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The Real Truth About Sin

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 17, 2005
    12:00 PM
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what you want is same as the person under the sun I would suspect certainly not in the Western Hemisphere who is not familiar with the word sin our subject is walked is sin let us bow our heads our father in heaven I asked in the name of Jesus to come that close to us in the person of the Holy Spirit please open our minds and like no understanding shop our intellects and break down the general goals of opposition to trust that you may find surrounding any heart father capture every living soul in this place and save us when you come in Jesus name amen the Bible says in Genesis chapter two over seven about golf formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul now in first thirty one of chapter one the Bible says I'm also everything that he had made and behold it was very good that included man and woman gone from mountains his creation is very good now we know that when I was made Adam was made sin less sinless despite the fact that Adam was made sinless Gaul did not make that condition permanent simply on the basis of the fact that Adam was made sin less I want to follow me very closely this is a most serious subject were discussing one percent despite the fact that Adam was made yes you have a slim unless they show you do not have talk calculus on law created in the same way it was created challenges are developed by the balls and say that again in contemplating what is seen we have to understand that many job is something we don't choose Adam did not show that sinless nature he opened his eyes and he added that is not an expression of a free moral agents but go all needed to put Adam in the position we now could exercise his free moral agency and she will was whether to remain or retained that sinless nature or to chose contrary to God 's will for him God waited to see how Adam would suppose how this manner with the same last night shall which shows and so initiate the process of developing a product you what I will born with a certain nature it is a measure that means towards certain it is a measure that is not controlled would send interminably vital says in Jeremiah chapter seven was my heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked cannot in the sample chapter thirteen was twenty three can the Ethiopian change his skin on the left when his faults offend me also to good water cost him to do evil I be absurd for his role if four seven because the carnal mind is enmity against God it is not subject to the law brought my baby can be advanced the way it will be oblong with the mixer is leaving away from ball both fascinates itself is not a conscious choice we make I must stress this tediously because it is fundamental to understanding same God does not judge me based on what I inherited through the genetic strain he judges me based on the decisions that I make I was go back to Genesis chapter two let's observe the Genesis is the book where we find the definitions of all fundamental concepts within the context of salvation and a life of the child of God we learn for instance a Genesis chapter one verse three I both said yesterday light underwater life we learn from fact that God 's word is absolutely reliable whatever God says comes the past except he has he says it until the Bible says and both said that the delight of those lights fossils were whether creating a world of creating righteousness in you and me whatever God does he does it through his work we learn from Genesis chapter two verse twenty four therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife of it shall be one flesh when there is that amounted is a man and a woman one man one woman not one man and one man or one woman and one woman one man one woman below the definition of a managed in the early chapters of the book of Genesis Genesis chapter two verse fifteen of the Lord Baltimore him form part of these addresses to keep it we understand that people should have something to do with the time they ought to work Genesis two sixteen and seventeen of the Lord will come under the mastery of every tree of the garden thou may freely eat bottles free to pass restrictions metaphysical concept of swallowing the vision where we feel we have the freedom to do whatever we like but for perfect people but with restrictions of every tree of the garden thou may freely eat but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it but in the vehicle because they're all how shall surely die we guess that God places limitations evil uncivilized people how much more limitations on sinful people let's look at verses sixteen seventeen again the Genesis chapter two in the light of our subject what you see God is giving Adam information Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden foul based free e-book of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat of it this is Claire indisputable crystal-clear information for the day help you get there off how shall surely die and we have in these divorces over seventeen at the great law of cause and effect of the Lord Bronson Methodist recommend of put you that will fascinate you more than John Grisham Michael Crichton look like whatever his name is Stephen King or Shakespeare or any of those writers of British heavy rail William fall Pro Virginia Woolf I recommend you woman called energy wise the recommendation as use of symbols if you read from you was sent back in consternation and wonder how was it a woman with little or no education can write which such profundity through occult discussion profits which deals with the subject I urge you to get it if you have separate of this frames this should fall over themselves to get you a copy at no cost to yourself if what you say I don't recall precisely what will Jews are the parents when raising your children teach them the reason from calls to effect no one is cost effective simply ask some an consequence people need to learn that for an reaction you scientists vision formate is an equal and opposite reaction it is the biblical principle is that they don't eat is there all the action unless thou shall surely die that's the opposite and equal reaction perhaps far more devastating than the arguments of cause and effect listen to me but we digress briefly to administer the twelve cause and effect operates in all your readers of life it is a principle that functions in the cause from one end of this unfenced universe to the mix if you will study our and in an organized way you would get academic results if you will pray you will ghost from if you earnestly study God 's Word UN goes your taste for the things of this world you will develop a refined Jason 's faces if you will keep your self according to draw your influence would be wholesome of those who operate in your sphere of influence there is a affect for every calls across if there felt because they're off valve shall surely die what brought you out of was playing with as simple in the formation with which on the basis of which to make a choice not a host have more model structure even though facility animals and we opportunities in thing the Bible says the life announces life and unable enthusiastically nineteen for that was before the sons of men who fought with beasts even while faith befalls them as one guy if so does the other EA did have all one by them systems have a right of the beginning of the presentation what is said on the logoff format of the dust of the ground Genesis invited out of the ground the Lord formed every beast of the earth that with all of the Assam way it was acid frequently on top of DOS all returned to dusting and the server says it all onto one place out of physical physiological non- tomorrow level there is no difference between me and how when I die I decompose about how dies it decomposes with in the ground are in my stomach decomposition takes place but God made human beings which some think the animals do not have a fat is the cup associate and they are all choices on what authorities is not necessarily a reflex action it is unconscious activity of the well enough about that item if you eat this a few stools eating animal light of this information to the government do if you make that shot is that the consequent Sentinel will occur as a result of your choice and soul Genesis tells us that sin is a choice on your mission while most of the rigorous outcomes of them let's jump from Genesis to the Genesis twenty after you continue what is sin from six minutes of the twelve Hope you're enjoying the food judging by the aroma assuming my nostrils I assume it is good it's a good and glad you'll form is important Genesis two the Bible says out of the ground May the Lord goal to grow if we do this present of the site has to look good and good for food social support even when we are in heaven and optimal blood cannot die we still eat from the tree of life problem out of wrote Genesis twenty two verse two twelve fruit so eating is important but also remember the Bible says whether this we eat or drink what should we do it ask you all to the glory of God have you found Genesis twenty rid if a person wanted to continue what is sin never have jutted from fence toward the south country about educated and sure as sojourn into the other side of Sarah his wife she is my system on Abimelech where to draw sentimental sera but God came to the molecular tree by nice I said to him behold thou art with a dead man for the woman was not mistaken for she is a man's life for all but Abimelech had not come near her and he said Lord wilt thou slay also a righteous nation said he not unto me she is my sister as she even she herself said he is my brother Venable letter said in the integrity of my heart and innocency of my hands have I done this relativism is really a I know about this visiting the integrity of my heart right also withheld it from sitting against me I be multiple-choice multiple restored about his wife for he's a prophet and he shall pray for the eight thousand and eighth Congress will not nullify all about so slowly died out and all that are fine let us review the passage gems is twenty one percent at runtime soldiers in Iraq the land of the Philistines he had already had an experience with their role in Genesis twelve when federal told Sarah thereof that Sarah was it says that Abraham did the same thing in Genesis twelve he did it against us by the abide with Isaac 's brother did in Genesis twenty six like father like son when Abimelech but it manifests uncommonly beautiful woman was not matter based on what Abraham said this is all the information about what had worked talking about what is same Abimelech 's information was Sarah is Abraham 's system therefore I can take her and I even personal but EMR more a certain ignorantly not by conscious choice by that I mean not by willful violation of the very own information such as Adam Vice President but bought understood he's in the nuts why he pleaded his case it was fine said he not up to me she is my sister initially even she herself said he is my brother unmounted please is emphasized in the integrity of my heart I know I thought I was doing right based on what I knew I made a decision of the Anasazi of my pants it is possible to send every integrity of the heart yes but not much is known wrong even though it was the innocent unborn respondent as clearly as not all was not he said he had high noon all about this this is the integrity of the talk about that I know you didn't know I know that now I have brought jewel additional information level is that MetLife knowledgeable now choose and implement business fourteen electrical now he knew and facility committed in eventually could involve no longer be a sin of ignorance because now you know for certain the confidence to which is about OSS was sent in creditor to pursue my personal guilt there is no condemnation I say with this logo there's mostly because if they comes to a house brought by the parents because I have been rejoicing in their five -month-old child other type calls across the living room floor your tablecloth makes a precious thing can you call the police will not RSS file but Israel vows all your base program yes but your talk that I don't know so while Abimelech said in ignorance each new system but it was not charged against him why he was the government so blockade to relieve him of his enormous because God does not decide about we see because ignorance sins still hurts if you will know that sulfuric acid as they throw studies are drinking your ignorance will not send you a notice is not protection from how ignorance keeps away but Bob does everything in his divine power of now eyes to the fact that what you have been drinking eight events has been hurting me I have not talked with guilt but now you know if you're going to your guilty some people say line of Windows 7 it was a Sabbath when you find out and you still refused observant according to both unchangeable you can prolong the pleadings I was an agenda last year was counseling a couple I would counsel my to twelve the crusade was an evening of this complication from I would say from where does the statement one of the world 's to be careful of his public and the young couple and the girl the wife eighteen years old the more he will voice a man for the five hundred four and always smiling he was as black as my dentist teeth like milk we smile you will you put on dark addresses and that she was telling us his wife is getting in trouble so we so what give me trouble was shortlisted to be reset wrote myself a local pastor who called to her so I try the door is just like Peter so we sent not abominable these libraries that it we said no don't beat your wife you may partially because file an orbital but you don't be your wife he said all we said Charlie tell her she can speak English leaders barely spoke town are you sorry for beating her and without hesitation into the same milk white smile until his wife is an interesting language that he was sorry and then watch my paper back to us before this function we should count our you will not do it again he turned back with the undying smile and charcoaled face I told her I will not be so jealous she smiled again I turn my voice function sets out I offer a turnaround said whatever he said as she smiled on to become a smile that can be elicited by that statement I love you I did turn possible instructions of it we just my feet received you don't beat your wife and instantaneously a repentant and he thought I will be to your normal I will talk I will pray I will and reported to the Wendland comes away our best choice is to accept it immediately because life is life what is same so is the conscious decision to violate golfs Claire Council boss say is will follow where conscious decision to go contrary to very rare inflammation from God listen what Jesus has to say from five to one to fifteen minutes eggs on top of this daily reading from first if you just got the connection Jesus said if the world hate you ye know it hated me before it hated you if you one of the world the world would love this off but because he am not of the world but I have posted out of the world therefore the world remember the words I said unto the servant is not greater than his lord if they have persecuted me they will also persecute you it may have kept my saying they will keep yours also all these things will did want you for my info my music because they involve him that's me Mao first twenty two and I have not caught and spoke to the family you have no asset if I have not come to deliver God 's instruction as it were from the horses mouth if I'm not all I could monetize it was but now they have to look to what was it worth it if it looked wonderful if I have not done among them the once which none other man did they have not said that Jesus said my words I have spoken IDs are not done I provided information for them that she will why is him why is this what all was not choice but is in conformity with the will of God if I will not have since is Jesus Christ seven that comes against but would be that differently so that incurs guilt is not assumed that as a result of a conscious choice to go contrary to God 's word assume of ignorance is to listen but golf is so merciful when God knows that you fully do not know no guilt is charged to you but there's those that but what do I mean by a sin of ignorance likely to find a sin of ignorance must have tool components to visit different one I did not know who I had no way of knowing it is also one of the two that most of the world was sent to you before God because that would restrict the United States Western Hemisphere relatives of preachers and religious programs on television the Bible to all kinds of avenue for getting a contract with Boswell and his word up in the Western Hemisphere it hasn't very very justification for saying I had no possible way of life life and possibly satisfying love United States you are setting out on any of the so-called westernized country you are bundling opportunities don't know until I see something that requires two things in the fly with God one I did not know to open I had no way of knowing which one of using to before me consider going I had no we are going to do which a lot of us feel sick I have no way of knowing the seventh day is a Sabbath of the most night which one of us gets it I have no way of life that one measurement one woman sin is a reason why some of us was limited who's your love for me yet let me explain reset because of sin we have committed all because of sin someone else has to does what I mean something of a battle with alcohol because it has come down for the family of course that dock family heritage does not constitute a compelling reason for you to choose to drink nor genetic inheritance can put a gun to your head until you must drink all you must smoke all you must rob I read an article in time I believe it was that where there's some chief of about three people must read about all it all comes down so how do I actually give the likes of information soon the Bible defines in first John seven three four four whosoever commit a sin transfer also for similar transgressions of criminal moment this is something old and start me that is the only definition of sin not really covers front for my recovery webcast the cover letter when I said the fall for this is soon as not necessary a definition that's an example are you with me that way that is fine you can define classically all you can divide by example one as a vehicle well I definitions makes our lives of people is a car as an example one is laughing loudly as possible to that example of a definition might be an athlete is a man or woman who dedicate himself or herself to the pursuit of excellence in a particular field of athletic expression smells that's a different mission of the phone exempt because then someone may follow once sin out for example and usage soon is a transgression of the role is it something else Nelson is all similar bolts and tonight he's come back you cannot sin unless you break one of the ten Commandments the pseudonym you cannot send unless you violate one of the temperament of course if some one idea for slugs that the Bible says that I come my mother is exceeding broad we have no concept of how must the Commandments and accelerate the system and what we just automatically assume it is until someone else it also means go get himself by thanks so I said and about an alcoholic mice are much like gasoline and the type of look I am in violation of Commandments and no child not know because people are killed immediately all people are killed all the appeared and I you so unless you violate one of the ten Commandments what is then certain is conscience choice the goal contrary the goals clearly revealed word open before dismissing the do it lets you group in the jungle somewhere so only animals for examples you know for business and if at all the reason of them known anyone to pray for us before committing that sin we know some recognition I have something else than what possible to come to the subject coverage boyfriends mind or improvements to processes for the day I plead with you come back to my when I did with this more fully it is a delicate subject that you want to tell you too much the mine however genius it may be can only take on so much of the time to deal with I want to need with what you've heard one sin is a conscious choice to violate that which is known about God 's will told a Senate because of the sin of hospital components I did not know and I had no way of knowing three you can only assume by violating the ten Commandments for similar that is committed willfully incurs guilt and gone will not clear any guilty person guilt brings condemnation of the condemnation is this for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord it is not my cancer through this message to depressive but I want to understand that several is such a terrible thing the iso- box set is like a king caught in the face and then selecting the world suffers and has suffered six thousand is because of sin I said to you of the major rivers out of was made was fine it was sinless but both still have to put them in a position where he had exercised the free moral agency which is change let me see how much old friend that you have I gave to you let me see now healed shows about God must see it salvation is a matter of choice damnation is a matter of choice for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever chooses to believe shall not perish but have everlasting life whosoever chooses not to believe would perish and lose everlasting life I could tell you the rigors of sin is death you can be walking around and be good if it begins while your life first Timothy chapter five four six she never knew before pleasure these days while she lived with or he source interview before close three minutes left to me if you know in your heart there's some sing your committing and you know it is wrong Olson is wrong you know what you're doing is wrong I with humility of identification with you all breaches of sinners we just have a job to do that parts is deeply because reprising the people we should present ourselves in it if you are static which it causes tremendous agony because read the same boat but we have a job to do this you'll know you are engaged in something that is same I want to decide right now I look at one of his price it up with brotherly sympathy I don't care what it is because I want you to live if you know and I know we are a case in an activity that you seem to guess if the name of Jesus Christ I asked us to stop any man and woman will soon presto I need prayer and struggling with something could be overheating could be biting your nails of the one hundreds I am struggling with something I need for three I want you to stand up I have two minutes and quickly about wait until you sent I am 's funding was something I don't pride causes arthritis of the needs and we can get up the gauntlet heated in the flashes telling Lord to be covered to set up I am struggling with some basic on my one figure it has to play every about every eye closed let us pray father we come to you in the name of Jesus no set of first John chapter five West fourteenth Avenue this is the confidence that we have in him but if we ask anything according to his will you go to follow a prayer for deliverance from sin must be according to your will as so we can be and we brag and we occasionally have the intellectual you have a masculine name of Jesus give us the overcoming power leveling game log deliver us from the trust LSL believes fathering us because if we continue on this path we are headed for destruction and so we pray remember Jesus shed his blood give us the power to overcome stock now live follow us on no notice leave message with even not think that we have to be done through Jesus Christ brings back tonight to hear more of your word I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and four C a


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