Helping Them See

Part 3

Medical Evangelism 102: Practical Ideas & Examples for Medical Evangelism in a Private Practice


This presentation will build on the previous lecture. It will focus on what’s next after once one chooses to accept the call to be a medical evangelist. It will focus on answering the questions: “Where do I start? What can I do in my setting? And HOW can I do medical evangelism? What do I actually say to patients?” Practical examples with pictures of what medical evangelism could look like in a private practice setting will be given based on years of examples and ideas given by previous AMEN speakers and how they have been implemented in a private practice setting to the glory of God and enlarge His kingdom.


1. Discuss the nuts and bolts of medical evangelism. Application can be made to any setting, but we will focus specifically on what could it look like in a private practice setting.

2. Focus on changing the overall perceptions of patients with the clinic environment and even the reputation of the clinic in the community.

3. Specific examples of easy scripts which could be used to pray with patients in a proper way, and how one can enter into discussions with tact will be given.

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Helping Them See

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AMEN 2022: Life More Abundant


Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN)


October 28, 2022, 4:20 PM

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