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I must confess that I have learnt so much since coming in contact with audioVerse via the Revival and Reformation website. My knowledge of scripture and the church have been impacted. My devotional life and christian walk has absolutely changed!! Praise God!! Also I know that so many more lives have been impacted because I do not hesitate to share the messages. Some persons speak of how much they too have learnt and the difference the messages have made in their lives.

Thank you so very much and ONLY time will tell of how truly far-reaching this ministry has been. My prayers continue to be made on your behalf.

– Charmaine.B. from Kingston, Jamaica, 9/24/19

Hello. I would urge everyone reading this to submit to Christ Completely. I didn't do that back then and I had a really hard time getting to believe and trust Christ. It happened that a brother shared with me a few sermons and that happened to be the beginning of my transformation. At the end of each sermon I would hear audioverse and that made me want to listen to more sermons more and more. Long story short. Thank you Audioverse. You've been part of my transformation and I pray that the blessings of our loving God be with you as you continue to share this messages and draw many more disciples. Peace be with you.

– B.C. from the United States, 10/15/18

AudioVerse has helped me overcome anxiety and depression by refocusing my thoughts on great uplifting topics. 

– L.B. from Australia, 6/6/18

I am an Adventist from Malawi. I got baptised into the church 6 years ago. I cannot describe what a great resource Audioverse is, it has been my 'mother' and my 'school' that grounded me in Adventist principles from scratch. It has accompanied me in high and low moments. I listen to it as I drift off to sleep almost every night. I am spoilt for choice with inexhaustible sermons that cover practically everything. I believe that when the founders came up with this idea they had no idea just how far reaching it would be and you may never know in this life the great influence that this site has been on many lives. Keep on with the good work even in the dark days and when everything seems routine God is using this mightily. Thank you and glory be to God.

– T.P. from Malawi, 4/25/18

I thank God for the audioverse team. 
I'm an Adventist from Nigeria and since I learned about audioverse a year ago, it has tremendously propelled my spiritual growth as an Adventist.
I'm convinced audioverse is impacting other lives around the world.
The Lord will richly bless you all.

– P.K. from Nigeria, 3/12/18