember therefore from without fallen and repent and do the first works or else I will come quickly remove the candlestick so Christ is actually saying if you do not regain or repent of this loss of your first love then you are no longer fit to be candles and this makes perfect sense remember the visual picture we had fries this walking in the midst of the candle sticks right so what are the candlesticks illuminating Christ as so if you are doing all the right words and all thy labors and have the patience of the same thing whatever but without love you're really not we ate we aren't really not illuminating Freitag and once we stop illuminating Christ received to fulfill the occupation or the role of a candlestick for the candlestick is no longer needed and also mentioned that visiting the first love is a moral fall it doesn't say that it's just a temporary negligible type of Mister it is a moral fall which requires repentance and reach repentance from our sins okay there's a bit of this subject is him is too deep for us upon but am I need to move on so maybe this one quote and what will move on it says here this is about Daniel and Revelation by Uriah Smith on page three sixty five if at the time never should come in the Christian fixed in him whenever he were asked to mention the period of his greater love to Christ he would not say the present moment that make sense you Russ Smith had a way with words the DeSoto state in the negative but basically is that for every Christian there should never be a time but we cannot save right now is when I love Christ the most and he goes on to say if you cannot say that right now and you don't repent because you lost the first love is what Euros necessities not aspired but that's a very poignant way to describe what ethicists rebuke was our now now I get to the real study actually we have him only a few minutes so let's try our best here the seven churches other than just describing the faithful to describe the unfaithful within the church is not describing the situation within the church and sociopaths as we already season of a delineation between two groups is the group who are the faithful they tried apostles and of God the group which are the false apostles the liars look at those from moment the church of Ephesus is found throughout the New Testament book of acts and input infusions the book of bomb first and second Timothy essentially were for the Ephesians and and numb acts chapter twenty accepted twenty Western air the apostle Paul calls a meeting of the Elders of Ephesus he called a meeting of the Elders of Ephesus because he has some pressing last word to give that this is right before he's taken away never to return to the trichinosis some verse seven seventeen and accepted twenty and from militancy sent to Ephesus and call the elders of the church are we set the stage the elders are coming to me with Paul let's look in verse twenty nine whether the data he says for I know this that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you not sparing the flock also among your own selves so men arise reverse things to draw away disciples after them Paul gives a very specific warning to the Ephesian church he says there will come a time where grievous wolves both stealthily come into the church as some of these men will be your own leaders it will rise your teeth fall things perverse things and they will take away disciples after themselves that sounds like the solving of false apostle they rise up a claim to have apostolic authority they take disciples after them they teach wrong doctrines and its literature and in them Revelation chapter to this ethicist church the ciphers who these false apostles are and discovers that they are called liars and him what does the Bible have the same alliance when I'm studying I wanted to try to hone in my my focus on related books and John the regulator also happen to write extensively on this concept of liars in God 's church and is in the book of first John Wright but putting first John first John chapter two verse four try to try to keep up here within a fly through a few verses in order to make an application I first John chapter two verse war says CNS saith I know him and keep the knock he 's commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him so first a liar someone who says I know God but doesn't keep his commandments are right number one number two first John chapter two verse twenty two same book same chapter verse twenty two who was a liar but he that deny that Jesus is the Christ he is antichrist that denies the father and the son still another type of liar they deny that Jesus is Christ meaning they deny that Jesus is the anointed Messiah when I see the Lord my number one says that he knows God but that we keep his commandments line and to deny that Jesus is God Jesus is the Lord okay let's look also enough first John chapter four first John chapter four verses one to three this one connects quite closely to Revelation chapter two of the met many similar words resources beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits the church at Ephesus they tried those who say that their apostles I'll try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world hereby know ye the Spirit of God that every spirit confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of antichrist whereof you have heard that it should even now already is in the world the number two try the spirits to know if someone is a false prophet are false apostle as initiative Ephesus you need to understand if they truly believe that Jesus came in the flesh which happens to talk about Christ's human nature so John's year makes a big deal about Christ human nature it has to do with the antichrist and though the denied Jesus as Christ is also of antichrist was also liar they that say we know God but does not keep this commandment is also a lie okay one more liar first John chapter four verse twenty first John chapter four verse twenty is that if a man say I love God and hated his brother he is a liar so we see John the same writer as in Revelation some of its found on the idea of shrine the apostles governed that they are liars what he is identify so let's take what let's look at one more verse within first John chapter three first John chapter three to give this illustration of a man who says that he loves his love God but hates his brother first count of the reverse while this is not as Cain was of that wicked one and slew his brother and wherefore slew them because his own works were evil and his brothers were righteous so here's what we seen so far the church at Ephesus Bay near their Bibles very well and they discovered that there were far Paul phone and church who is trapped in who were tried to take away disciples the split the church and a controversy and what were they teaching things that make them liars according to the word of God okay so they taught number one you got to keep the Commandments I love God I don't keep the Commandments at Mount of the line they deny that Jesus Christ is the Lord they denied Jesus came in the flesh is human nature and they also say that they love God but they hate their brother and they persecute their brother because their works are evil and their brothers works are righteous now let's go to the book and you the book of Jude also describe this very same group of people in the whole book of Jude is talking about contending for the faith fly for the faith that was once delivered into the things are I is that here verse four only one chapter and verse for Ford there are certain men who crept in unawares that's a jibe with what we've seen so far grievous wolves they creep and cruel world mold who were before of old ordained to this combination ungodly men turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness meaning using the grace of God as an excuse for lawlessness that's what the weather 's a businessman lawlessness the grace of God me with the grace of God we ought to keep the commands anyone up for they teach and denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ so so far they say we got to keep the Commandments the creeping stealthily and they deny that Jesus Christ is Lord and then burst eleven verse eleven says whoa unto them put they haven't gone in the way of paying they feed their brother and it also sat and drank greedily after the error of bail for reward in Paris in the gainsaying of core so this group of people also identified as being related to bail you out all right let's look in revelation a relationship that you relationship that you have skipped a few verses were to jump down to the church of arguments this is in verse left look at verse fourteen I cannot attribute permits now I said but I have a few things against you because you have there than that hold the doctrine of bail them okay they want to see him who taught Bailey to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit fornication birth fifteen so have thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nikolay attends which thing I hate so this is what we've seen so far we should've gone a full circle the church in the goat that the people of make a lady attends they had doctrines and they have deeds hates Christ hates very few things that he hates the deeds and the doctrines of the nickel it in the Nikolay attends are talked about as being related to bail and this group of people that are like me him according to the book of Jude are those who creep in claiming to be apostles which are not speaking perverse things such as turning the grace of God into lasciviousness or using the grace of God as an excuse to lawlessness and sinful lifestyle they also do not that Jesus Christ is Lord and they also see their brother that came so the Nikolay attend therefore can also be categorized as bad group of people that we see in Revelation two and the church of Ephesus as the false apostles the false apostles this is what I read this is what I read in seven BC so this is not a white Bible commentary seven volume page nine fifty seven it says that doctrine is now largely taught the doctrine is meeting today is now largely taught that the gospel of Christ has made the law of God of no effect that by believing we are released from the necessity of being viewers of the word but this is the doctrine of the Nikolay it seems which Christ so unsparingly condemn couple things I see from this quote first of all the doctrine of the Nikolay Dinero alive and well today is being taught today the teaching that we can send them live is being taught today that of the doctrine of the Nikolay didn't and God hates that doctrine the Nikolay attends now the a big study just to show you from the Bible but we confirmed in the spirit of prophecy for the Nikolay times are and what they teach as we go through the seven churches even if the Conecuh latency started out in the first church lays the groundwork needed to see for antichrist for the papacy that comes later on in the seventh or any continues to live on even to this day okay I think our time is up I I barely made it to the end you have any questions knocking at


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