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  • Thank you so much for your ministry. May God bless you!

    Miguel S. from Cayey, PR, 4/27/23
  • Love the presentations on gardening! I am growing hundreds of seedlings right now for our one-acre homestead--veggies, small fruit, herbs, and flowers. We also use a greenhouse and hoop house to grow through the winter months. The Bible comes alive when you garden. You see the Savior's lessons on seed-sowing, weeding, and harvesting up close. Thank you for your content! Happy gardening!

    Suzi G. an App User, 4/10/23
  • AudioVerse is such a blessing to me. I listen to it regularly and have grown in my understanding of doctrinal issues from the many good speakers.

    Carol H. from Canby, OR, 4/5/23
  • AudioVerse has been a blessing to me for years… it helps me to keep my heart & mind fixed on the LORD!

    Rochelle S. from Murfreesboro, TN, 4/3/23
  • Thank you to Eric Walsh and all the other amazing pastors that have allowed God to use them and to be a blessing to my family and I. Keep allowing God to use you! Thank you!!

    Nathalie J. from Brooklyn, NY, 4/2/23
  • Never stop uploading sermons through this platform! AudioVerse has impacted my life. I am currently interested in presentations by Pastor Stephen Bohr.

    Rex C. from Winthrop, Australia, 3/21/23
  • I love the app! Thanks for making this wonderful tool.  

    Joe Z. and App User, 3/20/23
  • God bless you all! You are doing an amazing job for Him!

    Noelle T. from Queensland, Australia, 3/2/23
  • AudioVerse has been very dear to my heart. Over the years, God has used the messages from AudioVerse to bring me hope, healing, and education. I have also shared countless messages that have blessed me so they can bless others, too. And finally, listening to AudioVerse messages has helped me with my chores. Sometimes, after a long day at work I look at something that needs to be done in the house and am tempted to leave it for another day. But God gives me the idea to listen to a message from AudioVerse to "keep me company" while doing my chores. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

    Margarete C. from Redlands, CA, 2/22/23
  • May God bless your efforts towards spreading the word around the world.

    Richard B. from Uganda, 2/22/23
  • I'm very thankful for AudioVerse. Glory to God in the Highest. Bless you all.

    Dorcy W. from Beaverton, OR, 2/21/23
  • I love this app! It makes it more motivating to listen to the Bible!

    Breanna M. an App User, 2/16/23