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God Used It. It Worked. You Try It.

Randy Skeete


Randy Skeete

Evangelist and revivalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan.



  • March 5, 2005
    4:00 PM
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one reverse fourteen the Bible says Angola said met their new lights in the form of the heaven to divide the day from the much eleventh for signs and for seasons and days and years unleavened for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and it was so in that horse in that passage we have tool very very fundamental concepts expressed one is existence of the other one is purpose and Dawn said that's in the firmament of heaven that is existence God is bringing something into existence this is to divide the day from the much that is the purpose why they were brought into existence now the purpose logically precedes the existence in other words God has something in mind but it exists in his mind with all the fine and precise details as it subsequently exists when it takes on physical form and shape of it and is three nine mentioned I was it is complete in the mind of God God needed a formal source of light for the evidence of the son of the morning of the stars working before the weather flood when God said let there be lights was nothing haphazard about the appearance of the like the light was already here on this was all like was already done he unfairly gone by the spoken word gave expression to what was a few the purpose was fall I want these bodies to give light of things you give existence of a son moon and the stars so when God saw that it was going what don't Saul was that what was here is precisely what appeared a few are you forward that David Gordon gone all is has a purpose in mind he does nothing just for the sake of doing it what is an orderly dog subsets of a times is a daughter of purpose nor Google 's phone calls effect most of the principles he has placed in the universe and all does not I handedly violate his own principles in Genesis chapter one verse twenty six Bible says I'm bald said let us make man in our image after our likeness let them have dominion over the fish of the sea over followed beer of the capital of all the earth and over every creeping thing that could've up on their knowledge yet again we have purpose and we have existence I hope the following resisting the urge to check in at a snake man that's existence in our image thus the purpose this please if we go back to the sun moon stars friend who one thing in the context of God 's plan for creation of that is to do what good luck that's the major function of the sun moon stars they give life they also manage the division of the seasons that and before the days of the years the seasons so they do that that's what we don't regard to the creation of man it was also the precise about the purpose for mankind of the purpose is rocked the event afterwards rewards in our image we have no other purpose for being on this earth no other purpose I should see that originates with God my boss people find all kinds of purposes that ball did not have in mind but God 's purpose from creation until now is that we would reflect his image was God 's image goals and this is what Moses Solomon going into the garage merciful long-suffering gracious such as subversive apartment building for different impenitent that is Golden 's image along with creativity a sense of order last dosage progress telephone goal is of God that's the reason God made us to be I hear to reflect his image that was the purpose of the purpose was involved in mind before I do believe for me is the purpose has to be established is correct then God said having the purpose and it is mine this is why I want them to exist then God gave them life why why to carry out the purpose and no other reason but the repeater we read we live from God 's perspective for one reason only that is to reflect the image of God in all that we do out of it working in regarding to dresses and keep it was to reflect the image of God was not also given dominion which is also a reflection of God because God has ultimate dominion over the entire universe of vivid tells us a second Sunderland twenty three first for he that Ruth must be just rooting in the fear of God he that hath dominion must be just exercising up to one million in the film of blood being always conscious if I was supervisor overview of the Department of pediatrics I must exercise that supervisory responsibility with the conscious this supervisor in the Department of eternity unimaginable to him with a visit with the introduction of sin with the greatest curses people can have is to have power over other people what God is out of the minute I was unfollowed and I was supposed to exercise that dominion the week gone himself would do it because in Lynch its purpose is to reflect and to bring to mind a higher perfect original this also means that if I missing some embarrassment all of us we exist for the purpose that comes from us we exist for no purpose that is of our invention I was extreme but it is true all that are supposed to do and maybe must be traced back to Genesis one twenty six and twenty seven goals in which have dominion that's the reason why God gave us existence of our existence how we use it must be a perfect match with God 's purpose so that God could see that it is one good having said that when goblets of our lives today on what we've chosen to do with them and don't see the good we have to shake his head as if that's not what I had in mind for that some of my he has gone the way of the world and is interested for my original design when Jesus was on this earth he never lost sight of the purpose that brought him to always try to get to the right of the left the one thing on the other Christ was stabilized by the consciousness of his purpose it was a consciousness of never slept some man spoken of in chapter twelve verse thirteen unless the one of the company said that I must speak to my brother but he divide the inheritance with me he said of him than me made me a judge of a divider over you what does Jesus say that I don't care if your brother is selfish all Christ is saying my purpose is not to settle inhabitants issues unrelated to be very good at what our promises are a will be pulled in a house on different directions to please people by God 's conviction and because of other people my purpose in life is to do what I do you also need a presence in the general conference I would tell you know things enough for gold but only where I would accept the minutes of the position in any organization is to use my influence to make sure that the entire structure under my administration aligns itself with God 's purpose for some references other than that I don't want my purpose is to stand sent I will not let anyone offer me anything that reflects from the path of the purpose God has made known to me we all have the same common purpose in the sense reflect the image of God but God requires that reflection in different paths for different people for you it may be medical work for someone else it may be architecture someone else a primary school teacher the vital question isn't whether his doctor dentist Moya felt like the question is how I taken into nice old the reality originating from heaven but I am on this earth not for any purpose of my own but football website insanity then God can direct me in the paths along which I must reflect his image above is given to every one of us life the county out on England in July 's purpose to ministers and gone has purposes but a different one from the other even though they both preaching his purposes of golf has an individualized approach to his creatures with repeat golf has given each one of us life to carry out the purpose about the most important thing to us to us must be the preservation of the integrity of the purpose in our lives having said that take the bridge of the evangelist it should be our desire to carry out the purpose of long as we possibly can until the ultimate goal which is everything brought back on the goal 's control of the person of Jesus Christ until that comes to be our desire should be Lord give me life is going to work and work and work as someone said I'm sorry I don't have I would have one life to give my country must be sought we have just one life to give the ball since August the seventh year 's account of my purpose then in the interest of the purpose that God chose Shamil protect the quality of our lives does not the purpose of going benefit more if I'm healthy that if I only see God has something for me to do I would did you say he has such messes up I want but I can't get very far because I'm always sick and sickness is a violation of the roles that brought us put in place that we may remain in prime condition to carry out his purpose and so God 's purpose for me sufferers because I am sixty and I'm simply because of my sin on someone else's sin or both my desire for health must not be so I can live a long time to see my children grow up that's good but be my primary reason for wanting to be healthy my primary reason for good health television I can work hardly you are among the first of money in fact being my primary motivation my primary motivation must be I preserve my health for two fundamental reasons because if I'm healthy I can do most work well on a healthy body is a part is also a reflection of the count of Jesus Christ and Eliza Jesus was never sick of it seventeen after you heal those who do not possess that it might be fulfilled himself took our infirmities on their course since the Gospel views of disease of the body as it deals with disease of the soul and so some of us are sick today unless one of my regular questions and don't answer me why are we sick is it a small and what I think someone told me is called the basis of Los Angeles is its absence of clean water to drink or is it all for Jesus at work while it is what they are my cometh when no man can work I want to reflect on doctors about the life-saving work to do that exempt them temporarily some people work two jobs one of the day one at night the night was Bob's choice for a time to sleep Jesus said work while it is day for my Congress why does he use the symbolism because he was the one who arranged the evening and the morning when the first day of the dark part of the day is sleeping time when we quietly advancing all the body suffers and sometimes it suffers beyond the point of recovery because no law gone however seemingly insignificant can be broken with impunity just does not happen the Scripture of the Bible says John ten thirty five Samuel the broken we need to make a pledge today because going 's power is not a Band-Aid for our disobedience if we think that we are dealing very unfairly with God we need to make a pledge that we will indeed by his grace and intensify our awareness that this physical and mental has been entrusted to us entrusted to us for the carrying out of goals purpose health is a sacred director it is not a matter of the vitamin industry it is a sacred biblical concept of slavery read in Revelation twenty one verse four but also like world tears from their eyes there shall be no more death sorrow nor crying neither shall they be any more pain but as the pain of cancer who rheumatoid arthritis the video some degenerative disc in the lower back the pain of whatever this normal pain because God wants us to get back to the original it on Jesus believed in the original book is closed leaving him about the first focus is given nothing like the Lord is it lawful to put aware my wife for every calls Jesus said to them stumble Fred that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female and civil discourse lamented father mother as of Johnson's life of vision on the twain shall be one flesh before they're no more twain but one flesh what therefore both joined together let no man put asunder of the Québec why did Moses then command to give her a writing of the enforcement of the cutaway Jesus said to them Moses because of the hardness of the heart suffered them to put away a wife but from the beginning twice he takes them back to the beginning because bonds arrangement in the beginning before the corruption of sin Jews desire is to restore the original arrangement gone has always had his eyes on the idea it has not changed Revelation twenty one walks on I saw a new heaven with your the first one that was corrupted passed away and going goes back to the original idea will soon knows this enables the window in a sinful world we must live by the principles of the idea because that's what Jesus means when he was appealed to the subtle question about divorce Jesus said will back the weight was to find runs is what he said hast thou not read the majority different than prophets Jesus to read Genesis hast thou not read it don't answer me when we many questions that I possess many of them not all of many of the result of the fact we don't read so we don't believe that the site would conclude by reminding us we here for a purpose the purpose is summed up in three words in our image having settled the purpose in his mind God brought Adam and Eve into existence for the carrying out of that purpose Jesus kept his purpose always before him as a ledger through twelve thirteen to fourteen with a massive speak to my brother that he divided headlands with me GE said to him verse forty the group twelve man who made me a judge on a divider over you Jesus knew what his father had made him by assigning him of responsibility he came to review the far left was a sex toy made him that if I'm expressed about the body to send you to settle disputes what does that so Jesus it may be a judge you you know I can't let you this slide one hundred to go you'll settled that looks questionable and submit whatever you are professionally regular blog of the customs of society gone on the irresistible impulses of the culture and major we walk professional Jesus was clear I was not sent to be a judge or video are defined that's not my work the work you and I do is that the work gone originally had for us attached to the reflection of his image or is the work we do on expressions of our conformity to what society says is necessary to have a certain status of the occupied a certain social economic niche I'm asking no evidence the line of study are currently contemplating is it in line with God 's purpose for you are is in line with what most people do I suspect we have no idea how drastically we have trusted from the purpose God has for us but assuming with generosity at all of us I engaged in activities that are perfectly in conformity with God 's will for us and that's why he gave us life pledge to preserve our health fact we might for as long as we can carry out the purpose also we will bring and tell God the father I believe the reason I chose to work I knew had nothing to do with reflecting your in the honesty of the privacy of my heart I conclude therefore that the reasons that drove me to chose the chosen was secular economic cultural and social and not have rebar hence Rose Lesko to forgive us for the habits that have compromised the health he has given to us as odd as I unfastened the trash and inheritance something we must protect we would tell you we are sorry for the practices that have damaged our health giving the universe the wrong view of what the redeemed person should look like and how that person shouldn't we were told over sorry without nothing were done that will sit quietly into the other part of the surface wherever you can if there's room between the rules once a new about give you two minutes of felicitous feel like a longtime but ten minutes to pray that prison officials involved and then I will pray audibly then removing the second part of the service I want to pray quietly when you're done please don't talk to your neighbor maintain a respectful silence in the presence of God our father in heaven become zero zero children to admit that we have been rebellious stubborn stiffnecked and hypocritical we've come Lord because despite the way we treat you you will not let us know and we cannot understand that's covered love that you have for people that do not deserve but surely for the stubbornness of your love must be connected to the fact that some radio heartland Jesus telling people when the convoy to strengthen the brevity was somewhere I think that we will fight me rock and so you persist in holding on in your mind to the original purpose you have for us as a church and as individuals before we want to align ourselves now with that expectation you have which is that we would live in obedience to your law will treasure I protect you image that will reflect would be perfect unreliable liberals looking on father invented two areas are we more irresponsible than in the way we treat our bodies which then affects how will my I was come to say that we have been the role the principles of health and for that reason many of us appreciate spiritual things because the condition of the body affects how the mind works the sharpness of my house of precious tools Laura lost less oriented because the mind this sort no months old so we don't buy the abuse to the bodies sometimes we believe the first with just three sixteen temples of bodies of the temples of the Holy Spirit we want to believe that with all our hearts so that the same way we take great care of our churches and make them look like palaces we may take care of our bodies where you actually dwell called anonymous claims to be better than the other but we need in support of one another and we say as a group and as individuals forgive us were sorry place of our hearts conviction that World War III is from visiting on that we would be careful what goes into this body will be careful what we do and how we spend our time the kinds of recreation which we engaged but sometimes do more harm than good although we will guard how we spend our time music time to rest because we are people of this father we're grateful to Joan God of mercy if you were not we would've been destroyed in a long time ago and so we palsied out the praise your name for being a good God you will be merciful you are righteous you are gracious you are long suffering you're so kind you are so generous father and we have no complaints about you your innocent of any wrongdoing in our lives all you live with them Friday your perspiring best to bless us we don't want your blessings but our rebounding and were sorry we accept Psalm one four five four seventeen the Lord is righteous in all his ways and holy in all his works but once we move into the surface let's just repeating the jealously to be close to us with the angels of the seven strength be here to keep at bay the forces of darkness original may be glorified in the spiritual and physical healing you would choose the police in the lungs of your people keep us ever mindful that when spiritual healing comes to proceed physically healing begins to follow terrorists because we come in the name of someone who cannot resist about is your son and I will brother and see of you we pray this prayer in his enabler for that sake we offered with confidence and we thank you for giving us a map while we conducted the services rendered brief I urge you to maintain a spirit of reverence by Kevin this morning at eleven o'clock service I could not believe the level of noise that was here perhaps more important than recapturing health is worth capturing a sense of God 's reference and easy as sacredness we walked into the courtroom and we are quiet because we know that man all that woman in black coat with one with the hand that woman on that man can have that office in the sale if your cell phone goes off at a quarter goddess adjudge a folder that's what Abraham said genesis of it it was five shall not the Judge of all the roof right we are in his presence I souvenir from my heart month in combination because I have to watch myself we treat God 's presence so likely we chat with tall was presented some country far away in the middle of the sermon sermon cell phone went off she answered conducted a composition that kind of then resume I suppose listening to me I'm appealing to reference in the presence of God Christian sermons but it just makes sense to me if you want someone to do something for you being nice about person it works with the eight works with all the odd disrespectful we have norm-referenced where noisiest house we run up and down and we don't know they don't chose Bengals host of them was the Lord bless said before about his mother ATM machine you pop in a card of convenience outcomes of blessing that you turn your back in April that's a reference of any pastors in the congregation any elders the brother please come out I just want some to send with me on either side I want something some reading formulae by the second desk could someone reposition a microphone for right here so that we can have the goals word rent one were doing what you're doing with the reading of the word I also wanted to be prayers all through this building spiritual services like this about spectator sports they are opportunities in front with God I will ask my derivatives and reading force we want to read Exodus chapter twenty the ten Commandments with verse twenty four seventeen when he's done my good brother which will read Revelation chapter fourteen and when he's done which will read Isaiah fifty in that order and then when he's done I like eating to begin reading the sermon on the Mount chapter five different then I want you to take chapter six of the book of Matthew seven reread the Vista I like the lady who functions of the goodness to come and assist me to uncover the table of any deaconesses present consists of please is come and join us and we pray ever had about every eye closed father forgiveness for the reference for being disrespectful in the presence we apologize but we really do sometimes we just need to be reminded preaches in the pulpit members and people accept our apology I pray for my heart I speak for my brothers and sisters I will show us a favor by smiling upon the surface alone I dedicate the symbol of the Holy Spirit to you as a licensed oil is a symbol of the work of the spirit on our hearts that's recently must begin in the heart will be with us I pray you let everything be done to your glory and our benefit in Jesus name amen a I've been asking us to make some spiritual preparation one you've sinned against someone the festival person to someone who has wronged you tell the person I forgive you three something in your life you don't send consistent which is not meant repent which means going the opposite direction and seek to increase hourly grace moment the grace if I can see that to live apart from that's therefore some of us are fasting that was optional if you have made the first three of the four preparation only if you've been I want to say or write them up too many of us so that's good I will ask those on the side to form a line in the eye just about unformed streetlight in the eye unformed these cheers writer form SR so when you return you have an empty path to get back to form the line on that side stripe for stripe those which are praying and reading the soup of review twelve Ron Ms. again following before you having confessed our violation of your principles of health which amounts to a violation of spiritual principles revolve follows I speak for me and my brothers and sisters to say we have not treated you well at all and again although we cannot say enough how sorry are regardless of physical healing or not Lord what we want is a Olson review and we need to understand that what review includes how we treat this time you gave to us which is where you want to move and huge penalty relief in untidy surroundings as a father would pray that you would be merciful to us first by opening allies to see the intimate connection between spiritual health and physical health the connection between the over center and physical health the connection between understanding divine things and spiritual health Lord your services and pickups of profit page forty five man was to Baruch Goldstein H both the outward resemblance and an image father when received because you do we fully bear your image in outward resemblance and when we damage our spiritual lives to be burial image intact as a father was there was sorry again we believe it was the first time but the depth of our pavement drives us to say one more time we are sorry about father we pray the was this would be the goal of your word you said in Exodus fifteen twenty six if thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice a little like all I will do that which is writing this and keep his commandments of different if all his statutes I will put none of these diseases upon you brought with you Egyptians I am little but he'd load today we want you to be a healing golf you said this Psalm one oh three four three a.m. cool forgive all our iniquities who heal if all our disease is faulty you said all in both statements in that verse Lord you said in James five fifteen sixteen is any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord of the prayer of faith shall receive the sick on the Lord shall raise him up on if you have committed sins they shall be forgive him we have confessed now we need for meaningful because the sickness causes aches and a mortgage you would give us health we will take that strength and give it to your calls father have mercy on us as Jesus laid his hand on every miserable sick person who came to him and he deleted in mercy but only for physical reasons but the dates for lessons that help us to learn the spiritual lesson that you would be giving us in the physical healing we pray for and we want to receive with all the things that we have father what if you do we praise your name we sell actual if you say us we will trust you if you leave us we will trust sure but quality of also invited us to tell us what we tell you what we want and what we want is remove our afflictions remove outer diseases remove the sums that cripple us and we come us on Mickelson almost useless to your costs regardless for us now we pray under the seal was critical as a reason to testify that law is a mood of civil don't because you are in this humble prayer but I must exit this is a people determined to be a old in every thing you will save not as fanaticism but as an expression of our legal freedom hear us assess risk Torres Jimenez a video image be more clearly revealed and also we pray and refund you for having us in Jesus name and for his signal across people say a man and the amendments them or their existence I once one final reading quietly in order of things to do but our greatest desire should be spiritual things might it open was walking away would you come back right varies walking with a limp was the one final reading force please is through the Beatitudes Matthew five one two eighteen nineteen let's listen carefully to Baltimore as it is read Matthew five one two zero one one two sixty sixty of these following in your Bibles and try to develop a love for hearing the word of God and then we pray and we go always aware that the sun has not yet set forth in heaven we love you we just love you and we thank you you will always love this the space with no love in our hearts we want to know father in heaven that we will try by your grace to take what we've gotten from the surface with us and make it a part of our lives we would try going by your grace wonderful time one leave the time to only you by preserving the health you've given to us father we will do what we can by your grace to make sure that the image will reflect is not the image of the beast but the image of Jesus Christ himself Lord we are happy and we say with the psalmist of Islam thirty four verse one I will bless the Lord at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth father L Miles befell me with your praise where ever we go thank you for being dog fight you for blessing us we praise your name and we thank you in Jesus name amen God bless you God bless you be faithful unto death and called will give us a crown


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