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AudioVerse has been a blessing to me and to others that I’ve been able to share it with.

– Celeste D. from Idaho, 8/10/20

 AudioVerse is a huge blessing and I know a lot of other young people my age that are listening too!!

– Cameron from Tennessee, 7/21/20

Amazing App!! Has been such a blessing to my soul!! I can actually say this has been life transformational!! Amazing tool!!! It has helped me in so many ways from learning bee keeping and Agriculture to Daniel and Revelation! Has been the most amazing to help me grow spiritually!! Thank you to those who make this possible!! May God continue to bless you!

– App User, 7/20/20

My husband and I take you everywhere we go! We ride bicycles and listen as we ride. We have you on when we go to bed. I listen to you to and from work. And it makes washing dishes so much more pleasant! Thank you so much for all you do, you are a necessary part of my every day. May Our Mighty God continue to bless this ministry!!

– Deborah B. from West Gardiner, ME, 6/30/20

My mind is often plagued with sin, being able to listen to a speaker, lift my thoughts to God. My body is regularly struck with severe pain, when I cannot attend church the blessings of audioverse bring God and my church into my very home. Thank you! 

– Theadora M. from New Zealand, 6/18/20