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2. Opus: Identifying the Mind's Mark

Christian Berdahl


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry



  • January 25, 2014
    10:00 AM
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three seventy father Lorne thank you for this Sabbath day one day send one Sabbath closer one day closer to heaven father I ask that you would bless us as we come to reason together this morning we ask that you would bless us with the Holy Spirit may seem the art teacher this morning I crazy when I read behind your cross and not leave the scene but you use promise that if I looked it up I will draw all men under myself so far that we want to with the person of your son Jesus Christ please thought we week sleeping bag for your wisdom this morning in Jesus name we pray and this executor message is entitled opus identify the lines mark this is one of my favorite topics to talk about and will be talking specifically about the brain a specific regions of the brain and openness is a musical term actually and an opus is an artistic work especially one on a large scale and I believe when God created our brains when he created not only the brain but the mind altogether different by the way the brain is ignored but consciousness and the mind is something science just doesn't understand and when God created the brain and anymore seldom I believe people with inside each one of our head and opus of great work of grand scale because friends what we can do between the few inches between our ears is rendered marketable and if we allow God to pastor this brain of ours and was the him I and not have control of it there is no end to what he can do through a human being what a privilege water responsibility should we not protect this beautiful opus absolutely God created a masterpiece in each one of us now let's put into perspective that we are in a cosmic battle is a cosmic battle over you and over me and the Devil wants to capture our attention God wants to capture our attention and so there's both sides here and there at war for our soul was specifically the way that they may gain our soul is through our decisions and through our choices that make sense absolutely God wants are willing worship are willing love on the other hand Satan wants are willing or ignorant worship and there are many people around the country and around the world who are ignorantly obeying and worshiping the devil they don't even know what you see God doesn't work that way if you want us to ignorantly worship him just do this because I said that is not without I serve God says let us reason together taste and see that I'm good to see the whole meal right he same taste and see another words to spend some time together the Devils just wants to frankly force-feed us his will his desires God says if you so choose me then I will be here for you we can have of great relationship even saving one God wants our minds fully intact and aware he wants us to be old where he doesn't want to trick us he doesn't want to hypnotize us he wants to why to use this all is that he has given each one of us is master piece each one of our heads Satan wants to on the other hand short-circuit our mind he wants to blind us in fact the devil has figured out many cunning ways his various live and he has no good invitation for you we talked about that last night the reality is he wants to do anything he can to block our view of God and he wants to send her harness erode away our connection with God in fact these learned that there is certain methodologies certain vehicles mechanisms that he can put in our life that will sort circuit our minds they won't he will short-circuit our connection with Christ he's very good at it and dare I say most of 's at some point in our life have probably had this situation in our life we been short-circuited you will doesn't make more sense as we regress God wants us to make an intelligent decision based on evidence of his love he doesn't want us to just blindly follow he wants us to make intelligent decisions in fact that's what most attracted me to the Seventh-day Adventists because they were thinking people I had gone through a lot of different denominations and they were the only people not to address are feeling people please don't misunderstand me San Marcos but praise God a lot are I was involved in a neo-Nazi herdsmen send the activism I say that tongue-in-cheek a little bit but every little bit but the reality is that I was part of a very old Sorkin 's urban kids form of Adventism frankly it was a lot of a dry formalism and there was cold medicine and I learned what that phrase memo have to learn how to draw more on the coldness of the hundreds that the spirit of prophecy float I learned that a new Congress by also found many loving people and I found people that were allowing Christ to live within them and so God wants our minds to be fully intact and make intelligent decisions based on the evidence of his love and as I spent time in the word I found those evidences and my heart melted I wanted to become part of the family of God and eventually by God 's grace I did see this is what God does not lose God God puts different things in our life and he died singing Traci doesn't the will and there's a big difference because the devil wants us to take emotional decisions based on our own happiness and many of his other denominations that I had looked into I wanted us to have emotional responses in the worship service that one is that in most responses because of the sermon and when the emotion by the way I would feel like nothing was missing now in my life because I had mistaken that for the presence of God to guess what I'm saying by the end of this afternoon this is all done in time together and why it's so dangerous to bring Babylonians worship into the Cendant search it's just very interesting with the devils doing God wants us to know what he stands for and who he is he doesn't hide it or cloaking and the devil wants to unmask who he is and what he stands for God I'm so thankful is an open book and when I started to open the open book I started to find us character unfortunately the overwhelming time is being closed by his people now there is a war going on in each one of us inside for now we often look at you yes there's a cosmic war but sometimes we don't want to bring it down to the nitty-gritty we don't want to say God is actually a war going on inside of us the reality is I spent a lot of time with young people weeks of prayer going to the classical and their academies and doing these types of presentations and so this is a pretty simplistic explanation because I am dealing with younger crowd sometimes let me know what I figured out frankly vehicles like the simpler explanations as well there is a very war going on in the inside inside each one of us we haven't carnal dog fighting against the spiritual dog the kids go ye thrive is there is a Paul describes as the carnal man the word of God talks about the carnal man have you ever seen I've never seen a dog fight a bad vicious dogfight their terrifying they are to see if the dog is yours because the teeth are flying and there's blood in this burn all the guys that was a real dogfight is very stop and you don't know when you can't put your hand in there because they don't know if it's your year later they are made right and so all I was talking to get a water hose and you shove it in their nose in her mouth legal and it released there by leaving them apart friends the reality is inside each one of us there is a very real war going on there is a long line of dogfights going on the carnal man fighting against the spiritual man the carnal man without the influence of God and the spiritual man find lame ways as soon the carnal man said their leaders and trial war you better believe it does there have to be yes why because I'm sold under sin I am a carnal man if I don't have the divine influence I will never partake of the divine nature you see we lost in the garden be the human instrumentality with the divine influence created a divine nature at any half this but when they chose to stand and stand on the side of the devil and to listen to the beat of a different drummer all the sun the divine influence had to be removed and now man was met with left as a carnal man on and so the whole goal of the Christian life the whole goal that God has in mind for you and for me is to bring us back to place as a poor carnally reprobate bankrupts carnal man he will pour into us each one his divine influences Holy Spirit and as a result we can see partakers once again of the divine image phrase God that was lame that was a lame response for the most precious through it is ever been told the human ear that we as a corrupt carnal men women can now become the family of God we can now partake of the divine nature once again all I have to say about that if you doesn't make me in a celebration by saying praise the Lord now here's the point don't miss this point which ever dog gets bad that the one that will five thing about that so long dog what man or woman are you see are you feeding the carnal or six days a week hello are you feeding the carnal dog for six days a week starring a spiritual dog you see when you see the one you're starving the other so if you're feeding a carnal dog with their movies and with the music and with the entertainment and the cares of this life that really bring you no closer to God are you eating that carnal dog in your life if you are starving the spiritual and don't ever think that if and not to just feast on the Sabbath day imagine trying to live that way yourself on the deepest spiritual man on Saturday the boundless Armistice Day water slide that by the way physically speaking just E on 's how well is that I don't work for you I'm not fond of them I could do that maybe a week maybe two maybe forty days worth but a friend who cannot really a consistent Christian life like that for very long and I see my brothers and sisters who are living like the world beholding the world for six days a week and then made the bases on while the rest search and try to draw nutrition from the preacher is just regurgitating the food that he himself had his devoured spiritually speaking you can even live on secondhand and that okay come the potluck today all to all the food for you and our regurgitated for you any takers know what friends listen that's what we become satisfied with now this is why the spiritual meaning mediocrity I wanted to the food I want the Holy Spirit to teach me firsthand and that's an experience once you've tasted that what my brother was not appear earlier given a testimony think I was in the work I'm doing this I realized I got a learn more than one a man and how many of you know in your myelin wow I wish I could do that guess what you can with God 's help Romans seven eighteen Paul talks about this he says for I know that in me that is in my flask full of no good see for to will is present with me but how to perform that which is good I find it not for the good I was that I would I do not let the Eagle which I was not bad I do not want to say I know what's right for to will is present with me and I know it's right I know it's wrong but I find myself doing the rounds here's a man of God he's talking about the battle inside you see from the Garden of Eden all links of Jesus comes and redeems his own there's going to be this battle I just want to encourage you to not be the sport of the devil second Corinthians three eighteen but we all looked open face it holding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image of glory to glory even as by the spirit needs the influence of the moving of the Lord so this is could be summed up as either holding me become changed right that the terminal never Sierra Nevada will never really got but if the principal and in the Bible so each one of as we behold Christ we can be changed from what from glory to glory I love this that means the moment I at some of his glory and it is safe and therefore see the glory because Christ is not long enough I'm living in living in me and his righteousness covers me and I have this robot cannot conglomerate and so it immediately I did some glory in his analyses of the Lord but let's read this Scripture in the opposite I rewrote the Bible here don't throw me out but we all open face beholding as in a glass this is old news although world our exchange in June the same image from the floor and see to deformity even as by the spirit influence of the moving of Satan you see when we study the word you can't just read what's there to say Lord what is it you want to reveal to me and the Lord said Christian yes you can be changed by anything but that the opposite holds true as well if you behold the world you don't even start out Lori what you start with their pharmacy to deformity you see God wants to go from here to hear the devil wants to go from here to here nothing good for us so how do both sides have access to our mind if all sides are indeed after our heart after our soul after the mind how do they have access to the mind well the five senses the five senses of course we have sites and types of taste smell and we had our series and were told that these avenues into the soul the superhighway to the soul must be carefully guarded those who would not halt Freda Satan 's devices must guard well be at the new the soul they must avoid reading seeing or hearing about Russell suggests him purify I think of advertisements for instant and designing taxicabs and rental car agencies and airports and different billboards all around the city around the world I see in your thoughts and evil suggestions everywhere you see it may not beautifully rendered out on his assistant a snapshot a friend of mine Danny Vieira as I talked about last night he is to have in his health seminar a picture of these three young people that need in his early twenties bright gleaming teeth obviously have at least Photoshop and they had cigarettes in their hands and said alive with sure alive with lesser know they didn't tell you the rest of the story emphysema lung disease cancer stinking clothing and yellowing of your teeth and your hands in the target line you see what I'm saying it was a suggestion of an impure thought it said a lot but was not aware if I slow I'll be alive with pleasure a suggestion of an evil thought in their everywhere were not supposed to let those interop minds according to this the mind must not be left to do well at random upon every subject that the enemy of souls may suggest and what's crazy is we don't put the sickness sentinel at our heart anymore at the avenues we have at least five sentinels five guards because we have five senses okay guys until today is the day riding the icon comes in Southern California Lord you got over my eyes it's unbelievable I live in a town with three stop lights there is not even allow billboards in our town holiday and new job as a drive in the Albuquerque area all of a sudden I get I get bombarded with all this imagery all over the place on my I have to give my on the road is not a difficult using friends we need to be vigilant we need to set our faces lens right that they don't have the right picture of God why why would we do this the mind must not be left as well it ran upon every subject of the interview souls may suggest those who were not fall prey to safety devices I'm sorry my those slides of my slides are not an try to run two things yet one time and it's okay with their guys will battle back up here little bit ago but were missing for missing a partner while here's a nicer review free the five senses out of both sides of access while the site is not the case is now and of course through our hearing we must guard well realities of the soul those who would not fall prey to safety devices must guard well be out of the soul they must avoid reading seeing or hearing that which will suggest in your thoughts the mind must not be left to dwell good at random upon every subject of the enemy 's souls may suggest and for some reason this is not in the slide presentation the heart must be faithfully Sentinel or Eagles with our will await a Eagles within the and the soul will wander in darkness so the battle is for them all there is the battle will is for our mind now why specifically is the battle the line because friends this is actually where the soul is contained this is the essence if you want to use a word of who we are so the battle is not a silly for the brain partly yes but the battle for the mind because this is our consciousness has anybody ever heard of the amazing story of Phineas Gage I would imagine probably more in this area than other parts of the country since this is the medical community the reality is finished to gauge his story astonished science for many years he was a twenty five -year-old Vermont railroad worker and see what the foreman would work with a three foot long fourteen how chanting are and as they were clearing the of the way for the railroad as they encountered rock they would have to drill down into the rock foot close to powders in there they would put sand on top of that and he and the charge lead was in there and he would come along with his tamping rod and he would tell them basically creating a massive stick of dynamite and everybody would back up they goes in drawing electrical charge then it would explode a clear the rubble anything this day in and day out day in and day out one day unfortunately Phineas did not realize that the there was no passing sand on top of this gunpowder like compound and unfortunately when he struck the rock with his metal rod it created a spark it exploded and it says the rod up through his cheek out the top of his head and landed some a camera with a hundred feet or PR behind him on the ground he slumped over as a dead man and everybody couldn't believe what just happened a missile had gone through his head basically and this was quite graphic as you can imagine the rod was propelled through the skull what's amazing though is that he lived to tell about it he indeed lived in fact there is his actual skull after he died you can see here the damage to the orbital socket near the fracture heading up on the four head and this little cat blown off the top of his head now he lost the use of this I is I remain intact and as a result something radically changed in Phineas Gage he basically you have by way of accident a frontal lobotomy in other words a removable of the frontal low right lobe of the brain right and now understand that this was forty months a common practice with people that they thought were insane aren't crazy that they would take out frontal lobes out of people they could still function they just had no more moral compass the essence of who they were the conscience the place where we discern the still small voice had been removed this happened is finished here's what his attending physician Doctor Harlow Road he says that James was fickle irreverent indulging at times in the grossest profanity which was not previously has custom to see what happens is the frontal lobe is supposed to be the key of the brain and if it came to the throne that all the little passes will go off okay and all the medium of the middle management will start going crazy and so what happened was the king was dethroned and Phineas is a case and when he got upset what would this law because there was no governing our work anymore you follow and say this is key is this excavation and the foundation for the rest of the women talk about today he was impatient of restraint or device when it conflicted with his desires a child in his intellectual capacity and manifestations you see before this he was actually a well possessed my he was not trained in schools but he was well-liked he was a Christian man the wife and a family he was a standup guy he had to back whole character changed after this accident he has the animal passions of the strongman previous to his injury although untrained in the schools he possessed a well balanced mind so what happened was this frontal lobe to be the king was no longer in charge of energy could not keep the actions relegated anymore or held back he couldn't hold his palm eventually he lost his job he left his wife he left his children he left the church and he went and joined the circus as a sideshow act for the rest of his life said sad situation neurologist Doctor Paul McLean he writes this he says concerning the limbic lobes he said the limbic lobes regulate the emotions concerned with the four primal or base instincts now were just didn't want to get into this book for our sakes we don't need to but I need you to understand at least this much okay the reality is the limbic system should be under control on your frontal lobe we could even call the frontal moral low but the challenge is when the fun for more lobe is it I source short-circuited his work on the sleeve or has been injured then I said the other leaders in the land take over and amending system now is not being governed by the frontal low is also called by science that surround the brain into Jesus and his bulimic loves regular demotions concerned with the four primal as they call it or base instincts we have fights we had light with see and we have wanted to now unfortunately as evolutionists they believe in the primal because we are young from primates ultimately and all primates are concerned with are these four things like I need and fornicate unfortunately when we allow our frontal love to be inhibited or damaged we basically do reduce ourselves to like a primate and all were concerned about are these for a indices so imagine this imagine if a someone comes up and provoke me right now and sharply backwards and said come on man I wanted to do whatever he says my initial risk carnal response is unlimited how don't do that again had been trained in the martial arts I'd like to know show you that that's the carnal man speaking no however since I died this morning to Christ's and asked him to live out his will within me and take control of my life take control of my soul to him about his will through my will in other words I want to have let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus I can have the frontal moral love of Jesus Christ by the following day Lori and Larry remember so as a result someone comes and they want to fight me I can see me do as the Bible says and I can turn the other cheek because my frontal moral compass is alive and well and holds me back with the Koran and then praise the Lord is not what the carnal man while still a con man was subdued see you get back to you ready to go to know before Christie and a couple you know what we can learn a lot we can learn a lot from that city AZ holds more vulnerable they also took care of the frontal lobes for a long time lot longer than the American culture so the reality is careful we will start when provoked we will run away from responsibility when we should remain we will see that we will not stop when we should stop we don't have the governing power anymore we looking for help and not gluttony if I'm a healthy front below I'm not look at your wife last and even get her limitations of inappropriateness is not happen because my Jesus would never know that he is living in you and may you see how this works the devil wants to do whatever you can to inhibit the frontal lobe activity in you and in the visit was to reduce us to animals as you look around looks almost like everyone has gotten on the bandwagon within we like to live in a modern piece of boring neurologists Paul McLean continues on he says that the limbic system as a whole appears to be the primary seat of emotional attention and emotionally charged memories so you heard my testimony some last night that I I had a terrible childhood I was beaten with type posing as art I grand mal seizure I had en masse on the life as a child I have so many emotionally charged memories it's a miracle and I'm not a crazy guy off hurting kids or who knows what that is a friend when Christ gets a hold of a man or a woman all he can do miracles and so we have to be dismissed if ever maybe even more careful than you did not engage in play music or movies are different things like that that is error those emotionally charged memories and worked against me Mason got a fair reading on about Phineas Doctor Harlow wrote in this regard his mind was radically changed so decidedly that his friends and acquaintances said he was no longer gauge I know who this guy is a you know what I hear parents say that another young people I don't even know my kids and all it wants to sit in his room playing these games just until the world hello five you holding your changed it's not rocket science it's really quite simple is it really that simple it really is that simple if all you do is think about how to be more efficient as a group is talking with Don on online exergaming out hunting other human beings online of course and that's not to change your mind is not at all to your character of course it is no question it'll change that I just harmless fun what's not and frankly I believe that the devils that have been using this kind of training to turn the people of God hello God and one day soon just because you know what it's got a be okay to go and hunt the Sabbath keepers for real the ultimate hot and those who are just feeding on this day in and day out now they got a green light to go do it for real that is a sign me up you think I'm stretching things too much none of them get your head out of the sand are we awake this morning praise the Lord for the battle was truly for the mind ensues the devil cannot listen to this cannot give us a frontal lobotomy like hideous head with his accident he's invented other ways to do this all he knows how to disarm the line he knows how to short-circuit the frontal lobe one T four ninety six he says very clearly Satan knows what Oregon's too excited to animate in growth and charm the line so that Christ is not desired this spiritual longing of the soul for divine knowledge for growth and race are wanting so the battle is for the mind we got to keep moving quickly here the battle is for the mind specifically it's for us we mentioned the front alone why the front alone because this is the control center of the brain as we mentioned this is also where we problem solved this is also where the CEO of reasoning lives so what the devil wants to do is to mess with our control center he wants to take away our our God-given problem solving abilities he wants us to not reason anymore but the blindly follow him and he no longer wants our Christian filter before the play did you think of frontal moral low is important expressly for the Christian is as I was raising as a non-Christian I add a whole different filters that in my mind and I like the girls you like reading Carol and I was married or not we would engage in authenticity 's sake and everything else I had no moral Chris incumbents but as I became a Christian you see I knew that filter was taken on a new filter was put in and so now as I was a single young man I was not married as a Christian I wasn't out there just on the hunt if you know what I mean the reality was I was praying that God would bring me the right woman but I had to be the right man to everybody says I want the case I want a good girl I wanted to God nobody wants to marry a crazy harlot woman they don't they might want to play whether they don't want to marry her nobody wants it getting a job that can't even put two and two together and is just a playboy nobody really wants that everybody actually really want a woman and a man that they can trust someone that Thursday will be alienated today and Christians are those types of people in their connected and then got dropped the new filter in and now I get an invitation it's releasing me the world is so licentious I have stewardesses giving their phone number male and female I'm serious I was like a I went to my wife and I forgot I got a phone number another phone numbers is that oh yeah if you think is kind of funny seals of my heart is seen she knows I love her more than any person on this planet and she has my heart so he has nothing to worry about by God 's grace amen and so I told the time is from the duties you like him dear little to Miss throw are you are led around they have a but the reality is grand even as we carry ourselves it should be known and I asked my why principle what is it why would I even get an invitation like that because I don't think it because I don't have a circlet of gold on my finger frankly today what that means is you can make it invitations those things that that's what it really means today in our culture wake up you don't know that that's the reality because if you don't have that on it maybe you're looking for that commitment where you see words like something recommended as house working today now but the reality is this if I am Christ and Christ is in need and I'm yielded to him and I'm abiding in the vine and the vines abiding in the bed as we walk around friends they will know we've been with our God the problem is over and it's now were not over Adventists would take Christianity con undergrounds the one cool and hip like a real Cialis on it I was so fairly also in and in your fifth failure once a level so there was him and that Ryan how that works great by the way it got been afraid we can even be listening the kind of amusing watching the kind of movies telling the kind of dealt that has level to go you one of the most and this is not the Internet and sends them to say hey you know had heard and I like to share some see the difference are we becoming too much like the world because were trying to win the world to the world does not compute now we get into something interesting to me this is very intriguing and envelope in Wisconsin properly made waves are present and active in the KDE at this sound thing he what kind of ways Beta waves and they are of a high frequency botanical like this think of it like this their higher frequency there faster in this kind of scanning system distinctive in that you don't want to get a very simplistic explanation but apropos so the reality is this when we are in beta we are critically and dynamically analyzing incoming information right now I'm hoping you're in beta and then it is you need to critically analyze and ever free from these old what does this say can drink it all in the reality is the devil has figured out ways to short-circuit our front below and put us into an alpha state and is now the state is of a lower frequency think of it this way the analyst on a business that can get in the lower ones I dislike out and as it goes like this all the statistics you can go riding again a simplistic explanation but this is indeed how it works so what happens is when were in an output stage we are not critically analyzing incoming information is deposited into the memory with our interpretation interest information is deposited into the brain with our interpretation here's what modern science has proven modern science has proven that illegal drugs damaged the front alone in fact it holds a kind of like in a suspended animation to where the frontal lobe cannot perform its duties this is why when you're high CSI better now and they can punch right through glass windows are there no go through I had a friend of mine every time he got from human three unlike you and it's reasonable always when this area is a broken hand over an already busy as it is so bad and they say that when you're when you dream that your true personality will come out okay the reality is there's no governing factor there is one thing is for old that the moral low government to work as normal thinking patterns while that don't pay three and when it will write it it is intended that would listen to a little padded cell but when you're drunk or young illegal substances the frontal loan is impaired and we cannot even make decent decisions anymore is anybody one argument that nobody is God not have a problem with that some prescription drugs actually damaged the front alone if you are uncertain and Engels of human study this ends many physicians probably in his room he'll know that there are some drugs that have frontal lobe implications if there's an alternative drive going is this is a something else that doesn't have any envelope and locations that would be a wise that a wise steward of this opus God is giving you alcohol caffeine nicotine and certain foods damage to the frontal lobe if you know that you want to argue with alcohol anybody one argument that alcohol is bad for the frontal lobe nobody will argue that when either in fact this is why in clouds they don't serve circle away they don't serve also there is no alcohol in the Lawrence because they need to get your frontal lobe and paired so you can have a good time before you know in your beholding strange women in your mouth is honoring perversely you see how this works against Buffalo has been hired by Mister short-circuited are laid waste for that this is why you wake up go how to get here by the way what's your name sweetheart you have to understand in my past I had that very experienced I got so wasted I woke up the next morning and didn't know the personals my next I said never again as a seasoned guy I said I will never touch alcohol again I did not like the fact that I was so out-of-control I didn't even know what I was doing the devil says the alcohol works awesome yet some purchase prescription drugs work well in illegal drugs yet works well now here's the one that people want to argue with me cash the indicators the frontal lobe spirit he says we shouldn't be considering it not even caffeinated cheese why because Francine knew in our physiology she may not know specifically that was the brain that it while the frontal lobe but you knew you could not make a moral decisions you can when you're often the caffeine taken to the Lord I distribute Dr Pepper a whole it was my drug and I drank it over and over and over and over again I was getting Jack on that unless the caffeine I didn't know I was damaging my frontal lobe so for me now it's got a really cool and then when I feel that you believe it I living in a day when Jesus is about to come and he is able to no what all this stuff I hear the sales not live at praise God certain food combinations can impair the front the Logan on finding that certain modern movies the frontal lobe many modern television programs and care of frontal lobe literally what happened to all the practicing of reference Jays had to sit there and the mind is to listen a cylinder to cylinder is absolutely modern-day movies there are cut so fast your brain can't even latch onto Harvey was going on and what happens is the frontal lobe and it has been visiting the little hard drive this is very conscious case you know and what happens if you go into a beta of outline how often do they get the message that they want as many movies as you get enough thank you you're listening praise the Lord you go into an out hormone would begin coming information is not interpreted or thought about the time of exposure so you sit there for our two or three hour epic journeys for the holiday and all the stuff is flying in your day the graphics are amazing however were doing while all of this information is changing our goal because were not even thinking about it you are will you think is behind that big example in being willing to do that how is anything wrong with movies now if there anything properly with the proper music that the storyline is teaching is a difficult principle or a moral principle Sunday is my dream to actually create a feature film as something I wanted to but I can't employ all the goofy techniques of Hollywood you may view you see the difference so is not necessarily the medium is how the meetings use or how they put together self is rapidly changing the brain can't latch onto it it's a uncle I cannot all be okay how many times have you ever sat on it you know somebody is not you how many times and you sat in your living room and you're watching a movie are you watching any TV or whatever it may be and you like this this day interviews right and the rules is not a life I really got to go the restroom I thirst zero honey honey and I got it out of helium has a serious think about that have you ever just been so holding you just zoned out you can have announced a more specific the prefrontal cortex this is the front free before frontal cortex is the front part of the brain okay and this is going to very interesting for your humble move along the prefrontal cortex by this evening science even calls this the crown this is specifically where our character is indeed this is where our spirituality resides this is where our discernment is activated where our morality is contained as will be making moral decisions my friends what will this contain also this where we choose when we obey and where we worsen diluent may example is after this all you do you think God is after this yet this right here is your mind right here is your soul is not your soul will notice right here literally so how does all work well how it all works is all of the things that we every day engage in everything we have ever done everything we've ever smell anything we've ever tasted we never see we never heard everything we've advertise everything is all her quickly recorded video from the dawning consciousness and three cents is like a multitrack recorder has been recording your entire life from the dawn of consciousness what's amazing is that each one of you know that's true because all of a sudden something will trigger a memory in your back bicycle riding is that little girl the wind blowing your hair you can smell it you can feel it you even when you fell in each of me remember that you need to grab a recent post on everything is imperfectly recorded now most of us have a problem with recall but it's all there it's all there so my life being a he is not having the Lord for twenty four years of my life I put installed lots on those multitrack recorders and I was an enemy of God I had no thought of Jesus as the one God of been doing is pouring into new will raise his experiences and what a sad thing I recently discontinued the same experience that I was having now just call myself a Christian no wonder we can't have paper everything is perfectly recorded Solomon said in proper twenty three seven four as a man think it within himself so is he whatever you're letting your mind shield law and that's what you become science has found some amazing things music and the brain an interesting article in Newsweek and said that scientists are finding that the brain is free wire for music the temporal lobes of the brain just behind the ears at as the music Center the brain seems to be a stock response for music and like a sponge and water is changed by now they're not just talking about the character changes there is evidence now that the actual physiological brain is altered yes my music anybody ever heard of David Merrill 's high school science fair project this is going to amazing by the way what's on my something did you bring your seashells Saito had I'm what is he going to have faith raise the Lord crews of barbarism are sixteen -year-old David Merrill thought that the loud sounds of hard rock music must have a bad effect on his devoted fans he came about later tests that damage Merrill got seventy two minus and divided them into three groups one to test analysis response the hard rock another to the music of Mozart and a control group that wouldn't listen to any music at all rock or classical the young visionary all the mice accustomed to living in equations it is easy to this article a music around ten hours a day now put each narrow foot each mouse still amazed three times a week that originally had taken the mice an average of ten minutes to complete over time remember that number all of them had about ten minutes it took for them to get to the main silk he traces of amazed yelp visible door and they smell the cheese or whatever he did as their task anyone in America the movie and they go over here to go over here and before you know it all the talk about ten minutes to get through that maze that he built over time the twenty four control group mice managed to cut about five minutes of an amazing places so the mouse once that they listen to any music they cut their time and they don't market it all you know I'm not going unfamiliar and they got grew twice as fast okay now the Mozart listening nine mice cut their find that in a minute down to one minute at down to one minute and a half from ten minutes so in other words they don't live with the national team ratings slaughter listening to Mozart they're all like them of November the seventh that will let you know I still go to with my cheese in a enough in but the reality is there were a BK more information at all about the Mozart effect on my ability one look at how Arena the Mozart effect what they found that just by simply playing classical music and even specifically Mozart because there's higher frequencies used in the brain would like something like that in this temple in the corner of the classroom test scores go up on average about twenty percent him just to listen this will allow the John Nelson recall rate is even higher if you listen to the same song you listen to while you study as when you took the test scores went even high the average person listening to classical music at about twenty point game in their IQ and these little mice like you I cut it back eight you have many but a friend has on our group we need to talk about the hard rock mice added twenty minutes the music just doesn't affect me as the life would middle of the Marines John Wiseman and I like to I I don't even know I've been there many I want to see a man that I understand I go I'll is likely that in all likelihood that is if that is like I can even see man exactly the most dark mice cutting back a the hard rock mines may there average three hundred percent worse than their original time in fact when that when this one out on the Associated Press this was reported around the world scientists around the world said and they repeated the experiment and I is pretty interesting and then they went a step further naked autopsies on the little mice and pay all on their and my house okay all the little uneasy him I love you on this sensitive are likely Mister never live in the country is and is not in time but here's the one when they cannot be little brain development in the hard rock mice the brain is actually strong to ask for the end it was unusually dangerous brandishing in the cortex was doing lots by the way that have very sensitive frontal moral need we say more well maybe we do this is all and having all an article Merrill told the Associated Press that he attempted the experiment the year before allowing lies in the different groups to live together I had to cut my project sort because all of the hard rock mice killed each other Merrill said none of the classical mice did that phrase that will yes let's be careful what we put into our ears my friends what we put into our eyes intimate alliance can be altered that radically so can we people say that my still Christian I'm a human being ballistic a quick example of a human being anyway ever heard of Patty Hearst while Patty Hearst back in nineteen seventy four was kidnapped by the simultaneous liberation Army shortly after ascertained from an affluent family of publishing family one of largest publishing families in the world and heresy is the first family and see is a rich girl saw crossing around her neck she's a sweet girl season ambitious girl but starkly after she's kidnapped she held to Rob I'll pay willingly how in the world was converted according to Doctor William Sarge on Britain's foremost expert on brainwashing he says that as he examined haters she was an unwilling victim on a course conversion or brainwashing and this is exactly what the government wants to do with you and me he wants the four-star conversion away from the Lord he wants to brainwash us according to start on a person who is nervous system is under constant pressure to inhibit at exhibit paradoxical brain activity that becomes good and vice a versa and that's our stock argues is precisely what happened to Patty our nervous system was kept that maximum specified a continual playing loud rock music in short order they deprived her of sleeping by the way how missions of the privacy they deprived her of the nutrition by the way how me students and doctors are other private interest and they were constantly she was constantly exposed to hard rock music friend you tell me where you can go on this planet is not musically is everywhere forced conversion brainwashed by the continual playing of loud rock music Jimi Hendrix anybody ever heard of this order that one of the biggest stars in all of psychedelic rock basically he says you can hypnotize people with music is he right you better believe he's right when you get them at their weakest point out the biz so much in this statement there's so much in the statement on even know he understood completely what he was saying we could connect her with this point you can preach into the subconscious what we want is just as a vicious heartless Christian way make such a big deal licensing levels one's Doctor Daniels and Bernie gets us giving neuroscientists they have said that studies have proven that any news at low counting frequencies like the ones that we here at airports or construction site is considered to be a brain drain rock hip-hop pop all into this category because of the driving bass guitar and other low pounding sounds this is why when I travel is it anything more than about an hour trip I'll actually put on my noise canceling headset that I have I invested in some of those I'm far more refreshed by the time I get to my destination because I haven't been assaulted and having my brain drain by that low droning of the agency all the time I also try not to sit right by the engine is it more toward the front of the aircraft because all of that noise travels down the back of the aircraft and it does inhibit those at the back of the aircraft will be far more tired and those of the front very interesting this is science so I just use this information as it as a way to know how to combat it well so I can ask to be more repressed and breached for Jesus when I arrive I need to go sometimes Dell sixteen the back of that airplane on my Google now but reality is we need to be educated on these things so we can actually be more efficient in our walk with Jesus Doctor Alfred Thomas 's visit music that contains high frequencies helps the brain to recharge the higher the frequency the more the brain is recharged between five thousand eight thousand hertz the music of Mozart for example contains more of these sprinklers are frequencies than other composers in fact with interesting is if you've ever used are listened to Doctor Neil Leslie 's depression the layout seminars whenever it's very is that what is he prescribed what kind of hard rock music is as he prescribes specifically for depressed people classical music and even music that has high frequencies because he understands the reason what are the salt and the way they out of the depths of depression it would be crazy to have a depressed person depressing music or music that has low counting frequencies that would cause the brain to be drained does music affect our physical body David Kane in his book the secret power of music and musicologist rights this there is scarcely a single function of the body which cannot be affected by musical tones the roots of the auditory nerves are more widely distributed and possess more extensive connections than any other nerve in the body that's interesting I believe a visit last night is because the musical God created us a musical people and he wanted us to experience music and even experience music to steal music there's nothing wrong with that we just don't want to be feeling music Baghdad and especially in Houston music can raise or lower blood pressure it can help mental illness and I would say definitely create mental illness it can cause depression or health assist with new out of a depressed state it can help those that suffer from retardation it helps those who have insomnia or will create insomnia it can change your metabolism becomes low it up or stated a slow it down or speed it up it can affect muscular energy and also it can influence digestion and it does all of these things he's Julius says it may be able to do all of these things more successfully than any other stimulants that can produce those changes in her body underneath my volume up on eleven and twelve please and so the reality is yes it is in many cases is more efficient than the medication itself incredible and worthy to be doing a version two of this distraction and about a year from now to go deeper into the medical findings using music for free knees better in these neonatal intensive care units they just play a little bit of classical at about twenty percent a greater uptake of oxygen why because all of us and the devil hates us Frederic Chopin anybody ever heard of Chopin is not softened by the way I have to look at and remember don't say it like it looks he was a ten -year-old PNS ten year old pianist and composer it would be summoned to play for grand Duke Constantine Governor of Poland and this is amazing to me I didn't know this before but still plans music control his seizures we do know that picture with glass control seizures with and what's interesting is that sure would last for a time then he would call for young Chopin again when the musical medicine had worn off so the reality is you can use music in a way that's a blessing we can use music in a way that's not a blessing I now want to title together in the next couple was stay together and then will be done let's go to the word of God amen Revelation fourteen nine and perhaps even to see something like you have not seen before and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receives a mark in his one all our head if he receives a mark in his one to know in his prefrontal cortex if any received a mark in his prefrontal cortex or in his hand so there's one group who are worsening the beast and his image how many of us might be worshiping the beast and his image even going to church on the right day we might be for six days a week filling our prefrontal cortex and art are minding the with the things of the world and therefore we received his character and then making sense now there's a different group talking about therefore head praise the Lord and I will and Lala land stood on the Mount Zion and with him all hundred and forty four thousand in having his what bothers what name written where in their free month of work good job so here's another group is a group that received the mark of the bees have the character of Satan and even in the habit of doing the things of Satan right is what they do and now you have another group the hundred and forty four thousand according to the Bible has ceased to what seemed and ceased to say they seized you soon because they have the mind of Christ in their I is him is one of my like never before it truly is to have our soul in there for hence this talk about things for it from Satan was once this is creepy to me Satan was once an honored angel we forget about that he was that was his history it was an honored angel in heaven now to Christ his countenance like those of the other angels was mild and expressive of pans out that's okay the morning writing that is nothing wrong with it being called is very it was a threadless title with helping you lose the brick as we know the history but before that it was I am going out was the number two guy in his four head answer is what is warhead was high and broad selling rate intelligence his form was perfect is very noble and majestic I was shown Satan as he once was a happy and exalted Angel Gonzalez shown him as he now is he stared still bear thinking me for easy seizures are still noble for he is a fallen angel but the expression of his countenance is full of anxiety and care unhappiness malice hate Mister to see and every evil that that's what you want in your life follow them that run out which was once so noble I parked singularly noticed she writes his for head commands from I was to receive okay anyway I sat when he was a happy exalted Angel what was this for him I high and broad silane and intelligence we can say with them from the law right his frontal lobe with whole thing with the love of God but FriendFeed so long been himself on evil that now his frontal lobe ceiling is even his four head from his eyebrows commenced to missing his skull as you logically even chain why he has no frontal lobe this is why he doesn't care who he kills man woman or child because there is no moral compass and he wants us to be just like him and social continues on I saw that here so long okay himself to evil but every good quality was the basic and every evil trade was developed his eyes were cunning and sly and still greater penetration smile was upon his face made me tremble it was soulful look evil and satanic slyness this smile was the one he wears just before the make sure of his victim and is a facet of the victim in this manner this smiled Rose Oracle uses and every time I thought him and he is a theologian I thought of anything to I taught him and he is a layperson of God and he's a parent of a child but there was great promise because they see the hypocrisy mom and dad and lead the church in just a couple of years as for me and my house we will serve the Lord in friends were playing with fire when we play with the Devils things is a strong message to Strong 's morning I don't apologize if it is because friends were living in the Earth 's final days and some of their acting like we got all the time in the world while all this has to happen is on a lot before Jesus comes wait a second I can hop on an airplane airplane go down and my preparations I am not promised tomorrow my friends just because were educated on what's becoming the future doesn't mean I get to see the future such as this day whom you will serve amen so why did Jesus come you I saw another angel ascending from the east window what does CL the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to her bigger than the sea saying the earth near the sea nor the trees on sale what on jail we have sealed the servants of our God in there for a month o'clock and I will send you better believe it would mean this what God means my study to show yourself approved on Sunday be safe like the Koreans think on these things start going through life with their head in the sad causes the I call my people and my people hear my voice come unto me all he had labored Henry Lane and I will give you rest is the invitation from a loving Savior rest from all of the distractions in this world and my people would feel my voice when they come out of the distractions of this so many distractions right now that they can't even hear my still small voice so friends we need to detox we need to detox I had immaculately last night and say it's interesting when I would work on engines and if I played rock music I could I get frustrated and I couldn't complete the tasks I play classical music and just everything flowed much better at the practical application of a little bit of what we talked about the reality is God wants our warheads I want to give him my four head remember there's a very real war going on inside of us there's the carnal thoughts fighting against the spiritual dog in which every dog gets bad is the one that will win the finals by the sisters alone encourage you see the spiritual man the gracious seventy father of all we like sheep 's have gone astray I pray father that you would forgive us for where we have strayed from the word we know that you are ever willing to take us back whether we strayed far we just started to tip the law I don't know you know you know he's one of our cases fall I ask that you would please forgive us for us you give us courage father to walk forward in life with you to keep the distractions that they father I pray you would bring conviction and each one of our hearts where we need to lay soften the dust and the standup and to be healed with Jesus Christ who said that your burden is light and father I know that's true I asked that he would bless each one of my brothers and sisters here I pray that you would help each one of us to make a decision right now to be the sons and daughters of God Lord I choose you this day and I ask that you would please pick me up sit down that path that leads to everlasting who has Jesus right ahead of us on that were told the spirit of prophecy Florida if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus who is leading your people to the city we will these thank you for loving us thank you for sending your son to die for us we ask that you would be with us and help us to guard the edges of the sad and may this be a high center for us I be giving you her mark on your mind 's eye is a a this media was brought audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more in you would like to know more about our universe is more certain that the visit www. audio person or


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