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How Safe is Safe Sex?

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • February 26, 2005
    11:00 AM
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our subject today how safe is safe sex in our society today young and old are neutrally bombarded by sexual images on television radio advertising billboards it seems as if the advertising executives have concluded beyond retraction of the most effective way to advertise any product is to do so in the context of sex and so if you want to sell a car of a scantily dressed woman standing next to if you want to sell anything as suntan lotion of a woman in a bikini with its popular vacating if you want to sell a house up half naked woman standing with one of the other scientists though in code sex if you want your movie to be a blockbuster let's will transmit prominent sex and violence by speaking the truth yes I have every music video is useless unless there's a half dressed woman redoing them squiggly in a much longer so yes I am Christian seeing nothing wrong I can't tell you how many times my stomach has been upset by Gary a Christian sake or that doesn't bother me that young woman Leon Brawley I'm an adult wanting an R-rated movie doesn't bother me can affect adults I know what's right and wrong the devil sits back in the Susan Gordon I like people with that kind of attitude if he keeps it up he is my father she keeps it up she is mine when I say in a wall world where we are bombarded with sexual images on my walk down from where I stay Ridgemont Boulevard is a bus stop there's some weight-loss program and have a large picture woman in a bikini the Sioux benefits of the Bible because health is a spiritual matter but there's a woman at McKinney if your motivation socialites and we in this world my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters we need to understand that if I will go hearts are not up twenty four hours a day seven days a week we will be affected the fall leadership and conducted by the environment in which we know if our bar is not up twenty four hours a day but we showed what public gardens somebody seated men for both large wheels the people of the book what Apple on our defense is also the precious treasures in the writing of woman writing home to see in heaven alternate and wine I always am glad in the last was alive she would've had more rebukes from either geographical people combined but I want to see you in heaven are right changes are part of the that God has given us we also believe that we can take on the devil one-on-one we must not believe we can take on the dental organization together that will weekend on Wii fit on the devil platinum arm of Jesus Christ himself how safe this reflects I was about to complete your evangelistic effort in all the city forgotten of you have been a town called Leo two hours from the Sudanese border Avenue transit was held in a square grassy square surrounded by little markets tolls of how I stood to preach I can see a billboard on the Billboard was an advertisement for condoms and images of young men and young women smiling and I was having a good time on the message was of course safe sex Christians must have another definition of safe sex the world cannot define success for us we must define safe sex for the wireless for the sake of the salvation of the other preservation of all the lies that have been lost because people follow the walls view of safe sex and we have a definition on whether we apply all is not that saves lives physically and finished informing said sex as promulgated the promoted by the world is not concerned with your spirituality is concerned perhaps of the Centers for Disease Control endeavored to know the statistics of deaths from AIDS infections or STDs will of the steps about some of Minnesota can say we are winning the war let's go to Genesis chapter two as we double check also for British Open turnoff accidents happen God bless you Dennis is seven two oh reading from verse twenty three was refer speaking forced as we continue also subject to this morning how safe is safe sex and forsaking of Genesis to a Bible says the Lord Bob said it is not good that man should be walk alone I will make him help on help me for him God understands that's people do not like to be in we desire and we crave and long for companionship in various forms and God is not opposed to it but it has rules that regulate the expression of the need for companionship he has rules and contrary to popular opinion golf rules are designed for our and the Bible says in verse twenty one of the Lord boat called the deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept I took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh there often the rib was a log on the date of command if you woman and brought front of the man of Adam said this is now born of my bone and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man at first but a foregone set therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife of vague to the shelter what one flesh let me digress the first one forward in Genesis two therefore shall hold not a boy but had no voice in my witty inventive physical relations him who he was not the Google boys at leave his father and his mother you want to take someone's daughter out of her house on families young lady do you have a house of your own you have a job are your men are you able to support yourself therefore shall a man leave his father his mother is scheduled for high on your own wings as outer sleeve onto this life one man was the other part one woman saying to not find any one last thing when one woman one man one woman not to mention out of you want the set of Massachusetts does one man one woman not to men not women therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother is not pleased what was life sick again synagogue one five not my client is not is life and life the first time when the woman has been whether she is shouting mother neighbors like talking through him shall be one flesh now this one this operates at every level trust spiritual because the want to leave is the same word who was prescribed a low oneness with Jesus Christ we must need to him so that if a spiritual dimension the next leaving their hearts must be one of the Bible says that they not particularly helping out at home and was it worth it is anti- Bible because actually you have a spiritual foundation of the times of my run at the young ladies from our church will feel that this growth will get the support unbeliever young men for the sole purpose of making husbands available to themselves about it understands them I have to fault the young ladies who fall that's having a Bible study one-on-one the young man who clearly admired her would lead to both Gloria and it didn't this spiritual connection is first then there is a psychological connection lever Sam mine cancel altogether except watch maybe a great Vanity Fair is the physical union the conjugal level which in the sight of God is problem with all of relations conjugal relations physical contact between a man and a woman is in short jewels in the Bible in the context of the legal union in the eyes of God in the land of lost of a man woman what is life in the amount right now to show you that evening is also physical with all the first revisits the less reverse sixteen firms reveals authors revisited is all right first Corinthians six four six three as we consider how safe incest sex it's twenty minutes to twelve I've been informed rent ten minutes when I can think of extra minutes to support me back thank you we have first video six rail four sixteen was while saying naughty thoughts that he with his Toronto home on Harlow is what one thing out then Paul quotes Old Testament first step is liked a lot of essay for two seventy eight hundred one one bloggers wanting from Genesis to eleven forward nonsense therefore shall a man leave his father mother has treatment was likely they shall be one flesh Paul is saying the physical level when a man goes in search of all whether you like themselves up to one one five oh one concept and deficits don't matter for it is not only spiritual is not ornamental but is also physical and problem in Genesis two twenty four people first Corinthians six sixteen until you real quick before we finish up my project myself unfolding want to reverse that hundreds of the second thing because I sent your use of the undergrowth and elevated it or not but as of this Institute is no visible difference I need Christ more than you as my estimation review multiply the sort of work they are actually members risk of uterine and we need your prayers more than you think I'm a aggressive again one of resizing ministers tumble and fall sometimes it's because the church really does not pray for them I believe that's just my personal feudal prayerful man you have no right to criticize because if you let Freda what happens when an event I get back peacekeeping business volume that he which is joined to a harlot is one body for tools that he shall be one flesh I say when a man and a woman come together the prospect of his vilayet yes but only a physical left about his disgraceful to block the seventh verse fifteen of the same chapter know you not that your body 's of the members of Christ alike tells us when we read the Bible we should take it as it reads literally of course she excludes revolution Daniel was symbolic but right obviously but unless there is compelling evidence to suggest a symbolic interpretation taking as enraged not four three zero six with a annoying not that your body needs all the members of Christ Paul is speaking to the chart also by professional public themselves to Jesus Christ when a man on a woman does that you will I become the property of Jesus Christ and he has available a receipt I say sign him it is not right on these of the market is there what I want more of the symptoms of vertigo six verse twenty four year bought with a price not if we understand by virtue of Calvary we belong to God this body movement of brothers rented to see you we missed you if we believe that we really are involves possession of this body belongs to go up I have to think twice before I put petals all over what whimsical television my skin I have seen people like that if I believe I am staying at home with very fine Christian man called Doctor Fred Bischof saw Michael's so I observe how things are done in the house on a losing way so if I wash if I use a plate reflected back to my room and why don't I wash it thoroughly wash it was like to I try one as I do put it back into cover vacations because it is not my house so I follow the rules of the along the upper house the other library I wasn't about our secular literature books and become found five men like them a lot know this is not mine modify delete software he what I am saying is literally hypothecate this is not mine on the retrospect that is not yours memoir my boring to hold my tongue is a mental blast not a decision while hanging things on my goals and my tears and I know that my son as I dislike someone wanting in the car I don't like the fact that they did great I think it is not constant if you want you doing this why Glenda the contest module cards I argument is valid listen to me these bodies are not ours the bombardment I spoke of earlier from society leads many of us to abuse this body sexually and what makes it even worse the Bible says all sin the medicament of his revocable for a conference within six with either committed fornication in this instance now we're told that the excess of profits was never heard of big trucks and profits you never heard of it what if I forget to copy I will review Harold get that manicotti some nice canvas frame get him a copy of the judge and prophet passed for five total man was made to their cause image both in outward resemblance and encounter him him the address of profits before five photograph two my was made to their Gordon's image the bolt is called toward resemblance and implement physically agile look like now why did God make them look of the reasons Genesis one twenty six and the Ross said Abbas said let us make man how often our image what is the purpose of an image to look like what somebody else the original on image has no other purpose than to reflect on original are you listening to me it has no other reason for existence but the brink of the mind of Venezuela someone else now we will meet in his image physically and spiritually then how shall we behave physically in the way we do with our bodies are we reflecting golf that Achilles can not look down and say that's not what I had in mind for that but I made it look like the eye may look like me that he might be up to the other young man were misled nice evening with him for a while see the right way I intend young mentally and young women going versus the First Amendment suit that your bodies off the members of Christ shall I take the members of Christ and unmake them the members of a harlot let us take a look at a young lady inscription as a degenerative one is how safe assistance it's ten minutes to something else up to one verse twenty six I someone offered me bottom of what I didn't take it my good suite with Doctor Farnum I should've taken not is my fault my apologies thanks is a methodology size all right handsome book that helps recovery very much you have looked a lot it offers twenty six the Bible says adding the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee named Nazareth so of course I espoused to a man whose name was David of the house of Joseph of the house of David and the virgin 's name was home Mary Ann D'Angelo came another unsaid hail found that a highly favored the Lord is with the eighth best to follow among women and when she saw him she was troubled at his saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be in the Angels and of the professional community for thou hast found favor with God and behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb refocus on functional called his name want Jesus Lau areas of origin I thought about was Roger some version described as a young woman that's not good enough Paul and him not as specific as microscopically precise and said behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb bring forth a son and called his name Jesus he shall be called great shall be granted shall be called the son of the highest on the Lord loss argument in the front of his father David I decelerate on a house of Jacob forever of his kingdom there shall be no end not once read verse forty three with me thirty four then repositioned can give as you have it then said to Mary unto the angel said okay how shall this means that I said seeing I know not a Mac saw what you presently mention of the sinkhole calls in effect in one zero five seven bottles put in place a principal call cause-and-effect and it is an unbreakable principle ever calls as a lot of effect every action has a consequence and some physicists that for every action there's a lot equal and opposite reaction he got discovered what going to put their views listen to marry now as she seems to experience are required so often ready all calls in effect now a part of all woman to conceive she had to have physical contact under normal circumstances lastly multi orifice was evident she had to have physical contact with the defense arrangements long before the events of the medical science you were so all you come to you said him all on the whole although shall conceive and by war was one of the top one and bring focus on I shall call his name Jesus now remember that Angel is talking to abortion there are some things of our sin must not understand must become feelings nice job of Dumbarton male all-female acts but Genevieve means that something is not work on the fields me so married handling that sees all self-respecting young lady outside the blog Seventh-day Adventist one CRC have a child pregnant never content with a man marries evidential weight limit is withholding in midair like that you would like a hummingbird of memory looks up and marries her how can this be how can I be pregnant best effect when I have had no business with the calls which is a man matters as of yet who already knows that mother when you want it must be called in effect because I have most physical dealings with men it is impossible for me to get the Mary was shocked Gore needs more Christians would easily fill the world has hardened us nothing phases of cool cafés me know how I said what Jesus is so old that one recalling from some York recoil is just salt and recording of sin by his grace our souls can recall you from sin will see even with me Mary said that Foreman is the twelve how can this be seen on your mobile man there is no biological possibility of this happening angel you better bring me up from heaven because as things are on this earth if you looking for me to have a child out of wedlock you looking at the wrong girl this was a five -year-old girl in the angel talking big and the like imagine smarty which is allowed to create these these pictures you don't do it I can imagine I can tell smiles down of this beautiful little girl gone handpicked the master question if God was sending Jesus to be good with you as the mother momentum on coming to the men of sense data design a system came up thinking yesterday I commented let me repeat the question is God was sending Jesus to date could he find a suitable young lady enrollment in the we have the same you will do Dynamo you last left is perfect insertional problem my left to but I'm not joking could he find some such young lady if you were sending his son today over defining on it it was says only really out of my home by which one of them I wish one of my friends I'll be joining this regime I have my with my boyfriends this point about Angel I can arrange transport Leslie very long basking in the glow of moral purity the angel offering with his admiration lessor Matthew chapter one how safe is safe sex Matthew one reverse eighteen the method was a publican was another word for Republican in the Lord of faith not enough love Matthew Wallace but I'm simply saying that this audio at LaGuardia the transforming power of Jesus Christ amen I want to only allow want to I want to Jesus Kent 's last long at all I give you a place between the date of the order of the lungs of the bike on both the you wouldn't say you want remember sitting now the birth of Jesus was on this wise when as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they came together at Berkeley that expression before they came together Norris that were as follows to discuss what espouse pacifism which was more serious than that is not because the regimentation of them was almost like a horse is not a Britney Spears link five minutes late she was as follows case was closed no other men in her mind the other women in his life closest think counseling narratives but before they came to get it hadn't happened there is a popular view among modern inhabitants of the earth if this was just one person in your faithful marriage is not an important homosexuality is okay if you have one fifth if you are a monogamous practitioner of homosexual behavior it's okay just be monogamous I may have all kinds of gymnastic related to get around boss standard of moral purity of the Bible says this law they came together even bothering case with all came together that have not had physical contact she was found with child of Holy Ghost you see when you'll all I determined to do right or who you have received Mary a single the only way Angel I can have a child is in heaven posted she was found shot what is the problem with being what kind of man I would thought of the men Joseph would look on the man just all just men original writer of the two and one half adjustment and adjust men know of Mister think of joking about essentials of her husband being a just man on the way to make her a public example of these holes are now a few families and communities read about my listening skill that will talk a little women around men women anonymously special nothing hurts us more nothing hurts us that the Seattle Edward wife carrying some of the man's child you talk about here are masterpieces nothing gives Amanda Pryde is a sad looking at life I is just announced that the device might want and what is the work of another message men killed I'm listening to me when men were men going insane over that governs brand leaders was good racing of a man his first question is not if you're laboratory the interview have you spent American Natalie talk about the count of Joseph this young battle safe and Joseph a husband for smiting methods at the one being unjust that he will also must've been broken up as far as I memory young men were girlfriends is the welfare on the moral purity of the earlier first thought of you have a scorecard you compare with other bodies in social welfare young woman he also sought my living adjustment not willing to make a public example was minded to put her away how is really alternatively Joseph was concerned about this young woman was just about his wife Elin and it is my member strengths that will not matter yet he was a delight of man he does not want her to stop what you are actually was death by stoning them that's a young man to entrust your builder two maybe three men his first concern is the undisputed puberty of that young lady and he will give his life to protect he's not the one who ruins your quiet verse twenty but while he thought on these things before the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream saying Joseph thou son of David Fennell took a company that is not my fault that which is conceived as far as what yours is you shall refocus on policy and also call his name Jesus wine for he shall save his people from their sins all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was what Michael of the Lord by the prophet say before the court is out of child as Osama they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is gone with us now for all Joseph being raised from sleep did at the end of more than the name of Jacob took on the why the first chapter amplified if I would be is worth reading with McCarthy wasn't worth it apply and you are not as you will is one son called his name Jesus Johnson by now was her husband it always implement a medical experts out of certain point in the pregnancy physical relations is the possible jazz of methanol that men learn these things the Bible says he you are not his wife struggle because he understood the calling she had from heaven one could no confusion as to the form of Jesus Wallace I have an interesting story regarding a woman had physical releases of two million minutes between the two argument with twins one from each man I read that anyone with no I thought anyone the satellite will have to be careful don't touch this one all Joseph got a settlement demand this is my wife so that men will matter to you your wife has to be respected and she's not machine you are not the expression do not suggest he preserved ourselves he preserved it was his value to him as it was to go through serve test us as a pregnant virgin or reported during something like that how safe is it sixty minutes of the twelve the heart and soul of the safe sex message is use a condom hooliganism were common in the hospital right here at get the missing together to use the word sex I could respect thousand Australia years ago two years ago I use a word I said he was is a passing fancy guts because the coverage of gumption so you don't know what you can see where Google the heart and soul of say six messages you protect yourself against disease are you listening to me I'm presumably a comment and although I heard about to say that there's some microscopic organisms that can travel through certain condoms has also success in whatever you want always adjust the US that's the way something that protects you from disease is classified as soon as set out below will have a seminar on how to practice safe sex my questions about what kind of same-sex protection from the judgment of God which linkage and I hope me on these assets the Bible tells about this accident bought a really unpleasant arranges and that is not within 's retreat out of money since X is not safe unless it is approved by God God has a dual view of sexual immorality he uses it to describe the poor in Revelation seventeen of eighteen he was as fornication as a symbol of involvement is false religions of era mix of loops roles he was just forty him called fornication coming to unleash a devastating judgment on the Horton resolution seventeen eighteen hundred and twenty one percent the Bible says of four seven eight he that will shall inherit all things I would be as God and he shall be my son horse etc. what a fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and unmarred reservoir among the source of the warmongers me the sexually immoral shall have their part in the fire and brimstone this is the second revolution said it was important for favorite method of their mental instrument must have a mouth like that if you have life him and him to get into the city was that they thought without I will and will is be long gone you agree the Bible says in first revision of the six verse nineteen was Paul is a word that begins first nineteen was that word walked up almost sound shop walked out of her succeeding in life what will you not that he would destroy the heart of his long body with my dear wife not enormous her body the capital of which is anyways you have them have you not to forget what the price was pretty therefore glorify God in your body and your spirits from the first resemblance I have never met any young man young woman prayed before it you because we know deep in our hearts are often reduced that were wrong wrong my beloved brothers and sisters we're all the same flesh and blood but we have all available to us the same divine power man Jesus walked this earth the designer have used public ministry three and a half miles is a look at verses twenty three certain women followed him which were healed of evil spirits and infirmities Mary Magglio Casella levels and Joanna the wife of Herod students whose atoms many others was minister to him on substance Jesus was followed by women who gave him money they love you so much for sports not a great was a woman under love 's pure love Jesus inspired pure luck I say that Jesus was surrounded by women and Jesus kept things of your as the driven snow that's an example from me and for my brothers listening to me what ever it wants second Jesus didn't keep us I'm told by ladies that it is also without have some amenities but easy sensitive the students if the patient did he understand me is a thoughtful can remember my birthday Jesus was all of that including strong healthy compassionate and just what a woman wants unable to provide he kept himself straightened of our old shop from the Volvo himself men can we not commit ourselves to reflecting emulating copying the life of Jesus Christ let me give you the results of the scientific survey I did which means it was I'm unscientific observations most women who find themselves sexually engaged are pressured by men depression by then I'm a argument is if you love me women who seem to understand love more than we do eager to prove their love is in constitutionally more willing to believe what you say that you don't approve it again fidgeted from the quite well go find someone else approvers men God made us first was a haphazard choice there was a reason effect through May first means we carry some sort of leadership responsibility in organizations chapter five verse twenty two twenty three wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as of the Lord for a husband ahead of the life ease of crisis ahead of the church and he is walked the savior of what the body the man is the Savior of the body I'm finishing when Eve sin but to give Adam Adamson is that there is this is wrong and I love you with all my heart and more but I love God more outgoing you recorded on to confess the goal who was willing to forgive Satan and restore him to his position shortly to give you idealistically the Savior of the body what you do manner we have a solemn and serious responsibility like Joseph to preserve what God has placed in our systems everyman everyone everyman was a father by your grace give me the spiritual coverage to respect my sister 's razor module vendors are answer every woman who is a father like Mary give me the strength to preserve what you have given me regardless of the surrounding pressures result the world needs an example of finishing of several things the world needs an example of people who live together in unity regardless of so-called race the world has no example of that who were OSHA cited in the seventh after Mister for an example of schools where people respect one another and students know well able to spend so much time in so farm somewhere and maybe they learned of the regular and spirituality the world is an example of the world you find it among us will is an example of summaries of a strong like long walks against infidels of the society to work and find the world to find among us the world is this an example of a whole group of people losing almost constitutionally resist the disease in the world should find that among the world is an example of young men and young women will interact with a high degree of tomorrow to become the expectations about the wattage of light among us I won't go to bless me and you I won't go to look down upon this and be problems I will go to say about that is that of Abraham I will give you that he will command his house laughing to I will I want the devil's food residuals that this is too tough let's go bother someone I love and I will decide if angels are wasting time trying to Timberland with his young lady is full of the Bible and messages to my beloved brothers and sisters the hours with the map I want to stop by one ask your question as for your response have you understood what I said yes on the biblical yes on how to hardly talk yes on the reified by posters to do his will I believe I believe this afternoon one leave whatever we need to leave here today spiritual rubbish we need to leave that may have considered all of physical ailments so when we cross the board we are in a position for God to bless us mentally physically and spiritually I want Gore to put into your heart twice as much in line on Russia for moral uprightness in the place where we admire Jesus Denzel Washington Robinson this is like the one of the come up with what I have read him and him and I had and Rebecca and Sarah Martin Jennifer Aniston or Beyoncé I wanted to come to the place we admire what life would be like in heaven so much that we reproduce it here and now even before we get to have as all in the name of Jesus Christ all those who is a father this is my individual decision regardless of friends and family father I pledge today by your grace to respect my body in every way I want to send them on hold protocol this is one of assurance whatever your life is meant on my FO our lives have been missing what God will do God will forgive us so completely that he would look upon us as school we do listen I thought it versions of men and women if we're not virgins physically going to make this work and spiritually my forgiveness because he written goals the offense and he gives us what kind of sleet cleans so after a prayer of confession or forgive me gone should look down and see a roomful of what Marley fuel people is one that I wanted revealed as a heavy burden going to the gym doesn't give any power to carry guilt is a hefty burden is less apprehensive about every eye closed reverently there was older children father a man made of dirt have to preach the sort of message today which makes it even hard on him people made of dirt had to hear it but possibly would have it done we leave aside all condemnation and judgment and we come for cleansing father you promised solemnly in first John chapter one verse nine if we confess our sins you do not specify any sin which means any and every suit if we confess if this was just to forgive us of our sins at the classes us from all unrighteousness father women we have offended you the contents of this message I speak for all those standing of those physically unable to stand most of their hearts my voice represents them big on wit as well we have offended in the light of this we do can message we save our hearts we are sorry forgive us if God we thought we were following this pattern of the world we thought there were cute we thought we were we thought well whatever we thought we were lying in this light of your left-wing was simply the wrong and we understand how have the only safe sex that is is that which you will prove Lord we disappoint you sort of how can you possibly still be merciful but you are and so we ask in the name of Jesus been merciful one more time now and cover us in the breeding of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all save we repeat we apologize I will already and we pray that God would put into our hearts please or hatred and aversion a tendency to recoil from fact which is offensive to you it our behavior conduct we have caused psychological damage that I was out on the healing of that level as well and that is leave this place to date determined by the power of the camp Jesus Christ determined by the power that kept his mother Mary determined by the power looked at this stepfather Joseph that we will be applied in your eyes respect this point that belongs to your by the price of the blood of Jesus Christ heaven we will clean up the calls of a brother or sister to go down this slope of moral degradation father the coming of your son is in the we must be ready and you're looking for people with all its parts without we diminish this time before it without thought and influence among some behavior that is ruled by heroes they're going to be revealed when they had us cleanse us and restore us to your faithful we offer this prayer in Jesus name and for his sake that all forgiven people sit with me and then


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