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I've been listening to sermons on AudioVerse for many years and it's wonderful to be able to listen when taking a walk or driving, or whenever you want, on your cellphone. Great speakers and themes.

– App User, 10/22/20

A testimony of the power of God has delivered me from the life of addiction and unbelief to His marvelous light!

– Randy C., 10/20/20

This is a great app for listening to sermons of various preacher's, audio EGW Books, and many other features to keep one filled with the Word of God. Thank you God for inspiring the developers to produce this app so we can keep the word of God alive everywhere we go.

– App User, 10/5/20

Love the sermons! I can search per topic, any topic and there is a sermon, answers from God, and there are various to chose from. It's a blessing to have this app!

– App User, 9/28/20

The AudioVerse message came at the very moment I needed those verses of hope! AudioVerse has meant a lot to me over the years. I have had the privilege of being overseas several times. There was a time when AudioVerse was the only church service that my husband and I had for several months. I'm sure you will only know in heaven how much impact you have had on the lives of people.

– Rebecca N. an App User, 9/28/20