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08 Marital Sexuality: Difference

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


The fifth and final ingredient for biblical sexuality.



  • August 16, 2021
    9:00 AM
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We looked at 4 ingredients for biblical sexuality. We looked at one this, tunis, sameness and goodness. On this episode, we look at the 5th ingredient. Stay with us, are coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on my principal, contemporary issues and thought provoking perspective. Just in can with in friends. My name's justin came and you're watching inverse. And in the studio with me or jonathan sebastian and seek who and I want to say, hi, do you guys? We are talking about biblical sexuality. Yes, this has been a very heavy topic, a very, very spiritual topic for, you know, it's, it's a weird combination with you, but we're finding a lot of of overlap. And we want to encourage you guys to, to join our conversation on social media and to go to inverse bible dot or g. And you can also get the bible study guides, but our topic is biblical sexuality. So if you have minors in the room or in the car when you're listening to podcasts or whatnot, maybe mindful that this is, this are some adults subject matter at hand. So we're going to go to genesis chapter one where the see the beginning of all this. We have covered, as I mentioned in the opener, different principles of biblical sexuality. Sexuality is a theme, and these are the 5 principles that you see common in every, every scenario and the girl to the 5th ingredient, which is a spicy ingredient, if you will, maybe not the right adjective use for a biblical sexuality. But let's pray and smashing. Can you, can you go to genesis chapter one? And so can you pray for us before we hit blip for a loving father? We're thankful for your word. We pray that you would guide us into all truth that you would open our minds. Not just to understand but to be willing to align our lives with the truth that we learn from you pray. These things in jesus name a man, man, man. Thank you. Thrashing 26th. Through 28 police. Genesis 12628. Then god said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So god created man in his own image, in the image of god, he created him, male and female, he created them. Then god blessed them, and God said to them, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth. Thanks. Thanks. We looked at different principles of biblical sexuality. So we covered person with one. This is that when, when 2 people have physical intimacy, they become one entity in the eyes of god, another or ingredients as the tune us, you have to individuals, not one, not 3. We looked at also goodness that you could have everything be, be great, all the parameters that god has designed be great, but if you don't believe that sexuality is good, it's gonna be a horrible experience in the room. And there are a lot of people who have that, that presupposition but see what else, what are, what's another principle that we are saying name this human to here. And we looked at what human nature is and the social and emotional and the spiritual definition of humanity. And on this week we look at difference. Yes, there is a difference. Yeah. And so we looked at here what verse 27, male and female key created. Then johnson, why, why is the principal difference and import ingredient regard in biblical sexual? That's a has a loaded question, but that is fully loaded. Yes. But really I think this scripture helps us to understand a foundation for it in verse 2016. 0, God says, let us make man meaning mankind in our image. So god is saying, you know, to himself, within the godhead, let us create a new species. So to say to that that reflects who the god had is reflect something about, you know, is in our image, not a copy, but a reflection of that. And so it seems that this reflection from god's perspective has to have the aspect that where there's differences. So he, you know, you have the god had your father, son, and holy spirit added 3. We know there one and purpose and mind and everything. Right? But this still 3 personalities. And so in order to create a creation that reflects that god aside, i'm going to have male and female. And you will find that, you know, in the Animal kingdom as well. So that is, but here, especially in the image of god, you know, you have an elevation obviously above the Animal kingdom with humanity. But god wants humanity to, to reflect his image in a way where you see that there are different aspects, different roles. And so that's why he created the, you know, the 2 genders, neil, you know what your comments are really reminds me of one of the deepest problems of philosophy, one of the deepest, you know, that the primordial challenges is, is how do you have unity and diversity right, gather, i mean, and we are, and this impacts every discipline, every, every field of study. How do you have all these differences and now do you have same and how do they really come together? And I mean people, philosophers, and theologians. And, you know, dentists, i mean we're trying to find different ways to kind of connect these to, and they just humanly speaking they don't write even on the American dollar. We have, you know, or this unit Yes. Which mean out of many, one, how many one like so how do you have, you know, all this and there's a, put the current political challenges that we're in. How do you, how does this occur? We find that solution really being in the godhead. Yeah. As you mentioned, you see diversity, you see unity, right? And God is trying to reproduce that in humanity. These are cool themes that you find and right, you're right at genesis one. And this is a beautiful way to also expose society for the perversions of this idea, right. And how different cultures esteem the woman over the man, or they extend the man over the woman and how that affect sexuality right? How that affects their perspective on intimacy and how each person has a role in that into missing. And so whether you getting into, you know, the oracle of delphi in greek culture. And that takes you to some very interesting associations with sexuality there. And then you get to obviously a society that's very heavily driven by pornographic material and that type of stuff that seems to be very degrading to women from a very male dominated perspective of sexuality. And I believe that that's where this principle of difference really helps to kind of ground society in terms of god's intention was that each gender would represent his glory in a composite an individual fashion. That's an interesting thing. I say that over time so that we double thing there so that each gender would represent the glory of god in an individual and in a composite way at this. So it's not that one is no less than the image of god, but yet there is more, right? And that comes in the composite of blending, both genders together. And you see that inverse 27. He that god created man in his own image. And in the image of god, he created him, male and female, he created them. So god makes it very clear, man and women, they are equal. There is no like somebody who's less worth or the man over than woman and less emotionally. God, right? Or a woman over to man, it is, there is equality. But as you said they, they each reflect god, an aspect of god. And then when they're together as one flesh has already studied. And this is, you know, not just sexually, but everything has to do with marriage. It is the fullest, you know, if it's, if it's taking place in the context of, of a relationship with jesus. It's the force revelation of, of god that humans can, can give it together. But still as an individual reflection, as well as just like father, son and holy spirit have different shows, different aspect of god's character. But they all reflect together. True love what, you know, real love in. So I just wanted to say, I think part of why there is an attack on, you know, this, this concept of, of whether, you know, like the unity and in the, in diversity is because it does. It's hard to articulate, right? So philosophers who theologians have a hard time articulating how do you have, you know, unity in diversity, but it's something that you can experience, right? So when you're, when you're in that relationship where you recognize that I am an individual, my spouse is an individual and yet we are one. You know, this, it's experientially palpable. Even though it's hard to verbally articulate. And it seems that god recognize this, that in terms of revealing himself, he had to create an experience that would help us to understand something about him. And I think that's part of why this is under attack, because ultimately i ultimately it, it, it hinders our ability to understand something about god, or some things about god brings and brings a certain reverence, right? The fact that things that you experience that you cannot articulate if you consider to be very secret in special. It's like I can't really put this into words what I just experienced, but I want to treasure and protect that. And, and I think that the, the point that you're making about god giving us an experience. It just shows his forethought in understanding right when he designed us, that you won't understand this any other way. And yet those who try to intellectually attain to it have to humble themselves before the process that god put in place for that understanding to be achieved. While there's a way to achieve this without it, if I can just intellectually or philosophically explain it with the illogically, when gothic, no. The only way for adam and eve to know this, in the way that they truly understand it, is in that experience of diversity. You know my thoughts, i'm thinking of the male and female too often and media going back to episode one, go to hope tv, hope, hope, tv the or g slash inverse, and get past the pursuit. By the way. The scripts are in society and this media around and too often we see these ra romantic comedies and you complete me right? And I need to find if I'm a male, i have to find my female counterpart. And together we complete each other. This text is kind of going against that. Yeah, it's not, we're not completing each other. We create a composite picture of god to him. So there is a 3rd party element in all this. It works together. I want to ask, go back to, I forget who said it, but this picture of god. And let's, let's actually go into the, the, in the mail and the female paradigms here. And let's, let's look at female, what are some examples like, why, why, why did god create female? Why, why? What does the female gender reveal about god? Who the representative of the, of Your resident expert, break it down the you are because you are the only your why are the only kelly she can't hear you now? What are some aspects of, you know, some of some conversation. I mean, what, the 1st example that comes to my mind, which I think ultimately comes to most people's mind when you think about the pro, typical female in scripture is probably that one that kind of like the, like when you think of the ideal woman in the bible, you think problems that he won and you know it's, it's really an intense picture of what feminine and he looks like, which actually count as a lot of what he sent me through type is of what women look like. She could hold that thought after the break, when I look at what does the bible say, women should be. What does society say? women should be and compared to do this is inverse. I'm just came. See you after the break. Have invoice been a blessing to you? You have questions, comments or feedback you'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're joining like us product sums up a handle again is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah hey, welcome back. We are looking at how does the world and how the bible portray women and seek who is going to solve this problem? problems $31.00 probably revolutionary it is. It is, it is because a lot of times and depending on, you know, the cultural backgrounds come from the society we live in. There are certain ideas of what a woman is like whether, you know, women should be, you know, frail and he can't do anything. So the, and the reason she needs the man to open the door is because she's so weak. Which is not why she mentioned open the door. Right. And there are these, these ideas of what a woman is or she is. You know, she's in charge of everything you know, like basically men are appendages and useless. Actually. They make life harder than it needs to be. You know, they get have a problem chapter 31 problem one them versus yeah, let's go there. Yes, there, there, there are the sentiments in society. You are right. And different cultures have different and we got to be very careful again, just of the scripts, we've been very careful just because the culture or society pushes a certain idea. And there is one verse, a kind allude to it does not give bob biblical support to that. We actually have to see how scripture portrays the female gender. There are some verses in prosperity, one that really jump out that are real challenge. What are some of those that are challenging? For instance, it talks the inverse 15 versus one. She also rises while it is at night and provides fluid for her household. Though you have a woman who is actually providing food for her household, which, you know can be jarring to some people who is in 1616, she considers a field and buys it. The woman is enterprising, yes. His business. Where, where I was like, wow that's, that's pretty interesting. She's looking profit. She's looking at return investment printer, she's totally honest. With 17, she goes herself with strength and strengthened to arms and she's strong. I mean, I feel like most of probably that one actually counters a lot of the way that women are viewed, you know, and it's not contrary to what the rest of the bible says about women. But it actually puts it in the, in its right framework. So just because in verse 11, it says the heart of her husband safely trust in her. So he will have no lack of gain. And so it's kind of like, it does frame it where the husband, it seems, you know, is, is somewhat in charge of the household. And so he trust her that he does not lack, right? So he's kind of like somehow like over acting, you know, like in terms of how things are managing the home. And yet him having trust in her gives her position of responsibility. You know, of, of agency. That's what I'm like when she have agency in that role as someone who is entrusted with you know, overseeing certain things in the household. And that's just because if a woman is meant to support in a supportive role where she supporting her husband doesn't mean that she lacks agency, lack the ability to think about how to go about things and how to problem. It's very interesting. There's one chapter, chapter 31 that's dedicated to to females, but you have one through 30 dedicated to males. So the ideal woman is spending $31.00, the ideal males. You got to reach up to 30 chapters to become the idea mail, which already shows you the know all joking, as well as are adapted to all of a pliable for all of us. Other other principles. Other things that the female gender reveals about god's image want to go to on isaiah chapter 66. Isaiah 66 and looking in verse 1313 isaiah 66. In verse 13, the bible says as one whom his mother comforts so I will comfort you and you shall be comforted. Injury sell him, and he's referring to the gentiles. But this idea of god comparing his ability to comfort us with a mother comforting you know, her child. And to me is one of the ways in which, you know, women really display the glory of god. And I see this, you know, with my own parents as well as even in my home as, as well father with my wife is that there's ways that I can comfort my kids as a father, but it's just different. You know, when my wife comes in with gentle touch in her tone of voice and everything is just like for my kids, you know, she is the son, right? She is gravity like that's how I worry it myself. You know, versus, you know, pompous, all the really big, complicated problems. It's like, can you help me get this off the top of the fridge because it's too high versus, you know, deep emotional distress. It's like, oh I'm going to go to mama because I know mama understand mama will be able to guide me through this situation safer than I feel with with papa, which it seems like my kids look at me more so from a perspective of admiration and satisfaction like I did what he asked me to do versus what heard they want to be in harmony in unity. And that's where I think that comfort that, that god portrays through the mother and through the woman. There are many verses in scripture that talk about the mother's comfort, the mother's pain, also when I'm losing a child. And that's also a human mother, but also in the Animal world of like, you know, a mother hen or a mother error who is cubs have been. I mean, there is the ferocity, the passion, the strength, vin, the VIN, vindictive nature. I mean, not that god is vindictive, but he is quite passionate, quite of ferment when his children are hurt. That's wrong. So not that it's not that females are this, you know, gentle and the in the nicer. Sparkly gender male is, are like the stuff the female can be quite assertive and it's in its manifestation and spirit. Yeah. Right. Well we'll move to to, to the male gender. Here. There's many, many verses for female, but also for male. What are some of these attributes that masculinity reveals about the image of god? A one that I really like is in ephesians reasonable real quick. If you go to a future separate 5, he's in chapter 5 and here verse 22 and 23. Does your wife submit your own husbands as to the Lord for the husband is head of the wife as also crisis head of the church and he is a savior of the body. So here paul is, you know, this is obviously sometimes a controversial verse because our submission and whatever. But if you read the whole section, you will see that submission is mutual wise that me, johnson has been submit to your wives. Right. OK, so that's an equality here. But then we see here for the meal, and we're 23, the husband of the head of the wife. As all the crisis head of the church, he says, save the money. So what has christ done for his people? What is for his charge? He has given himself up to the uttermost, complete right. Surrender and submission for the purpose of saving his people, right. And so the man is to, is to live not just for his wife, but for his family as a leader, a christ like leader who, who lives so that they will be uplifted and drawn closer to christ. There is a leadership role that has to do with, you know, leading by leading with love, leading truth, the servant leadership. Exactly. And also that the giving like you bring out the, the mail is giving of him. So yes. Which, you know, if we're going to suggest in any position of strength right in this met this masculine element. You know that to me as a critical component that god is revealing in himself. And this is something i've tried to communicate to my son who may be naturally stronger than his sisters. And in the recognition that listen, you're not stronger than him to dominate them or to overcome them, to protect them and to support them in the things I'm trying to do. And that shift in his mind completely and did all his desire to fight with his sisters. And literally since that conversation all the discipline and you know, spankings or whatever would not convince him to stop fighting or hitting. But the recognition that because I'm a boy because I'm stronger than my sisters, i'm here to protect them, completely went away. And now that shift in his mind that okay, this is why god made me this way. And I feel like that's important to what you're driving at to redefine masculinity, not as proving strength, but utilizing in behalf of the week. That's and that could be intellectual. That could be financial. It could be in so many if the other categories i was talking about each gender revealing different aspects about god's image. It seems it seems that that there is this, this, this, this concept of need emerges right? And one gender needs the other gender and one gender is not the compl manifestation of god's image, but need another to compliment together. And together they create this, this, this, this, this package at the end of the day. Your question is, is, you know, we do live in a society where we see the same sex, same, same sex attraction. Ah, some people call homosexuality. There's different names for it. More and more prevalent today. The bible is quite strong against this. How do we today interact with, with, with this new you as bible believing christians and how sure what it was, what is the, what are some, some guiding principles in that I think the 1st thing as christians that we need to do is to acknowledge that this is the experience reality for people. There are people who feel same sex attraction and they don't know why or wherever it comes from us or they feel it's natural, whatever it is. And we have to ignited that is a reality. And it has something they put into their mind. Ok, some people might choose it just because of whatever, you know, they are pass extra or whatever you call it. But there is a, there is an element of people who feel generally this is how they are. And we have to acknowledge that even if the bible says that that is not, should not be lived out and expressed, you know, you know, in relation to another principal justin on that I found is the bible says in jeremiah 17, that the hardest, deceitful above all things and the understanding of deception in believing ally whether it be that I can never change this condition or that god is not able to support me through this process. I think demonizing different sins and experiences is what creates a barrier for discussion. And the people that I've related to who either have been that direction or actively pursuing that lifestyle, were able to relate because I can bring down the demon ization. Yes. As if this person is, you know, has, like coven 1900, right? And this thing is like super contagious and I can be infected in like it's gonna affect my spiritual life because I'm talking to someone practicing the same sex lifestyle were in the same sex marriage. And I can go to her home. I can have dinner with them and to me that's so counter to jesus, you know, his ability to understand I can sit down with wine bibs and sinners, and people who other people in society may despise. Because I recognize that in this condition, god has an answer. God has a solution in, in jesus is able to me. But in order to bring that solution, you have to come close. Yes, and that's but that's the thing that were meant for knowledge to the situation. We and we stopped demonizing, we can then show compassion. Yeah. And, and friendship and help help them and then journey. Just like with any other sin that there's out there. We know I can tell you honestly that many conversations i've had in this space. Yes. Once that is gone as a stigma, the openness of conversation about it and how it came about and how they even think about it on a deep personal level is much more fluid. Right? And then allows for true ministry to take place. We as a church may have not articulated our positions quite well regarding homosexuality in events that it is according to 1st corinthian 6. It is a sin. Yeah, we need to be very proud of practicing sin, but it is amongst the list of same as adulterers, thieves drunkards and re violators. So we somehow there is this notion that it is the worst sin, right. Sexual sins are higher, but it is not too often. We emphasize you must change for us to embrace you. Right? But we must embrace it just like we embrace any other center. We are in the same boat and that hasn't been clearly. I articulated quite quite so well through. The other thing is we, we need to also emphasize not so much change, but together the hope of change as it in the corporate body. Great. That hope is what unites us. So that we, when we hang out with a drunkard, we're like until you change and I see evidence and then I see 15 years of whatever i'm going to show you where I'm our friend. No, we work with that person and we love them person together. We want to encourage you out there that this is a very difficult topic and we are all struggling and trying to find her way. But the bearings are found in scripture. So we really want to encourage you to go to inverse bible dot orgy and get the bible study guides and study the text. There are many text out there regarding same sex attraction, talking about the principal difference, and how this is what god's envision for, or for happiness, for humanity. This is our prayer prayer, and hopefully that's yours. We would encourage you to go to hook t, v dot or g slash fingers, and also see past episodes about biblical sexuality, and also the other quarters that we looked at. Other books of the bible. We want to se, ask you to continue the conversation on social media on our handle. Inverse bible, well see you next week. As we look at more principles of biblical sexuality, god bless you. You've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation, telling Jonathan wall sebastian brackson doc or justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole channel television that changes like a more episode. Visit in the hope to Find this on social media. Inverts bible until next time. This is invoice.


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