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  • April 26, 2008
    9:00 AM
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okay some lets pray and then we'll get started already ten father this morning were so thankful for the lovely weather and also for blessing us with the another day of life and opportunity to think and to study your word for it as we contemplate another one of the seven churches now and book of Revelation may you help us recognize our place in history but most importantly may our hearts be right with you that we may be ready when you come to pray these things in Jesus name amen all right he can turn your Bibles to Revelation chapter two were guys than most of our time there today we have gone through chapter one and we've gone through three churches in the sequence of seven churches so far we thought that Ephesus which is apostolic church went through about the first one hundred years of church history from the time of the apostles until about one hundred eighty and then we had the second church which is the church of Smyrna which is the church of persecution it is the church that God persecuted for ten days he should be tried for ten days the dog Diocletian persecution at the end of the Roman era why did I get the nut end of the Roman era but the Emperor 's and I would like but the compromising church we just permits which actually corresponds with the conversion of Constantine I didn't mention this two weeks ago by Constantine he was a pagan king he had a miraculous sign he marches for this view of river and I find them in became a Christian but that was really Christianity in name only and it was constant declared the pagan day of worship of son of the son venerable day of the fun well why don't we just put a sake of unity must bring everyone together let us worship on the same day that's just call Sunday the day of Christian worship to sense up drawing on Emperor and the Christian supportive mess with the church of compromise they like a king on teaching people to eat things sacrificed that untitled and fornication of religious OR union of church and state I should say those things all happen paralleling quite a closely history with the conversion or the supposed conversion of Constantine and that ended right about three excuse me that and that about five nine five thirty eight okay and that's forward in a start today with another third church Revelation chapter two is the church of fire Tyra I would begin in verse eighteen and were to read until the end of the chapter so verse eighteen verse twenty nine if I get a volunteer raise your hand wait for the Mike read out loud with a well supported pear-shaped tones everyone can can hear right we've got someone over here from chapter Chapter two verse eighteen until the end of the chapter into the church it's easy into the angel of the church and fire timer right these things says the son of God who has eyes like a flame of fire and the like fine brass I know your works love service in faith and your patient and dad 's for your work the laughter more than the first nevertheless I have a few things against you because you allow that woman Jezebel who calls himself a prophet to to teach instead my servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols and I gave her time to repent of her morality and she did not repent indeed I will cast her into a thick bed and those that commit adultery with her into great tribulation unless they repent of their deed I will kill her children with death and all the churches still know that I am he who searches the mind and heart and I will give to each one of you according to your works now to you I say and to the rest and fire Tyra as many as do not have the doctrine who have not known the depths of Satan as they say I will put on you no other burden to hold fast what you have till I come and see who overcomes and keeps my works until the and to him I will give power over the nation he shall rule them with a rod of iron they should be dashed to pieces like a potter 's vessel as I also have received from my father and I will give to him the morning star see you have the ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches I do very much so here the fire tire is the if you look at the length of this letter to or the message if I tired compared to party must and compared to Smyrna it is actually a fair bit longer and what you also noticed several things is that Christ's know we we have the regular outline of the message Christ introduces himself and then when you give the commendation of very short it's a very short commendation but the review gives very long to take off for versus where he talks about what I have against you the few things I have against the church and then there is no no additional admonition basically Christ says what I you hang on to it I'm not enough place upon you any more burdens and then you give the Blessington over commerce so fights are the interesting church let's begin with looking at Christ introduction to him of himself verse eighteen it says these things saith the son of God who had eyes like unto a flame of fire and his feet are like wine racks now what what mental picture do you get of someone with eyes like flame the fire and what is a descriptive term very visual what like when you see when you look at someone and they have eyes that look like flames of fire what what use the field yes that's a guy by banking is likely that penetrating eyes that didn't look right through you they know what you're thinking just by looking at you Christ had penetrating eyes that's the nice application but more specifically a magnet thunder but Revelation nineteen make the snow now that certified fire has a lot of application a lot of of relationship with Revelation chapter seventeen eighteen and nineteen oh three chapters are very very much reflected by some of the words are used and by tire but Jesus then he is described as having either flames of fire is when he comes back for the second time when he comes back at the conquer of the King of Kings Lord of Lords is Vester is dipped in blood on the five the name the word of God on him on his head is many crowns eyes as a flame of fire that is a description of Christ when he is coming to judge when he comes to execute judgment it's the victorious Christ is not the Lamb that was slain Christ not the shepherd cries for the fisherman Christ all of those are equally Jesus Christ but the aspect that either when the fire are presented really when he comes and he reads the intent of the heart she knows your motives there's nothing you can hide from him hide us in the face of the land for the day of the event 's wrath is come I'm paraphrasing that was in sixth on the flames of fire okay now the next description is off the light fine arts as fine brass let's look in Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one and was see what verse fifteen verse fifteen it gets added description to fuel out what lacrosse looks like your can without a volunteer revelation one verse fifteen just one verse anyone agree all right thank you very much says his feet were like fine brass as if we find in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters so the description of Christ feeds is not just that it looks like racks but specifically if brass as though it was tried in a furnace it is seated up it in the fire and what story in the Bible do you remember where Jesus or the son of God was inside a furnace the three Hebrew boys and it actually has some sort of relevance I want to stress this too far but on this church also has direct relationship with the beast power I would thought what if I buy Jezebel and just a little bit it's also a persecution time it is the church during the Middle Ages the dark ages with the church or the faithful people of God is going the fiery trials add the three Hebrew worthies were thrown into the furnace and Jesus standing there representing himself as I'm already in the fire before you even get there he's going through the troubles with his people so that's introduction of Christ the one he reads are intense and motives he comes with the purpose to give according to every man's works and then he comes suffering with his people in their fortunes in the furnace okay verse nineteen is the commendation he gives to them it's very brief verse nineteen it says I know thy works and charity and service and faith and by patient and thy works is Christ being redundant the piece of lost his train of thought he said the same thing twice no he makes it clear he says and the last to be more than the first so Christ said that he commends the church at five five for the works on purpose they had to work the beginning but through the course of this church 's history their works increased their works were what more better in a sense at the and as in the beginning and thirty party told young and approve this in just a little bit but just hold onto your seats were little little while the spirit of of of church history five fire goes from the time of five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight twelve hundred sixty literal years prophetic days at the beginning of the persecution time largely the truth of God was lost sight of what happened at the end of the twelve sixty years of sort of brought truth back into the limelight there is a very significant event that changed the course of human history right there was him configured by the name of Luther and Zwingli and Calvin and I why cliff with active before that are number of years and also hustlers a number of years before that but the reformers if reformers came in about the sixteenth century I highly recommend the obligations history of the Reformation of the sixteenth entry wonderful set of books the Protestant Reformation came and sort of brought it didn't necessarily bring an end because God brought the end but at the end of the twelve sixty years of dark of the dark ages like actually begin to grow brighter as from the beginning the progression from Ephesus Smyrna and permits has been a steady decline in truth it been a decline in morality and decline in fidelity to God by zero five car in the darkest of times when God 's people are being tried in the furnace of affliction their fate becomes more pew or extra I commend them for that it's not a long commendation but is worth while to note that this is the first church actually I believe it's the only church where Christ commend them for improving upon their faith the other churches when he doesn't have any rebukes for them and that's that's great to but this church through the most difficult times Christ recognizes your work at the end are better than your words at the beginning and that's worthy of commendation but that's all you have to say for that now we get to the sub the basic meets or the main message of firefighter and if the rebuke now what does Christ have against this church okay let's look in verse twenty twenty will take one verse at a time was twenty says notwithstanding I have a few things against you because you suffer that woman Jezebel which calls herself a prophetess to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols now Jezebel onto bring very vivid memories of of the Bible story now what we look at Jezebel what are some characteristics of Jezebel that you all are familiar with fleshy maybe just call it out and I'll repeat it for the recording is not on a mission to keep moving here I heard a few pounds a year okay I'll wife of Ahab Ahab was the Jewish king king of Israel and Jezebel okay but I'll just repeated Mike foreign wife king of this I don't even actually a very close very close bail just like that's right on the side billions was were worshipers of Vail that's what they'll worship King and Jezebel was a pagan woman pagan princess idolatrous pagan princess who married on the worship of the true God the King of Israel or just a den beneath man's Vietnam I don't know the name what it means I'm sorry I can look it up was that the characteristic of Jezebel Tom in the aneurysm sixteen just give you must know about you not just you know just it will give us a crew about what you are looking yeller when working on it were were getting there thank you the Jezebel those two things are very significant to the pagan idolatrous princess who married a Jewish king a worship of the true God and I mentioned it before if you if you go back and you look at the sort of Jezebel Jade who came to to to kill her and you remain anyone remember what he did as her final act before she was about to get murdered she paid herself he thought all the makeup and all of them cosmetic and jewelry and all that stuff interesting note interesting though anonymously much more than that you know what the Bible really cool in the Bible relates with causing colorful cosmetic and things but am Jezebel Ashley looks a whole lot like the harlot of Revelation chapter seventeen this could be some other relationships in just a moment but this is this is the first thing Jezebel is a woman and in the Bible a woman represents a church and she is an apostate church paid in church but she unites herself with out seeing or a just a Christian king kingly power political power and this union that brings about persecution Jezebel is a very fitting description of the papacy very fitting description and actually continues and she said he claims to be a prophet this she claims to be a prophet so what the prophet younger to think definition what the prophet is right pretty much I hear the same thing to someone who speaks for God or representative of God to his people and you know it's interesting that when you look at the writings of Ellen White when people him her are you a prophet human you know what he says she adversely said this undeniably further to reflect the messages I would have printed out things that I have ever answered I and the messenger of the Lord a message of the Lord he stayed out academically more than a prophet okay no this was the message of the Lord but the point is that prophet the rarely true prophet of God rarely stand up and trumpet from the mountaintop listen to me on the profit I'm eyeing God 's representative listen to me it's very rare that the data generally speaking you look at the trend throughout history profits don't want their job profits resist because they don't feel adequate and God said that is exactly why want you to be more but Jezebel here give a contrasting picture she said I'm the Queen I God 's representative and interestingly enough right about this time five thirty eight or so there became eight church state power that claimed to be God 's representative on earth the picture of the son of God Jezebel is representative of the rise of the papal power right here inside tire no wonder Christ as such strong words to say because this is also the power that at the end of time is good to bring about the final crisis so here we continually hear Jezebel we arty talk about some of the things that she teaches when we type of program is eat things sacrificed to idols commit fornication it it's all related to compromise bringing in of explicit unmoral degeneracy through gray areas things that may or may not be sinful you I know this not necessarily sinful Paul says it if it's a stunning block your brother don't do it but we know that the food has no less nutritional value but through that avenue given these people the fornication and we got a major problem on our hands stumbling block okay but we continue here and now let's look in verse twenty one verse twenty one it says here and I gave her space to repent of her fornication and she repented not now thinking back to ancient Jezebel the real Jezebel Ahab 's wife did God give her a time a space of time to repent of right three and a half years well let's get some with a diverse because I rather get it from the Bible of the James chapter five James chapter five verse seventeen games after five or seventeen ten where are you microphone without a volunteer therefore to him that knowest to do good and do that not limited since a legend chapter five games of the five one R a Elias was a man subject to like pheasant as we are and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain at a rate not on the earth for the space of three years and six months interesting that the Bible I was thinking James uses the same workspace space of three and a half years and is very specific God gave Jezebel three and a half years to test their to see if you repent but him what it was a giraffe and a drought rot about famine and there is a time the Bible prophesied that there was a time when there was a famine not for bread not for water but for what the word of God and is in that exact would happen in the twelve hundred sixty years in Middle Ages famine for the word of God and it was during that time that God was giving the papal power tying to demonstrate cool it really is it is going to go in one way to go any other way I just throw this out there would come to it Norman and I have discussed this concept before actually all shorts unit in a myth and Daniel but it's also the book of Revelation repeats itself the twelve hundred sixty years is absolutely crucial and the great controversy it is absolutely essential because the twelve hundred sixty or the papal power is a clear demonstration to the whole watch the universe what is the end result of Satan 's plan of government it is the most blatant demonstration to everyone who cared to see what ultimately transpired that Satan is in control the papal power ultimately brings about its self-destruction in Revelation Chapter 11 wouldn't talk about that and also what you see just a minute that it is because of what happens in the twelve sixty that God is clear to begin the judgment because now everyone is clear oh God you're right so God has the authorization in effects to stand up and begin his judging work of us to find ourselves go back here so we went through chapter of verse twenty one states repent three and a half years at twelve hundred sixty days twelve hundred sixty little years if you are tabulate all by prophetic time so here we go verse twenty two verse twenty two it says behold I will cast her into a bed and the bed we know it represents a sickbed and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation except they repent of their deeds and it's interesting to note the difference tests from Earth twenty one verse twenty two verse twenty one is that I gave her space but then in verse twenty two all of a sudden she says I got that I will cast her so what that means is that the person over or the punishment of Jezebel and all those who commit fornication with her calms in the future when you study the book of Revelation it happens at the end of time the seven last plagues it the followers of the beast power they get they get horribly sick to get sunstroke to get boiled they get they get sick and then those him that commit fornication with her also suffer now I am making sure I give y'all a versus year let's look at some method of revelation seventeen will quickly just so were not just taking my word for it relationship to seventeen if someone can read verses one through five one two five Carlos and the team one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me come hither I will show you that I was going to see the judgment of the great whore that sit upon many waters with whom the kings of earth of year is a committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have made drunk with the wine over forty you carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of the abominations and filthiness over of her fornication and upon her forehand was a name written mystery Babylon the great the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and you can read the rest of cap seventeen to eighteen it is just very clear relationship with what method did get in a fight fire a couple things I want to point out here is that the punishment goes to Jezebel and also those who commit fornication with her and chapter seventeen we see the kingdom of the Earth commit fornication with her but also it says that Babylon the great harlot that sits on that beast is also a mother you notice that the mother so let's look in verse twenty three back in relationship to an verse twenty three relationship to her site reassess and I will kill her children with death so even right here in five hi we see that Jezebel Barnes children after her kind it's not just Jezebel that will come others like her children are good anymore that comes later on in revelation about that but here is that an earthquake the real killer children with death and all the churches shall know that I am he which searches the reins and hearts and I will give unto every one of you according to your works the idea of searching the reins and searching the heart researching the mind I defined the fire concept but what's another word weekend this used to describe the process by which Christ does that if you searching through your maybe in about the filing cabinet that is all of your thoughts your intensity motives or memories if he's flipping through all the files what's another word particularly a judicial term investigation very good Christ represents himself now now that Jezebel has demonstrated to power Satan of greatest demonstration of his form of government crisis because of what has happened now I will let everyone know that I am God who investigates each person 's heart and mind and what is the purpose of this investigation so that I can give every one of you according to your works and when you study in Revelation very clear Christ gives every man his words when he comes the second time the judgment comes prior to so here Christ is giving the hand he's saying judgment is coming investigative judgment is on its way and is also interesting that when you study the book of Daniel business review kickbacks is something we've looked at before the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days Daniel eight fourteen when the century shall be cleansed when the investigator judged a begin that prophecy is not unsealed until one year until the time of the end of some of the hand ends when seventeen ninety eight interesting three and a half years of of time for repentance for Jezebel it and the seventeen ninety eight Christ says judgment is not the comp and Brian in the same time prophecy January fourteen is unsealed open so people can actually understand that's just the relationship that we can see in Daniel Revelation are continuing work in a wrapping up your verse twenty four but it's you I say unto the rest inside Tyra and as many as have not this doctrine which have not known the depths of Satan notice Christ he equally just about in her doings in her action as the depths of Satan interesting relationship as they speak I will put upon you none other burden Christ is being merciful to his people he realizes it is a time of severe trial severe affliction and mercy it says I'm going to defer what you really need to know for another time what you have ethically and next verse verse Wi-Fi but that which you already hold fast that which already have hold fast till I come this is him very much like what Christ told his disciples your memories that I have many things to tell you now but you cannot bear them why many think the telly but you cannot bear them now it is not that Christ feel that truth is not important but in his mercy he realizes that we can only accept so much of the time and so is dangerous for us to look back to the reformers and say we need to go back to their pure faith go back to the historic faith go back to that unadulterated faith it's not that it was not good likewise very clearly states that there is further progression to come there is more like to be to progress and so no Martin Luther people often cite what you keep the Sabbath it isn't he can be saved yes absolutely I believe you can be saved by Christ did not find it him very advanced time to open that like to have an effect there were people that kept the Sabbath all throughout the dark ages even amidst the deepest all trials by the way and so Christ is the key doesn't give them much more admonition is simply hold fast what you already and he continues verse twenty six Ramadan and see that over so the promise of over comers he says and it's heat overcoming keep with my works unto the end to him will I give power over the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers even if I received my father every time that the the term rod of iron is mentioned in the Bible I have found three times it refers to Christ ruling people or ruling his enemies Christ ruling his enemies in font aptitude at the first on the comes up the heat in there imagining a vain thing against God 's son Jesus Christ it declared God 's only begotten son and he is given a rod of iron to rule those pagans and heathens that are persecuting him we see the same thing a relationship to twelve with your thinking in relationship to nineteen again come to the rot of my all in all that's to say this crisis telling his people I've been where you are where you are at I have suffered but just as Christ DR God the father gave me authority to rule my my enemies one day you will to right now Jezebel may have power over the nations one day you will hold fast that which you have when you overcome you also will rule with me and so you can look in Revelation chapter twenty verse four ever is very clearly gives us the picture of when the Saints will indeed rule with Christ for a thousand years him he will pass judgment they would judge those who were not saved judgment in the sense of determining with God all whether their punishment is fair or not answering our questions there is a very beautiful message in the millennium but personally it says and I will give him the morning star nine feet a habit you let its year with the spirit statement of the churches the moist on the book of Revelation is Jesus Jesus and Revelation twenty two the volume the bright and morning star thirty if the promise of the second coming of more specifically it is a it is a out a caution at exhortation and admonition of the same time what I mean by that let's look in second Peter is the last verse will look at second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one verse nineteen August be it for the sake of time off the computer chapter one verse nineteen it says we have also a more sure word of prophecy were unto you do well to take heed as unto a light that shone up in a dark place until the day dawn and the dates on which is another word for the MorningStar arise in your hearts trying to say how many TV the MorningStar the day star but the Bible and second Peter chapter one verse nineteen tells us that for us to be ready for that day we need to take heed to the word of his properties now the word of the property now is the light to guide us until that bright morning star can come into our lives so them encouragement to those in the dark ages because they indeed when a dark place and for us today trust the word of the morning stars coming okay let's let and their


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