Helping Them See

Part 2

Medical Evangelism 101: A Mental Preparation for a Serious Calling


This presentation will focus on the serious calling for an individual of any profession and training with a variety of backgrounds and cultures to be a medical evangelist. We will look at the steps needed and the thought processes needed to navigate the crazy world in which we find ourselves to stay connected with Jesus. Finally, we will look at the methods Jesus used to reach people and realize that the call to be a medical evangelist is not only for all health professionals, but for every member of God’s remnant church in order to demonstrate God’s true character of unselfish love, and how when this calling is followed, it brings life more abundant.


1. Discuss the worldview of a Seventh-day Adventist and the basic mindset necessary to choose to serve God.

2. Discuss how to daily direct our minds to focus on Jesus and how only through Him can our hearts be changed to a heart of service.

3. Focus on Jesus’ methods of medical evangelism and the joy and contentment it brings to work as He worked; truly, a life more abundant.

Parent Series

Helping Them See

Parent Conference

AMEN 2022: Life More Abundant


Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN)


October 28, 2022, 3:10 PM

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