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  • I'm humbled by the intensity of purpose that is driving this incredible upgrade in technology, and pray for all the hearts that will find Jesus through this amazing ministry!

    Shirley T. from Canada, 7/21/21
  • Great "on the go" app to listen to sermons!

    An App User, 7/12/21
  • Want a closer relationship with God? Are you at times wanting to read a book from Ellen G. White; confused by the Sanctuary message; needing more information surrounding last day events, Daniel, Revelation or Bible prophecy; troubled by fear, spiritualism, discouragement or rebuked falsely by family; or even curious about odd topics such as whether a plagiarist is inspired, radicalism, or even if worship can be sold? What was the sale of indulgences? Well, this app covers it all and more!

    An App User, 7/3/21
  • Please keep up the great work making it possible to reach the ends of the world! GOD bless you all for the great work!

    Schola A. from The United Kingdom, 6/21/21
  • Speakers, topics... It's just powerful! Translation at a high level! Thank you!

    An App User, 6/20/21
  • I receive a great blessing from your ministry. Thanks to Alexey for this work in translating messages into Russian!

    An App User, 6/13/21
  • Thanks! I have been searching for a long time for such a resource. I am also grateful that it can be shared digitally.

    Ricardo L. from Taneytown, MD, 6/9/21
  • I am thankful for God's ministry in AudioVerse. There are many like myself, who benefit immensely by downloading spiritual manna from heaven. We have limited budgets and data plans and therefore unable to listen or watch "live" Internet feeds continually. So long as you continue in The Way, The Truth and The Life, your blessings are assured. Praise the Lord! Amen

    John P. from Salinas, CA, 6/2/21
  • Thank you so much for this ministry, it’s a great blessing during my work and free time.

    Rebekka W. from Austria, 5/25/21
  • Thank you so much for the blessings your ministry shares; An inspiration for all of us to do more to spread the Good News of our Lords soon return.  

    Christopher B. from Bloomingburg, NY, 5/17/21
  • AudioVerse is such a blessing to me. I listen to it every night at bedtime. God bless you for making it available!

    Barbara S. from Keystone, SD, 5/14/21
  • These are very powerful sermons in a variety of topics. I listen while my hands are occupied and therefore my mind becomes occupied as well. App is easy to use and navigate.

    An App User, 5/13/21