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Our family has been richly blessed by your ministry! As we continue to grow in Christ we pray your light may grow brighter and stronger until that glorious day!

– Ophelia G. from Carrollton, GA, 2/5/21

AudioVerse is such a blessing! I appreciate all the presenters that take their time to bless us with wonderful messages!

– App User, 1/31/21

My women's Sabbath School class at church has been listening to Norman McNulty's, "Last Day Events Explained" series for the past 3 months. This has been such a remarkable series to follow and we have learned so much! The discussions have been priceless and gaining knowledge of the Bible and actually understanding a very difficult study has changed our lives.

We have talked about this series to our other church members and families, and now the Men's Sabbath School class has decided to study the same series.
Audio Verse has so many lectures, sermons and information for anyone out there that is willing to listen. I highly recommend Audio Verse to everyone!

– L. Herren from Apison, TN, 1/19/21

I am blessed by your ministry and know that others are or will be also. Thank you for the amazing work you're doing to support people in learning about the miracle of the love of Jesus!

– Denise L. from Lillington, NC, 1/3/21

Thank you so much for your ministry! So often have I been blessed by the content here. May God continue to bless others through Audioverse!

– Clemens K. from Austria, 12/7/20