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  • Thank you for providing such a great platform to access relevant sermons. I enjoy listening on my way to/from work. God bless you!

    Julian G. from Ontario, Canada, 12/22/21
  • These sermons give me comfort during these unsettling last days in earth's history. Thank you for your ministry!

    Sandra M. from Austin, MN, 12/21/21
  • Thank you for your ministries. We have been so blessed by sermons by Dr. Eric Walsh, Ron Kelly, Kameron DeVasher and more. Also we are so excited to discover the Seedpod ministries for our children. Thank you for being a light in this dark world and continuing to spread Truth as the Holy Spirit leads. Praying for the team that God continues to bless and lead you all. 

    Danae S. from Naperville, IL, 12/9/21
  • While driving I used to "settle" for whatever nonsense came along on the radio, or even mulling over my own frustrations. Neither of those were productive. Then I found AudioVerse. Now washing dishes is an enlightening experience, distance driving allows for growth and paradigm shifts that empower my prayer life, and I'm always challenged and assisted in reaching my spiritual goals. Thank you, Lord, for AudioVerse! 

    HT from Fort Mitchell, AL, 11/23/21
  • Thank you for allowing God to use you to enrich my spiritual life. Keep up the good work!

    Noah A. from Van Nuys, CA, 11/1/21
  • Uplifting, inspiring, informative, and biblical. I am being blessed every time I listen!

    An App User, 10/22/21
  • What a wonderful blessing Audio Verse is to us. As all these things have been coming upon the earth we are so thankful that the Lord has provided these WONDERFUL sermons for us. God has given us a wake up call. We are so appreciative for what you are doing. We probably won’t be able to have these blessings in the near future. May the Lord add great blessing to this work while it is still available. 

    Jeanne S. from Sebring, FL, 9/22/21
  • God bless this ministry and each person personally involved ! Have thoroughly enjoyed so much of its content, and the audiobooks are a real blessing.

    Cameron F. from Lesotho, South Africa, 9/17/21
  • Great sermons that break down the word in order to understand it clearly! 

    An App User, 9/11/21
  • I've been greatly blessed over the years with so much good content! Thank you for all you do to get the Word out! Jesus is coming soon!!

    Steven H. from Acampo, CA, 8/27/21
  • Really good, solid, Biblical sermons added every week + a huge library going back over the years. I listen to several sermons each week & have not come close to listening to all the ones I'd like to!

    An App User, 8/15/21
  • AudioVerse has been such blessing and I am so glad that these messages are available to the world!

    Dorothy S. from New Zealand, 8/14/21