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The Science of the Resurrection

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 22, 2005
    12:00 PM
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also there is it is written on the three unconditional resurrection I should've really called the science of the resurrection beside him all the resurrection level of the urge to us are good Chapman said bring come back to life you have all these reasons all that I want to say I cannot see in this session I say more almost every evening session simply because I have more time so if you can somehow make it come in the evening as well because multiple sermons are presented precisely the same way so you'd be benefited twice and of course try to bring a friend with you let us know our heads our father in heaven we thank you for this vision is given to us reflect you all that you are gone we would not have anyone else to be called but you recited for Christ and all that he means to us we thank you for the Holy Spirit directs the screen fix and troubles all hearts reflectively into a protected from dangerous even in seeing a brief thank you Lord for the comforting presence of the fellowship one with the other as we embark upon a study of the word I parade in the name of Jesus Malaga slumbers nor sleeps federal grant was an enlarged understanding of your word and your will for our lives as individuals got zero manservant the right words to say I pray please in Jesus name amen the silence of the resurrection and Genesis chapter two reading verses sixteen and seventeen the Bible says on the Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden thou list freely from the moment the Photoshop not even for a bit there felt it is there all foul shall surely die now that was something a new concept because no one had ever died on Everest on telling a man whose nature is send this out if he had remained sinless could not possibly have died God tells Adam in the day felt in just the wrong doctor said if the date you sent to go contrary to God 's word is to send in dad 's out he just there all follow shot shortly die I told on the previous occasion that death is the penalty for sin the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord death for any say in all say that regardless of the size of the degree of civility all sin and any sin deserves that all of the comments on this briefly as we continue the science of the resurrection this death is not what people die everyday that is merely a consequence of sin that is not the penalty of sin because there have been people will dive more than once but the penalty for sin is executed once so the best that we die it is not the penalty for sin it is merely the consequence of being born in the fall the nature of the consequence of being born from Adam and so were told in the Romans five first twelve for as by one man sin entered into world run by soon there is a graph that is the penalty for sin others and if the consequence of sin but all is the result of same for instance Lazarus died John Chapter 11 Jesus went to the grave and Jesus Ruiz to him all that of course Lazarus died again so here's a man who died twice yet Jesus said that Lazarus with colorful at the last day agreeing with your sister you across that young man about separating the sophomore though he died Paul raised him of course he died again for this we are referring to is what the Bible calls the second day Revelation chapter twenty one first it really verses seven and if the Bible says he that overcomes shall inherit all things and he shall be my son I would be has gone but the fearful and unbelieving of the abominable and murderers of warmongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death Revelation twenty two for fourteen and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire this is the second death in other words from the second death there is no return I must lay this down very clearly from the second death there is no return that is the death that God referred to in Genesis two seventeen twenty seven Adam if it is outdated they're all thou shalt shortly die I was the genesis of the five Genesis five is read from verse five I was first printed Bible says that Adam lived a hundred of thirty years I begot a son in his own likeness after his own image I recall his name Seth and Adam left after begotten Seth it comes with years and he begat sons and daughters of all the days of Adam one nine hundred and thirty years and walked the Avenue South live a hundred of five years I begot a loss and Seth lived after you got a lost eight hundred and seven years and begat sons and daughters on all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years and he died the Bible says and he also lived ninety years and begat care items and the also lift off the deck can I get eight hundred and fifteen years and begat sons and gone on all that has a few lost when nine hundred and five years and he died on this continuum from Genesis chapter five the longest man who ever lived as the Bible records Joseph Fiennes were for the five and before that moved a hot drug eighteen and seven years I began living on Methuselah lived after he begat him except under than eighty and seven years and begat sons and daughters of all the days of the phones will one nine hundred and sixty and my use finish it for me and he this is the outworking of a part of what Bob said in Genesis 's in vivo shall surely die because the first death is merely a semblance of the second death because it all comes from same and so the Bible is showing about how Avalon related death eventually him us we run from God and we run from God and we tried to put distance between us and God but let me tell you with brotherly respect and regionally friendless however much you run from God God is eventually would catch up with you either which salvation is always just your shadow of what God 's blessing and you cannot out run his press you may live as long as nine hundred sixty nine his death is Linda Portis you may be ahead arriving at your running threat was not paid on death this takes its time because death is inevitable and in inevitability does not have to run it just as at so we have all this death and Genesis chapter five will now remember now these are the generations of Adam according to Genesis five one to all these people came from Adam Adam said he lost game of my holiday of Jared in all with Mozilla Levick no my times did I the only one who did not die was cool enough now all priests chanted throughout to Genesis five golf inserts hope gospel because someone reading Genesis five maybe the price this car raised by all these people will die and die any time you die but glory be to God when a person comes the verses twenty four twenty four he comes across a man who does not die this is not reminding humanity that the promise of a safe it sucks even more certain than that of the methods of the one as we continue the science of the resurrection you can't invest the front of this on enough you want the Bible says the book of the generation of Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham now the word death does not occur in Matthew one bottle says of Abraham begat Isaac Isaac begat Jacob and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren and Judas begat a son is ten zero okay law of thought is we got has wrong I'm has run began around and ran to get a minute that in a minute I began initial initial gaffes and he read all the way down to verse sixteen all you'll see is begat begat begat begat in general society have the die he died he died in Matthew one we have begat begat begat to have been from Adam we have life from Jesus Christ somebody's life in Christ there is no death as a logo for reviews of the response of the penalties the same with seeing evidence of that penalty working its way from first ideology of the seed of Abraham although am it up at a seal life in the line of Jesus Christ will become the first with his fifty Nepal is addressing the crisis of the Corinthian church there was disbelief that there is no resurrection and Paul understands the seriousness of this claim for us reveals fifteen reverse three for I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received now what was it he received for flood tells us more of a private eye because you the gospel first of a device Inc. by which you are say as possible Paul was talking about for I delivered a few first level at which I also received how the cries died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was betting and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures now Paul is drawing from two streams the stream of prophecy and the stream of history where is the prophecy Paul says Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures meeting the Bible had predicted that Jesus Christ would die for Allah since it was on the server for out that he was betting about he rose again the third day according to the Scripture so Paul is appealing the prophecy to add power to this message prophecy tells us what will happen prophecy does not tell us that it happens reason of Jim prophecy to explore peers when he said according to the Scriptures prophecy tells us what will happen but prophecy does not tell us that a good funds that we depend on history so that history and prophecy are inseparably linked in the grand scheme of Bob 's plan for us so Paul says according to the Scriptures appealing the prophecy but now Jesus Christ according to Paul has risen from the grave balsamic because prophecies that it no longer has to refer to history to establish the fact that one was prophesied actually happen three seven four five of that he was seen of C+ then of via the disciples of twelve after that he was seen off above what fine hundred brethren at once but this is critical at once the resurrection is the most verifiable infant in this scheme of salvation was the editor is your controlled the resurrection of the birth of Jesus Christ is a script because the resurrection is that critical also Paul says that he was seeing after that was seen of about five hundred brethren at once of all the greater part remain to this present but somehow flawlessly after that he was seen of James that of all the apostles unless the body was to have me out of one form of time know what it's called away now here's already appear the prophecy according to the Scriptures according to the script of button wow how does he verify the historical event a card of all calls on witnesses but you've already written term papers research papers written those things when you have the bottom of your page or perhaps close to the end of your people what you have references that is easy you just can't write a paper and say this happened not if you want to Professor Eva Christopher Festival Melinda what something he or she will not that person as an evidence of scholarship you'll must have references you must have footnotes working together information is also corroborated what you're saying what research have been done in the past to support your present claim then must be witnesses and Paul seeking to establish their historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ he says that he was seeing the OC close benefits while comedy witnesses remember thirteen ninety seven after that was seen of about five hundred brethren at once at once now what is the importance of at once this is of limited approximate list price of the four schools of the state Paul is aware that as he is writing this letter there are people alive will just say this did not happen obvious problem you know he is submitting what his wife is a serious challenge but he knows what is right in his throat and so he lets his readers know there are living flood notes that verify the claim that I make that Jesus rose and most of the five hundred are still alive that they know the reason that at once is important using if Jesus had appeared to them individually one is that it happened this with the other consent it happened that way but since Jesus appeared to the five hundred at the same time one can check the other and Paul tells that it is essential that Paul presents a historical account so that it will be on leave but even with aroma even the pagan and evil the Gentile with no interest in broad jump out of this report you look at the references to look at the witnesses look at that school and at this so we have seedless twelve thirteen wealth of the five hundredth a lot of lesser form of fifty thousand and sixty three that came for six before the apostles however many there were about five hundred men Paul himself all witnesses to this central event the resurrection of Jesus Christ was balding this because of all those going over some of the first visit fifteen if Christ be not risen your faith is vain ye are yet in your sins headed for services we offer false witness is because we have testified of God that he raised Christ which she did not get this will be that the dead rise not policy if there is no resurrection we are liars we have misrepresented by what he said but did he cannot do the resurrection from the dead the science of the resurrection of the Goma conference with interesting it is not so much that Paul is a Christmas is important with you saying someone else had previously told all the resurrection was important now the first review fifty essays more of a president I declare unto you the gospel and the is no resurrection but Goss will fall like a house of cards where did Paul get the gospel is good relationship the one relations one rated for first six as ridiculous items of resurrection Galatians one four six is thirty six minutes the one valid throughout a ten minutes to one forgiven for not telling you up front I hope you were nervous seventy zero ten minutes the one that is guaranteed I marveled for strikeforce auditions one six I marveled that he is also removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ another possible which is not enough but maybe some that trouble you will and would pervert the gospel of Christ is the seriousness of Paul tour de force as it am not fought well we are an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel a few of them but you have received you can be across for the widespread men called Bloglines see these men thought if I please ma'am I should not be deserving of Christ now he says for I suck to fight your breath so that the gospel which was preached of me is not aftermath for I neither received it of man my was I taught it blocked by the revelation of Jesus Christ what Paul is saying he was instructed in the gospel directly by Jesus Christ it is no man who has a similar type of some experience Abraham Golden delicious up with reverse it in the Scripture forcing the ball would justify the heathen priest before the gospel of Abraham saying AV show all patients with breast culprits the gospel directly to Abraham corporate gospel directly to Paul a depletion of the gospel which Jesus made Jesus emphasized the centrality of the resurrection is the entire plan of salvation nor resurrection the goal salvation and so Paul is up to the entire chop off of here versus him all that is dedicated to proving that Jesus Christ Roth from the grave now I said earlier there to death the first to which is the consequence of sin with my cross the street and the responsible driver hits in Bridgeport my legs that's a consequence of sin my legs were broken because I committed the sin necessarily is just a consequence of sin Bible says in this world you shall have what tribulations even more to foster daughters a lot lost in this world you shall have tribulation so every unfortunate circumstances amenable on his left you wanting but these are consequences of sin the red columns you assault to catch a cold that's a consequence of Satan plus penalty of sin that place earlier this is no return but the resurrection of Jesus Christ that the earth that Jesus Christ died out thirty three and a half years old was not the consequence of sin arduously to Jesus as their wall the penalty for sin in other words the guy that's going to that that death from which there is no retirement I've already see the question you're asking something doesn't make sense present how is the resurrection is the dead person died a death from which there is no return this is the power of the resurrection itself once a when you understand the power of the resurrection of how you want in our lives not Jesus Christ he died the second bus my reported he was up at the worst night but we see Jesus who was made a little of the angels for the suffering of death crime of glory and honor that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man legitimate there are people running around sitting endlessly couldn't care two hoots about Jesus Christ not knowing that Jesus Christ is the death of them we need not suffer the second death at the end of the thousand years because the deaf for every man Jesus died your second of gratitude to culture this is something a little out of it I wanted three three people suffer I get loud event of serious people have a hard adult over the next meal is coming from I get a manner that left the rules you and the Loma Linda where everyone is a millionaire and peoples and what you as though you are descended from a iceberg I tell you what I presented to him in the beginning you have to be grateful for small mercies the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead Pollock just try another mysterious which are from within a small return out of the process he talked about the confidence and the conflagration he conquered everything associated with sentiment with death and with the devil it was off all right I'll complete already I think the revenge him that from the original one is supposed to return any rows in power of the Bible says in Romans chapter six verse five and we have been planted together in the likeness of his death we shall also be in the likeness of his resurrection not participating not only of the literal resurrection of the righteous of you and while he is also referred developed resurrection symbolized by baptism when someone is born again on the rise since the wall aneurysm I now followed closely what is this newness of life that Paul is talking about Nabi a Celsius pessimism life with the resurrection of Jesus Christ now please follow me closely forty three minutes to one of two minutes left this was in this review must come back tonight for life moves I said that life of the body that you have a lowlife with which Jesus came from the great is the life that must sustain this today DeJesus victorious over this inflammation is on a yes pity victorious over death ethanol yes victorious over the gray theft on how gas is my fifth reclaim his life the cataclysmic God desires about if the Canada Jesus worked on before you die are him into the pilot of the memo after he died the resurrected life is the life we must live in this as you want I sent the recent spat of where we stand the lifeblood requires about if the life that people live in right now no human being can have no mimic human quickly Moses memo do not minimum one Elijah under twenty four law elders are perhaps many more who were resurrected of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and each of them he led captivity captive human beings in a family and the lives they highly linked up there is the life blood with glass of the same personality and we live by faith in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ that victorious life which means not long before we set foot in heaven we must already be living at school we move in at the power to live that life I say is the resurrected life of Jesus Christ's this is the life you receive when you receive Jesus Christ a life that gives victory over all the forces about this that is why all accepts no excuse for any weakness in a person 's life none that is why Christianity is not joining a trust is having a relationship with a resurrected box because when you have Jesus you've got half-life when you have them you have victory over death the house him he wasn't a fan and feasibility of them will fulfill all their lifetime subject to bondage I'll be doing that resurrection Christian of milk and afraid to die to sleep the sleep we should salute by the resurrected power of Jesus Christ that people should say less you are an alien you don't belong here what Jesus said in John seven in verse thirty three EF from beneath are from above he said the saving of the disciples fail on all this was at a less automotive as well we do not oppress our life by the resurrection power of Christ I am saying lost with four minutes left that what God requires of us by the available power the power Jesus yours that come from in re the comeback from the second that what God requires of all ages that we do not the way people live in heaven not someone said if we can conceive it and believe it weekend lots achievement not in a competent salvation we have to see if we can conceive that sons of God 's word and believe that by the grace of God we can achieve it this is what God desires of us do not understand how do I don't understand if we lived that life how quickly the world would see a reflection of Christ likeness my favorite writer says as soon as the count of Christ is perfectly reproduce of his people was perfectly reproduce me no follows so when Jesus Christ returns as soon as his account of is perfectly reproduced in full account of the bereavement and even though we have the simple makes out we need the battery power of the resurrected life price about telecoms not by reading bowels with church becomes by accepting and receiving a pardon the expression personalizing Jesus Christ our manager will say I have to make this call I was up you have to come back to bite him and so Jesus this sounds impossible but are things that are possible with menopausal with God happy to believe that the life you live the power that brought from the grave and is available to meet a day to live a victorious life if you will see that is your right and the power is available to office through faith in Jesus Christ to all my charts but a Jesus Christ has done heads bowed eyes closed father I come to you in the name of Jesus wishing I had more time but I will have it tonight but more from now asked to be present in the minds of those who attended the sobering reality father the resounding truth about the power of the resurrected life of Jesus Christ is precisely the power available to us today the victorious lives so that we spiritually can be victorious over death the second a lot of lives we live now must be perfect reflections of the lives of the new government right now more here this prayer practice just put it resolve faith save us when you come we pray in Jesus name and for his sick of all goals people say a man


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