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Hello, I am blessed by your site. I would love to share many sermons with my friends. I pray God will continue to bless your ministry.

– J.T., 10/30/06

Happy Birthday! God Bless this ministry. Hopefully, God will open the doors for other ministries as well.

– J.S. from California, 10/23/06

Audioverse is one year old! Congratulations! These sermons are very beneficial to my devotional life. I enjoy listening to David Asscherick and Peter Gregory to name a couple. Thank you for starting up and I hope you continue for many more years!

– T.F. from North Dakota, 10/23/06

Thank you for making these series available to us! We are being blessed by them and hope to burn CDs and share them with those we care about.

– J.S. and A.S., 9/24/06

We cannot thank the Lord enough for the ministry you are carrying on for Him. We are not able to attend the Freedom from Fear series with Randy Skeete... but through your ministry we can download and receive the many blessings we have and will continue to have. Praise the Lord.

– D.C. from California, 9/21/06