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I love to listen to the sermons on your site, and I share them with others who need to hear the good news of Jesus. Keep up this important wonderful work that you are doing!

– Cinda S. from Knoxville, TN, 8/6/21

Speakers, topics... It's just powerful! Translation at a high level! Thank you!

– An App User, 6/20/21

I'm humbled by the intensity of purpose that is driving this incredible upgrade in technology, and pray for all the hearts that will find Jesus through this amazing ministry!

– Shirley T. from Canada, 7/21/21

Love this app! Spiritual food anytime day or night!

– An App User, 7/22/21

Want a closer relationship with God? Are you at times wanting to read a book from Ellen G. White; confused by the Sanctuary message; needing more information surrounding last day events, Daniel, Revelation or Bible prophecy; troubled by fear, spiritualism, discouragement or rebuked falsely by family; or even curious about odd topics such as whether a plagiarist is inspired, radicalism, or even if worship can be sold? What was the sale of indulgences? Well, this app covers it all and more!

– An App User, 7/3/21