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Can God Feel My Pain?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 18, 2005
    12:00 PM
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you all feel my pain there is of course first around the Corinthians chapter ten verse thirteen which says they have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man meaning that whatever has happened to you has happened to someone else perhaps on the other side of the globe because of our human weakness it is easy for us to relapse into the thinking why is this happening to me and to no one else in the Bible is correct there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man what Apple are you are experiencing now someone has already experienced that or is now experiencing with you can all be among those who understand in detail what you and I go through from day-to-day award perhaps you're going through because in some particular set of circumstances Jesus we understand came down on you as a human being of this is a stupendous mystery that Christ would come in the flesh revolted relationship of over four but when the fullness of time was come God sent forth his son made of a woman may under the law horse five to redeem them that were unbelievable price a month where we were to save us know how was that possible God is not going to is clocked by surprises circumstances ambush God is always prepared he knows the beginning from the end when God and of the other members of the Godhead making man this world apply was put in place letter please created beings and should soon Jesus Christ was not called Jesus Christ than just a second member of the Godhead he would come as one of his created beings and and by so doing pay the penalty for sin which has always been and remains that in devising this plan there are two hurdles possibly among others but to I will stress that bought had to get over to problems the go-ahead had the salt in order to provide a plan of salvation that could work little problems were in order to save fallen man sinful man old having Satan would come under the curse of death the God who came would have to be in a position to experience temptations and their representative differently from God to be a suitable safe you he had to put himself in a position where he like his father preachers could experience and see what it meant to be tempted and then ultimately to put himself in a position to die and taste death why were those two things to problems well that is simply because all be tempted and gone die let's examine these two realities about all James seven one rating from four thirteen golf is not a man that he should lie the less wrong first elected although saying when he is tempted I am tempted of God governmental attempts by the way never blamed on for the weaknesses in our lives yet it is almost say when he's tempted I am tempted of Lord football cannot be tempted with evil the attempt of the Eddie Van God cannot be tempted and God does not tempt you know when we see the word text of the Bible in the context of both activities what that word means is gone each testing or trying to find that in Genesis twenty two verse one to give the pass after these things of God did tempt Abraham was settled in Abraham and Xavier my Dick Novi sounds like only son Isaac whom thou love is often a program offering on one of the mountains I will tell thee off for testing not tempted Abraham six golf Channel be tempted with evil nice attempt of the any man that's one reason for me right now publicly the declared goal of innocent of any wrongdoing in your life or mine Gault does not lead us into evil he cannot do that it is not a part of his makeup he does not do it there is another power that does it with our cooperation because the devil shall not be doing the same unless you on I cooperates with Roosevelt again there's a saying that was popular many years ago the devil made me do it the devil has no power to make a single he power we have the freedom that will but he cannot make you soon and he cannot completely soon he attempts we have to decide to follow up with additional blog cannot tend to you does not tempt you and he cannot be tempted himself that's one problem probably but so gone cannot die because gold is eternal God is everlasting psalm ninety reverse one valve blog that they'll has been our habitation I would love a place from all generations before the mountains were brought forth or ever thou hast made the earth all the world even from everlasting to everlasting thou art gone everlasting to everlasting sunlight is reversed with thy throne is established of old valve are from everlasting Habakkuk one twelve are found not from everlasting old Lord Michael of my forty one Gore is everlasting Jesus Johnson did was live on the how old father glorify economy with my old self with the glory which I had with me before the world was an expression leaving from everlasting from eternity Jason us has always been there because Jesus is as much thought as the father is gone as I revolted Revelation twenty two verse one additional digital room of one of life proceeding out of the throne of glory and of the Lamb Revelation twenty two over three of the Shelby normal course for the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it God has a throne the sun hasn't thrown clear are equal Revelation three four three wanted him to overcome if sit with me in my throne even us I also overcame and sat down with my father on his throne file has the throne somehow the throne equal because the sun is equal with the father the father is eternal the son is eternal nine four six onto WASP if I was born unto us a son is given of the government of the people shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be called the mighty God everlasting father everlasting father is one of his means that Jesus Christ God cannot be tempted going cannot die how then could he call and be our Savior how could he understand when we are tempted all our temptations without exception the Bible says in Hebrews four versus David for we have not such an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but were in all points tempted like as we are Christ's incarnation as Mister whatever else the Mister that contain understand this point clearly there is no temptation you can experience with which Christ identify he was tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin in order to solve the problem of the inability of thoughts will be tempted by the fact that thought people cannot buy the single set of laws for cries of the second member of the Godhead as one of us as a human being what does it mean to come as a human being as we continue chemical or feel my pain Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem the event was observed as a human being in Genesis eighteen reformers won the Bible says of the Lord appeared unto him in the plans of memory I sat in the tent door in the heat of the day because of the size on all three men stood by him and when he saw them he ransoming them from the title about himself the ground and said my lord if now I have found favor in thy sight passed away I printed from by several that little water pipe for you befits a wash of feet on rest just south of the trees on I was such a morsel of bread of comfort ER after that you shall pass on for therefore are you come to an assortment of note if you have installed into three main Christ was one of the other two angels he did not know at that point he did not know he simply saw three human beings of the power on the laws of hospitality that operated in his day to control the cursor on July ten over five ends with the men saying of the seventh name so do is know how segment was will prepare something for us each this is the second level of the body of Jesus Christ actual Angels of earth six underground hesitated because of the Sierra unsaid quick read write a reversal finally you need a big it's about a half on Abraham ran unto the heart of such a cop in the book a digital young man and he's the depressive and force it tells us and he filled by the unknown on the calf which he addressed and sent it before then Christ and to angels he set the butter and lucky we stood by whom under the tree and the deep eat human beings eat the drink milk now let's jump over him at four C I'm not a interesting example of broad UK this is Jesus after he rose from the grave multi- deformity from four thirty six as with the video can bossy like they have asked the suspect is a success but Elizabeth a sense of the feasibility of a villa codified and affrighted and supposed that they have seen a split and he's added to them why I follow on wonderful to rise in your heart before my hands on my feet that it is I myself handle me and see for a spirit hath not flesh and blood as easily flesh and bones of Jesus at the event proved that I am really thrilled that I am physical you many of the spoken show them his hands and his feet on why they believe not for joy and wondered he said unto them have ye here any meat eating any food he was setting out to prove he was still human yes glorified but still feel he was establishing his physical humanity as they come from a pulse with this phone he was out he tried to prove it not only by showing this car but my eating have you had any of it give them a piece of a broad fish on a methodical reform preserves and he took it and did it before then leaving in the presence that they may see him in absolutely convinced that he was physical and more goals than we have Jesus Christ before he was incarnated eating food in Genesis eighteen as a human being there we have had in a affordable credit for as a resurrected human being but the appearance of Jesus Christ in Genesis eighteen was not an incarnation are you listening to me please listen and pray for me first it's sensitive for this one wrong word a Perez of Jesus Christ as a human being in the flash setting on the afraid drinking milk and some butter on bread in a somewhat this was the second member of the Godhead functioning of the human being but that was not the incarnation reincarnation which was required for all to be on suitable Savior so the Bible says that he could be tempted to think of something that it required not just a fairly other human being is required of the incarnation meeting that the appearance of Christ in Genesis eighteen was not enough you have to come in the New Testament now not simply out of fear as a human being but he helped end the genetic stream of intelligence on the following he had to come to where we all come of that is my conception by birth and by development bringing with him what he inherited from his human mother Mary face now was the incarnation his appearance in Genesis eighteen even blowback that he did eat like a human being and he sat on the train but it's like amount that's what human beings do but it was not the incarnation the incarnation of the place in Bethlehem or longer for Bethlehem committee was found with child of the Holy Ghost why because when Jesus came as a human being it was a goal Jesus in the Old Testament when he came with two angels the syllabi for this function you are based in Dearborn crisis situations it vastly Jesus could not function as someone to be tempted on someone to die because he did not inhibit anything genetically having the company through the normal process but in the New Testament he came from a process of conception and fun way he even has a few from marrying or C one he inherited the apparatus to feel temptation and a human weakness to die so Jesus came as when I come was McCain 's mother counted him for nine months delivered him him us us of a stable major like really limited hospital rooms all of the supervision of a midwife and Hebrew and he proved as we have grown and perhaps are still growing actually exists as a human being he was tempted more severely than anyone I have attempted people sometimes say that because Jesus was also brought with you walls that's part of the mystery that he had an advantage in the battle with temptation he had none as a matter of fact he had it worse than you might have because women Jesus was all power is not structurally himself which he got of the oldest game of the devil but he wishes the overpowering temp TOC in your holy would love to you and I do not have that naturally the Bible says was tempted on I want you to believe that you're not high roughly all the mysteries of the incarnation but the Islamist three of anything at accepting that Jesus was tempted as we attempted its temptations he felt in his body and have I was not good from without because he was met with several estimates that there was nothing in him was the delicate appeal Jesus was tempted from within and without so when you are pressured you can go to Christ I can look to Christ literally as if all the power you gave your son gets to me more understand what I'm going through and Jesus understand that's why he can be of possible high priest because he went through it this way is that you want high on that well on Longfellow trials and tribulations of how our campus so I would torment me on the following because Jesus absolutely understand your mother minimums that your spouse may not understand Jesus understand because he was one of us allegedly tell you you remains one of us glorified yet but Jesus remains human up to this day still going also humans still counting the stars when he rose from the grave triumphant over death hell the Devil sin all that informs the world of darkness Jesus brought when he was the disciple by having them look at his hands the resurrected Jesus still have the scars you him glorified body is the resurrection equipment before so he can disappear by women with Roberson we shall be able to do the same thing all tells us enough with him seventh reversed by the hour conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the city the Lord Jesus who shall change our vile bodies to his glorified body the body he had many roles if the body we will have when we are made incorruptible when we go for multiple immortal but for now the trials of the struggles that we encounter Jesus Christ understands facility a tool and see the extent to which the Bible wants us to understand that Jesus can simplify this public outcry over the putting up even a museum and said all my one unfortunate website will he identify the rooster was nine the Bible says but we see Jesus who was made a little other than the angels for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man now he was divisive we see Jesus will was made a little and the angel left school and see how people were made Psalms something eight we gave over three when I consider thy heavens the works of my fingers for more than the stock was domiciled they was man developed my fulfillment of the Son of Man developers of this hymn for thou hast made him a little lower than the angels saw the Bible describes the creation of man that's how he will describe the making of Christ we won't may undulate to all of the Angels northwards might save for the suffering of death was the possibility could not die he had to be my cross in order that he fought us Mike gave the price of death the penalty on the price of certain I'm not of course is death the second death verse then four eight became him for whom are all things by whom are all things in bringing many sons unto glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through suffering for morphine left side of the fire of Jesus Christ of Avalos sanctified are all of one for this cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren now there are some families that have members in them of whom they are ashamed in your family perhaps you have an uncle who sells drugs and you don't want the world to know he's a member of the family mother distance of perhaps there is somebody else and it's something that brings a brought disgrace on the family to try to distance himself the Bible says Jesus and we are so closely linked that he is not ashamed to call us while we are he is not ashamed to call us reference not aliens not from ourselves from another planet members of the same human family are fourteen liberals through forasmuch then as the chosen a particular flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same admittedly the verse forasmuch then as the children even humanity are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same one of you understand what Christ coming as a human being understand this there is no because you have that Jesus Christ understand I wanted to leave believing that if your heart that you saw every enforceable unless one of the great frustrations we have gotten all of the sex of the teacher 's office but I'm afraid that I'll want to know is wrong Jesus understands why because the game as one of us that through death he might destroy him about a part of this under them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage Jesus Christ called the devil Z our greatest fear is the fear of death on our greatest enemy the devil Jesus took on both of them even on the devil in life the methods of the four British numbers one says then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to become the devil after you fasted forty days and forty nights he was afterward hungered for their temperature much Amy said if I'll be the softball come out of the smoke unit bread temptation Jesus method at his weakest I tried for the power of the father made it appear to the devil tempted him and tentatively accepted in light of this line in Jesus and the devil 's wireless temptations and he tried unbiased triumph he says to me he's athletic New York on the fall because the power that kept me up right at our high father has available to be okay if you will trust them with a five trust in him having overcome the devil 's worst temptations Jesus demonstrated in human form dependable dog not human form alone but humanity dependent on the ability to together you are like some update on the devil simply as human beings we must do it as human beings holding on to the divine are FAFSA formula for success Jesus demonstrated out in his life of July said he wants myself Jesus demonstrated it is possible to overcome temptation if we as he did with the devil holding onto the arm of the everlasting father having done that Jesus died submitted himself to death because he said in John ten eighteen romantic of it from I have power to lay down and I have power to take it again he saw himself to death the earthly powers did everything possible to keep Jesus did method study seventy four versus the Bible says now the next day following the preparation which is present fallacies came together the pilot saying sir we remember that that deceiver said when he was yet alive after three days I will rise again another type of a classic keep him emigrate versus the fall therefore that the several Kobe made sure until the third day lest his disciples combine items steal his money and save the people use was from the day and so the last error is worse than the first pilot since then the watch going away make it as short as you can that passage and slicing underwent set the field seven what is suitable to set a watch that's all we could of done their what to keep Christ in the green related straw etc. said house at the watch to see us don't follow what's with the sealed length our determination to keep him in the grave shall not be changed the same thing happened down there with Don Nelson for several days when he was put in the lives than the Bible says on this form was brought in upon the mount of the dead and decaying sienna for this segment of the single of his log the purpose of my long existence I got help that he once saw what the intent of him the ceiling may not change of our tangible business this is about the home by Jesus and victorious over death that's what all the ugly attempt at keep Baldwin them up and he had been himself the power was to raise himself in all he says he is the resurrection and the life of its own forties that because I live you shall live also means that because Jesus came back from the dead we several faith in him will also come back from the dead if we die before Jesus Christ the Garfield name yes voted zero seven through four sixteen for verily he took not on him the nature of angels days of income is an angel but he took on him the form of Abraham on the seed of Abraham he came as one you must wherefore in all phases behold him to be made like all his brethren wherefore for some of the humoral stroke wherefore in all things and it will phentermine may like this whether you are you will and I thought he might be unmerciful why wasn't long because he understands and faithful high priest in things were getting the ball to make reconciliation for the sins of the people fought and that he himself hath suffered being tempted he is able to succor them but attempted vessels read Hebrews with you again for him but he himself has suffered me orally where the softball from temptation is to resist the moment to review the something is wrong that's why nothing want to the failed because he resisted a menu resist the devil time somebody I see this was a statement of the doubletime aplenty we all been received Jesus hundreds Vienna marriage the other is available to us we just don't use it that he himself hath suffered with its own something a lot of us that moving the right life is all peaches and cream the peaches and cream they're coming saying that they are coming whether the well read may perfect Nelson not additional revivalists would understand the problem restoration but until that day he had soulful and when we decide to honor God system definition we will see I went to realize that it is your bit for Minnesota glorify God he will intensify the temptation of any also often intensifies but you must compare your suffering with the glories with Arthur consul Paul says in Romans chapter it were some of their fly direct from that of the sufferings of this present world on the web if any company out of the glory that shall be revealed in us and in the same authentication now that I might live with Christ yes we must have something to compare consistent with the suffering all the glories because if we use now as a matter of lifestyle what's coming after that is a million times worse in this Jesus feel pain answer the question with me yes but we tell you something very simple company of the book 's involvement is the one practice to have it of going to Jesus as if you're going to someone sitting across from you know that I deliberately say practicing something was wrong just fine particle thought that someone was unlike illegible bathroom to call my but my bathroom is my prayer that seat there's my old skylights through my brain no one disturbs you and then talk to God as if you can see faulty because it is next to you because he is in the present of aesthetics and talk to him with Christ as your representative gold will give you the power you need the resource representation as you cooperate with him by avoiding tempting situations come on somebody say men will jump it a quick sentence and get it out what is the most common sense off-line costs I think he helps us spiritual success is the combination of the human efforts and divine power Jesus fields what you feel where you sit a manipulative father I thank you for sending Christ now is my high priest can sympathize with you guys your hands would you send please let's pray everything about every a close father in heaven we cannot fully appreciate the beauty of the value for that of the gift of Christ he will he has brought a salt on my teeth he understands our weaknesses and he has power available for us to overcome father in the name of Jesus I pray it's not what I submit understand this reality that it may strike the rest of the demo made all that now he has a mouse a formidable foe we have apologized we have someone who understands bring us back tonight when your manservant will say more on this subject grants public voices zero people best this country is to help the families of finances and save us when you come to Jesus member for his sake a man


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