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How to Read Your Boyfriend's Mind

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 25, 2005
    12:00 PM
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the small sparsely populated town fruited within two men who drew toward that into houses one is dead in the middle room in one house one man is lying at the foot of the stairs is dead he's cold rigor mortis has said the other house a man is lying on the floor dismembered disemboweled fifteen bullet wounds several struggling to what looks like a hunting knife arms cut off off strip naked in these lying in congealed blood the third corpse little girl five years old run over by a car like a pumpkin the police come Gloria's house they secured a crime scenes the same investigative officer investigating officer goals one house to the next the dental industry of first house is he's a man of the bottom of the stairs cold terms of over sees a discoloration of the base of the skull and concludes the neck is broken in a season piece of the banister from the stairs broke off the map probably fell down the stairs hit his head investigating officer goes upstairs see signs of a robbery drawls pullout things total EC signs will struggle it includes manslaughter also nice house the man whose dismembered disemboweled him Scott all seventeen bullet wounds stabbing no sign of a struggle evidence of a board during the concludes first-degree murder it also streets them to Christ there's a massive and on the sidewalks funding he supports he was driving across country can hardly speak English scared to death investigator measures the distance of the tire tracks remembering he looks at the posted speed limits of the seas fortified abyss on his experience he judges that the speed at which the car was traveling was within the limits of any season of the driveway clearly from versus literal K is a steep slope of the lives of the mind of tricycle and dental breaks and he concludes accident all suspects a cost of course is that the judge all three stand before the judge in the case of a man with a broken neck of the base of the stairs the judge charges that man with second-degree murder in the case of Amanda 's member horribly insulted staff the just charges that set offending man with the cease first-degree murder in the case of the tourist unable to express himself as together turbulent the judge tells and you go for on what basis of these decisions made all three people are equally dead this is one difference in the fact that the undead wising one is hard with first-degree murder and one with Madison one one six three the judges interviewed by a reporter from a Christian magazine reporter wants to know how can the judge who personifies fairness but one manager to pro-life first-degree murder is one that ten years since the open and free the judge says on the basis of the corpses conditions are met at the base of the spheres we concluded taking the surprise of February two he supplies the birth of a panic trying to get away this trouble viewing of the house failed to keep his head the burglar did not go to kill Peterson and to steal in an effort to get away the owner of the house was to second-degree Atlanta my sentence to life he also came to steal both the Muslims the trolls to fill the hole on it there was no struggle you when the commencement address and drive them out of his bed he shocked that he really wanted that he's shocked because he had a six show and about Inc. and board walls the shot him again that he's ready man came with something in his heart on the basis of what was in the is my I charge him with first-degree murder that man I said free the par barstools he was with the Bruce this driver told us the Boudreaux could not stop at bike it was an accident pure and simple he had nothing in his heart against that girl is hot with your he was obeying the speed limit she made a mistake the pillows my cousin wanted I will carefully and as a result of that goes free workplace a little role has something cold moments of subject is comfortable for our order governs our or your husband thought all your professors are there's something in the law of the land called intense and then letters are investigated all crimes are investigated the same vanity of a crime is attached to the presence of malice and intent as on the basis of the horrible death of the second cost content disemboweled in addition remembered the judge ruled that there was evidence of intent but the intent is not in the Clark's intent is not in the wound the intent was in the offending person 's heart are you listening to me the Maoists that horribly killed man and it was done with malice of forethought by the Maoists is not a call from my list is in the person committed a crime the law of the land Isaiah seeks to judge what's going on in the heart of the criminal that men want away but was released and probably so the evidence suggests that there was no malice in his hearts no intent to harm or hurt then release my question to you would as their phone all the man can search the heart in an attempt to properly assess a crime the law of the land search is the heart and what is found in the heart is the final determinant of whether this is murder manslaughter or accidental homicide what is in the heart if the law of the land to build that now I ask you how much mold liminal moment of Falluja before they're very nice people who were held never broken one law of the land drive the speed limit good taxes for the Salvation Army Red Cross conduct benefit concerts reduce scholarships to disadvantaged youth all his outdoor things in the world admires him regards as the basis for the awarding of medals that person comes up in the judgments in prison says Lord of final prophesied in thy name thereby name have cast out devils in thy name done many wonderful works and achieves with this class allows most part he says the pop from me I will ye that work walked in office is extremely serious how can God obsess God works asking of the read someone's heart the Bible tells us how in equity the online all righteousness does not lie in the behavior witnessed me that the righteousness to people the Temple to give an offering of Jesus is sitting in the Temple and is wanting there comes a policy is so rich he also served Zakaria 's money they dump all this money of the offering plate loud noise and people try to associate with our seats giving out a large offering that could wipe out the national debt and Jesus looks at it and he is not divinely impressed that a little old lady come loose on the stick leaning and she has a diet full of Caesar and she comes trembling as she drums and I refunded the inmates but that is heard in and she comes up out of his chair by Henry D'Angelo 's upper body of a woman doesn't always take action goals by public tumble not one has seen no one can but God comes off the throne of the Angels of having available to specify why and because that came up on it have nothing to do with the amount the righteousness of the gift was assessed on the basis of the heart from which it came when safety of the day listen carefully to me whether of thing is good or bad depends on the heart from which it comes but Scripture as we perceive how the richer boyfriends heart is unlimited someone Mark chapter seven verse twenty Mark chapter seven first twenty the Bible says any say in that which cometh out of the man that is highly the man coming Jesus has come trusting external with internal because the fallacies were in effect because the disciples would eat without washing to head the size of the Google of houses were careful that Deputy did not proceed from the outside the inside Christ is trying to tell them that impurity is within Muslim Matthew thirteen Matthew twelve Ms. Weaver thirty three Matthew twelve thirty three the Bible says either make the tree good and his fruit good allows registry corrupt and his fruit corrupt because that Cheri is not how my fruit now we have to all things hit the tree and the fruits such three is owned by the firm that's free to suggest by the fruits and the fertile comments out the tree next verse world generation of vipers how can he be able speak good things for out of the abundance of what the heart is in the mouth is not how to redo more than talk what anyone's heart listen to what they say and watch what you do my favorite writer says thought words and actions review thoughts and motives did you have a worse as actions revealed thoughts and motives because the law of life one of them is we cannot separate what we go from what we are we can try to disguise six we can try to camouflage but ultimately at some point sooner or later for I am with a month from when I say I want I do if someone prayerfully and this listens to me I'm observed my behavior you Wii remote high because Gore performs people to be transparent out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking and since you have a girlfriend notices a woman for me good prayer was you talk about this he left the talk about Jesus or she knew what it's like to do is use if you wanted to try to get you when you have that reverses you got a boyfriend six three two forty almost yeses that have mercy and to have some annual sales mark this is you say this is all that were ambitious of all settled by God out of the abundance of the hottest night of trying to raise the hot and watch multiplied minutes because we're born with a supreme ability to disguise the devil came not with the devil became looser but if he had he listened carefully she would've no that's not the serpent speaking that's the devil let me tell you the devil comes to us sometimes in the skirt at the Jay's outfit in a tight pants that I will come sometime soon bare chest comes in many forms sounds him as he is but we detected by what is said and what is not and a prison on the lens by which we judge what is said and what is done is this because out of the abundance of the heart a pooling that that was not any violence that long often you will not have bought has set up at the hot accounts of the methods that when one is the one that limits you must momentum I have a lot more to say this for service is to wet your appetite tonight I mostly Matthew basis seven verse fifteen beware of what false prophets which come to you how is she just moving but what are they seek false profits for false prophets but this is coming this seems to only does not alter the fact that their false prophecies that's why if we want America brands is the false prophet will come but inwardly they are walked ravening wolves it wouldn't simply means the heart the sheep 's clothing what they say about it do listen I have seen students come to individual medical school on the day of the interview I would swear they were angels only missing a pair of wings until they were elected on the first confidence from the over couple more points as you would dismiss the person I observe this part is that interviewing committee and if the samplers and by the person out on this guy 's but no circumstances like a highway has gone in the sky and the parcels have a neck and reality and when he or she really wants this is a law that we cannot read some autoantibodies and I want to go on mine because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth must speak which is within color that comes out the main government written forms of these officials even so every good tree group of good fruit but a corrupt tree bring forth evil fruit about three are you listening to me are you listening to me over output three cannot bring forth evil fruit at a corruption we will bring forth fruit was seasonal say and I'll come running hot producers on the event which is evil normal memorable Jesus going to be a cumbersome public ultimately I'm not referring to them Jesus told the Pharisees the prostitutes get to heaven for you and/or the public to have heard about the heck I'm talking about those whom I had a chance they had a possible have some of those of him and reject the outcome what ad hoc only produces evil I look at how many millions of those who give through the pediatric hospital you set yourself up against on and refine you do is an evil act that comes against soul lies in the eyes of the reserve of the Congressional medal of honor in the eyes of module five government is intentional to cause out lied about everything you can't get out of evil heart in the world is good but one has a different standard by which he defines good I will think you're going to send them sit again if you're one most people I want those people who hear the truth and rejected the heart mass-produce his evil you can't do one good thing if the heart is not good but the dynamite is I cannot make my heart good to all my stock I want a little sidewalk was you will love someone and I tried off and on and I'm going through and that is because my heart is not right but I unanimously nominated by right of seventy million percent of your enemies and judgment on appointment and won't says he got the role of the pediatric ward of Loma Linda Children's Hospital and I sing but it's out of my right I lived now he comes across to me Jesus Christ accepts the possible the heart is are gone gone rights because life will talk to the heart of a compound of the Spirit of God is the spirit producing good to go as desserts try something since last upsets of all charged as I a lot right why because I wanted out of the car comes by faith on combo things are excluded the angels sang when the weather message I thought about how to become the hot has been mingled by the power of Jesus Christ I am saying to you and me in the heart is not right every thing that initials from Black Hawk is not good my goals grid standard the standard that we couldn't quickly admitted he will attend by whimsical how do I fix that what makes my heart a source of that which is good when Christ by the power of the agency of the spirit rights is a law on my heart is gone does not visit is in the hole that you would like an effort to open faith and gold design is that the good thing is if you just will force is difficult and if I criticize several faces a backlog of cells is a gift of God not of works lest any basketball fall we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus all the ones I already excited from its out-of-date you should go bot has to fall and that we should walk in them but there produced out of a heart made right by the transforming grace of Jesus Christ what God wants us to sit where you sit is your heart you must be a vegetarian in your heart you can eat all the grass was salad dressing makes absolutely no difference at all if you're not vegetarian any off our meeting in conformity with the ten Commandments particularly successive that's where it begins and you are restless on those expressed in you'll see a woman with carbs and you want out of through the technical written on a hot and you see the cross of Christ behind the defaults are ordered according to a new move on is he a man coming out of the gym the flag off of eyesight you been watching through the ten Commandments the hearts you must come back tonight so I can explain exactly how that is done as we leave you with this Psalm sought a message that if the heart is not right every thing we do all is not right because the action comes with this time of the heart that God desires to make a hearth right but that is something that the process that makes us right is a process we must go through every day because Apollo X our heart is a sample of the tapes it's like you want back the power that makes me like kids right size and the process of being made rights because the devil never takes a vacation will be applied to make us wrong I want to come back to my I have things to say don't have the time please come back tonight but such books of proof in the mind obligor bonus eligible start company federal drivers adequate on the island to try publishing and what about the vegetables for the name of Jesus I come to you fast you urgently please will open the eyes that we may see that we need transform hearts transformed parts that everything that comes out of those parts of it please you because the vital power while everything is about every eyes closed and he met a woman with a God I need a transform hearts I want my heartstrings if you will see that I want to them I want my heart as already said you need a fast talking some as well I suppose more to the Muslims accept the responses genuine I expected J had heart more than the minimum Jesus responded to a request that if I started other than his father why the agency of your split begin the work of plans for me some of our hearts our hearts may become the fleshy tablets on which normal is written anymore maybe the source of life on his life as you reside according to Romans seven verse ten glasses followed that is the business can't just look at lots button remote with you and bring us back tonight I pray please Jesus member for his sick problems people say a man


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