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How does sexuality reveal the heart of God?



  • September 13, 2021
    9:00 AM
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Could it be that sexuality can reveal the heart of god, find out on this episode of inverse the coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on like, sensible, contemporary issues and thought provoking Just in can with in bye everyone. This is in verse, and my name's justin kim. When you were so happy that you're with us in studio, we have secret israel and sebastian. And we are looking in a bible study on the topic of biblical sexuality. So we want to give you a little bit of heads up and warning that if you have minors or this topic game, you're a cup of tea for now that you want to put this on pause and fast forward to to another episode. So we're going to get into into this topic and is E q, chapter 16 is eco, chapter 16. Under the rubric of beyond sexuality, i want to ask you see qu, before we have prayer, what are some things that you remember from this quarter where an episode 12 were almost wrapping up here and we've covered a lot, a lot of mountains, a lot of valleys and lot of lakes in between and what are some, some sites that you remember? I think I think something that was important to us, the description of what biblical sexuality looks like. So that, that we call 6 reality, according to the bible sexuality is good. It is, it requires elements of sameness between the individuals involved elements of difference between them that it, it, it takes more than one person to but then it also brings those 2 people together as one. I think those are the 5 elements of the local sexuality that come out and you know, aberrations from that become deviations from what the bible. And if you're curious about some of these, these principles can go to inverse bible dot or g and catch up. And I think in between episodes 3, so it is a 49. And you'll get you'll catch up where we are in episode 12. So a smashing can pray for us and we'll get into scripture right after sure. Let's spring. Heavenly father, lord, we have covered so much by way of principles and in guidance that is much needed. And lord, we pray today that as we think beyond sexuality and it's spiritual and prophetic ramifications and instruction in our lives, lord, we trust that this may help to deepen our own relationship with you. We love you and we thank you for hearing and for answering this prayer. And we offer this prayer from our hearts in jesus name him him. And so we are in is in your chapter 16 and israel can read verses 6263 please. It says, nevertheless, i will remember my covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish and everlasting covenant with you. Then you will remember your ways and be ashamed when you receive your older and your younger sister's for I will give them to you for daughters. But not because of my covenant with you. And I will establish my covenant with you. Then you shall know that I am the Lord that you may remember and be ashamed and never open your mouth any more because of your shame. When I provide you in a torment for all that you have done, says the Lord, God, okay, thank you. So we are talking about this topic of sexuality and it's of, it's very, very interesting that the bible does not hold the back from some of the risk a mis associated with this topic. You and sometimes within the church and from those christians we don't want to go where god has gone. And hopefully this discussion has been and the case discussion a topic for you all watching. We're trying to kind of Be sensitive with that line. We want to address with the bible addresses, but treat this as a holy topic. But we know this topic has been, has been on every other channel out there. And we want treat it with, with the respect that, that the, and the sense to them that he needs. But when you go to chapter 16 of his e q, the bible does, doesn't mention sexuality. So it's sure share with us what is the context of chapter 16 and what's going going on here? Because god, god is talking to his people is talking to the tone of israel and he, he starts off at the beginning of the chapter and it's talking about the beginnings of the relationship. And he likens it to in that context to, to the love that I guess a parent would have for a child has adopted, you know, so it's like you find this child on the side, the street and, and the child is there's nothing desirable about this child you know, you're not, you're not taking the child in because they're like me or they're like so cute and cuddly. And but what god takes israel as his own people. So he adopts him as his people out of his love for them. And he invest in them, in the, in that relationship forgot talks about the relationship that has these people as something that he initiates, not for the merit of the people that he takes as his own, but out of his great love for them. As the child grows up, the way that they respond to the way that god has treated them is, is disproportionate. It doesn't, it kind of doesn't sync up. So he's talking about, I guess it's his grievance in the situation where he has invested so much in the relationship he has loved. But then the response that he gets is not one that you would expect from what god has been putting in deception as well. It's 63 versus and could you describe really this that there's a, there's a really self contained narrative in chapter 16. When I read that read over chapter 16 seems like there's different kind of loves that are mentioned. As you said in the beginning, there's a kind of a parental love as this kid about a baby in the middle of the road and he just kinda takes care of it. And it kind of transition into a not a parental love, but a romantic log. Then it goes into a sacrificial love and then a god, god kind you know lord servant love but all kind of composite. We looked at here. Ok. But there are, there are some just some harsh parts and here are some, there's risk parts. What's going on there? Yeah, well the 1st one of the 1st scenes that is very captivating is how, how it is that this individual encounters a baby and verse 6 us as I passed by you. And I saw you struggling in your own blood. And I said to you in your blood live, yes, and I said to you in your own blood live. And so you have this concept of not just any kind of baby, but a baby that's like in the worst condition possible found in the middle road covered in its own blood, ready, ready to die. And in that encounter, god sees that person and, and takes it in right, adopted se, said as, as as own child. And it portrays a picture of the condition of an individual that is without god. Right? There's nothing in US as human beings that make us valuable outside of the very breath of god. Right. I mean, we're really, we're made were made up of essentially were made up of dirt and, and it was god's intention that the value that we received, even though adam any were beautiful in their, in their form. There were still worthless. Right. And it wasn't until the breath of god was instilled in them that they became valuable. And so this is the similar to the condition outside of the fact that this individual comes and adopts this baby. She's a worthless child ready to die, you know, in our own blood. Shadows is I want to kind of course. Yeah, because it's a long narrative on it, but we've got to keep. Okay, and I think it kind of pushes an ad invoice. $1414.00, it goes at the point that is also your fame. He's talking about this how the fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through my splendor, which I had bestowed on you, says the Lord. So. So you have this with now, but it's a with that has bestowed on you by god. And then the contrast comes in by 15, but, but you trusted in your own beauty, say the hollow because of your fame and poured out your hollow tree on everyone passing by who would have it. And I invested all of this and the reason that you have this beauty is because of me. The reason you have the same is because of me. The reason you are who you are like anything that is meritorious, that you have is because of me. But then you take those gifts that I've invested in you and you play the harlot, like you, you waste them on river, less relationships that have no meaning. You know, like the plane, the harlot, it's not just you had an affair like you're going out on the streets and just anybody that comes around your life here. Then the verse 22 in all your abominations and acts of harlow tree. You did not remember the days of your youth and he goes down and actually describes each of her lovers and so to speak. Verse 26. You come into harlot, you are that egypt. Sions. Verse 27 in the middle. There the daughters of the philistines, where shamed of your lewd behavior 1st 28. You also play the heart of the assyrians, because you were insatiable. Indeed, you played a harley with them and we're still not satisfied. For 29 more of a, you multiply your acts of harlots as far as the land of the trader, cal dia, and even then you are not satisfied verse 30. How degenerate is your heart seeing you do all these things? The deeds of a brazen, harland. But this isn't, she's not only flirting with people, this is a, a sexual encounter like all, with all these, not literally, but now this, this country of the people of israel are worse being the gods of all these people around korea. God uses harlow tree as a medium to convey what sasha, what he's using it to convey the spiritual infidelity and unfaithfulness to the covenant that we've entered into with him. And, you know, we did a whole season on covenant. So whenever I see that word, i get some excited and then also nervous that you know, can take us off of your direction. But this idea that god promised to do all these things for her. And what we're seeing in this story, as we looked at in our series on the covenants he did all these things for her. And the only response should have just been gratitude and faithfulness to that. Just remain in a relationship with me. And we looked at that in our series on a biting, but yet her risk her response was I'm just going to become unfaithful to the faithfulness of god. I'm going to respond to the goodness of god by bringing corruption to the table. So well, you've been good. What, what are you going to bring on? I'm actually going to go out, I'm good here and I'm moving on in one verse. I wanted to just highlight this piece here in our chapter 16. It says that when you, when you look in our beginning adverse 35, it's a sorry 1st 30 for you are the opposite of other women in your hollow harley tree because no one solicited you to be a harlot in that you gave payment, but no payment was giving you therefore you are the opposite. So basically it cost you to be unfaithful, right? You pay heed. That's not like super extreme and, and now they were extreme on top of that. Instead of being paid, she's giving out payments to men for, to have realized this doesn't even make any sense. And that's why god uses it as such, an appropriate metaphor, an analogy for unfaithfulness to him, to capture and arrest the Human attention of what we are doing to the heart of god. What we are responding to the goodness of god in our own lives. When we are unfaithful, and the reality is we are doing the same thing. We will pay to be unfaithful to God. We will go out of our way to be unfaithful to God our time, our money, our energy, our vital life force, whatever it is, the losses on our end, exactly. Rather than gaining anything in exchange. So very, very extreme situation here. We see there's one motif that's repeated all throughout 1st 22. You did not remember. We go to verse 43. You did not remember. And it's this, this girl, this woman, this, this partner, she's not really remembering where she comes from. When we come back after the break, when I look at another story that god uses and tells his profit to act out to convey his heart and the hurt and the passion that he feels an injustice that he has. So this is in verse you're watching me just again, stay with us after the break. In the been a blessing. You have questions, comments or feedback you'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While you join us like us, product sums up a handle again is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, welcome back. We're looking at some extreme stories that we really would not recommend that you share with your children for, for, for a morning or evening masters program. This is chapter 16 is an extreme in it. I really take my take away, I really sense the injustice of god and not based on like this isn't fair, but on the hurt. This hurt hard that Yes, yes. Now there is another story that he tells one of his profits to to do. His house is profits to act out some of these things. Some of them are kind of interesting. He tells one prophet to lie on one side for many days on the other side for another day. There was another one to punch and other profit in the face and just some interesting acted out prophecies, one of which is found in, in the book of jose. And so is what's happening in the book of jose and will, god tells jose to do what probably no other individual would be in their right mind and voluntary. Voluntarily marry a prostitute. And for him to experience what god experiences when we are not faithful to him. Again, another passage, not normative for our behavior, right? Just be as, as in the bible doesn't mean that we should be doing it. That's right. Like polygamy and like a prophet marrying a harlot. Yes. Right. So semester tell us about the story here. Well, you have a situation where god is using this marriage relationship to illustrate to his people what they are doing to him and to recognize the shock and all that the universe has regarding how they're treating him as they're having the shock and all about hosea and the woman, but the greatest shock of the story is about the pursuit of the prophet for his wife, regardless of her behavior, that is the greatest shock of the story. And one of the key words in the book comes from the hebrew word. Yeah. Dog, which means to know on an intimate level, right, it's constantly repeated that these people are perishing for lack of knowledge and you don't know the Lord is constantly repeats throughout the book. So she's being intimate with all these other people. She's dying, so to speak. All these other lovers, except for the one who has been faithful to her and pursues her even when she's running out. And everyone else is thinking. You should just leave this person. And it takes me back to a conversation. I was on a flight to germany and the gentleman sitting next to me was saying how he was in the middle of a divorce with his wife. And essentially the circumstances were that his wife had contacted like a spiritual medium guide and the guide was like, it's time for you to move on to your next marriage to phase 3 or whatever. And so he was like, what is this like came out of nowhere. He has 3 kids and he's going to his kids. And then he's telling these kids like, you know, I want to be faithful to your mom and kids are like, dad, like what mom is doing to you. Like you just need to leave her. Like you need to let it go and you, you need to move on. And I could just hear in his heart exactly what god is saying and jose. Because he just wants to believe that he could regain what he had lost with his wife. Because he told his kids before you were ever born, she was my best friend. She was the one we went to. I remember bringing you from the hospital. I remember having dinner and christmas is like. And that to me is where god's heart is bleeding in the book of wholesale. It's like he remembers that and he's trying to regain that again. And it's amazing because, you know, when you think about your own personal life and your own marriage, there's nothing that would be more hurtful than the trail of that marriage, covenant. And more than just because it's a covenant, more than more, there's more to it than just all because we made a deal and you broke the contract on pain by that your pain, by that because of the intimacy that you experience with each other. No one knows you more than you, than your spouse knows you. Your spouse has been a part of every aspect of your life. And to have that betrayal, that's the one thing that most people cannot handle, right? It's like, look, I will go through anything except this with you. This is real grounds for us to break up forever. And yet you have within that very same context, you have someone who will not give up, right? Someone who will, even though the other individual not only wants out, but will continue to show how much out they want, they will continue to pursue this picture. And I think, or this, this road. And what's crazy about this whole thing is that it, god is trying to tug at the heart of us as human beings to say, look, imagine what physical adultery feels like. That's what it would feel like. That's the closest thing I can I can use to communicate to you how much it breaks my heart whenever you are unfaithful to me. So much so that you would be, would go to pay, you know, to do, to go out to take a personal loss or damage the relationship in which I have given so much for because of my love for you. I don't think it would have the same impact. I don't, I don't think it would bring the same force. And going back to israel's point, without that motif as the metaphor, the analogy that god would use, you wouldn't understand the vulnerability that is required for the betrayal to even take place. So as like how vulnerable must god be to have exposed himself to actually be like you're my people. Once you do that, you're in, you committed the whole world. Are you delivered from egypt? Like you open the red sea? You sent men from heaven, sir. Everybody's like those are the lords people like rehab, we all know about you, we know the god of israel and for you to put yourself in that place, there is no other metaphor. It's not like a parent and child. It's not like a friend in a friend, right? It's not like a Brother and a Brother, right? It's not a grandparent in a grandchild like the only relationship that really exposes the depth of that pain. That, that betrayal brings is that relationship. And we all intuitively know that which is why, for a person who is taking sexuality as seriously as the bible presents it to be. When you get to that place where you're at that level of intimacy, you are all in. All chips are in the middle of the table and if you're going to go to that place for someone to betray you, it's, it's complete damage and devastation, right? This is not like, ok, i see how you made a mistake. I see how this unfolded. This is like, I don't even know where to begin. How do I trust you again? How do I even touch you again? How do I even sit down and have breakfast with you? Because you only thing coming to my mind is to be trail. Like yeah, we're not the same. So without, without the the sexual element within these 2 narratives, the heart of god would not be accurately revealed. It would not be it, god is communicating something. Yes. And the fact that god uses the stories to communicators. What does that reveal about about god's character, what, what kind of god is this secret? Well, one thing that comes to my mind is the fact that god wants to try and help us to understand. I think we've, we used the term before about god making himself vulnerable, but to try to help us to understand whether it's from the beginning in creating humanity and, and still that humanity has, has some insight into the god head all the way through. He find throughout scripture, god is just trying to reveal himself to us. He's trying to open himself up to us and, and this, this idea of, he knows us, but he wants to be known. And that, that self revelation, i think it's, I mean it's, it's a powerful thing for the god of the universe, which I think a lot religion struggle with that such an almighty being would seek to be to reveal himself in that way because he doesn't always that and yet he condescends to desire that relationship where he doesn't just know us, but we get to know him and wow, I so it's a very great uni that in the old testament often think is like this a very stoic god. He's just now an emotional and just throw lightning and right the laws. But we actually see a very ferociously passionate, robust just just the, this emotional god who so her, who so wanting to be with his people, but they don't want. So he's just doing everything he can to communicate to feel and you see a very emotional god in the midst of all these laws and narratives and anger. The anger reveals a lot doesn't cause me to be scared of and it causes me ment he's. He's actually that accessible in my human experience. Absolutely. It reminds me of I remember growing up. I had a good friend of mine. It was 3 years older, and my middle name is jamal, but his 1st name was jamal. So because of him I should be call little j. And I remember, you know, we would play football and you know, that could be a very rough sport as the kid. And I remember getting like men handled by this kid. And like jamal getting upset like in the middle of the game. And just literally going after this kid like, you know, leave him alone like you need to chill out. Like it's just the game. And just the see the fury in his eyes the moment he felt like I was injured. The moment he felt like I was in a place where some was trying to dominate me. That just brings you closer to the person like yo like. And I started laughing like I thought you're going to kill the guy like. And he was like, yo me, it was just not right. Like for him it wasn't even like intense moment. It was just like, this is the right thing to do. Like, yeah, this is my friend and you see the fury in god's eyes to go even to jose, or the story of him going to repurchase his wife. Right. And a public auction like you're just like a walker and recognizing that that's what's happening at the cross. Yeah, that's the redemption, like god is coming to public auction to buyback. What was already rightfully his and the fury in his eyes. Like we don't really see calvary that way. Yeah. But jose it helps us to see that calvary is the fury in the eyes of god that he's willing to sacrifice his own son. Like I'll pay everything I gun. Yeah. In order to reclaim this, to me, I see that intensity there as well. You know, oftentimes we have to also understand when we're reading these narratives, the person who's chasing the woman is not, is not. It's not some creepy guy that could not get married otherwise. I mean, you know, I'm saying it's like, like the god of the universe is right. The god of the universe literally has the whole entire universe worshiping him wanting to actually experience the intimacy that only we can experience with them as a result of the so much so that all of heaven seeks to bring us into closer communion with god that they themselves can know, right, and yet we are the only, you know, speck of dust in all the world that, that, that though we are found about to die in our blood grow up, received the beauty that he invests in US. And then somehow put in our minds that we'd like to try other things. And then god, who can have any other universe that he wants. Right. Any other globe, any other woman that he, that he wants says, no, I'm going to come back after you. I'm going to come back after you, I'm going to come back after you so much so that the only thing that really boils down at the end of everything we study, the only thing we can conclude is we can guess we can measure with the best tools possible, the love of god, and we can finally say we understand it, and when we reach that place we discover we haven't even scratched. That is the one thing that we can be sure of, that we can imagine in our own minds as crazy as possible. This is what the love of god is, and we will fail to communicate that because even jose and even easy kill, fail to communicate that and we can do better than them. Right? That's what blows me away about the love of god. You know, it's power to, to pursue us even when we don't want him to bring my who, who this is. I think it had a brief here which we got a minute and 45 seconds on the clock here. What are some practical takeaways we can have and we've been talking high up here and my take away. I really see that sexuality is a, it's not the end of all things. Right? It is a vehicle by which god reveals more of himself for those of us and our listeners out there who are watching what's, what's a practical takeaway we can take, or they can have from after this episode. I mean, one thing that stood out for me is the thing that's obviously reinstated, but god's love for us. And that the only response is to accept it, you know, like to, to receive what he is trying to invest in US. And in accepting at respond with gratitude to him as opposed to you know, going out of our way to do whatever accept and be thankful for god's love gets right. I would just say every time you think about being unfaithful to God, imagine what sexual betrayal would feel like. Like to me, the moment you consider that Choice, imagine this is sexual betrayal in the eyes of god on a spiritual level. If you look at it that way, you will understand the gravity of any misstate, that you're being tempted to have topics here some heavy conclusions and some heavy insights into the heart of god. When I asked you to continue the conversation on our social media accounts and under the handle of the inverse bible and let us know questions, comments, even more insights to continue our topic on beyond sexuality. We're gonna continue next week as we look at last week on the topic of biblical sexuality on healing and looking at purity, pure sexuality, say with us, from week to week as we continue our topic on biblical sexuality, god bless you. You've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation telling Jonathan was the fashion brackson and justin kim. The invoice is brought to you by the whole chapter. Television that changes life morning by episode, visit invoice. Hope to Find us on social media invoice 5 until next time. This is invoice.


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