Nonprofit Leadership

Part 1

Pros & Cons, How-To’s and Personal Experiences with Nonprofits in Ministry


If you have wondered about whether starting a nonprfit would be helpful to your ministry, this may be just the seminar you need. The how-to’s and why-not’s will be reviewed and explained using actual nonprofits the presenters have worked with. A variety of concerns will be discussed, from excessive government control to the expense of filing and receiving tax-exempt status. Multiple examples from the presenters’ personal experience will be reviewed as illustrations. Actual filing forms will be reviewed. Financial considerations will be discussed, including the advantages and disadvantages. The differences between nonprofits and tax- exemption will be reviewed. This seminar will help you decide whether a nonprofit is right for your ministry, and equip you to establish one if you decide it is.

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Nonprofit Leadership

Parent Conference

ASI 2016: Called. Chosen. Committed.




August 4, 2016, 10:45 AM

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