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  • I just discovered this website the other day. What a blessing! I hope that you will be able to offer video soon also. I will pass [this] on to as many people as possible.
    K.L., 2/2/07
  • Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus Christ! Your website is a greatest treasure. I discovered it on the Internet [in] January! I am so grateful. I live in _______, Kenya. During last year's University Retreat at ________, I heard Randy Skeete speak for the first time. I was so blessed! Actually, the sermon, "Who Made You?" turned my life around. The obvious thing to do was to conduct a hunt [for more] sermons by Randy Skeete. I am a lay preacher, actually a Law graduate, who has now fully dedicated his life to serve Jesus. May God bless you all.... I wish I could donate something. The greatest thing I can do is to pray for this powerful ministry. Amen.
    D.O. from Kenya, 1/29/07
  • Hello, I just happened to stumble across your site and I have found it to be a great blessing!
    E.K. from California, 1/28/07
  • I take this opportunity to thank God, who used [you] to start this. I personally a[m] touched by hearing such voices of the lovely preachers like Randy Skeet and others. May the Lord continue using you to preach his word all over the world.... Thanks a lot. May [our] loving God continue blessing you while preaching his word! Pray for us in Rwanda and others as well.
    M.M. from Rwanda, 1/22/07
  • Thank you for creating this wonderful ministry. It has already impacted my life and I look forward to many more visits to www.audioverse.org. May the good Lord give you heavenly wisdom as you select future sermons. Take care and God bless.
    K.L., 1/13/07
  • This looks great. Praise God... I love it...
    R.C., 12/3/06
  • Hello, I am blessed by your site. I would love to share many sermons with my friends. I pray God will continue to bless your ministry.
    J.T., 10/30/06
  • Happy Birthday! God Bless this ministry. Hopefully, God will open the doors for other ministries as well.
    J.S. from California, 10/23/06
  • Audioverse is one year old! Congratulations! These sermons are very beneficial to my devotional life. I enjoy listening to David Asscherick and Peter Gregory to name a couple. Thank you for starting up and I hope you continue for many more years!
    T.F. from North Dakota, 10/23/06
  • Thank you for making these series available to us! We are being blessed by them and hope to burn CDs and share them with those we care about.
    J.S. and A.S., 9/24/06
  • We cannot thank the Lord enough for the ministry you are carrying on for Him. We are not able to attend the Freedom from Fear series with Randy Skeete... but through your ministry we can download and receive the many blessings we have and will continue to have. Praise the Lord.
    D.C. from California, 9/21/06
  • Greetings, We love your new look! Love the additions! Very user friendly both the archives and links. Appreciate your wonderful ministry. Continued blessings to all.
    B.C. and D.C., 8/16/06