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Interview with Leonard Brand

Ron du Preez



  • February 27, 2006
    6:45 PM
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good I have a desk here this evening but I promise you and I believe I got eleven Brian to come up here right away that's a brand is a been teaching for undersecretary thirty five years of life thirty six SSA to get that right here thirty six years biology biologist and an apologist about the correct and I've asked Doctor Brian to come and share with us here for a few moments because he has come up with a new book which I thought of reading and I mentioned this morning that I was going to actually invite him to come here and I missed a few questions first he welcomed me that you used to get that bike library this also works I've got the one right here on that a few questions I would have to buy because he has been doing some fascinating research not so this finding in violent guilt paleontology but in something that is equally if not more interesting of the book I mentioned during lunchtime the prophet and her critics has the just I went in person a copy last week on Friday I've been reading up about one third of the way through and I'm just getting to the deeply technical things as I'm glad you're here for a total of the question that often comes up is the accuracy of a divinely inspired prophets and of course the question do we have the right to question what the prophet how accurate the prophets messages are posing will arrogant lunatic question but God told us to do so the question of presence versus owning twenty not treat prophecies with content test everything hold on to the good and the than those in other places he went famous quickly extended on the team twenty two were a prophet proclaims in and the Lord does not take place or come true that is a nice are you sitting on the various lending true prophets and false prophets and so we do need need to ask questions how am there have been some work challenge the writings of Ellen White we know that saying that she is copied on the technical terms plagiarized what type of evidence would be required to really test the challenges of these who challenge our well it is to be personal done carefully okay though I did this this research I didn't do it because of my medical knowledge that what I did is I I wrote a red day her critics like I would really greatest in station 's okay to use appropriate logic to the data lead to the conclusions that they've reached and things like that and in their answers going on terms of her critics but so so we need to use research design and princes of the thing that does we talk on here especially the protesters her medical knowledge or hellfire missiles and we can't use anecdotal little bits of information like others have used many we have to look at her and his people should supposedly copied from make a list of every health principle that they use to talk about not pick and choose and make a list of all of them and then use the same approach and in comparing those of some standard like medical knowledge today which is not perfect but at least it gives us a good start and an end look up objectively judging each person 's ideas of the same principles so that when you get an objective test is not just based on our opinions you find a favorite you think of those who criticized her work have really not using proper research design no matter their logic is faulty and definite conclusions are likewise faulty right okay one more question has any research been done whether you might receive information from God scientific research yes my my co-author Doctor Don McMullen is a physician who is a very knowledgeable and on what modern medicine has a sale on crystals of healthful living and he did just what I described it he carefully examined all his writings of her and her supposedly it was copied from and the none comparable to modern medicine has to say enter judgment to really appreciate as you have been a little bit about health and medicine in the panel alignment of the medical practices the time are more likely to kill you than this helped you medicines included things like arsenic and strychnine and another and it's it's it's a long story but really it's mercury and lead yes you wouldn't want to your doctor perhaps of the time so and then there is health reformers who came along a number of them and try to improve things but they didn't know that much either and now so they have some strange ideas but by his analysis finds it would compare their ideas with her ideas on helpful principles what how you should live there that did the initial writeup of her health vision was so spiritual gifts obtain her helplessly she comes in there are ninety six percent or five by modern site now only two items that you can sort argue about enrollment but there but the only other others including Kellogg John Harvey Kellogg were very good medical education all of those other reformers had made between thirty five to forty five percent of the ideas are verified by modern science that means over half are are are erroneous Arakan contrary modern medicine ride consumer very strange how can anyone not him very few focus on this was not part of my government encourages and I'm sitting in front leaders seek to get a copy of it yourself and that won't go to the library read about it it's fascinating information in order to think that I've come you share with us some the new things in it just last year correct you this is published last year fascinating information that I would challenge you to read and I know your faith will be strengthened as you read the modern scientifically verifiable evidence that it's clear we could just have been her own brilliance that brought about the way that she selected the materials that have been verified to be accurate according to modern medicine clearly got elected miraculously in her life that information to the good the correct principle she has were nowhere available anywhere during her lifetime many of them I think thank you very much appreciated


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