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The Ultimate Thanksgiving: Family Friends Forever

Ron du Preez



  • March 3, 2006
    12:00 PM
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once more and the last meeting I went to say personally welcome you were very happy you have joined us with edit wonderful journey together God has led God has blessed and I am saddened that the one since I'm excited to go back on yes my wife and resistivity who is the long honey nose at the yesterday I was on the phone with her yet the fact you know I've been blessed by the gap in the know so many wonderful people here so I go home reluctantly but excitedly I'm glad to have had this privilege to meet you and I even be forgiven I don't have access to said again I say Vita I really do wish especially with our topic today I long for the day when there will be no more party 's wind we will eventually always be forever with the Lord with each other let's begin with prayer Lord thank you for being with us thank you for many friends I've met here people who love you people who are growing people who are walking by faith and not by sight focused on Jesus Christ keep us close to you in his precious name we pray amen just to remind your last message we had this one I advised that the dead rest the grateful they are raised but today I'm in a try I thought I was finding possible before now I'm trying the totally impossible I select your appetite because there's so much yet he was something Barbara Walters for the bottle Walters yes December two thousand and five article in search of heaven interesting and she went to talk to different people on this whole issue fascinating article how different people view heaven from radically different perspectives become very very popular now this whole I you click me read you very briefly very quickly hear something that I came across and I eventually I fear losing the message and are driven to put it into the book no fear for the future son that he read from this right here at the start of book one on a seven forty seven jet bound for Heathrow from Chicago the flight attendant suddenly find about half the seats empty except for the clothing wedding rings and dental fillings of the believer will suddenly been swept up to heaven down on the ground cause are clashing I was awake not defined only in my County didn't mix milk and also mounted well have disappeared as well but I'm reading from Time magazine this is Time magazine July one two thousand and two years the issue I've is putting together easier than flipping through the pages with you before the longtime magazine the books time magazine speaking out an article that July one two thousand the books of the left behind series offer readers a vivid violet and utterly detailed description of just what happens to those who are left behind in earth after the fight the Antichrist after Jesus Rafter 's oldest of faith not to heaven the terrorist attacks which is just a few months before that not only deepen the interest among questions fluent in the language of Armageddon Apocalypse is broadened as well to an audience that had never paid much attention to the predictions of the doomsday prophet Nostradamus or been worried about an epic battle that marks the end of time or for that matter read the book of Revelation since September eleven against will from time magazine people from the cooler quarters of Christianity have begun asking questions about the what what the Bible as the site about how the world in the book of Revelation has always held its mysteries but for millions of people the code was broken in nineteen ninety five when Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins published left behind a novel of the Earth 's last days that are administrative and legitimate I wanted to rush ahead that was two thousand and two and there were fourteen it is a fourteen part series some of you might know by negative fifth this interest in the end times is no spring 's phenomenon only about half of the left behind readers those books are evangelical which suggest there is a broader audience of people who are having this conversation at the time CNN did a poll in which they found out that more than one third of Americans more than thirty three percent of Americans say they are paying more attention now to how the news might relate to the end of the world fully fifty nine percent safe the events in Revelation are going to come through on the sixty percent believe that something to do some of that interest is fueled by faith some I fear somebody imagination but all three faiths here and imagination are fed by the left behind series of books I get anyplace you didn't want aware that we just show your cover now this is the news we got was Time magazine I quoted was losing the new profits of revelation I thought it was called why their biblical left behind novels have sold sixty two million copies and counting I get us was Newsweek magazine the date they are with the was May twenty four two thousand and four and it's having an alarming impact around the world listen to this the twelfth book that came out glorious appearing sold almost two million copies before it was published I think it was even published they sold two million copies were happy in the book sells a few thousand aphids the case amazing and you know what they say there is access Jerry Jenkins and delay are called America's best selling authors across the board singular they are the best selling authors make no mistake then books movies CDs greeting card games to notify having an alarming impact on people who think I fit have taken a poll and this is what they think fifty five percent in two thousand and four right-wing fifty five percent of Americans in general across-the-board Christian agnostic atheist secular Muslim across-the-board fifty five percent of Americans believe think that the faithful will be taken up to heaven in the rapture is accused of a people why do I say it's alarming because sometimes this is what happens one year seventy seven O Lady think if we keep our eyes on Israel literal Israel there in the Middle East we will know about the return of Christ effect one evangelical from Australia was so anxious to get Jesus to come he went to them with him I'll ox him off one of the sacred shrines of the Muslims places and he set on fire in an attempt to burn down the mosque so that then when the mosque would be gone the evangelicals and others could rebuild the third Temple because they believe that you must rebuild the temple right yet before Jesus can come and listen to one more quote from the Time magazine I mentioned to some evangelical leaders of the left behind books provide more than a spiritual guides they are a political agenda when they read in the newspapers that are about the growing threat to Israel they are not a concern for a fellow Democrat the ally in the war against terror they also worried about God 's chosen people and the fate of the land where events must must unfold they believe in a specific wait for Jesus to return that combination helps explain why some Christian leaders have also pressed their case in the Bush White House as if their salvation depended upon it resting something is the only year ago Jerry Falwell says the left behind series listen to this in terms of its impact on Christianity the left behind series is probably greater than that of any other book in modern times outside of the Bible and major impact these books have had unquestioned mingling so we cannot ignore this the teachings in what's becoming in a nutshell what is the productivity clippings on summarizing simplistically yet but the readings the rest of your wiki just I just wanted to mention the first secret project can correct any moment there are no signs predicting it and no one only those who have been wrapped you will know that they've enraptured nobody else will not accept their clothes might be left behind something else but no one knows the record except those went up you'll find a person with one or two after the rapture there will be a dreadful time of persecution that they called the tribulation but don't worry because God of God 's true believers will not suffer that we haven't already safe and sound flirt if you miss the rapture and never fifty five percent of Americans in general believe this but if you miss the rapture don't worry you have a second chance a second chance at salvation and I brought with today I this is of course you know the so-called fictionalize things but in nineteen ninety nine and I bought this book by the right ingredients to heavy casualties both of me I can put my suit is that fifty pounds ago loaded to the max I just got the football of photocopies I bought a book called are we living in the end times but LaHaye and Jenkins I've been looking at the book and they got some interesting the infuriated that I think his motive of the Christians in general agree with but then they go further than they say uncounted millions of men and women boys and girls will recognize that although in the restroom and document into the dearth of information yet God is still wooing them to his side we believe these tribulation Saints could well number into the billions will be a been left behind yes but God will not give up on that and then they go for the on page two hundred and forty and they think there is a fair chance at salvation if you are if you are not saved by the time Jesus comes on page two hundred forty on this book and the book of prophecy is not a fictionalized one they say this is actually a book on the theology so I'm giving a quick idea here and then they say if you are not saved by the time Jesus comes don't worry you have another one hundred years and three tenths during the millennium on page two hundred and forty they say we believe the unregenerate will be given one hundred years to repent and accept Christ as their Savior during the first one hundred years of the millennium so now you understand why I'm really concerned as a Christian pastor the rapture theory teaches gives you the opportunity to put off salvation you have a second chance give a third chance you can even be saved from doing a hundred years in the millennium by the way interesting theories that I don't have time for going to all of it because it up I wanted to give you a visual example of that today I looked at the materials that looking to get on Bible study and guess what today's sermon they put into five separate Bible studies so you know what I'm trying to say today on Linna trying to give to wet your appetite only because there is so much beautiful truth in Scripture but at least on the cost and right here you might be thinking are being critical of my fellow Christians I stand guilty as accused I do in my enthusiasm have misquoted Scripture and it talked about things and now I'm finding was that all of you know so well that we share with yourself remember I'm not being critical on this thing sometimes we ourselves that he is going through in such a way later on we did for music how come did I do that so I'm hoping that all of us can be open to growing is meant to faithful to the work with the guidance of the twelfth is the one of years I remember preaching evangelist Anglican of bringing lots of evidence like the thick evidence of all kinds of latest inventions and I was almost thirty years ago when no iPods ever note on the newest there was no Internet there was no snow no cell phones really can get with potluck technological advancement based upon a miss reading of Daniel twelve verse four but you Daniel shut up the words sealed the book on till the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase and myself in my enthusiasm simply said that with that second part of the verse out of context as we sometimes do we think of us here we take a birthday and we apply it willy-nilly to modern things happening around you the newspapers and owns over and that it out of many will run to and fro will be traveling I talked about a space travel and Jackson and high speed and all that and I talked about knowledge increasing about a lot of the modern and evidence of the increase of knowledge guess what folks that text is not talking about surprise contradicts always go back to the context the context is knowledge about the book of Daniel if you study the context of the whole book you study that that's not trying very messy you can make a secondary application we do that many times the primary application is the book of Daniel will be understood and used by historical look at what happened to the Christian church on public him a nomination for the volumes that shows many denominations Methodist Baptist Christian connection June under all kinds Roman Catholic many of them began to dig into the book of Daniel went right towards the end of the eighteenth century fascinating there was an explosion it became known in comparing the United States as the great second Advent awakening to the phenomena in history and it spread throughout the world dozens of countries all continents people were all over starting into these processes fascinating it's gotten about knowledge increases about the book of Daniel running to and fro what is that meeting hall I think ancient times what big people have in ancient times good apples going to pay his way that scrolls how you read us grow you have to open it up roll it out and everything is goal I have I bought one when I wasn't it was the one who cheap ones of paper not important but the escrow that if you want to go from the second annual one but for the Daniel twelve what you have to do in the trip to go from here wait a minute okay that's why Daniel too predicts us over here in Daniel seven seems to talk about the same Empire definitely repeats that the women was the end of time and so you your money back and forth as you are excited it's the whole thing going it in the context of the book of Daniel primed every application important if you want to have a secondary application and additional what you have to say so this is the primary application comes out of the book what I said is important because I just mentioned our friends Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye where do they get the idea that you have a hundred years to repentance half they went to the book of Isaiah Isaiah chapter sixty four sixty five sixty six him we do that ourselves we looking at music all this is about the new earth I think I'm going to quickly as briefly as cautioned about money when he happened I told Novak dude I'm not at the results am I visited an introduction to the wonders of thinking carefully to descriptive this evening was a lot more will have one and half times if not twice as much time so will give you a lot more than I I think six sixty four sixty five fifty five and sixty six and this year when you read in Chapter sixty five of the sixty five is twenty this is where they get the idea from no more solid infant from the front there lived but a few days nor an old man with hopefully fix for the child sought by how one hundred years old but the center shall being one hundred years old shall be accursed and this is receipt of the sinners hauled on folks Isaiah is not talking about the new birth if you read the context Isaiah originally the prophecy primary application the prophecy was for Israel you read it in context if Israel was repentant and they came back to God God was going to make a new miraculously new place for them Canaan was going to be renewed the primary application of check the sixty five and sixty six is for Israel the secondary application you can take principles on you so be careful don't take things out of context be very very careful I want to give it a caution I've done the same thing others have done the same thing we tend to pick here in their cafeteria style in October text out of context and when you do that you come up with these the great man well-respected Oxford apologist one who flocked nicely powerfully for the Christian faith his name was CS one CS Lewis now let's look at Matthew twenty four because CS Lewis said Matthew twenty four is the will you will feel Lewis yes I'll read you again the problem is even think of birth unescorted and misapply some of you may quickly give and it begins into an economic keep the last fifteen minutes year just to give you some encouragement but he carefully picked out a scripted message twenty four verse thirty four thirty four thirty four and was that this is the most embarrassing verse in the Bible and this was used by Jews by Muslims diagnostics to attack Christianity Christ in the New Testament he was the recipient was that was the most embarrassing one and surely I think you'd says Jesus this generation shot will by no means fast till all things take place and they say all the generations got all that go bad and getting away from these reverses thirty three thirty four the part of those verses from her thirty two that's where the late great planet Earth and all of this theology came from all of it was think taking it out of context so let's go back to verse two we wanted to contextual study quickly out of the twenty four fascinating study folks in fact I've been I spent hours and hours on this and love the study a friend of mine was done some deep work I've checked this myself Matthew twenty four go to most to have them come into the temple and Jesus said to them do you not see all these things a short FAQ not one stone shall be left upon another that's almost be thrown down and the disciples looked serious the temple is to be thrown down the temple to God 's presence is and the Temple of Florida most of them validity the end of the world how do I know that both of the next last now as he settled them on all of the disciples came to him privately think tell us when will these things be and what will be decided upon the end of the end of the eighth they put the two together these things the temple collapses at the end of the eggs into a if you have questions please even when will these things be and what will be the sign of the end and now when Jesus response notice carefully he doesn't want to make them discourage the country but he responds talking back to even different language constantly he talks about these every kind of like these it have to do with the fall of Jerusalem and if you know how that the greens do things they go a be a be even intelligent we have that in our college voting are you going this into that of an A.B. A.B. Ry and so Jesus talks about these things and from first four onwards from Chris for even marketing a Bible I wanted to check out later on that progress for all the way to verse twenty that whole effective he's talking in the climate application specifically about the fall of Jerusalem he repeatedly said these things these things these things unfortunately we taken out of those that section and applied willy-nilly dangerously it doesn't look to these endless that's how it's used in there and also talks about the end interesting it never talks about the end of the age that such from verse four to verse twenty it talks about the tell-all the end if end of Jerusalem later on in the book of Matthew the wood the end refers to the end of Jerusalem a never approximate end of the world it's a completely different work habits use the end of the age the end of the world Matthews consistently doesn't confuse us when you stop up in a derisive use of the would tell off the end when he stopped about the folded end of the world he said some delay in some delay at the end of the age and the Bible and even surveys of the end is not the end of the world but if that visits the end of the world the end of the eighth is talking about so when you look at it it's very clear that Jesus said this these those these then promised forty what on way to verse thirty one Jesus is that those that the visit their interesting and he's talking about the end of the world very fascinating and I you can see that I did look at verse twenty one or there's probably tribulations that is never the beginning of the world unfilled is not one of those days would shorten those stomach another world I think that this is false place and problem profits will come at that time several persons you can see there fascinating verse twenty nine the same idea concept begins of the world this is the second coming the coming of Jesus now verse thirty two now you're blocking I go back to a verse thirty two through thirty five the language changes back to these things is going back to the section talk about the quality was the so you also verse thirty two when you see all these things know that it is near at the book the fall of Jerusalem and he talks about these things he was thirty four this generation shall not pass away to minute how long is a generation biblically speaking forty years when was Jesus make this prediction on the mound almost just before he was crucified approximately when did he die thirty one forty plus thirty one sixty two when seventy one when the Jerusalem fall seventy he was one of this generation did not pass until those that these things were fulfilled fascinating his language is that you can see it in the Bible most Bibles after translated by clearly it's interesting so I'm just on the closet I myself have misinterpreted they can pick out of context don't do that read the Bible carefully note that the last-second Nazis goes against economic development in the world and so he talks numbers thirty six to forty four again about that they were thirty six of that hour no one knows verse thirty seven thirty nine he talks about my him resting the primary application is the fall of Jerusalem both rulers of the world next the fall of Jerusalem the end of the world not interesting Jesus knew that the disciples were confused Jesus knew they want they thought he was coming back soon how do I know that I just found that this morning going to look ninety seven forty four year looked after nineteen and I said well at this uprising I read my Bible before I read this chapter more than a dozen times and I've never seen it the chapter nineteen fascinating than what you do me the more you understand Jesus knew the disciples thought to come right away they put the two events together when when will the Temple collapse and when will you come listen do with the nineteen hundred eleven and by the way in verse twenty eight the something that's called the triumphal entry Jesus about to get on that donkey in fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy and ride into Jerusalem is called the triumphal entry remember that I get your King is coming and look at verse eleven just a few hours before the fifth now as they heard these things verse ten the Son of Man has come to seek and save which is lost they heard that as they heard these things was eleven he Jesus spoke another parable because he was near Jerusalem about the going this route entry and because they thought the kingdom of God would appear immediately at the what does Jesus and he told them a parable therefore he says a certain nobleman went into a far country you can did not know noble man is Jesus Christ himself and his talent and he tells the whole story about I am going to go far country the kingdom of heaven 's up right away and not only does this am going to a far country the Québec Nasional so there it is Jesus knew they thought that where the immunity is an interesting work it's a word that moved uses many kinds a dream I believe it is it right away the victim that do not step the twenty five with twenty five feet or that's what I think I was given Matthew twenty five Jesus telling the parable in Matthew twenty five and I just want you to notice two things unit in the building at seven twenty four twenty five forty for the kingdom of heaven is like a man tell me the far country we don't yet already go to verse nineteen what does Jesus say after a long time the Lord of the servants came back a long time Jesus told the disciples the second coming liberty down the road they probably didn't grasp with the greatest clear after many much loose okay not much extended time fascinating the kingdom of God has nothing to come immediately he made it said it's right there in the Bible okay he's not been to continue the author along let's go back to Matthew now and one more thing I must tell you yes people with expect is that the fall of Jerusalem a type of prototype of the end of the world yes it is yesterday 's undergoing of because Jesus repeats Lythgoe diversifying quickly necessary question verse nine is that what part of that mythology was the one in the Lord fall of Jerusalem correct and very that says there will happen it will be tribulation that will not do the second part verse twenty one which goes into thirty what was you that will be great tribulation tribulation falters and privilege in the world let's look at verse five Jesus said false Christ will arrive in one section in the context of the fall of Jerusalem verse twenty four context of the end of the world false Christ's false prophets in fall Jerusalem false prophet into the world yes you before Jerusalem is symbolic of the end of the world but Ms. read our Bibles more carefree nothing things out-of-pocket from these only apply to the fall of Jerusalem read them carefully fascinating and deeply today I just had so much time reading and studying it was exciting to talk a little bit more about what is Jesus a Goodwood than Jesus now further in John fourteen well-known passage I found that caution very strongly because there are so many people going on with so many viewings and I have to warn you I see one here complete this one as you go to the two John seven forty hours or zombie here Jesus will come this was in the theater this was in USA Today a quarter page ad you know what that cost to put in a quarter based at lot of money this was in October seven nineteen ninety two Jesus will come in the feast of the tabernacle October twenty eight nineteen ninety two the spotlight attention because that's my wife Linda and I defined version of the twenty and I was in English we were married in nineteen seventy nine sodas on all thirteen wedding anniversary the diesels coming according to those at they said they they proclaimed it you know brothers only darkness it said a lot Bible texts do not receive the Mark six six six barcode on the floor it all right and interesting the careful folks they are many many sincere people and I share a few quick overview be careful as people pick and choose things out of the Bible my caution I think I've done the same as I said I plead guilty of not pointing fingers I pointed greatest myself be very careful read the Bible cure for GPS for hidden treasure John fourteen one two three well-known passage Jesus says Watts okay lets us remind you of that and they just remind your something let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also need in my father 's awesome that he meant it were not so I would've told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare crazy I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there you may also promise you will come back he will come back no questions and have several find that I want to mention you can write them down quickly because of time as if it are packing your five messages today and I always nowadays I try to recommend a book a friend of mine I just called him recently an acquaintance who blew it and who's at together he's written a book called in time delusions Steve Walberg is a book and I recommend this quite highly of it I never recommend a hundred percent it's only the vibe I recommend hundred percent take I don't even recommend my own books under the second delay to have the station take the stuffing to be updated so the woman has a lot of good McEwing year I would highly recommend and time delusions than a careful study this book was published by the feet destiny publishers in in Pennsylvania and the system of Christian scholars who have given endorsements for this Charles Roberts reformed Presbyterian minister and Pentecostal evangelist as a Dominique as has also endorsed the careful biblical studies about this whole rapture and second coming theories be careful signs yes the first leader was member that Jesus coming will be personal and literal give you a quick view that you can write down here I want to just note when it comes from view note by memory perhaps accept the wondrous eleven the angel said this same watt Jesus will so come in like manner as you have seen going to have it right in a few verses elected to read at home when you get there so that's asked one verse eleven this same Jesus Italy visible and invisible visible every eye will see Revelation one verse seven even like that next town also Revelation one percent and every eye will see him to be audible first Thessalonians four sixteen it says you the sound first Thessalonians four sixteen all of me like lightning flashing across the sky where the book of Matthew maybe we should go to the relevant authority Matthew and what does they met twenty four and taken in the proper context not dealing with the issue of the fall of Jerusalem would looking at the primary application Matthew chapter twenty four look at these here are thirty and thirty one okay is the Son of Man the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven and in all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the son of an invisible copy of a positive with power and great glory so it is available right it is with great glory triumphant and was thirty one he will send his angels with a great sound of trumpet it is audible and they will gather together his elect from the four winds of the artist so there are several things that come there right away you can see what is said is going on to verse forty three but know this if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come he would've watched and not allowed his house be broken into that is it could be unexpected and Kate is the sudden people want expected of course they are Metamorphoses will be cataclysmic we know it will take the picture from Daniel chapter two verse forty four with a stone cut not human hands if the image on the feet and the image is ground to dust lots of things the Bible make very clear and as you look at the book of Luke in the book of Matthew together there is no difference between rapture and second compared to only one infant folks wanted but I went your library here the year for the leader in solid library I sat I went to check for a book that I hoped I was sure you'd have its visitation written by ongoing millions but animal breath also on twenty he is now the new team of the new theological graduate training center that's just been established in Africa brand-new at graduate school African Adventist graduate school established in the first classes were taught in January and Doctor Brown follows launch we've wrote his dissertation called the chronology of Daniel nine versus twenty fourth to twenty seventh twenty fourteen five to four versus four hundred and thirty six pages a CVS in depth analysis because that's critical to understanding the full rapture theory because Daniel nine twenty four to twenty seven talks about all the seventy weeks prophecy and it's one whole package what has happened the reason the rapture theory has come along with the last week the seventieth week has been taken away from the seventy weeks and been thrown without years away from the prophecy fascinating site unfortunately your library doesn't have not even an heritage center is not there I looked at the president find one around here or anywhere I was the light of Congress found online yes the blogger Congress we haven't offenders I always brought my copy with I wished I had now so I could share with you in-depth clear analysis four hundred pages for versus yes showing irrefutably it's a seventy week prophecy for the ninety years in prophecy that ends at the time of the stoning of Stephen clear so many evidences of it many many Bible scholars have agreed this is clear amazing to be careful in your Bible study and an dig very deeply don't be misled Jesus warned all of us he warned his disciples is warning us don't be misled false prophets false Chrysler life they will deceive many if it were possible to find folk right is out there confined in the natural world they can write something down your progressive wrapup assigned to the natural wood lots of sun in twenty one twenty five is a good example of that right the government twenty one twenty five in the context of the second coming get it says Dorothy getting close to the second coming after the tribulation will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars and as as you look at the end of the time of the dark or the middle ages the tribulation there were signs that came about nine and signs in the heavens that many scholars recognized the docking Dayton history the falling of the stars that huge meteoric shower of units out of the biggest one ever be the moon was grand lifestyle and then of course the great earthquake Lisbon earthquake came also the right of Revelation chapter seven six was twelve thoughts about the boys are quick to let chronologically amazing things happen in the natural world number two signs in the moral world Matthew twenty four that cigar from thirty seven through thirty nine says but as it was in the days of Noah so it will also be the base of the coming of the Son of Man all flesh was corrupted before the Lord the sons of God married the daughters and sons of God marry the daughters of men there was all kinds of problems happening if you study deeply different scholars have come up with the victory there were serious problems if you read the Scriptures carefully it was so SEVIS the Bible says the fault of their hearts were evil continually the days of Noah for the members thirty eight they were eating and drinking give marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered and they do not under the flood came and took them away so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man that was the moral will find the religious world message twenty four twenty four we read you before once before false Christ false prophets will arise and showed signs and wonders to deceive to deceive if possible even the elect cost involved be careful of the miracles that think that you hear about I'm not saying all miracles are fake but I do know that NBC has gone him they've shown that the supposedly thing the lake was simply the pulling down of issue of somebody I done this they revealed the dictionary the interception off some of those women claiming to perform miracle they fit everyone on one so-called miracle worker victory every case and they found nobody with you everyone was supposedly died of the thing to be that the claim WR sad story the man is bringing millions of dollars spending ten thousand dollars a night for hotels in in in Europe using people like careful the awful price I'm not mentioning names but be careful they checked his there is a lot of deception going on be extremely careful I don't want to discover that God can work and still does it God can save a city through a reluctant prophet by the name of Joseph I don't I didn't want to go to preach that God took him there he was a reluctant prophet God save an entire city if God can do that through a reluctant prophet I don't doubt that God can work even to some of these who are clearly false prophets because there are people looking for God focusing on him God works in spite of us at times and I thank God for his grace again but I'm just Sunday of course be very careful because of it ability false prophets false price will rise and deceive many be careful let's end of right here in the state and I want you to remember because in the context of what I call the ultimate Thanksgiving Christ will come back so let's live right on track unit stated with me Christ will come back so let's live right on track when I think of Thanksgiving I'm not an American November the fifty United States I didn't understand the ghetto I've fallen in love with Thanksgiving today's lesson cycle the ultimate Thanksgiving and I thought of Thanksgiving what does it mean to me Thanksgiving for all five things easily could remember what you think of what you think you you will be asked to write about the music that we've written bit of food is going to family off course family family and thinking is the biggest celebration of family I don't get your share with the Bible text but yes just like God is our father the second coming when Jesus comes he takes us home to heaven to be with our heavenly father family number one what else to write it figuring about every talks about when Jesus comes to take if we don't be slipped onto what the marrieds software although although I have the right foods will go to heaven and we will participate in the marriage supper of the lab is giving the ultimate Thanksgiving when Jesus comes family food what else friends invite your friends to go to thank you yes Fred local artists your friends will be there who is the friend that sticks closer than a brother Jesus Christ the ultimate Frank I think of Thanksgiving I think of food family food friends what else fun event this Thanksgiving Super Bowl of what is that I don't want tonight and what is it that some major game happening football you have football and athletics I prefer the word fun meaning joy peace and is that not what heaven is all about to Christian fun clean fun piece enjoyment and happiness not ephemeral function that you watch and you sit there and become a couch potato no the kind of fun that God wants you to enjoy it was interesting the busiest day of the year in airports and on road traffic is what they before Thanksgiving why because everybody wants to travel and I use the word far away fly what is Google this system cannot think of thanks giving people travel all over people double miles of flipping airports as long as the evening of the one whole day they wanted to their families they will go for a distance fly far away and that's heaven as well as I think of Thanksgiving it makes me think of the ultimate Thanksgiving family friends forever my simple question to you comes from second Corinthians chapter six verse two segment is existing for says now is the day of salvation now is the our folks today is the day and my question if you compass are you going to be able to say behold here is my Lord coming on he revealed to be rejoicing sensate redemption draws nigh as Luke twenty one twenty eight with the best possible question you today I want you to pause a moment before pray for you how many do you want to be ready you don't be misled so you will be focused upon the crisis noticed talked with world events I want us to focus on Christ you get that different focus don't focus on the newspapers focus on the good news of the way I'd be careful don't be misled by false crisis focus on the true Christ I leave you want to focus on Christ and want to be ready when he comes with the see the hands right here keep them up for me place Lord thank you for Jesus you see the hand going up Lord we don't be misled topless not the focus upon the crisis may we focus on the Christ's on Jesus Christ keep decimating Lord keep us safe lead us not into temptation yes Lord deliver us from the false Christ and false prophets Lord we want to be ready to father we all one how often get ready to empower us motivate us to fear this wonderful message of Jesus imminent return with as many others so that we can all be ready when he comes in his precious thing we pray on their


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