Have a great testimony? Tell us your story!

At the age of 3 I had a drowning accident. Then the doctor thoght that I was dead when my family took my body to hospital, but God have saved my life. At the age of 7, because of my accident, I've had some brain problem and could not study like others in my age. But still God blessed me and I've succeed. By the age of 20 I met the Lord, who change my life. He delivered me from my thug life, from alcohol, and impure thoughts. I was then a hip hop artist who was becoming famous but now I want to glorify Jesus Christ.

The sermons by Ivor Myers are similar to mine. These messages have touched my heart and brought me to a life changing experience. I'm 30yrs old. May the Lord bless Audio Verse Ministry it's a blessing.

– B.J.N. from Mauritius Island, 10/3/16

Hello AUDIO VERSE. Am writing to thank you all for the great you are doing. Thanks for partnering with JESUS CHRIST in the work of evangelism and fulfilling Matthew 28:19,20. May God continue blessing you and financing you in all your works. YOUR SERMONS ARE OF GREAT HELP TO ME.

– K.C. from Kenya, Africa, 7/14/16

I have been unable to access my usual internet connection to the HMS Richards preaching which I love to hear. Thank you AUDIOVERSE ADVANCE for this cite. Thank God for brethren who listen and are obedient to our Lord's instruction. I now can once more listen to one of my favourite preachers and in addition access messages from other preachers . May your ministry prosper in the Lord and in the Power of HIs Might.

– R.E. from Kingston, Jamaica, 3/21/16

Im thankful to God for this ministry...I'm convinced that this ministry was organized and is sustained only by God...I've not been doing great spiritually though having been brought up in the church...I've lost my way over n over but I'm glad for these messages...


God is using them to lead me back home...I've struggled with depression and failed relationships but I'm learning about the God that loves me beyond my wildest imagination...I love the fact that I'm able to download and listen at any time...I wish I had the means to support this ministry but untill that time i pray that God will keep this ministry alive...

– M.Q. from Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica, 3/7/16

I would just like to say Thank You! Your ministry is a real blessing. I find my busy schedule doesn't allow for much time for reading books. With the Audiobooks I download an entire book and listen to it while I drive to work and while working.

I grew up in the Adventist church and somewhere along the way drifted out of the church. With Audioverse sermons and books I now see that God loves me! I now know that God can and will forgive my sins! 

– L. from Missouri, USA, 2/23/16