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  • Hi Curtis, It's great to see these excellent websites you're putting together with such good resources being made available online to people.
    M.E., 11/8/07
  • Thank you so much for your website. My wife and I are so thankful for the work that you do. We go to the library and download talks. So wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    E.B., 11/3/07
  • My wife uses you services a lot. In fact, she was the one to tell me about Audioverse and Videoverse. It is really amazingly good that such good SDA Bible teaching is coming out of the Loma Linda area. Keep up the good work. I am a pastor in ________. I've been here for six years. I'm considered a "conservative" pastor. But it’s alright. I read the Bible, Conflict Series, and Testimonies for most of what I preach about. These books a absolutely some of the best… I read a lot of the background information on your web page some time ago and greatly appreciated the spiritual direction you headed. Once again, keep close to the Lord and keep up the good work for the World Church. 10,000 Blessings.
    B.H., 11/2/07
  • I just had to write. My husband _____ and I just discovered the Audio Verse website and were so excited about all the great sermons available for download. We are volunteer missionaries... and it is a real blessing to have found access to such inspiring sermons online! We are going to tell our friends... It is so wonderful to have great sermons like these available on the internet. A whole new group of people will be reached with the Gospel this way!
    T.S. from Nepal, 10/31/07
  • I saw that it is AudioVerse's second anniversary. It doesn't seem that long. What a blessing.
    S.M. from California, 10/24/07
  • Just a short note to say thanks for your website. It has been a tremendous blessing. I tell all my friends, and whoever I know, about this. It really is great. (I am from Australia.) I hope that you keep adding speakers...
    J.K. from Australia, 10/23/07
  • I think [this] is a great idea. I have looked at the Power Points of Prophecy that has been offered and hope to see a great many more to come.
    D.M., 10/19/07
  • Hi, I am very grateful to come across this site and I have been blessed by the sermons. May the Almighty God bless your ministry.
    G.A. from India, 10/15/07
  • Thank you so much for this ministry! It has changed my life with Christ in many ways!
    K.J., 9/4/07
  • Thank you all for this priceless website. My husband and I will continue to pray for you all. Keep looking up... Maranatha!
    G.J., 9/4/07
  • Thank you so much for this ministry! It has changed my life with Christ in many ways! After hearing Randy Skeete on 3ABN, I entered his name in the search box. That is how I found your site, and I was able to enjoy many more of his sermons. Thank you so much for your ministry. I have been revived and reformed as a result. I will try some of the other speakers, eventually.... May God continue to bless you in your ministry, and thank you again.
    E.B. from the West Indies, 8/29/07
  • I wanted to give a BIG thanks for the sermons on your site. They have help me grow much closer to Jesus much faster then I dreamed could happen. Thank you for being used by God.
    E.W., 7/16/07