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The Science of the Resurrection

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 22, 2005
    7:00 PM
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question number one question one Pastor Randy seat I thank you for praying for my family I have a question is playing video games with you in the sight of God also if one would play videogames would he or she goes to heaven and is it a sin I hope you can answer my question all right I'll try would imagine that they are from you for your first motive is the most reluctant like a questions from teenagers about the super request for young people I wish there seeing as I could spend some time with them and pray whenever you decide to engage in an activity that takes of your time which is not really your time response time mustaches of the question is this the best with used the time to thought was different to me on the fundamental principle to keep in mind is found in Philippians chapter four verse eight finally brethren whatsoever things are true on there's just good report lovely if it didn't virtue is it any praise think on these things is this the way Jesus would have me use my time is there something else I can do time is an extremely precious commodity de Gaulle if you rose your health you can get it back if you lose your money you can get it back to funeral was a relationship you can get it back time cannot be recovered there are people who have regretted wasting time my boss promised that he will try to make of the year the locus of Eden but I thought the same thing as having used time properly in the first place so if you want to spend hours playing video games all skill set is there something else I could be doing with the time that God has given to me I had to use the wood what would Jesus do something but it's a very legitimate candidacy a thirteen -year-old Jesus wasting time flushing through video games can you really see Jesus at thirteen and twelve doing that all the theater of twelve he really jumped over forty two versus the Jesus who exactly what it was about and he was the church asked very the Bible some doctors and being your Bible saw while the doctors could not answer him I was not possible because he was the son of God because he took time to learn the word of his father 's panel of your time doing that which is profitable for you and all and in the years to come to question number two I asked God to help me recover completely from an eating disorder and to help me find my place in this world I fall sometimes does that mean that I am not as close to Jesus as I think I am people who are sincere in their relations with Christ they can fall as I said the downfall there's nothing in the Bible this is you have to fall when you've got to try to be diverted you do not have the full Bible says the first joint up with the first one my little children these things write I unto you that he says not and if any man sin we have an advocate with the father Pisces is the righteous and he is the propitiation for our sins I'm not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world brought has made provision if we sin metal think you have to send all our slate Jesus by your grace I do not have to save but if you fall got up quickly repents confess tell gorgeous sorry on telling from the heart asked them to give you the power to move on every time we send in the moment we send it is because of the time we have let go of Christ Virginia of the moment we send is when we let go of Christ we release the hold of faith and receive you don't Chris Bonaparte 's government question question of the final question does Jesus understand relationships between boys and girls were a boy girl relationship since he was never in one and question is has his lower nature been tempted like ours zero seven four versus David we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities but that was a lot closer to loudly all appliance mount boards word must be believed by salt outright because I believe it I submit myself to it he was in all points tempted like as we are Jesus did not have to have a girlfriend boyfriend relationship to understand the struggles that are in heaven and that kind of relationship he on the list and will not be the ability of Jesus Christ I said before it makes no difference what you'll struggle is Jesus Christ on this has precisely and even more clearly than anyone I understand how struggles because he overcame them as a whatever it is you trust in Jesus Christ yes he was tempted in his lower nature as were readers we tempted with his appetite best morning sexual desires us the limited but will put enough I bought yesterday was tempted there because he was tempted in all points but never send because his higher faculties his will was under the constant unbroken on interrupted control of his father asked the secret pool has your will and pacified the power that part of the brain that office where decisions are made regarding you control and if this was all about power and control mortgage through Jesus was tempted yes but his will was always in control of the father by the constant supply of power he never fell on the same experience in the hours we can come to the place my beloved brothers and sisters where we soon you lead hate sin of every signs I derived this is God bless you that without a few things will happen Alexa services coming Sabbath is five o'clock W the reason for that we would have a healing service Bob is not like sickness among his people and all desires to relieve us of our suffering so this comes out of afternoon we will have a healing service based on James chapter five verses fourteen at four sixty now there's some verses I wanted to write down what I will tell you how to prepare for a healing service but they give you the preparation steps now if you are sick you want to be part of the healing service here's what Raskin you to do we believe that sickness and send altogether which means healing unforgiveness have to go to get somebody saying that all right step number one is you'll have done someone something wrong high that person between now is on the left of the apologize that I said something abusive no okay if you have done something wrong to someone and you know what you have said it against someone find that person considers on to someone who is virtue and you it is some of the moves but someone has hurt you because God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you you'll find that person and save your goodness of this to me it calls me great harm because the financial loss it do whatever it wants that the personal what your generic fantasy but because I have been touched by the Spirit of God I hope to see what I forgive you what was lost or is there forgive us our debts as if we do not forgive people gone will not forgive us and step number three if there is something in your life you know to be sin right now confesses and put away then you come we pray knowledge with oil now let me give you the biblical connections between healing and spiritual healing as well Exodus chapter sixteen verse twenty six please write this down there was enormous as the science of resurrection Exodus fifteen verse twenty six the Bible says and this is all speaking to the Israelites and said if thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the most like all I will do what is right in his site I would keep his Commandments and the and disappeared all his statutes I will put in none of these diseases upon you that I have brought upon the Egyptians I am the Lord that does what it was that source Exodus twenty three define right up and down Exodus twenty three verse twenty five the South the more durable notice what comes first you shall serve the Lord to go on and he shall bless your bread underwater on I will take sickness away from the mix if you both it is service-connected force line North Xmas fifty twenty six if thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the moment going on will go back to reduce I would have if his command of the divorce statutes this obedience I will put none of these diseases on pics of the three Psalm one oh three four three or the reverse won't bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name must model my soul and forget not all his benefits verse three will forgive us how many iniquities all five degrees we have how many diseases off eye diseases in the resources we have seen or because Abbas will and the removal of sickness passes the fortunes of the five reading from four fourteen please write that down James five ratings verse fourteen a study of the seven I want to jump into the message of this is important is any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church I let them pray over him unmotivated with all islands in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick on the Lord shall raise him up and if he has committed sins every absence again they shall be forgiven him confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that he may be healed although people you've done wrong apologize for Google 's virtue confess your faults one to another and pray for one another but he mitigated the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man of Phyllis I was telling some friends today I believe many people in church are sick for one reason only they do not take advantage of James five fourteen to sixteen and so they remain sick needlessly as a list of a settlement of the five cohabiting service of digital verse Mark chapter six reading personal data Mark six thirty and the Bible says they cast out many devils on the anointed with oil many that were sick and she eludes them Mark sixteen versus seventeen of eighteen and fifty were told going into all the world with the gospel to every creature of that of course is something of agencies is get some size that will follow official speaking found they shall take up agencies not be her ambition out their hands on the sake of the will the preaching of the gospel must be accompanied by the evidences of God 's miraculous power of course the greatest evidence of God 's power is a change life together the greatest evidence of God 's existence is his word the greatest things that Jesus was not his mother here is Lazarus but that he fulfill every Old Testament prophecy is enough the word box heist medicals would reason why some people believe he sent one point it'll be what I say they believe what I do enjoy fifteen verse twenty two he said if I have not come unspoken but then they have to not have saved it for thirty four he said if I had not done among them the works was not augmented me to buy my words as a witness of land by my works the word is the message of the gospel works the miracles that he performed us to support for the message I'm not a single review every single person I don't know what God will do a lot of this mind by Google this I have seen Gordon EU people there's no reason why you will appreciate if you were sick in preparation of the three things I said one more thing for the preface of if you know someone who is sick you're fine but you know someone who's sick you can represent that person in the service you have to go to the same preparation and get that person 's permission of the person doesn't say that you have a grandfather in taxable Wyoming someplace on you you said grand that you have a healing service of the presented with SSS are you willing that says yes when you give them permission to represent you yet you will and he become one data preparation he does it then you represent him I have seen going in people who were not present there were hundreds of miles away but they were presented remember the man was north of the roof he was out the Bible says when Jesus saw whose faith the fifth of the friends what you do you'll now we can stand in the gap for people without it quickly last say I was a candidate a crusader that a human service I told you exactly what I just said this lady stood for a little baby she had been in the hospital about three months with leukemia and was there for three months the told me this lady still for her was on revenue service the next that adopted the digital examination not going on posted in the evening service and they found no sign of leukemia whatsoever the baby was to start the next day I send an e-mail why isn't the roof coming off within over there the job they do I guess we don't because the hospital is right here what God can do that if those for us each and he wants to a spray father we come to you in the name of Jesus number thirty minutes left father have supposed to say but if I put some of his father soften the hearts of your people to be given to me for granted words to say and give them a some I was very Jesus member for missing a man signs of the Resurrection Genesis chapter three to sixteen Dennis is Chapter two reversing seen some also question why do you reason can give I just like it I love the language assault the regular version outsiders I think enough of vision device uses another I just love the language for such items as the Lord will come under the massing of every true regardless obviously but of the trip of eligibility love shall talk to you before the bailout because the wrong finish with a file shout actually got not accept this reinforced my Bible says a lot I'll call without him and send him and these have I heard that voice in the garden I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself of course left anything who told me that I was naked without either of the tree whereof I commanded thee that thou should slowly no one is not saying God is comparing what Adam did with what he said are you following their people will believe on this great event to what you like God is examining obedience gone say at him as far as I can remember I don't forget I told you that he this charade on the word I used was without a first use of the work and if the Genesis sixteen now Adam how do you know what you are naked you would do what I told you not to do in other words the view this will be good you go contrary to my room where God was having on the judgment the punishments at four seventeen he said Adam of Adam he said because the last talk of the voice of my wife and hast eaten of the tree of which I come say thou shalt not eat of it here first David Ralph I think Boston because your disk will be because you went contrary to what I said we have to understand that the very heart of sin is not deliberate going on slavery was wrong posted something serious server originated with the advisor fourteen Isa fourteen is reversed thirteen Isa forty four thirteen to continue with the science of resurrection behalf of the establishment of the tolerable reality of service allow facet of my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the month of the congregation of the size of the golf I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high note this was most of his ambition he wanted to a reputational processing John eight forty four Jesus speaking it out of your father the devil on the lusts of your father ye will do he was on my thereof the beginning of this beginning was when Adam it goes right back to his attack on Jesus Christ and his government says it is a direct attack on the government of God Satan is my dilemma against heaven are you listening to me it is a direct attack one of the problems we have we hung up in my approach the same we view the same as it was just poor judgment soon as I wouldn't do that unsorted about how attitude is just poor judgment batch on sale is a direct attack against the government of God in us you are allowed to have a long as possible and forsake the one outfits out it would culminate that person trying to do no of his highest expression sin is an attempt on the life of God of rituals that certain is an attempt to pupil how we do that in many little ways we try to kill consignments and remove you from our lives that is not just bad judgment since if homicidal towards thought it is hard for us and that's what Adam did he send against the by sending a disability is even more conventional things comfortable for something else because the Bible is clear that all wistful choices it is not for me that is informing evidently he must govern with me is these about traveling with me if staff when a chance to talk to from Genesis to Revelation the same against all about the cooperate with another atom he was the devil against God that's an and so the penalty for that is this book about the death today is the second death almost as soon soon the Bible says this transmission of Baltimore for straws of the three or four it needs transgression of Baltimore but Boswell has always been in place because his law is a reflection of themselves will is the foundation of the government of New Orleans which is the ruling power in the universe but resume again on seeing all the foundation of his document which is the ruling power every unit was but it has been sound if you made the jump of twenty five four six statement body of Moses instructions for construction of the central piece of furniture in the tabernacle I see the central has a lot of up all that happen all the services were actually focused on the art of what they are represented and what it contains because it contains that which was violated that's possible support six twenty five the Bible said about supplicant of the art the testament which I should give the testimony being the ones you asked me how my go that extra thirty one verse eighteen the Bible says the Moses when he had made an end of communing with the problem of sign I told tables of testimony tables of stone written with the finger of God the ten Commandments out of testimony one of the testimony of testimonies like this but that's a lot of a statement supporting something that ten Commandments are testimonies of the whole blog is what he stands for his comments out there testify on the current of thought they are a witness of the goodness of God the righteousness of God the holiest of God the ten Commandments are a sacred has bought himself a bit on the foundation of his own sin was an attack against the foundation it was an attack against Gordon and so I am trying to Pitt said in the opening a picture as I possibly can when you think about little pseudo- lucid what is little attempted to them and use a small garden small knife assembly full of poison what is a small attempt to kill someone see if the template was like that when the government this is what Satan did this is what Adam did in cooperation with the power that originally attacked all the domestic violation of God 's law attack against both of the penalty for that is there not just the death which we die every day but the second death from which the is no return over talking about the signs of the Resurrection not simply death not the death of anyone because an angel could not come in thy I'm sure the Angels one of the common diabetes of Jesus Christ because they love I am so general the highest age of one of the common guy but sin is so greedy as the payment for sin has to be met by someone equal to the law but soon went against your kids how how horrible sin is by who hung on the cross usually this was not equal to follow this was the God who created the heavens and the hope that re-create at the federal penalty for sin that tells of how horrible scene is unhelpfully the price that has to be paid the desk of one member of the Godhead Jesus Christ in human form informed of meeting it will die of course able to be tempted so Jesus came you live and die there something was in the death of Christ was enough to form officials across is that the diagnosis of evidence of that is all Jesus had to do was died with no need for him to get a certain segment if all that was necessary for Jesus to die there was no need for him to come from to bring prepared from the grave using the death of Jesus Christ is the penalty for sin he paid it when it died but now he has to give us power to live free from the power of sin that power is his resurrected life are you following me it is resurrected life is a mystery in California how can I does not read himself but that's what Jesus Lovato said the father racism because of all the awful right-handed data when heated but Jesus was resurrected life provides the power to live victoriously after we have accepted the payment policies is that most of them of the Bible is the wages of sin is death site I haven't it applies how shall we live by my life if we are justified by his death was observed by his life maltose as a Jesus came up from the group responsible that now Paul is at pains to make a play that the resurrection actually happened less like all the subject the science of resurrection but if it is left is the first review fifteen resound with over three prescriptions for the first three visits both speaking to a church without a problem with the doctrine of the resurrection therefore there was no resurrection there is no resurrection there is no possible though possible no salvation where all is lost Christ is not even written from within wider than before some of which I also received says Paul how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was ready and I rose again the third day according to the Scriptures was fine and that he was seen of C+ on fan of the twelve after that he was seen up about five hundred brethren at once the greater part of what remains of this present but some of them off flawlessly after that he was seen of James and of all the apostles and finally he was seen of me I want more out of time last of all he was suitably Paul is also playing his witnesses to prove that Jesus Christ came up from that great of the Bible tells us in first Timothy chapter five verse nineteen will need to turn their attendance on elder receive not an accusation except before two or three witnesses affordable tools network that linger on witnesses against compelled anyone who was an elderly church in Israel and Elizabeth are developments you you cannot make an accusation against that now all Batman unless you have to offered people with the Bible for Biju and if you run in nineteen fifteen the Bible says not candid funny stop at the bath on the testimony of one witness to seventy six in the mop up to other witnesses shall he that is worthy of death but the death of the mother one witnessed yet shall he not be put to death a man in the days went on how does the opportunity he couldn't not be put to death based on the testimony of one witness who have to be at least dual authority John I Jesus from four thirty the right number for something Jesus gives all goals will witness the fact that he what all the talk about John the Baptist many thoughts about the miracles that he did then he goes on it his father was a witness metaphor thirty nine this because I witnessed to serve descriptively then you think you have eternal life of the other which testify of me then four forty five forty seven most days of the John a Fort did he himself of the witnesses being all seven addresses them they must be witnesses for something to be established the fact at five thirty two Peter says and we are witnesses of these things and so also is the Holy Ghost talk about events of the conference because then we are witnessing the Holy Ghost of the witness on requires the testimony of witnesses the rights of his abilities revealed apart from the law being witnessed by the law and the prophets the prophets witness the righteousness apart from works Paul is calling witnesses and verse five first with his fifteen and he was seen of ceaseless friend of the twelve as one witness we think if you don't believe me go talk to Peter after that he was hit of about five hundred brethren at once they also have Jesus Christ at the same time so each foursome can check the other person starting if you does not appear to them individually each was a good of the individual account how eyewitnesses report accidents these forces is something to eyewitness accounts a very unreliable recordable line one absolutely reliable because people tend to see different things on the stress or probably knows that Paul is a low five hundred people can't be wrong he's calling five hundred a few of them die by the department data this presence is often the regular season after that he at the problem Jesus then of all the apostles know it was five being a season on the twelfth and it were seven James and all the apostles hundreds of people of all events in the life of Christ the resurrection is the most refundable by that I name biblically it is easiest to establish the principles upon which it is established off scientific when you write your term paper to research before you use witnesses what are called footnotes or endnotes and you say that Linus Pauling said he put a notice of the vitamin C as you say that Ben Carson said that the research of pediatric neurosurgery at Sunset annual call up cloud of witnesses that you present your pick and get in it because it is rapid disillusionment you what else let us while Paul doesn't think he was a thought most of the people five of the six hundred why because Paul is desperate at the resurrection actually my wife is necessary I told you in my Apollo Hospital he improvised the power to develop that talent that will also draft that have been unchanged when Jesus comes the changes our body is good within seven three but sometimes if using to talk to get excited all you have to do is I'll see you the camera will catch you I will know you means especially English is not to for what I can't get excited one hundred news resume letter like that notice I will slow down if I can afford to based on the swift passage of time that I said Philippians what's up with that I say what verse items but it'll decide the verses twenty three for selected balls is for our conversation is in heaven meaning of citizenship exist for something impossible to brethren use this example for me I might might my apostles using it was twenty seven Y for our conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the city of the Lord Jesus we shall do what she did how will our bodies with this one but it might be financial according to want his glorious body according to the working whereby he is able to subdue even all things unto himself a say when she is no way I can frame him because when he comes he will change the wireless body we will undergo an immediate bodily phase out the power of God he was asked to change the body pulse that is the sampler only do you have the whole the end you'll divorced again whereby it would even subdue all things of himself plus if one simply innovative multifunction power the power of life of flour at the side of the road unfurling its colors on releasing its aroma it does not by the controlling power that originate from the creator himself this is the very problem that all you was in such transformers in the twinkling of an eye it is the same power he uses to sustain us as we take this walk is the resurrection power of Jesus Christ the problem open him hello to uphold the grade for power over death and the Palo Alto all those things that stand out reply to even call ourselves as the power to create from it the great number ten of the enemy to tell out if the resurrected life of Jesus Christ MetLife comes to answer me when we by faith receive Jesus Christ my beloved brothers I'm trying to get across you as clearly as I can there is power available from Christ to relive now as if we are already in heaven let me repeat that millions of people what have quickly in a nice man someone else most of some else in life if someone else Jesus is a mammoth life somebody said Amanda Jesus as a human being it is also about what he said human being Paul sent this one may have every bottomlands the man Christ Jesus Colossians two horse mine in him to the fullest of the body bond is the price is now glorified human flesh but human listings there was is there and was resurrected when Christ came from the grave before twenty elders of others whether they often help out how do you think they live by what law by what principle of his laws and laws in the three words for him as well as the you that's all the past are you with that all of whom role in heaven has met with little most of the violated the Bible says in a first-round three verse eight the criticisms of the devil for the Devils Senate from the beginning was the law the angel several centimeters outdoors for her boss but not the Angels that settlement talks about how this has been cost of living from it all from everlasting to everlasting God a move that will change assist others I want if that is all fine is the standard by which people 's lives now it is the standard by which I'm supposed to I need help because I am not long ago mindful that time living PC you need help to limit you go to doing so once I felt very life of Christ Christ demonstrated the power of his life by crashing through hell the grades and he gives you that life of faith and through his work as a house that given through his word the resurrected life of Christ the revitalizing crisis life of Christ the life of Christ is given control of his word John seven six fifty one Jesus said I am the living bread which came down from heaven if anybody noticed that he shall live forever on the bread which I will give is my flesh which I would if the life of the Joseph was told among themselves they how can this man give us his flesh twenty three December the at the first of us automatically does not have walked the life of a landslide he said that for the great work that I speak of you they are spirits of the online that is resurrected life and work of God why do you think about what you'd use of Visio have no time for this but like most of the colossus of the fruit was long if ye then be risen with Christ is risen with Christ if so on the college with client I think you'll enter into his resurrection that's why Paul said that I may not have the power of his resurrection and even be risen with Christ if you might have entered a stream about resurrection power seat will think with our about because that's what life is not a change of mind it is the thinking admits of spiritual beings unless I come from spiritual things on video games on who wears walk on the red carpet who divorced them in whatever the spiritual things because now we are spiritual beings in the flesh 's about spiritual power I think it is the same power that allow Christ to bring all of the tool and assumed glorious glorifying and that power I repeat with tedium is available to all of my beloved brothers and sisters as we go about our business you are and I we alternate with the consciousness that while we do not have the appearance of angels we know how the glow on their faces but we have this standard no hearts we must live like we are in heaven before we enter heaven with a repeater when Jesus comes I thought agendas about first revisited fifty one behold I sure missed original models which will be changed in a moment and that the human eye it shows how this algorithm visualizations but is corruptible must put across and this mortal must put on immortality the happening of a human eye but which has been developed on the inside like is untouched because the transmission occurs before Jesus comes Christ is coming to save everyone he's coming to collect the same unfolding he is coming to get goal is to have call on all being transformed by his resurrected life both as like as Christ was risen from the grave by the glory of the father even so we ought to walk in newness of life both units of life the resurrected life of Jesus Christ now he came up with the resurrected life and the glorified body we have the same week Bobby but it costs to exist that glorified life is left in this week okay we can have the glory of God that is what God does I have vandalized us to follow of the gospel in a single pleasant fantasy life of Jesus Christ and possibly is and I said ask outside of Christ and following him will can be seeing at the righteous life of Jesus Christ is what Jesus says in John fourteen responded twenty one hundred and comfort with that will come to Dublin one of the world students you know more because I live you shall live also a validation on the other my father gave me I heal was not possible because his life is there is no need my beloved brothers and sisters to be trapped we there is power available to office the other combine military powers of the earth do not understand I will never have events of power that counsel 's death itself of that power is the resurrected life of Jesus Christ without life we have the power to the counter he developed before he died the question is do we want that life all on our taste buds so corrupted by secularism a materialism that we really have no desire for the life of Christ now we desire a decent life I said I'd give you decent life you don't decry subsidies in person they a lot of decent if he is running around the place that are available serve sitting underneath it you can tell it on Rob will shoot you little original steel steel outcasts don't know that but I have nothing to do with God like they were assaulted to work there was but they have the ability bought a regard help people like him and also to know the open door for lady but I need God 's help the Muslim will say something I need both out on the life of saving the life of Christ Micro Center didn't like me as I put available to book this is available are you fascinated by the possibility of living the life of Christ so that's my study I wonder to myself is four minutes eight is it possible that someone seemed to be listening to me Wolf feels really no need for Christ I hope not what I wonder is someone listening to make all fear the thought was the big thing okay if you feel that come up often enough room inside because you are in mortal danger the Christian gives every date with a deep sense of the need for Jesus Christ 's memos frowning he has to come up for air quality the people I can have these shots they love that's how we did I mean she is I like how set myself I found one of the upright life I need the resurrected life of Jesus Christ the statement on the visit was there with me tonight on the best of his first amended appreciative message for you you mean that but because of the leukosis involves work I try to stay as ghostlike Edwardsville distraint is to be then presented the waters of government meant by manage how many of you will see Jesus father we pray to the following and with Jesus father I want that resurrected powerful life of Jesus to work in me you will save from your heart without trying to impress anyone could you stand up please I'm I may just have all the time the movie also made progress is a preliminary middle about me to send over three if those requests you sent out like this use of depleted please is well with you I'm strengthened myself New York December is if someone here who has a particular spiritual battle and need special prayer to minister eight a particular spirit all a particular spiritual battle and you need special prayer Richard Vogel normally corrected quickly writer on a spring on bless you congregants rest of us has but I suppose I'm either brothers as I wait for your comments and I'll license the right progress to come over and about with Ms. I pray for God 's people and one thousand four three our fathers have I come to the quiet moments after trying my best to deliver the word of God your word of you have come in response of the call that I have made I believe that your direction father we have one struggle of another and we want power the power is available for free outfitters holding on Jesus Christ whatever he says and believing it allowing it to live us outside the name of Jesus I ask you now because you're not willing that any should perish but literary all PowerPoint exports will move requesting special intervention for Sun 's brutal struggle of one kind or another more the name of Jesus help them to understand the power comes like Shirley with all their heart and soul online on my constraint and understanding and embracing Jesus as a real person would know someone desires the same length and understands the more let us embrace him tonight by faith in his word what may work in our lives change our minds and our greatest joy maybe spiritual things the things that are above remember the rest of us aren't ready to go have mercy on us you'll set of Psalm one oh three four thirteen eighteen North I will friend you remember that we're dust you'll know how weak will fall it will last if excusing understand supply that powered help us move and all this is why the officer groundwater blasts out of Sodom is out of the more I pray and save us real this prayer in Jesus name and for his signet Oglesby will say a man


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